仔细观察下面两幅图,假设你是图中小女孩的朋友,请以“My Friend”为题写一篇约 80 字的短文。
图片 1
My Friend
My friend Jane is a pretty and cute girl. She has a pair of big and bright eyes, which seem as if they can speak. Under her small lovely nose,there is a little naughty mouth. Her hair is straight and long, hanging down to her shoulders. In one word, she is a healthy girl. She is the best student in her class. She always gets full marks in the exams. What's more, she can play the piano, and she sings and dances well. In every New Year's party,she plays the piano and sings sweet songs for her classmates. Everybody loves her very much.
Smoking Is Harmful
Smoking is not a good habit because it is harmful to people's health. Throughout the world, there are
many anti-smoking campaigns here and there. We know every year many people have died from nicotine. Smoking in the public does harm to people around you. Our government has issued" No smoking" regulations in airplanes, on trains and at cinemas. Let's try our best to help the smokers give up smoking.
My Hobby
There are a great many hobbies to choose from. Some people enjoy collecting coins or stamps, others choose to spend their time on sports or music. I have many hobbies, but playing basketball is my favorite one. At weekends, we always build a team to play basketball against another one in our neighbourhood. The competitions brought us so much fun. I think playing basketball is a good way to build up one's body and relax oneself. But I will always remember that it's unwise to spend too much time playing. 根据下列四幅图所示,以“The 贯,字句通顺。
Weekend”为题,用第一人称写一篇 80 字左右的短文。要求语意连
图片 1
It was Sunday and I didn't have to go to school. I finished my homework the day before. So I decided to help mother do housework. I washed some clothes after I got up. Then I went shopping with a basket. I bought some meat, eggs and some vegetables in the market. After I came back, I started to cook dinner for the whole family. In the evening, I sat at the table and began to write down on my notebook what I had done during the day. 仔细观察下列四幅图,以“It Was Sunday”为题写一篇 50 字左右的小短文。
It Was Sunday
It was already haft past eight when Nick got up in the morning. He put on his clothes hurriedly. Then he said "bye-bye" to his mother and went out without breakfast. He rode on his bike and whirled to the school. When he arrived at the school gate, he saw it locked. He suddenly remembered that it was Sunday and there was no need to go to school at all.
Fashion clothes
I think the trainers the jeans and the jumper are in fashion now. The trainers are young people’s favourite. I think the trainers are beautiful and comfortable if they’re made of leather. Maybe we can jumper higher and farther. However, light blue is the best colour of the jean. They are long and tight. Maybe they are made of leather or cotton. They are very smart. I think the jumper is made of cotton. It is a little big, so it is good for us to do some sports. I like white. Because it is clean and beautiful! 根据下面四幅图画,以“A Good Deed”为题按顺序写一篇约 50 字的短文。
A Good Deed
Yesterday when Susan was waiting for the bus at a bus stop, she saw a purse lying on the ground. She picked it up and opened it. In it was some money and a telephone card. She wanted to find out who lost it. So she went to a public telephone and dialed the number on the card. Fortunately someone answered the phone. When the lady came and got back her purse,she thanked Susan for her good deed.
观察下列四幅图,以“IceCream”为题写一篇 80 字左右的短文。要求题意符合图画内容,语句简练。
图片 1 Mr. Black has just bought an ice cream. He is enjoying eating it on the street, when he suddenly sees Mrs. White coming towards him with a dog next to her. He doesn't want Mrs. White to see his ice cream, so he hides it behind him. When they stop to greet each other and start to talk, her dog moves around and finds the ice cream. Then it begins to enjoy eating it. So guess what Mr. Black can do next. 假设下面是你家房屋的平面图,请写一篇说明文来描写你的家。要求字数为 120 左右。
图片 1 My fiat is made up of eight rooms: one hall, one bathroom, one kitchen, one dining room, one living room, two bedrooms and one toilet. The hall faces the front door. When you come into my flat, you will first see the hall. The bathroom is on the right, and the toilet is on the left. In front of you, there are two doors. The left one leads to one of the bedrooms, and the right one leads to the living room. When you come into the living room, you will see two doors again. The left one leads to another bedroom, and the right one to the kitchen. The kitchen goes straight to the dining room. Besides,there is also a balcony next to the living room and one of the bedrooms.
Father's Day
Father's Day comes on the 3rd Sunday in June. Father's Day was started because there was a Mother's Day. Some people thought that if we had a Mother's Day, we should also have a Father's Day. The other reason is that businessmen found it was a good way to get people to buy a gift for their father, a gift from their store or their company. 根据所画的插图,按顺序写一篇短文,文中包括以下单词或短语。
Bell got up early in the morning yesterday. There was a sports meet in No. 2 Middle School. He chose the long jump. He jumped the farthest of all the boys. At last, he won the first place and he felt very happy. 假设你是图画中的主人,名叫 Max。请你根据以下四幅图写一篇小故事。意思要连贯,字数在 100 字左 右。
图片 1
The Bomb Max was doing his homework and met some maths problems that he couldn't work out. He turned to his father for help. But his father was only interested in playing cards. He told Max four same numbers made a bomb. Following what his father said, Max soon finished his homework and handed it in to the teacher. The teacher was angry at seeing that, "Who taught you to do exercises this way?" she asked. "My father!" answered Max. Then the teacher wrote two bad marks on the paper. She said to Max,"Give these two bombs back to your father." Max went back home and showed that to his father. His father felt ashamed of himself for that.
仔细观察下面四幅图,以“The Beach”为题写一篇约 90 字左右的短文。
图片 1
又是周末了,约翰去海滨渡周末。当他躺在海滩上听音乐时,突然听到有人喊救命。他立刻跳起来, 向发出声音的方向望去。看见一个小孩在远处的水里挥动着手臂。他脱下衣服,很快跳进水里。他游到 那个小孩身边,托起他,把他的脑袋托出了水面游回了岸边。最后小孩得救了。 It was weekend again. John went to the beach to spend his weekend. He was lying on the sand and listening to music, suddenly he heard someone crying for help. He jumped up hurriedly and looked towards the voice. He saw a little kid waving his hands in the distant water. He took off his clothes and jumped into the water quickly. He swam to the little kid, held him, kept his head above the water and swam back to the beach. At last, the kid was saved.
A Tour In Singapore July was a very wonderful month for me. Because I had a chance to go to Singapore. It wa s the first time I went to a foreign country. So I had a special experience. Like the old say, “There is no best in world, but there is better.” I knew it after I had been to Singapore. Singapore is called “a Garden City”. The weather is warm the whole year. You can walk u nder the bluish green sky with white clouds in it, and you will be intoxicated with the sweet fl owers and green trees and grasses. When you are having meals, a number of little birds will fly to your plate and share food with you. Singapore is a home for both human and animals. The students in Singapore are talented. They are zealous, polite, brave, united and healthy. In the process of making friends with them, we learnt a lot from each other, although we we re from different countries and spoke different languages. The most profound thing to me is that the students from Human High School are honest. I still remembered the one day that they had to write from memory. They didn’t look around th ough they sat next to each other. I think it was very good though it was a little thing. This travel in Singapore made me know a lot. I will never forget it.
The Moon Festival is on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. It is one of the traditional Chinese Festivals. On that day, the Chinese usually have a special family dinner. Each member of the family, even from far away, will go back home to have the dinner. During the dinner, they eat a lot of delicious food, watch TV programmes and chat about everything happily. They also eat moon cakesan important kind of food of the Moon Festival. Moon cakes are always round like the moon. There is bean paste, egg-yolk, ice cream or some other nice fruits or food in them. After the dinner, all the family members go out and enjoy the moon and the moonlight. They talk about the stories about the moon and laugh a lot. They say there is a fairy maiden named Chang E with her rabbit and a sweet osmanthus tree on the moon. Is that true? It is just a legend. But the legend is so wonderful that we would rather believe it, right?
Everybody has some hobbies. I like playing soccer, watching TV, listening to music…but fishing is my favorite relaxation. I like fishing not because I like to eat fish but because I enjoy the wonderful time while I am fishing. My father has a friend named Huang Cheng who lives in the countryside and owns a big fish pond. He is good at
fish-farming. There are many kinds of fish in his fish pond. He can easily support his family with the income from the fish pond. Last Sunday was a lovely, sunny day. My father drove me to his friend’s place with two new fishing rods, which he bought not long ago. The scene was really beautiful there in the countryside. Uncle Huang took us to a very good place for fishing and gave us some bait --earth worms. First, I was a little afraid of the Earthworms. Uncle Huang taught me how to use them. Then we started to fish. My father put some fish food into the water. Soon the part of the water attracted many fish to gather there. As soon as I put the fishhook into the water, the fish nibbled at the bait. I thought that it rose to the bait. So I raised the fishing rod, the fish swam away and my fishing line got entangled in some weeds. What a pity! I was too impatient. I should have waited for the fish to snap at the bait for some time and then I could catch it. So from then on, I became very careful and patient. At last, I caught eight big fish and my father caught only three little fish. I was so happy with my success in fishing.Fishing can make me more and more patient and comfident! I love fishing!
Waiting We were sitting in the classroom quietly, waiting for the invigilator. We were anxious to get the examination paper and see whether it was easy or difficult. The invigilator came into the classroom. He first looked around. Then he counted the pape rs. We could only hear the papers’ fricative. I had a look at my watch. We would be examine d in eight minutes. I felt a bit nervous. I thought to myself, “Will the exam be easy or difficult? Will the last question be very hard for me to work out?” The invigilator began to deliver us t he papers. I had been ready. As soon as I got the paper, I began to write quickly. At this, th e invigilator said loudly, “You can’t write until the bell rings”. I felt sorry for that. I watched the hands of the clock and thought hard. I counted quietly, “four minutes, three minutes, two min utes…thirty seconds, twenty-five seconds…” “Ding…” The bell rang. We picked up our pens a nd began to write quietly. What a long time we had been waiting!
Our Dreams Of Life As soon as we became students of Grade 3, we had to make up our minds to study hard. Because we have the motive forces of study. They may be our dreams of life. We must all want to study in Haimen Middle School in the future, so the competition for st udy will be very fierce. Both in class and after class, we think about our knowledge and work on the hard problems. We all believe that the harder we study, the better we will become. But we have to face difficulties and hardships. Even though, we can’t give up our life drea ms. When you suffer a setback, think about your dream, then rally your forces. Make a spurt towards your dream!
A Telephone Call One day, my family were having lunch at table. All of a sudden, the telephone bell rang. My sister went to the telephone. “This is Gong speaking. Who is there, please?” “I want to talk with Gu Hongmei.” “Sorry, there is no Gu Hongmei here.” “No, I must talk with her. Please tell her about this!”
“…sorry, there is no person called Gu Hongmei in my home. Do you understand?” “I don’t believe you.” “OK. I don’t believe you, either.” So my sister put down the telephone. What a strange conversation!



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