初中英语中考百题精讲 句子转换
1,同义词组的转换:指不同的词组表达同一个意思,用另 一个意义相同的词组替换原句中的词组.
  1)Did your parents have a good time in Hangzhou? Did your parents in Hangzhou?

  2)Jane prefers English to maths. Jane English than maths.

  3)The smiths flew to London for their holiday yesterday afternoon. The smiths to London for their holiday yesterday afternoon.

  4)Yesterday Tom heard from his sister. Yesterday Tom his sister.

  5)The woman spent ¥200 on her handbag. The woman ¥200 her handbag. Her handbag the woman ¥2

  6)Lily taught herself Japanese. Lily Japanese .

  7)Lin Feng is weak in English. Lin Feng English.
2,反义词或词组的转换,相对于主语来说,动作发出的对 象改变
  1)They haven't written to their daughter for a long time. The daughter from her parents for a long time.

  2)The farmer borrowed a pan from the woman last week. The woman a pan the farmer last week.

  3)Remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room. to turn off the lights when you leave the room.

  4)Lin Feng is weak in English. Lin Feng English. Lin Feng English.
3,比较等级的转换:形容词/副词的原级,比较级,最高级 间的转换,通常用 more than, less than,as…as, not so…as 连
  1) Japanese is not so popular as English. Japanese is popular English.

  2) Jim runs faster than any other student in his class. Jim runs all the students in his class. runs than Jim in his class. runs fast Jim in his class.

  3) He has more story-books than I. I haven't many story-books he.
  1)The old woman was very angry.She couldn't say a word. The old woman was angry say a word.

  2)Edison was very clever.He could invent a lot of things. Edison was invent a lot of things.

  3) Jane prefers English to maths. So does Ann. Jane Ann English to maths.

  4)You can do this before class, and you can also do it after class. You can do this before class after class.

  5) This shirt doesn't look nice. That shirt doesn't look nice, either. this shirt that shirt nice.
5,不同句子结构的转换,主要指简单句,并列句和复合句 间的转换
  1)We found him a good pupil. We found a good pupil.

  2)The room is so small that my family can't live in it. The room isn't my family live in. The room is small my family live in.

  3)His grandfather died ten years ago. It ten years his grandfather .

  4)I'm not sure what I should do next. I'm not sure next.

  5)Hurry up, or you'll miss the train. you hurry up, you'll miss the train.
  1)Yesterday everyone of us went to the farm except Lucy. Lucy go to the farm with us yesterday.

  2)Sam is friendly to his classmates and his classmates are friendly to him. Sam well with his classmates.

  3)Lily was born ten minutes earlier than I was. I am ten minutes than Lily.

  4)English is spoken by the largest number of people in the world. English the largest number of in the world.

  5)It's your turn to do it. It's you to do it.

  6)The children can't wait to open their presents. The children want to see the presents __ __ .

  7)The room is bright enough. There's in the room.

  8)We can't finish the work if you don't help us. We can't finish the work help.

  9)It rained heavily last night. There last night.

  10)He has lived in the city since he was born. He has lived in the city .

  11)The building is beautiful and there are many tall trees around it. The building many tall trees all is beautiful.
  1)I spent two hours reading the book yesterday. me two hours the book yesterday.

  2)He bought the book two weeks ago. He the book two weeks.

  3)You're very kind to help me with my maths. __ very kind you help me with my maths.

  4)Our teacher left the lab after he had got everything ready. Our teacher the lab he had got everything ready.

  5)Jim said to Lin Feng, "Don't fill the pan too full." Jim Lin Feng fill the pan too full.
思考题: 思考题:
  1)My grandfather died ten years ago. My grandfather ten years ago.

  2)Spring goes on from March to May. Spring from March May.

  3)The Great Wall is known to people all over the world. People all over the world .

  4)I think it is different from Chinese names. I don't think it is as Chinese names.

  5)They planted millions of trees to save the farmland. They planted millions of trees the farmland saved.

  6)The man thinks the same as I. The man me.



   初中英语中考百题精讲 句子转换 1,同义词组的转换:指不同的词组表达同一个意思,用另 一个意义相同的词组替换原句中的词组. 1)Did your parents have a good time in Hangzhou? Did your parents in Hangzhou? 2)Jane prefers English to maths. Jane English than maths. 3)The smiths flew to London for their holiday ye ...


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   初中英语期中考试试卷分析 目前我市使用了两个版本的初中英语教材: 仁爱英语和新目标英语。 仁爱英语命题的目的是 了解学情;新目标英语命题的目的是进行教学质量调查。两者命题有一个共同点:实现新课 程要求的三维目标,传道(情感、态度、价值观) 、授业(引导学生掌握知识和技能) 、解惑 (引起主动学习,学会学习方法) 。 一、试卷特点: 1.试卷注重基础,体现灵活运用,难度和区分度恰当无偏题、怪题出现。 试题注重考查学生在一定语境下对语言基础知识的掌握情况和综合运用英语的能力。 语言基 础知识的考 ...


   初中英语学习方法及中考复习要点 学生在经历了小学简单的英语学习之后,进入到初中开始正规系统的学习了,这 段时间是非常重要的,它是英语的打基础阶段,这段时间的英语学习一定要形成 良好的学习态度,习惯还有方法,它一直可以影响到以后直到大学的英语学习, 况且初中生正在处于青春期发育阶段, 良好的学习可以辅助学生形成健全的人格 和学习思想. 笔者作为长期从事在初中教学岗位上的老师,有很多教学实践,并且在了解 我的学生英语学习实际情况之后,简要总结了一些英语学习的 tips,希望对各 位学生有点帮助. ...


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   英语考试解题技巧及书写培训 作 一,考研英语作文类型和写作策略: (一)小作文(应用文) : 推荐信 推荐信是向收信人推荐某人做某事的信件, 一般分为三个部分: 1.指出被推荐的人及推荐的 原因;2.介绍被推荐人的情况;3.总结说明被推荐人值得被推荐(例如能胜任工作). 语言注意点:推荐信应多写被推荐人的优点,肯定其成绩.但内容应真实可信,语言热情得 体.切忌夸大其实. 建议信 建议信是建议收信人采取某种行动的信件,一般分为三个部分:1. 说明建议的内容;2. 提 出建议的原因;3. 指出采 ...


   I. Good Wishes 祝愿用语 1. Good Luck!祝你顺利(祝你好运)! 2. All the best!祝你万事如意! 3. Have a good trip! 旅途愉快! 4. Wish you a success!祝你成功! 5. Have a good day! 祝你今天开心! 6. I hope to see you soon.我希望不久见到你。 7. Congratulations! 祝贺(你)!/恭喜! 8. Happy birthday! 生日快乐! 9. I ...


   标注 含义 解释 GP 镀金 Golden plating 的缩写 GF 包金 Gold fiiled 的缩写 Titnium 金属钛元素 钛元素的化学名称全写,简写为 Ti Ti-p PURE Titan-p 纯钛镜架 镜架使用纯钛材料制造(90%以上),但一般制镜架的主体部分使用纯钛,如镜圈.镜腿等,但整副 镜架全部使用纯钛的则标识--100%TITAN TITANIUM -Titanium 贝他钛镜架 贝他钛是一种钛合金,以纯钛.白金.铝极其它大约 25%金属混合而成,特点是弹性很强 ...


   高中英语语法教案(全套)及配套练习 1,名词 2,冠词和数词 3,代词 4. 形容词和副词 5,动词 6.动名词 7. 动词不定式 8. 特殊词精讲 9, 分词 10. 独立主格 11. 动词的时态 12. 动词的语态 13. 句子的种类 14. 倒 装 15. 主谓一致 16. 虚拟语气 17. 名词性从句 18. 定语从句 19. 状语从句 20. 连词 21. 情态动词 1,名词 名词可以分为专有名词和普通名词,专有名词是某个(些)人,地方,机构等专有的名称, 如 Beijing, C ...


   http://www.kekenet.com 可可英语网站 新东方 新概念一册补充材料 语音,语法, 语音,语法,习语及情景对话练习册 Sopplementary Materials for NCE 1 UNIT ONE I.语音强化训练 (PRONUNCIATION) . [i:] [i] [e] [$] bee / tea / pea / key / see / three big / city / with / family / happy / little bed / beg / r ...