初中英语作文范文 1 A Photo of My Family Look at this photograph 照片) my family. There are five people in it. ( of The tallest one is my father. He is forty-eight (
  48) years old. My mother is standing beside him. She is three years younger than my father. Sitting in front of them are my grandparents(祖父母). My grandfather is that fat one with a pair of glasses(眼镜). My grandmother is as fat as he. This little one is me. I'm sitting between them. All of us love one anther. I have a happy family. A Boy I am Jack. My Chinese name is Xiao Yang. I am a boy. I am eleven years old. I was born in Hainan on 1st October, 20
  06. I am a student. I am in Yu Ying primary school. I am in Class 9, Grade
  6. I am good at Math, English and P.E. I have taken part in public English Test System (Level
  1) and passed.
My Study (我的书房) My study 书房 is big. It's about 20 ?. The walls are white and the floor is dark yellow. The lights on the wall are very beautiful. There is a big window on the wall. The window curtains 窗帘 are yellow and light green. In front of the wall, there is my desk, there is a telephone 电话, a globe 地球仪 and some books on the desk, there is a piano 钢琴 on the right of the desk. It's my favorite present from my parents when I was nine years old. On the left of the desk, there is a bookshelf 书架, there are many books on the shelf. Some are storybooks. Some are picture books. Some are cartoon books. Some are music books. There are some English books, too. On the shelf, there is a Snoopy and a Blue Cat. I like them very much! In the evening or at the weekends, I do my homework and play the piano in my study. I can read all kinds of books, too. In my study, I can gain much knowledge. I like my study. What about you? My English Classroom (我的英语教室)
I like sports. I like playing basketball, football, badminton, and snooker. This is my English classroom. It is not big and not small. We usually I play badminton very well. I have a badminton train after school on study in the classroom. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. There is a blackboard in front of the classroom. It is not big, but it is This is a boy who I am helpful 有用的. My English teacher usually writes some English letter. The
air-conditioner 空调 is on the right in the wall. It is white. In summer, it is cool to us. There is a clock on the behind wall. It is blue and cute. It tells us the time. There are three long desks in middle of the classroom and there are three small desks on the right in the classroom. Look! This is my classroom. I like it. Hong Kong Disney Land (香港迪斯尼乐园)
In summer, the weather is hot. So many people hold up an umbrella. These umbrellas look like so many flowers. The city looks like a garden. In autumn, the weather is dry. I like autumn very much. Because I like moon cake so much. I always flow my saliva, when I think of moon cake. In winter, it is cold, I can make a show man. Guiyang is a beautiful city. The air temperature often is 25'C. It is a trip famous scenic spot. Welcome you to Guiyang.
I went to Hong Kong Disney Land with my mum, my brother and my grandma in July. Mad Hat Cup in Disney Land is my favorite game. We sat My Parents (我的父母) in a cup; it is green with a lot of waves pattern on it. The cups have different I colors and patterns. When the game started, the cup turned and turned and He is 42 years old. He is short. He likes reading newspapers after meals. He turned around. It went faster and faster gradually. When it's time up it watches TV in the evening. He goes to work by car. He has got a nice black stopped slowly. car. He often plays golf with his friends on the weekend. He does not often When I was in the cup I didn't feel dizzy, when I got out of the cup I felt eat dinner with us. very dizzy. But I wanted to try it again! My mother is a housewife. She doesn't work. She stays at home. She is My Hometown?Guiyang (我的家乡??贵阳) Hello, every one! My name is Andy. My hometown is Guiyang. It is a colorful and pleasant city. In spring, the weather is warm and cool. beautiful. She has long hair. She does housework in the morning. She often goes shopping in the afternoon. She is kind, but she is strict to my study. She likes reading. She watches TV at night, too. I love my parents. And they love me, too. have a busy father and a kind mother. My father is a businessman.
them happy. I approve of the latter there are many poor people in our society, Foreign Language Study (学外语) I love learning foreign languages. Especially English because English is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is used by countries all over the world. For example, if you want to find a nice job, you probably need to be good at English, and when you surf on the Internet, you'll see many dialogues and keywords in English. If you don't know them, then you'll have to spend a lot of time looking them up in an English dictionary. Therefore we must try harder to learn English and improve our English, and we could learn more besides. Now, I'm a junior high student, I try to read magazine articles in English everyday. In fact, learning English is lots of fun. It's rather like learning Chinese. Just open your mouth and say something in English or read lots of achievement. All in all, it's useful for everyone to learn English. The Color of Autumn (秋天的颜色) Look! Birds are flying from the north to the south. The leaves are yellow. Some are hanging on the trees, some are on the ground, some are dancing in the wind. Someone would say autumn is yellow. There are so many fruits in autumn in Zhuhai: such as pears, peaches, oranges and so on. They're fresh and healthy. Oh! I see. Autumn is a harvest season. Autumn is colorful. What a Happiness (幸福) Happiness exists everywhere. Everyone has a different definition to the true meaning of happiness. Some people think possessing a great deal of money is the secret to happiness, while others feel giving aid to others makes My Classmate (我的同学) I have many friends in my class. They're lovely and interesting. I would beautiful season! and we can contribute some money to charities to help them. When the poor receive our assistance, their lives will improve. Smiles will appear on their faces, and this is the best reward we can get from helping others. Regardless of gratitude of price, we should help others from the depths of our hearts. When we see their happy smiles, we will be happy as well. So I think that true happiness comes from the mind.
like to introduce some of them. Alice is very cute. She's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. She's always ready to help everyone, but she is forgetful. She always forgets to bring her textbooks, but our teachers always forgive her. Ben is the most talkative boy in our class. His nickname is "chatterbox." He has a great sense of humor and he always makes me laugh Linda is a quiet student. She is good at every subject but she never shows off. Allen is a very tall boy. He plays basketball very well and he is on our school team. He often says, "playing basketball is good for your health. How about your classmates? Do you like them? Try to admire your classmates. You will be happier.
live without water. Water is everywhere around us. At home, we use water to wash clothes, to wash dishes, to cook rice, to clean the flat, to have showers, to make drinks, to clean our teeth, to have a bath and so on. At work, people use water to put out fires, to grow vegetables, to make things in factories and so on. We also can swim in the sea. Water is important for us, isn't it?
My Pet (我的宠物) Recently, three owls appeared suddenly on our campus. They made me think of my pet from childhood. When I was little, we had an owl at home. It was small, gray, and had two big eyes. We liked it very much. Every time I went home, it greeted me by making "goo-goo" sounds. We always played
A Good Day (美好的一天) Last November 24 was my birthday. I had a party at my home. My friends came to my home in the afternoon and I got a lot of presents from them. At the party, we ate a big cake, sang songs, watched TV and listened to music. We were very happy. But all good things must come to an end. We said goodbye at about ten o'clock. We had a very good time on November
  24. Water Saving (节约用水) Water is very important for us. We must drink water everyday. We can't
with it and talked to it. It would blink its eyes just like it understood what we were saying. It was like my best friend. But when the weather became colder, we forgot to keep it warm, and it died. It made us sad for a long time, and it also taught me how important it is to take care of animals.
A Letter to My Dear Dad (给爸爸的一封信) Dear Dad, I need to talk to you. I know you're a kind man. Many people like to
make friends with you. But you have to take care of yourself. Please stop smoking. Please don't drink too much beer. They are bad for your health. Listen to me, dear Dad, because I love you. Your loving, Ying My Teacher (我的老师) My English teacher is Miss Peng. Her eyes are big, her mouth is small, and her hair is long. She is very young and pretty. She likes cakes and chocolate. She often plays games with us. We all like her and her English class. She loves us very much. She is a good teacher.
My new teacher is science teacher. He's very strong. He has a big mouth, two big ears, two big eyes and a not too big and not too small nose. He of ten wears a black new shirt and brown pants, with two big shoes. My science teacher is very kind. And he is very smart, isn't he? Today, we have science class. We are very happy. Because he is so funny. Who is he? He's a Mr. Zhou.
Great Trip (美妙的旅行) England is the best place I’ve ever been. Everything is so beautiful. I spent about one and a half days on the plane. When I arrived at Heathrow Airport in London, it was evening and the
I Like Basketball (我爱篮球) I like basketball very much. Every school day, I play basketball with my friends. After school, I go home and do my homework. Then I watch basketball matches on TV. Do you know Jordan(乔丹)? He is a famous sports star. He plays basketball very well. I like him. I love playing basketball.
GREat trip was starting. There were many places I visited in London, like Big Ben, Westminster, the Tower of London…….those are very famous. Most of the time in the afternoon, my parents and I sat and walked in the park. Have you seen "Notting Hill" before? The story in the movie happens in London. The Brit is a museum, Musee de Louver and the Metropolitan Museum of art are the three largest museums in the world. I’ve visited two of them. Then we left London for
My New Teacher (我的新老师)
Cambridge, Windsor Castle, York and Stonehenge. They were excellent.
Every small town has a history of one or two thousand years. There was an art festival called "Tutto" in Edinburgh, and there were many street players who their lives to the shows. Then we went to northern Scotland. It was dangerous! Then we went back to London, and sat in the park, and the fat geese were so cute. That journey was the nicest memory of my life. I won’t forget it.
You can go wherever you like. Secondly, there is no doubt that private cars will have a great impact on the economic growth. The rapid car industry growth will contribute much to keeping the country's economy growing at a higher rate in the near futrue. But every coin has two sides. The development of the private cars will bring about a series of problems. For example, the polluted air given off by cars will do great harm to our health, too many private cars will lead to
Busy Weekend (忙碌的周末) I had a busy weekend. On saturday morning, I did my homework. my homework are so many. On afternoon, I went learn English. On Sunday, I bought presets for my mother, beacuse today is mother's day. My mother is very happy. So I am happy, too. This is busy weekend. Private Cars (私家车) Nowadays more and more families own private cars. Private cars, as the product of modem civilization, have been playing a vital role in people's daily activities. First, private cars are a convenient means of transportation.
traffic jams and a great deal of energy will be wasted and so on. So I think we should take advantages of private cars and make them serve us better. Meantime we hope that satisfactory solutions to these negative problems will be found soon.
My Pencil Box (我的铅笔盒) I have a pencil box. It's my pen, pencil and eraser's home. My pencil box is pink. The pencil box has a pink pig on it, it is flying. The pig is a doctor, he is wearing a white coat and a white hat. Look! He is holding one eraser. The eraser can help me erase my mistake on the exercise book. It is the good medicine for my homework. This is my birthday presents from my mum. The pencil box is my friend.



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