11~12 ~
The sounds of the world Art and literature
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
A hen, standing on the platform, is giving lectures on mathematics. An egg, placed on the desk, is listening. The hen is trying hard to give lessons to the chick before it is born.
寓 意 理 解
Nowadays the world is full of too many competitions. To guarantee their children’s future, parents are too eager to get them well-educated, even before they are born. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇 词的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词的小短文? 词的小短文
Ⅰ.短语填空 短语填空
  1.All they need is a great leader that they can . . believe in
  2.It makes good sense to . on this issue.
  3.She came across some old photographs in a drawer the other . day.
  4.Standards in health care have improved enormously . compared with/to 40 years ago. open our ears to different opinions

  5.She is upset because she really doesn’t know what to . do about her drunken husband.
  6.This incident brought about a series of events that nobody had . foreseen.
  7.To my surprise,I found I had a lot surprise, stranger.
  8.If we can’t get any funding,we might as well . , forget about the project. in common with this
Ⅱ.词组翻译 Ⅱ.词组翻译 along with
  1.和……一道 . 一道 一道
  2.把音乐作为事业 .把音乐作为事业 make music one’s career satisfy one’s inner desire
  3.满足内心的欲望 .满足内心的欲望 feel easy
  4.感到舒心 .感到舒心
  5.处于困境中,有麻烦 .处于困境中,有麻烦 in trouble fight against
  6.同……作斗争 . 作斗争 作斗争 share the same goals
  7.有共同的目标 .有共同的目标
  8.转过身,转过来 .转过身,转过来 turn around
Ⅲ.完成句子 Ⅲ.完成句子
  1.The blues is a way for people to show who they are . 份) and what is in their hearts.(show) 思维方式的不同)
  2.Because of the different ways of thinking (思维方式的不同 and . 思维方式的不同 writing songs,rock and pop songs also tell different stories.(way) songs,
  3.In the first book about Harry Potter,we meet Harry . , before he knows anything
  4. It says on the statue that . (他还不懂 about magic.(before) 他还不懂) 他还不懂 (塑像上刻着字 anyone who wants to 塑像上刻着字) 塑像上刻着字 (显示自己身 显示自己身
enter the room must answer the question.(say)
Ⅳ.短文填空 Ⅳ.短文填空 When we read books we seem to enter a new world.This new world can be similar to the one we are living in,or it can be very , different.Some stories are told as if they were true.Real people who live in a normal world do real things;in other words ,the ; stories are about people just like us doing what we do.Other
stories,such as the Harry Potter books,are not realistic.They , , have characters and creatures that are very different from us impossible for us.
and do things that would be

  1.She loves music and is now learning to play an . . A.instrument . 正确选项 A ; 意思是: .工具;器械; 意思是:instrument ['instrum?nt] n.工具;器械;乐器
  2.In Chinese culture,marriage decisions were often made . , by parents for their children. A.classical B.historical C.traditional D.practical . . . . 正确选项 C ;意思是: 意思是: traditional [tr?'di??n?l] adj.传统的 ? 传统的 B.appliance . C.equipment . D.object .

  3.In the botanical garden we can find a(n) of plants that . range from tall trees to small flowers. A.type . 正确选项 B.group . D ; C.amount . D.variety .
意思是: .多样性;种类; 意思是:variety [v?'rai?ti] n.多样性;种类;变化
  4.Such problems as high blood pressure and heart trouble are a(n) . feature of old age. A.universal . B.complete . C.abundant . ' D.mental .
正确选项 A ;意思是:universal [ ju?ni'v??s?l] adj.通用 意思是: ? ? 通用 的;普遍的;世界的;全体的 普遍的;世界的;

  5.The singer’s new,which sells very well,has turned out . , , to be a great success. A.section . B.schedule . C.style . D.record .
意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: record [ri'k??d] vt.&vi.记录;录音 记录; ? 记录 ['rek??d] n.记录;唱片 ? .记录;
  6.He lost control of his when he was judged guilty by the . court. A.characters . B.emotions . C.senses . D.determinations .
正确选项 B ; ? .情感;感情; 意思是: 意思是:emotion [i'm?u?n] n.情感;感情;情绪

  7.Don’t expect to master a foreign language in three months?it is . always a long and difficult to learn a foreign language. A.policy . B.position . C.process . D.program .
意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是:process ['pr?uses] n.过程;程序;方 .过程;程序; 法 vt.制作;加工;处理 制作; 制作 加工;
  8.I’m still not convinced that I should have made such a . foolish mistake. A.scarcely . B.gradually . C.precisely . D.totally .
意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: totally ['t?ut?li] adv.完全地;整个地 完全地; 完全地

  9.The child is of high and he learns everything very fast. . A.intelligence B.wisdom C.awareness D.consciousness . . . . 正确选项 A ; 意思是: 意思是: intelligence [in'telid??ns] n.智力;智能 .智力;
  10.Accompanied by some government officials,Premier . , Wen Jiabao inspected a large factory in Henan Province. A.regional . B.local . C.native . D.district .
正确选项 B ; 意思是: 意思是: local ['l?uk?l] adj.当地的;地方的;乡土的 当地的; 当地的 地方的;

  11.Today, of births,marriages and deaths appear in . , , some newspapers. A.broadcasts . C.announcements . B.declarations . D.statements .
意思是: . 正确选项 C ;意思是: announcement [?'naunsm?nt] n.宣 告;公告;告示 公告;
  12.Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health.It may also be . good for building. A.respect . B.friendship . C.reputation . D.character .
意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: character ['k?r?kt?] n.品格;特 .品格; 小说、 性;(小说、戏剧等中的 人物 小说 戏剧等中的)人物

  13.The roots of these vegetables are not planted in earth but hang in . water that all the nutrients they need to grow. A.includes . 正确选项 B.contains . C.holds . D.stands .
B ;意思是:contain [k?n'tein] vt.包含;容纳 意思是: 包含; 包含

  14.Her actions her love for her children more than any . words could do. A.express . B.offer . C.allow . D.exhibit .
意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: express [iks'pres] vt.表达;表示 表达; 表达
  15.After a of unsuccessful attempts,he has finally passed . , the driving test. A.total B.series C.plenty D.sum . . . . 意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: series ['si?ri?z] n.连续;系列 ? .连续;

  1.satisfy v. 满足;使满意 . 满足; 识记: 识记:satisfy one’s need/demand/requirements/curiosity满足某人 满足某人 的需求(要求、条件、好奇心 的需求 要求、条件、好奇心) 要求 Just to satisfy my curiosity,how much did it cost?我只是出于好 , ? 奇心,这花了多少钱? 奇心,这花了多少钱? 她没有达到进入那所学院的全部要求。 她没有达到进入那所学院的全部要求。 搭配 be satisfied with...对……感到满意 对 感到满意 be satisfied of...相信;确信 相信; 相信 I’m not really satisfied with the way he cut my hair.我对他那样给 我对他那样给 我理发不太满意。 我理发不太满意。 需要使人们明白建立一个新体系的必要性。 需要使人们明白建立一个新体系的必要性。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 People need to be satisfied of the need for a new system. [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 She failed to satisfy all the requirements for entry to the college.
satisfying令人满意的,令人高兴的 令人满意的, 令人满意的
satisfactory令人满意的 令人满意的 satisfaction满意 满意 She finds writing poetry deeply satisfying.她发现写诗很令人愉快。 她发现写诗很令人愉快。 她发现写诗很令人愉快 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦 His work is far from (being) satisfactory.他的工作远不能让人满意。 他的工作远不能让人满意。 他的工作远不能让人满意 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦 The work was done to the boss’s satisfaction.工作完成得令老板很满意。 工作完成得令老板很满意。 工作完成得令老板很满意 [韦氏高阶 韦氏高阶] 韦氏高阶 链接 be content with对……满意,满足于 满意, 对 满意 满足于…… be content to do满足于做,甘心地做 满足于做, 满足于做 【应用
  1】 Nick is looking for another job because he feels that 应用1 nothing he does his boss. B A.serves . B.satisfies . C.promises . D.supports .

  2.desire n. 愿望;心愿;要求 . 愿望;心愿; 句型: 不渴望做…… 句型:have no desire for sth./to do sth.不渴望做 不渴望做 I have no desire to discuss the matter further.我不想再谈此事。 我不想再谈此事。 我不想再谈此事 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 vt. 期望;希望;请求 期望;希望; We all desire health and happiness.我们都渴望健康和幸福。 我们都渴望健康和幸福。 我们都渴望健康和幸福 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 句型 某事 desire to do sth.希望做某事 希望做某事,desire sb.to do sth.希望某人做 希望做某事 希望某人做
Anyone desiring to vote must come to the meeting. 任何想投票的人都必须来参加会议。 任何想投票的人都必须来参加会议。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
We desire you to complete the work within one month of the start date. 我们想要你开始后一个月内完成工作。 我们想要你开始后一个月内完成工作。 链接: 链接:hope希望 希望 wish希望 希望 long渴望 渴望 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦
  2】 What the workers are better working conditions 应用2 D and more education. A.hope . B.wish . C.long . D.desire .

  3.entertain v. 使……快乐;使感兴趣;款待;招待 . 快乐; 快乐 使感兴趣;款待; He entertained us for hours with his stories and jokes. 他给我们讲故事、说笑话,让我们高兴了好几小时。 牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 他给我们讲故事、说笑话,让我们高兴了好几小时。[牛津高阶 搭配 entertain sb.to sth.招待某人吃 招待某人吃…… 招待某人吃
entertain sb.with sth.以……款待某人 以 款待某人 Bob and Liz entertained us to dinner last night.昨晚鲍勃和利兹设 昨晚鲍勃和利兹设 宴招待了我们。 宴招待了我们。 I like to entertain friends with music and refreshments at home. 我喜欢在家里用音乐和茶点招待朋友。 我喜欢在家里用音乐和茶点招待朋友。 entertainment n. 接待;招待;款待;娱乐;消遣 接待;招待;款待;娱乐; She was busy preparing for the entertainment of the guests.她忙 她忙 着准备接待客人。 着准备接待客人。

  4.power n. 力量;能量;能力;权力 . 力量;能量;能力; After the accident she lost the power of speech.那次事故以后,她 那次事故以后, 那次事故以后 失去了说话的能力。 失去了说话的能力。 搭配 have power over支配 支配 come to/into power掌权;掌握政权 掌权; 掌权 take/seize power掌权;掌握政权 掌权; 掌权 某人的)力所不及的 识记 out of/beyond one’s power(某人的 力所不及的;不能胜任的 某人的 力所不及的; within one’s power(某人的 力所能及的 某人的)力所能及的 某人的 in power握有政权;当权 握有政权; 握有政权 in one’s power在某人的掌握中;在某人的支配下 在某人的掌握中; 在某人的掌握中 The aim is to give people more power over their own lives. 目的是让人们更能主宰自己的生命。 目的是让人们更能主宰自己的生命。 我恐怕无力做你要求做的事。 我恐怕无力做你要求做的事。 [牛津高阶 牛


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