初中英语阅读理解题 初中英语阅读理解题(12 篇) 英语阅读理解
阅读理解 1
Mr. Lee was in bed and was trying to go to sleep when he heard the bell ring. He turned on the light and looked at his clock. It was twelve o'clock. "Who can it be at this time of night?" He thought. He decided to go and find out. So he got of bed, put on his dressing gown (浴袍) and went to the door. When he opened the door, there was nobody there. "That is very strange." Then he went back to his bedroom, took off his dressing gown, got back into bed ,turned off the light and tried to go to sleep. A few minutes later he heard the bell again. Mr. Lee jumped out of bed very quickly and rushed to the door. He opened it, but again he found no one there. He closed the door and tried not to feel angry. Then he saw a piece of paper on the floor. He picked it up. There were some words on it : "It is now after midnight(午夜), so it is April Fool's Day (禺人节) . April fool to you!" "Oh , it was the English boy next door!" Mr. Lee exclaimed (惊叫) and almost smiled. He went back to bed and feel asleep at once. The bell did not ring again.
  1. When did Mr. Lee go to bed?
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He went to bed . A. before twelve o'clock C. when the bell rang B. after twelve o'clock D. when he saw the boy

  2. Why did he rush to the door when he heard the bell ring the second time? A. He wanted to open the door for the visitor B. He wanted to find out who the visitor was. C. He was afraid of the ring D. He was waiting for someone.
  3. From this passage, we learn that we can on April Fool's Day. A. say "Hello" to each other C. play jokes on each other B. dance and sing at night D. send pressents to children

  4. What did Mr. Lee think about the English boy? He thought he . A. was a good boy B. was friendly with him D. did a dangerous thing
C. shouldn't ring the bell at midnight just now 答案及解析: 参考答案 :答案及解析: 答案及解析

  1.A.此题是一道细节题,文章第一自然段的前三个句子就告 诉了此题的答案。
  2.B.文中有这样的句子“Who can it be at this time of night?”,此 句说明 Mr. Lee 很想知道是谁在午夜时来敲门。
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  3.C.此题是一道常识题,因为大家都知道在愚人节这天,人们 可相互开玩笑。
  4.B.英国男孩和 Mr. Lee 开玩笑,说明他把 Mr. Lee 看成朋友, 所以答案是 B。
阅读理解 2
Babies love chocolate and sometimes they also eat the paper around it. My cat enjoys a meal of good, thick paper, old letters, for example. She does not like newspapers very much Of course, the best paper comes from wood. Wood comes from trees, and trees are plants. Vegetables and fruit are plants, too, and we eat a lot of them. So can we also eat wood and paper? Scientists say, "All food comes in some way from plants." Well, is that true? Animals eat grass and grow fat. Then we eat their meat. Little fish eat little sea-plants, then bigger fish swim along and eat the ……Chickens eat bits of grass and give us…… Think for a minute. What food does not come from plants in some way? Scientists can do wonderful things with plants. They can make food just like meat and cheese. And they can make it without the help of animals. It is very good food, too. Now they have begun to say, "We make our paper from wood. We can also make food from wood. The next thing is not very difficult." What is the next thing? Perhaps it is?food
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from paper. Scientists say, "We can turn paper into food. It will be good, cheap food, too, cheaper than meat or fish or eggs." So please keep your old books and letters. (Don't feed [喂] your cat.) One day, they will be on your plate, if what scientists say may come true.
  1. The writer asks us to keep our old books and letters because . A. they are useful for reading B. They may be used to feed cats C. We can make food from them soon D. we can read them at breakfast
  2. From the passage (段落), we can infer(推断) that do not come from plants in some way. A. few kinds of food C. cheese and chicken 答案及解析: 参考答案 答案及解析:
  2.A.文中有这样的句子“What food does not come from plants in some way?”。说明作者认为,不管是什么样的食物,几乎都来自 “plants”,所以答案是 A。 B. meat and fish D. wood and paper

解 3
In England recently three foreign gentlemen came to a bus stop and waited . About five minutes later, the bus they wanted came along.
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They were just going to get on when suddenly there was a loud noise behind them. People rushed onto the bus and tried to push them out of the way . Someone shouted at them. The bus conductor came rushing down the stairs to see what all the trouble was about. The three foreigners seem all at sea and looked embarrassed (窘迫的 . No one had told them about the British custom (习惯)of lining up for a bus that the first person who arrives at the bus stop is the first person to get on the bus . Learning the language of a country isn't enough. If you want to have a pleasant visit, find out as much as possible about the manners and customs of your host country. You will probably be surprised just how different they can be from your own. A visitor to India would do well to remember that people there consider it impolite to use the left hand for passing food at table. The left hand is supposed to be used for washing yourself. Also in India, you might see a man shaking his head at another to show that he doesn't agree. But in many parts of India a shake of the head means agreement. Nodding (点头) your head when you are given a drink in Bulgaria will most probably leave you thirsty . In that country, you shake your head to mean 'yes'? a nod means 'no' . At a meal in countries on the Arabic Peninsula, you will find that your glass is repeated refilled as soon as you drink up . If you think that you have had enough , you should take the cup or glasses in your hand and give it a little shake from side to side or place your hand over the top.
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In Europe it quite usual to cross your legs when you are sitting talking to someone even at an important meeting. Doing this in Thailand, however, could bring about trouble . Also, you should try to avoid (避 免)touching the head of an adult (成人) ??it's just not done in Thailand .
  1. The British people tried to push the three gentlemen out of the way, because the gentlemen . A. were foreigners C. made a loud noise B. didn't have tickets D. didn't line up for the bus

  2. According to the article, if you want to have a pleasant journey in a foreign country, you should . A. learn the language of the country B. understand the manners and customs of the country C. have enough time and money D. make friends with the people there
  3. In India it is considered impolite . A. to use the right hand for passing food at table. B. to pass food with the left hand. C. to eat food with your hands. D. to help yourself at table.
  4. To cross one's legs at an important meeting in Europe is . A. a common (平常的) habit
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B. an important manner C. a serious (严重的) trouble D. a bad manner
  5. The best title (题目) for this article is . A. People's Everyday Life B. Mind Your Manners C. Shaking and Nodding Head D. Taking a Bus in England 参考答案 答案及解析: 答案及解析:

  1.D。这是一道句子理解题,也可以看成细节题。在第一自然 段的最后,有这样的句子: No one had told them about the British
custom of lining up for a bus that the first person who arrives at a bus stop is the first person to get on the bus.从此句可知那三位先生并不知 道在英国乘车的习惯,所以答案是 D。
  2. B。这是一道细节题。答案在第二自然段的第二个句子。
  3.B。同第二题一样,此题也是细节题。可在第二自然段直接找 到答案。
  4.A。单句理解题。最后一个自然段中有说:In Europe it is quite usual to cross your legs When you are sitting talking to someone even at an important meeting.这个句子的意思是:在欧洲,开会时翘二郎腿 是很常见的。这说明许多人有这样的习惯,所以答案应该是 A。
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解该国的风俗习惯,否则就会遇到麻烦,所以答案是 B。

解 4
Tom walked into a shop . It bad a sign outside : "Second-hand (旧 的) clothes bought and sold . "He was carrying an old pair of trousers and asked the owner of the shop, "How much will you give me for these?" The man looked at them and then said: "Two dollars." "What !" said Tom. "I had guessed they were worth at least five dollars." "No," said the man, "they aren't worth a cent more than two dollars." "Well," said Tom, taking two dollars out of his pocket. "Here's your money. These trousers were hanging outside your shop. The list price (标 价)of them was six dollars and a half. But I thought that was too much money, so I wanted to find out how much they were really worth." Then he walked out of the shop with the pair of trousers and disappeared before the shop owner could think of anything to say .
  1. At first the owner of the shop thought that Tom . A. wanted to steal the trousers B. wanted to sell the trousers C. wanted to fool him D. wanted to buy the trousers
  2. The owner of the shop
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for the old trousers .
A. would give Tom two dollars B. would pay three dollars C. would pay five dollars D. would give Tom six dollars and a half
  3. The shop owner insisted that the trousers were worth only two dollars because . A. he wanted to sell them cheaply (廉价地) B. he wanted to buy them cheaply C. he didn't like the trousers D. they were old and dirty
  4. In fact, the trousers . A. were hanging inside the shop B. were stolen by Tom from the shop C. had been the shop owner's D. had been Tom's
  5. From the story we know that cheaper than the list price. A. the owner sold the trousers two dollars B. Tom sold the trousers one dollar and a half C. the owner bought the trousers three dollars D. Tom bought the trousers four dollars and a half 参考答案 答案及解析: 答案及解析:
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  1. Tom 拿着一条裤子并且问: B. “How much will you give me for these?”店主所以认为 Tom 是来卖裤子的,故答案是 B。
  4.C.从短文的倒数第二段可以了解到,裤子不是 Tom 的而是 店主的。
  6.5 美元,而 Tom 只给了店主 2 美元,所 以答案应该是 D。
阅读理解 5
Big Ben Big Ben is not the name of a man. It is the name of a huge(庞大的) clock in London. London is the capital of England. This clock has four faces. So, matter where you stand, can read the time on the face of no you Big Ben. Each face is the size of a double decker(层)bus. The hands are about four metres long. It is about the size of two people standing on top of each other. If you go to London,you may want to visit the Houses of Parliament 国会大厦) There you will find Big Ben sits at the top of the ( . clock tower(塔)in the Houses of Parliament. Maybe you will hear it as well as see it. The huge clock makes such a loud noise. “Ding dong,ding dong,”it goes every quarter of an hour. The clock was named after a big man. He was Sir Benjamin Hall.
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This man did much building work in London many years ago.
  1. Big Ben is . A. a double decker bus C. the name of Ben B. a huge clock D. a building

  2. The clock strikes every of an hour. A. ten minutes C. thirty minutes B. fifteen minutes D. forty-five minutes

  3. You can read the time of Big Ben . A. at the top of the clock tower B. in the Houses of parliament C. on the hands of the huge clock D. on the four faces of the clock 参考答案
  1.选 B,根据第一行 Big Ben is not the name of a man. It is the name of a huge(庞大的)clock in London.可以判断 Big Ben 是一个大 钟的名字。
  2.选 B,根据文中“Ding dong,ding dong,” it goes every quarter of an hour. 即可得知大钟每 15 分钟敲一次。
  3.选 D,This clock has four faces. So,no matter where you stand, you can read the time on the face of Big Ben.其他三项均不符合题意。
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