1.寒假的美好生活(Wonderful life in winter holiday) From the sixteenth of january to the seventh of february is our winter holiday. I think everybody did a lot of things in the winter holiday. But I didn’t. Let you to listen to my story of winter holiday. I spend a lot of time on the homework. Every day in my winter holiday, I always got up late. Then I listened to the tape, it was nine o’ clock. Then I ate breakfast and then I did my homework during the daytime! I’m not very slow but the homework was too heavy! I’m unlucky on the playing too. I played firecracker but I hurt my finger with the fire. I′m careless to kindle the firecracker, so I’m very unlucky. I still unlucky on my friend’s party. In the morning, I wanted to get up early but I woke up at 10:
  50. After ten minutes, the party would start! So I only eat a piece of bread then I go to my friend’s home! And I stay at his home for a long time when I came home. My mother and father were very angry and they scolded me! I’m worried and feel unlucky on my weigh. Last term, I was 48 kilogram but now I am 51 kilogram! I must to do banting! But most important, I have gone to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, I want to go there very much because I want to see the horse, the monkey……In the sea. Now I’ve done it . It is a bright dot in my winter

  2.寒假的第一天(First Day in Winter Holiday) The winter holiday began today. The spring festival will come soon. So my sister and I decided to help our mother to clean the room. In the afternoon we began the cleaning. We first dusted the walls. The walls turned white soon, but the tables and floor were covered with dust. Then I cleaned the tables while my sister swept the floor. The room became bright and clean. We were very happy. Then my sister did some washing. With my help, my sister first washed clothes, then some shoes. Finally, we finished the work. "What time is it now?" she asked. "Oh, it's six o'clock! It is time for mum to come home. We must prepare the supper. Be quick!" I said. Just then our mother came in. When she saw the room clean and bright she was very happy. "You are my good daughters!" She said with a smile on her face. Now I was very tired, but I was very happy, because I had done something tbr my mother.
“寒假的第一天”英语作文译文: 今天开始放寒假。春节快到了,我和姐姐决定帮妈妈做一次大扫 除。
下午大扫除开始。我们先掸墙上的灰,墙很快变白了,但桌面和 地板上布满了灰尘。于是,我抹桌子,姐姐扫地。最后,房间变得干 净亮堂了。我们很高兴。 接着, 姐姐开始洗衣服, 我在一旁帮忙。 洗完衣服, 姐姐又洗鞋。 等全干完了,姐姐问: “几点了?” “哟,6 点了!妈妈要回来了。我们 得做晚饭了,快!”我说。这时,妈妈进来了。她看见房 间既清洁又 明亮,非常高兴。她笑容满面地称赞道: “你们是我的好女儿!” 我虽然很累,但很高兴,因为我为妈妈做了一点事。

  3. 我高兴的一天(My Happiest Day) Today is friday. It is my thirteenth birthday. I got up very early in the morning and put on my new clothes happily. My parents bought me the new clothes as my birthday presents. I went to school earlier than before. I invited many of my classmates to come to my birthday party in the evening. Evening came at last. Many of my classmate came to my home. They bought me lots of beautiful presents. They all said,"happy birthday to you!" We sang birthday songs happily.Then my parents brought out a big birthday cake, saying, "we love you for ever happy birthday!"

  4.忙碌的星期六(Busy Saturdays) I don't like saturday at all. Because I am too busy to enjoy myself. In
the morning, I go to school to have classes from 8:00 to 11:
  30. In the afternoon, I play the violin with the classmates from 2 to
  4. In the evening, I have to go to an evening school.When I get back, I only want to have a sound sleep. Sometimes I'm as busy as a bee. I would like to have a free saturday of my own.

  5.我的星期天(My Sunday) Today is sunday. I got up very early in the morning. After breakfast I went to the bookstore. I wanted to buy a book robinson crusoe. I looked for the book for quite some time but couldn't find it. The shop assistant then came to help me. I was very glad that I got the book at last. In the afternoon I called on my friend wang lin. He just came back from beijing. we talked a lot. In the evening I watched an interesting play on TV. I enjoyed it very much. I had a wonderful time.

  6. 一次不同寻常的经历(An Unusual Experience) One day, I went to ski with my friend, Li Mei. We were playing happily on the ice when I heard a shout"help". I turned back and was surprised to see a boy falling into a ice hole. But neither of us could swim. So Li Mei and I ran to ask for help. A few minutes later, a policeman came and pulled the boy out of the water.
What an unusual experience it was!

  7. 煎鸡蛋(Making a Scrambled Egg) Lingling asked her friends to come to her home. She wanted to make something nice for them to eat. She just learned how to make a scrambled egg. She tried to make it for them. She broke eggs in a bowl and put some salt in it. Then she placed a frying pan on the stove, and put a little cooking oil in the pan. While she was waiting for the oil to become hot, she stirred the egg in the bowl. As soon as the oil became hot, she poured the egg into the pan, as one side turned yellow, she turned it over. When both sides were cooked.The scrambled egg was ready to eat. Lingling's friends came and had the serambled egg. They liked it very much. Lingling was so happy that she could cook for her friends.
“煎鸡蛋”英语作文译文: 玲玲邀请她的朋友来她家做客,她想为朋友们做点好吃的。地刚 刚学会煎鸡蛋,决定试着为朋友们做一做。她先把鸡蛋打在碗里,放 一点盐:然后把煎锅放在炉子上,往锅里倒些油。在等待油加热时, 她把碗里的鸡蛋打散。当油一热,她立刻把打散的鸡蛋倒入锅内。一 面煎黄时,立刻翻过来煎另一面,两面都煎好后就可以吃了。 玲玲的朋友品尝了她做的鸡蛋,她们都很喜欢。能为朋友们做吃 的,玲玲感到非常高兴。

  8.教师节(Teacher's Day) It is teacher's day today.I want to send a card to mr/mrs XXX, which is my favourite teacher.He/She helps me a lot with my study.And I make great progresses rapidly.He/She is always strict with us and also kind to us.Even though he/she is illsometimes,but he/she keeps on going to school. Gradually I love him/her in spite of myself.So now I'm making a card myself with my best wishes.I hope he/she will like it.

  9.我的宠物猫(my pet cat) I have a very beautiful cat.Its colour is white or yellow .Its name is Cicy .I think it is my favourite cat .She likes sleep playing with the bell .She love ratting meat ,though it is a kind of animals ,I treat it as my friend . Sometime I give her some fish or pork to eat .When she sees the fool she begin to cry miao miao .As if she is very hungry and thirsty .Wherever I amwalk she follws me . How happy I am !How nice my friend is !I love her more and more .

  10.我的祖国(My Motherland) I come from china .My country is very brautiful .Tne spring is warm .But summer sometime is very hot. The autumn isn't hot,but isn't
cold. The winter is pretty cold in nost of my country.It will be snowy in nost of my country winteir. I love my country .

  11.我的新学校(My new school) I have moved to my new school since septmber. It is a modern and nice school which is in kaifeng. It has a playground, a library, several labs, classrooms with electronic equipment and so on. It's quite different from my old school. It's larger, much more modern. This is why I love my new school. If you are free, you are warmly welcomed to come to our school to have a look.

  12.我们只有一个地球(We have only one globe) Don't you see the heavy smokes from the big chimneys? Don't you smell the gas from the motors all around the streets? We've got much dirtier air! The iceburgs are melting from the warmer winter because of the air pollution! Don't you see there are less lives in the water? Don't you see that we must pay higher cost in water processing? We've got much darker water running around! The oceans are in great danger. Don't you see the montains getting bald? Don't you see our ground becoming hollow? We've been exhausting the resources beneath the earth.
Our grandchildren will live on nothing. We have only one globe. Treasure the mother nature!

  13.我病了(I am ill) Taday I was very unlucky,because I was ill.I felt terrible and I went to see a doctor. The doctor said I caught a cold , I should have a rest and I should drink a lot of water,too. Then he gave me some medicine and said:"take this medicine three times a day, then you will feel better soon."

  14.我喜欢阅读(I Like Reading) I like reading very much. When I was a small girl, I was interested in reading picture books on science and history. At the age of seven, I entered a primary school and began to read more books. Now I am a middle school student. I have many subjects to learn. Every day I must finish a lot of homework. I am very busy. But when I have spare time I still want to read some story books. I read the book with great interest. I like Monkey King very much.

  15.我父亲是一个温和的人(My father is a gentle man) My father has small eyes,wear a pair of glasses,looking more gently,the daddy's hair are not many, he said "the intelligent head does not
grow hair,daddy does the management, but daddy usually ever not talk bureaucratically to others, therefore his personal connection is specially good,is the same as me. Daddy speaks always extremely temperately,never say hit the person,curse at people are also few,calculated scolded people not to be big, although sometimes also can be angry for a longtime,but just only about one day,could no surpass in one day-long. He usually educate me that the person must to be honestly,friendly to other,and working diligently. This is my father, I love him forever.

  16.我的叔叔(My Uncle) Jason was my uncle. He used to be a manager. Now he works as a teacher in a university. He thinks it is good for him to be a teacher instead of being a manager. He likes to talk with the young people so that he can keep young for ever. Students enjoy his lessons very much and everyone says he is a good teacher.East week, he went to america to attend a meeting on teaching,I like my uncle.

  17.我们的英语老师(Our Teacher of English) We have several teachers of english since we began to study in
middle school. But it seems to me that the present teacher of english is the best one we have known so far. She is never tired of helping us in our studies. She patiently answers our questions. She had years of experience in teaching. She teaches us how to write in simple, clear and correct english, and to make ourselves understood to english speaking people. She has made a deep impression on us all. With her help we have made rapid progress.

  18.我的外婆(My Grandmother) My grandma likes gardening very much. She's over sixty,but she is still busy with her work. She grows all sorts of flowers and plants in her small garden. It's interesting that all the flowers and plants in her garden grow well. No matter when you come to visit her garden you can always find beautiful flowers there. My grandmother doesn't just work hard in the garden. She sometimes sits in the middle and listens to music.She says music helps the plants grow well. Maybe that's true.She's really a clever lady.

  19.我的外公(My Grandfather) My grandfather is over sixty. He looks younger than his real age. He was a policeman before his retirement. He has a positive attitude towards
his later years of life. He does physical exercises every morning. He can read books without wearing glasses. He is so strong that he is able to lift heavy things by himself. He loves children very much. Every monday afternoon he is invited to a nearby school to tell stories to the children about the life and work of the policemen. All the young pupils love him very much.

  20.我的同桌(My Desk-mate) Jenny is my desk-mate. She is a hard-working girl. When she was twelve years old, she won the first in a City-Wide Poetry Recitation Contest. Now she is chairman of the student union in our school. She gives us the impression that her ability to express her ideas is excellent. In spare time, she likes to carry a book .With her and writes down what she sees and hears. She's such a lovely girl that I enjoy talking with her to share her ideas.

  21.我的朋友(A Friend of Mine) I have several friends. Wang Lin is my best friend. He is eleven years old. He comes from beijing. Wang Lin came here three years ago. He came with his parents. His father is an engineer and his mother is a middle school teacher. He has no brothers or sisters. He is the only child of his parents.
We are classmates at school, so we see much of each other.He is fond of english and I am good at maths. We always help each other. Both of us have made great progress in our studies. We have made up our minds to study harder and win still greater success in our studies.

  22.成长在快乐的家庭里(Brought Up in a



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