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In 1826, a Frenchman named Niepce needed pictures for his business .But he was not a good artis .So he invented a very simple camera (照相机 照相机).He put it 照相机 in a window of his house and took a picture of his garden .That was the first photo. The next important date in the history of photography (摄影术 was in 18
  37. 摄影术) 摄影术 That year, Daguere, another Frenchman ,took a picture of his reading room .He used a new kind of camera in a different way. In his picture you could see everything very clearly ,even the smallest thing. This kind of photo was called a Daguerreotype. Soon, other people began to use Daguerre’s way. Travelers brought back wonderful photos from all around the world .people took picture of famous buildings, cities and mountains. In about 1840, photography was developed .Then photographers could take picture of people and moving things .That was not simple .The photographers had to carry a lot of film and other machines. But this did not stop them ,for example, some in the United States worked so hard. Mathew Brady was a famous American photographers. He took many picture of gread people .The picture were unusual beause they were very lifelike(栩栩 栩栩 如生的) 如生的 Photographers also became one kind of art by the end of the 19th century .Some photod were nor just cooies of the real world .They showed and feelings,like other kinds of art.

  1. The first photo taken by Niepce was a picturte of A. his business B. his house C. his garden D. his window
  2. The Daguerrotype was. A. a Frenchman B. a kind of picture C. a kind of camera D. a photographer
  3. If a photographer wanted to take pictures of moving things in the year of 1840, he had to. A. watch lots of films B. buy an expensive camera C. stop in most cities D. take many films and something else with him.
  4. Mathew Brady. A. was very lifelike B. was famous for his unusual pictures C. was quite strong D. took many pictures of moving people
  5. This passage tells us. A. how photography was developed B. how to show your ideas and feelings in pictures C. how to take pictures in the world D. how to use different cameras
(B) On May 12th,2008 ,a terrible earthquake happened in Wenchuan , Sichuan , almost all of the buildings were destroyed . Tof people were hurt or killed . At the stime, Stories of how teachers saved the students and often sacrificed (献出 献出)their own lin earthquake are 献出 already beginning to move more and more people around the country . Tan Qianqiu was a politics teacher , who tin Dongqi Middle School . On Monday morning he got up at six as u.Then he dressed their baby daughter and took the children for a walk before lfor work .When the earthquake hit , he was in the classroom with his students .After the earthquake , people found Tan covered four students uhis body ,All four students were saved ,However , Tan ,only 51, left his wife and two daughter for ever . We all feel r sad when we hear such stories , but we are also p of these teachers .People all over the country regard them as our national heroes We will never forget them .
? ? ? ? (A) CBDB A (B)
  3. lives
  4. taught
  6. leaving



   (一)一诺千金 ①去陕西出差,先到一个很偏远的小镇,接着坐汽车去村里。路凹凸不平特难走。沿着盘山 公路转悠, 没多久我就开始晕车, 吐得一塌糊涂。 后来翻过了两座高山, 过了一条湍急的河, 走了一个多小时才好不容易捱到了村里。 ②于是我开始忙着拍照,一群小孩子好奇地围着我,该换胶卷了,我随手把空胶卷盒给旁边 的一个小孩子,她高兴极了,其他的孩子羡慕地围着看。看着小孩儿喜欢,我又拆了个胶卷 盒给另一个小孩儿,他兴奋得脸都红了。我又翻翻书包再找出两支圆珠笔分给孩子们,惹得 更多的孩子渴望地看着我 ...


   初中英语阅读能力的培养与提高 勐罕镇中学 叶振新 阅读是积极主动的思考、理解和吸收书面信息的一种复杂的智力活动。阅读能力是和一 种语言综合能力, 是阅读理解和阅读速度之和。 阅读理解率是衡量阅读能力的最有决定意义 的因素,阅读速度是衡量阅读能力的重要标志。影响阅读能力的因素很多,归结起来大致可 分为语言因素和非语言因素。 语言因素是指语言基础知识和基本技能, 即词汇和基础语法知 识等,非语言因素是指阅读心理与习惯、社会文体化背景知识、阅读技巧等。 伴随着知识经济时代的到来,我国已进入了 WT ...


   - PAGE 1 - -1- Friendship 友谊是沟通人与人心灵的桥梁, 让我们珍视友谊,祝“友谊地久天长”? Friendship is one of the greatest pleasures that people can enjoy. It is very difficult to find a better definition of friendship. A true friend does indeed find pleasure in our joy and sh ...


   Once Einstein gave a lecture in many places in America. His driver always listened to him and knew the lecture so well that he was sure be could give it himself. So Einstein agreed that the driver gave the lecture him. As nobody knew Einstein there ...


   本文由lijiaxuevera贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 英语四级阅读练习及详解(7) 英语四级阅读练习及详解 While the cities of China have undergone modernization evident in the rising towers and bright lights that have awakened the sleeping country, the countr ...


   阅读能力提高的途径    一、分析文章的结构规律   一般来说,我们阅读文章的目的是为了获取信息。文章体裁不同,其结构特点就会各异。因此,我们获取信息的最有效方法之一就是去学习和了解文章的结构,以便更加准确、快速地定位我们要找的信息。   大学英语四级考试中的阅读理解文章的体裁主要有三类:叙述文、说明文和议论文。下面我们结合2000年12月份的大学英语四级考试真题来具体说明如何利用文章的结构特点来达到阅读的目的。   1、叙述文   叙述文一般以讲述个人生活经历为主,对于经历的陈述通常由一 ...


   17句搞定考研英语作文 所谓万能这个概念,如果大家都去这么用的话,就等于没有用了。PartB部分是有的,但是partA没有,PartB可以基本上把这个文章全写完的一个模板方式。万能模板,你这么想,大家告诉我,只要一个题目能够转变成一社会现象之后,最好准备两到三套大的万能无敌模式。 关于万能模式的几个问题: 一、我们选用的句子的灵活性强,经过了精心的选择 二、句型都是五星级,并在开头和长短句子方面有设计,并注意语法的丰富,每句话语法都不同. 三、我们选的句子与市面的任何资料都不同 四 ...


   我最崇拜的人 When I was in high school, there was a teacher who taught me more than that in class.He was a very kind boy, 4 or 5 years older than us and taught us geography. We all liked to take his class, though geography was not our major course.What i ...


   初中英语作文范文 1 A Photo of My Family Look at this photograph 照片) my family. There are five people in it. ( of The tallest one is my father. He is forty-eight (48) years old. My mother is standing beside him. She is three years younger than my father. Si ...


   初中英语作文 1.寒假的美好生活(Wonderful life in winter holiday) From the sixteenth of january to the seventh of february is our winter holiday. I think everybody did a lot of things in the winter holiday. But I didn’t. Let you to listen to my story of winter ho ...



   一 般 现 在 时 .概念:经常、反复发生的动作或行为及现在的某种状况。 动词用原形(单三人称动词加s / es) (问句和否定句借用助词do / does) 一 般 过 去 时 概念:过去某个时间里发生的动作或状态;过去习惯性、经常性的动作、行为。 动词用过去式 (问句和否定句借用助词did) 现 在 进 行 时 概念:表示现阶段或说话时正在进行的动作及行为。 am +动词-ing is +动词-ing are +动词-ing 过 去 进 行 时 概念:表示过去某段时间或某一时刻正在发生或进 ...


   新概念英语英音版: ftp://lrc:123456@新概念英语/新概念英语第一册.rar ftp://lrc:123456@新概念英语/新概念英语第二册.rar ftp://lrc:123456@新概念英语/新概念英语第三册.rar ftp://lrc:123456@新概念英语/新概念英语第四册.rar 新概念英语美音版: ftp: ...


   初一英语月考试题 姓名 班级 姓名 班级 (9 月 20 日) 选择填空(15) Ⅰ.选择填空 选择填空 1. Her name is Amy Green . Her last name is. A .Amy B. Green C. Amy Green D. Green Amy 2. her name? A. What’s B. What C. How D. How’s 3. Hi! My name is . A. Liu De Hua B. Liu Dehua C. Liu De hua ...

中考英语语法考点系列导练(六) 副词

   中考英语语法考点系列导练( 中考英语语法考点系列导练(六) 副词 【考点扫描】 考点扫描】 副词是修饰动词,形容词,副词的词,有时也可以修饰全句,用以表示程度,频度,方 式及时间等.近几年各地中考副词考查的热点主要集中在以下几点: 1,考查句法功能及其位置. 副词在句中可以作定语,表语,状语,宾语补足语.副词修饰形容词或另一个副词时, 常放在修饰词之前;作定语的副词常常后置;修饰全句的副词,放在句首或句末. 2,考查副词的构成. 形容词变为副词,一般是在形容词之后加-ly;有些形容词变 y ...


   大学英语六级综合改错解码三原则 王立群 摘要:综合改错是大学英语六级考试的重要项目,许多考生觉得无法下手。从实战角度出发,列举出综合改错的解码三原则,旨在 提高学生对综合改错的应试能力。 关键词:六级综合改错;整体性原则;一终I生原则;规范性原则 作者简介:王立群(1968-),男,河北衡水人,南通纺织职业技术学院教务处副处长,副教授,主要研究方向:语言测试学。(江苏 南通226007) 综合改错题是大学英语六级考试中一个重要的题型,综合 改错的设题原则是:在一篇200~250词,意思完整的 ...