1.James wrote a play for television about a family who came to England from India, and the play was very interesting. It was bought by an American TV company(公司). James was then invited to go to New York to help them. He lived in Washington, which is an hour away from New York by air. The plane was going to take off at 8:30 in the morning. So he had to be at the airport at bout 7:
  30. He ordered a taxi for 6:30 and went to sleep. He forgot to wind the clock, and it stopped after midnight. Also the driver of the taxi had to work very late that night and he got up very late the next morning. James woke with the feeling that something was wrong. He looked at his clock. It stood there silently with the hands pointing to ten past twelve. He turned on the radio and knew it was ten. He was late for the plane. He was just preparing his coffee when the radio sent out another news, “Reports are coming in of a plane crash(飞机坠落)near Washington airport. A Boeing 707 fly to New York crashed shortly after taking off this morning. Plane number 2234…” James suddenly turned pale(苍白). “My plane,” he said aloud. “If I haven’t been late, “I’d have been on the plane!” 根据短文内容,判断各句是否符合短文意思,符合的划“√”,否则划“×”。 .
  1、James was a writer from England.
  2、He had to reach the airport at half past eight.
  3、James would like to take a taxi at six thirty.
  4、The driver came to pick him up on time.
  5、When he turned on the radio he heard the speaker saying that he missed the plane.
  6、James was lucky because he was not able to get on the plane.
  7、The plane crashed while flying towards London.
  8、Sometimes bad things can change into good ones. Key:

  2.We spent a day in the country and picked a lot of flowers. Our car was full of flowers inside! On the way home we had to stop at traffic lights, and there my wife saw the bookshelf. It stood outside a furniture(家具)shop. “Buy it,” she said at once. “We’ll carry it home on the roof-rack(车顶架). I’ve always wanted one like that.”
What could I do? Ten minutes later I was twenty dollars poorer, and the bookshelf was tied on to the roof rack. It was tall and narrow, quite heavy too. As it was getting darker, I drove slowly. Other drivers seemed more polite than usual that evening. The police even stopped traffic to let us through. Carrying furniture was a good idea. After a time my wife said, “There’s a long line of cars behind. Why don’t they overtake (超车) ?” Just at that time a police car did overtake. The two officers(警官)inside looked at us seriously when they went past. But then, with a kind smile they asked us to follow their car through the busy traffic. The police car stopped at our village church(教堂). One of the officers came to me. “Right, sir,” he said. “Do you need any more help now?” I didn’t quite understand. “Thanks, officer,” I said. “You’ve been very kind. I live just down the road.” He was looking at our things: first at the flowers, then at the bookshelf. “Well, well,” he said and laughed. “It’s a bookshelf you’ve got there! We thought it waser, something else.” My wife began to laugh. Suddenly I understood why the police drove here. I smiled at the officer. “Yes, it’s a bookshelf, but thanks again.” I drove home as fast as I could.
  1、From the story we know that . A.the writer was poor and didn’t buy the bookshelf for his wife B.the writer’s wife didn’t like the bookshelf at all C.the writer was always glad to buy something for his wife D.the writer was not very glad to buy the bookshelf for his wife
  2、What made the writer think that carrying furniture was “a good idea”? A.He could drive slowly and it was safe. B.Other drivers would let him go first. C.His wife could use a new bookshelf. D.He could save a lot of money and time.
  3、Why were the police and other drivers so kind to the writer? A.Because they thought the writer liked studying very much and needed a bookshelf.
B.Because they didn’t think it was polite to overtake a car with a bookshelf on it. C.Because they thought somebody in the writer’s family had died and he needed help. D.Because they thought it was dangerous to carry a bookshelf on a car.
  4、Why did the writer’s wife begin to laugh? A.Because now she knew what mistake the police had made. B.Because at last her husband understood why the police had driven to the church. C.Because the officer was always looking at the flowers and the bookshelf. D.Because the police had helped them a lot.
  5、When did the officers begin to realize(意识到)they had made a mistake? A.Before they arrived at the church. B.Before they overtook(overtake 的过去式)the writer’s car. C.After one of them looked at the flowers and the bookshelf carefully at the church. D.After the writer’s family left the church. Key:



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