2009 年中考单项选择
2009 年初中英语中考复习材料??单项选择 67 题 年初中英语中考复习材料?? ??单项选择
Book 3: Revision Module A P52

  1. Before Mozart was six he the violin, the piano and the organ. (2008 年中考
  35) A. made B. bought C. drew D. played
  2. He wrote his first at the age of
  12. A. opera B. story C. book D. report
  3. He also wrote of beautiful pieces of music for the orchestra. (2008 年中考
  40) A. hundred B. hundreds C. a hundred D. six hundred
  4. Some people say Mozart was the greatest European . A. violinists B. composer C. singer D. pianist
  5. The Strauss family was the family of musicians in Vienna. A. best B. strongest C. most famous D. biggest
Book 5: Module 1 Unit 3 P7
  1. The Changjiang River is about 6,300 kilometers . (2008 年中考
  41) A. wide B. tall C. long D. high
  2. One of the wonders of the world is the pyramids in Egypt. A. old B. natural C. modern D. ancient
  3. For my homework I have to write a(n) about the wonders of the world. A. music B. picture C. composition D. exam
  4. If I work hard, I hope I'll get good A. grades B. notes C. checks D. answers
  5. My favourite is the Beatles and I've got lots of CDs. A. concert B. band C. singer D. club
  6. Mt. Qomolangma is the mountain in the world. A. highest B. longest C. tallest D. deepest
  7. The Times is an international . A. article B. newspaper C. interview D. magazine of the canyon and looked down.
  8. He stood on the A. edge B. path C. bottom D. ground
  9. I've never to the Great wall. A. been B. gone C. seen D. come Book 5: Module 3 Unit 3 P24
  1. Xu Haifeng won the first gold in the Olympic Games for China A. medal B. was advised C. was defeated d. compared
  2. Liu Xiang by his coach to train regularly. A. told B. was advised C. was defeated D. compared
  3. The team played well, but they didn't the competition. A. score B. do C. win D. succeed
2009 年中考单项选择

  4. Mr Li to represent the new computer company. A. were notice B. was chosen C. set up D. held
  5. Our team entered the after we won 50 matches. A. competition B. season C. medal D. training
  6. BIG Beijing International Globetrotters. A. makes B. spells C. stands for D. looks like
  7. Our team lost! They by the other team. A. noticed B. were defeated C. won D. were encouraged Book 5: Revision Module B P106
  1. We all agree that a pair of shoes a very nice present. A. are B. is C. were D. have
  2. Do you know if Mike the cat? A. has caught B. catches C. are caught D. have caught
  3. People who to the party are very excited. A. have been invited B. has been invited C. will invite D. have invited
  4. Physics difficult for us . A. is a;topic B. are;subjects C. are;topics D. is a ;subject
  5. Mary, together with her sisters, Chinese in China. A. are studying B. have studied C. studies D. study
  6. "All present and all going on well". said the teacher. A. is; are B. is; is C. are; are D. are; is
  7. Charles Schultz's peanuts cartoons are always really but they can be a bit sad at the same time. A. funny B. unusual C. popular D. boring
  8. Cartoons are not usually but they are a good way of getting young children interested in reading. A. jokes B. serious C. happy D. clever --Batman and Superman?
  9. Which is your favourite American cartoon A. teacher B. artist C. character D. computer
  10. Hey! If you want to find out about new cartoons, have look at this It's great. (2008 年中考
  33) A. rock B. website C. photo D. time Book 5: Workbook Module 11 P153
  1. Thanks to the growing population need to build more homes. A. police B. governments C. doctors
  2. There are always of people in the city. A. crowds B. lot C. crowded
  3. There is no in our flat for another person.
2009 年中考单项选择
A. place B. rooms C. space
  4. My father has a very interesting A. service B. job C. work
Book 6: Revision Module A P43
  1. Did you go interesting during the summer holidays? A. anything B. anywhere C. nothing D. somewhere
  2. Mary is 8-year-old girl. She goes to school by bike. A. an, /, / B. a, /, a C. an, the, / D. a, a, /
  3. Linda enjoys playing piano, while her parents are interested in listening to music. (2008 年中考
  34) A. /, the B. the, / C. /, / D. the, the
  4. Betty come to the party on Saturday because she's going to the opera.
(2008 年中考
A. can't B. might C. mustn't D. should
  5. Which do you prefer, coffee or cola? , thanks, I'd like a cup of tea. A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. None
  6. Is here? No, Tom and Jack have asked for leave. (2008 年中考
  31) A. anybody B. everybody C. somebody D. nobody
  7. Tony has read lots of stories by American writers. Now he would like to read stories by writers from countries. A. other, other B. some, any C. other, some D. some, other
  8. Too much salt can be bad your heart. A. with B. for C. of D. to
  9. If you want to be thinner and healthier, you'd better eat food and take exercise. A. more, fewer B. more, less C. fewer, more D. less, more rice they did last year.
  10. This year the farmers have produced A. fewer, than B. as less, as C. as few, as D. less, than
  11. What do you think of the football match? Wonderful. The Chinese Football Team has never played .
(2008 年中考
A. better B. best C. worse D. worst
  12. Linda's parents have bought a large house a swimming pool. A. in B. with C. at D. of
  13. Mr Wang lives that building. His house is the sixth floor.
(2008 年中考
A. on, in B. of, to C. in, on D. to, at
  14. Could I call you by your first name? Yes,
2009 年中考单项选择
A. will B. may C. must D. might
  15. Shall I tell Jim about it? No, you .I've told him already. A. needn't B. wouldn't C. mustn't D. shouldn't Book6: Module 6 Unit 3 P52
  1. Jack sport and exercise. A. loves B. is loving C. has loved D. was loving
  2. Earlier this morning, he to the gym. A. is going B. has gone C. went D. goes
  3. Six hours ago, he . A. is swimming B. was swimming C. swam D. has swum
  4. But now it's 5 pm. He a rest. A. has B. is having C. will have D. had
  5. He football for an hour. A. is just playing B. will play C. play D. has just played
  6. He usually badminton from 7-9 pm. A. plays B. is playing C. will play D. is going to play
  7. Of course, he very tired by 10 pm tonight. A. is B. was C. will be D. were Book6: Revision Module B P89
  1. "What in the holidays, Daming?" asked Lingling. A. did you do B. are you doing C. were you doing D. do you do
  2. My grandmother a lot of changes in her life. A. sees B. can see C. will see D. has seen
  3. They work very hard when they were young. A. had to B. must C. should D. have to work as hard as people did in the past.
  4. Today, we A. mustn't B. can't C. shouldn't D. don't have to
  5. Help ! Daming an accident. (2008 年中考
  38) A. was having B. is having C. has had D. will have
  6. He his bicycle when he hit a car. A. is riding B. was riding C. has ridden D. rode
  7. The school dance is by the students. A. to plan B. planning C. planned D. a plan
  8. The telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 18
  76. (2008 年中考
  39) A. was invented B. invented C. is invented D. has been invented
  9. She was chosen a speech at the farewell party. A. giving B. to give C. and gives D. gave
  10. Yesterday I met my old friend but I forgot him for his telephone number.
2009 年中考单项选择
(2008 年中考
A. asking
B. ask
C. and ask
D. to ask
Book 3: Revision Module A P52 1-5 d a b b c Book 5: Module 1 Unit 3 P7 1-5 c d c a b 6-9 a b a a Book 5: Module 3 Unit 3 P24 1-5 a b c b a 6-7 c b Book 5: Revision Module B P106 1-5 b a a d c 6-10 d a b c b Book 5: Workbook Module 11 P153 1-4 b a c b Book 6: Revision Module A P43 1-5 b a b a c 6-10 b d b d d 11-15 a b c b a Book6: Module 6 Unit 3 P52 1-5 a c b b d 6-7 a c Book6: Revision Module B P89 1-5 a d a d c 6-10 b c a b d



   一名词 (一) 知识概要 名词的概念在不同的语法教课书中有不同的解释和分类方法, 但就实际应用来讲还是不要过分地追求其理论概念,而更多的要把 注意力放在其应用上来。我们不妨把它分为两大类:专有名词与普 通名词。顾名思义,专有名词是指:个人、事物、机关等所专有的 名称,如,the Great Wall, America…它们是不能随意变动的。而 普通名词中则包括个体名词,如 pen, worker…它表示单一的个体人 或事物;集体名词,如:family,class, team,它表示的是由若干 ...


   初中英语学习方法及中考复习备要 学生在经历了小学简单的英语学习之后, 进入到初中开始正规系统的学习了, 这段时间是非 常重要的,它是英语的打基础阶段,这段时间的英语学习一定要形成良好的学习态度,习惯 还有方法, 它一直可以影响到以后直到大学的英语学习, 况且初中生正在处于青春期发育阶 段, 良好的学习可以辅助学生形成健全的人格和学习思想。 笔者作为长期从事在初中教学岗 位上的老师,有很多教学实践,并且在了解我的学生英语学习实际情况之后,简要总结了一 些英语学习的 tips,希望对各位学生有点 ...


   初中英语学习方法及中考复习要点 学生在经历了小学简单的英语学习之后,进入到初中开始正规系统的学习了,这 段时间是非常重要的,它是英语的打基础阶段,这段时间的英语学习一定要形成 良好的学习态度,习惯还有方法,它一直可以影响到以后直到大学的英语学习, 况且初中生正在处于青春期发育阶段, 良好的学习可以辅助学生形成健全的人格 和学习思想. 笔者作为长期从事在初中教学岗位上的老师,有很多教学实践,并且在了解 我的学生英语学习实际情况之后,简要总结了一些英语学习的 tips,希望对各 位学生有点帮助. ...


   一名词 (一) 知识概要 名词的概念在不同的语法教课书中有不同的解释和分类方法, 但就实际应用来讲还是不要过分地追求其理论概念,而更多的要把 注意力放在其应用上来。我们不妨把它分为两大类:专有名词与普 通名词。顾名思义,专有名词是指:个人、事物、机关等所专有的 名称,如,the Great Wall, America…它们是不能随意变动的。而 普通名词中则包括个体名词,如 pen, worker…它表示单一的个体人 或事物;集体名词,如:family,class, team,它表示的是由若干 ...


   2、名师辅导:掌握中考英语写作六要素 名师辅导: 1、2007年中考英语复习诀窍: 2007年中考英语复习诀窍: 年中考英语复习诀窍 狠抓口语多练多记 依据《英语指导用书》,夯实基础知识。 》,夯实基础知识 一、 依据《英语指导用书》,夯实基础知识。 第一轮复习是以教材为主。 因时间过久, 学生对以前 所学的英语知识有些已经遗忘,所以更要一步一个脚印, 扎扎实实地搞好基础知识的复习。 这一阶段要按教材顺序 归纳知识点,要梳理各单元的知识要点, 特别要注重基础 词汇、词组、常用句型和课文。第一 ...


   初三英语中考复习方法和复习计划 初三年级是初中阶段关键的一年,我们除了要继续学习英语知识外,还要进 行总复习,参加初中毕业、升学统一考试。中考既是初中毕业的水平考试,也是 高一级学校录取新生的选拔考试。 水平考试是考查学生的学习是否达到教学大纲 的基本要求,是否达到合格的标准;选拔考试则是为高一级学校选拔人材,使已 达到合格标准的毕业生, 根据本人的考试成绩与志愿择优进入相应的学校。 因此, 我们知道中考是以检查基础知识和基本技能为主, 同时还要考查学生综合运用英 语的能力。 在英语总复习中 ...


   Test 1 第一部分:交际用语( 小题; 第一部分:交际用语(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 个未完成的对话, 个选项, 此部分共有 5 个未完成的对话,针对每个对话中未完成的部分有 4 个选项,请从 A、B、C、D 四个 、 、 、 选项中选出正确选项 正确选项。 选项中选出正确选项。 1-5 BACBB 1. ?How are you, Bob? 你好吗,鲍勃? 你好吗 鲍勃? 你好吗, ? Ted. 我很好,特德。 --我很好 --我很好,特德。 A. How are ...


   英语四级复习资料 就要考四级了,这是我搜集整理的一些四级的复习资料,我主要找的资料类 的,方便大家下下来打印后背诵,方法类的没怎么找,相信大家已经看了很多方 法了,希望能给大家一些帮助,给大家节省一些找资料的时间,也希望大家一起 努力,互相分享,帮助,争取我们班每个人都一次通过四级.我们一起加油啊! 一,四级备考常用短语 1.at the thought of 一想到… 2.as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论 3.at will 随心所欲 4.(be) abunda ...


   2011 年湖南高考英语作文复习材料 年湖南高考英语作文复习材料 武冈二中高三英语备课组 主备人 钟芳源 1.历年话题 历年话题: 历年话题 05 年“去北京参加一次英语夏令营活动” ,选择活动内容,并说明理由(个人发展) 06 年“根据英文短诗写:“My Teacher Mr. Moore”(友情) 07 年“用英文给李华写一篇毕业留言”(友情) 08 根据图片写一个名人, “我的偶像 ” (个人发展) 09 新老师的身份, “我的第一堂课” (生活感悟) 10 年英语俱乐部,“我的活动” ...


   初中英语作文范文 1 A Photo of My Family Look at this photograph 照片) my family. There are five people in it. ( of The tallest one is my father. He is forty-eight (48) years old. My mother is standing beside him. She is three years younger than my father. Si ...



   一.名词 1.常见的不可数名词 advice luggage bread damage food equipment furniture hair homework housework information knowledge progress population 2.可数名词的特殊形式 1) “s”结尾,单复同形 means series species works 2)形式上是单数,但用作复数 police mankind people cattle audience 3)合成名词的 ...


   七年级( 七年级(下)英语期末试题(总分 85 分) 英语期末试题( 一,单项选择 (20 分) 1) -What did you do last Friday? -Tim played soccer and I played piano. A. the, the B. the, / C. /, the D . a, the 2) - you go to the museum with your father yesterday? -Yes. We there in the afternoo ...


   小学五年级英语 5A 期末测试题 一、英汉短语互译。 1、在纸上 2、一节艺术课 3、放风筝 4、五个圆 5、下棋 6、look at the blackboard 7、draw a triangle 8、Happy New Year 10、cook rice 9、make a card 二、选择正确答案。 ( ) 1、It’s English lesson. A: a B: an C: the ( ) 2、Miss Li us about shapes? A: is teach B: is ...


   英 语教研 组工作 计划 组长:王明维 一 .指 导 思 想 以 学 校 总 体 工 作 教 学 工 作 为 依 据 ,以 提 高 教 研 质 量 和 教 学 质 量 为 目 标 ,增 强 教 习 的 学 习 意 识 、 服 务 意 识 、 教 科 研 意 识 、质 量 意 识 、合 作 意 识 、充 分 发 挥 业 务 职 能 的 作 用 , 以 新 课 程 改 革 为 契 机 ,以 更 新 教 育 教 学 观 念 为 先 导 ,以 课 堂 教 学 改 革 为 重 点 ,以 培 养 学 生 ...


   新目标九年级英语语法总结 Unit1 1. by + doing 通过……方式 如:by studying with a group by 还可以表示:"在…旁","靠近","在…期间"、"用,""经过","乘车"等 I have to go back by ten o'clock. 如:I live by the river. The thief entered the ...