Healthy eating Festivals
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
It is raining heavily. However, a gentle man is watering flowers, holding an umbrella in his hand! !
寓 意
理 解
In our daily life, some people often take unnecessary action, which will lead to an undesirable result in the long run. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇 词的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词的小短文? 词的小短文

  1.They got together at a restaurant three years after they left . school and had a very good time. no longer
  2.He lives in San Francisco here.He moved to New . York two years ago.
  3.The woman was by the businessman’s offers of . taken in marriage and stupidly gave him most of her money.
  4.They have a high level of unemployment?but the same . goes for many other countries.

  5.Perhaps I am old and can’t keep up with all the changes. .
  6.They asked him to leave? . in other words he was fired.

  7.Taking plenty of exercise regularly helps us . . stay fit
  8.There is no need to ?come as you are. . dress up
Ⅱ.词组翻译 词组翻译
  1.胸部疼痛 .胸部疼痛 have a pain in the chest
  2.吃药 .吃药 take the medicine
  3.减肥 .减肥 lose weight
  4.把……切碎 cut...into pieces . 切碎 切碎
  5.也;还;而且 . 而且 as well as
  6.七天的节日 .七天的节日 a seven-day festival
  7.请某人吃午饭 .请某人吃午饭 treat sb.to lunch
  8.捉弄某人 .捉弄某人 play tricks on sb.
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子
  1.If we want to . keep up with the high pace (跟上快节奏 of 跟上快节奏) 跟上快节奏
modern life,we had better learn to make the right choices , about what and how we eat.(pace)
  2.Preparing a delicious snack does not have to be (不一定) too (不一定 不一定) difficult.(have)
  3.We must do as much as we can (尽力 to make our community . 尽力) 尽力 better and more beautiful.(much)
  4.Kwanzaa begins the day after Christmas Day and . ends on New Year’s Day (在元旦结束 .(end) 在元旦结束). 在元旦结束
Ⅳ.短文填空 短文填空 The world is getting bigger,or at fatter.Recent studies , least show that an increasing number of us are leading an unhealthy life.We are becoming couch potatoes?people who spend too much time in front of the TV and eat too much junk food.Now, , there is a new species of inactive people, namely , also the
“mouse potato”.A mouse potato is someone who sits in front of . his or her computer all day and eats junk food instead of regular . meals.Why are we becoming potatoes and what can we do to avoid it?

  1.The public opinion was that the time was not for . the election. A.ripe B.reasonable C.ready D.practical . . . . 熟的; 熟的 正确选项;意思是: ripe [raip] adj.熟的;成熟的 . 正确选项 A ;意思是:

  2.Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, . , wind and other forms of . A.energy B.source C.power D.material . . . . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项;意思是: energy ['en?d?i] n.精力;能量 . .精力; A
  3.Many people complain of the rapid of modern life. . A.rate B.speed C.growth D.pace . . . . 速度; . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: pace [peis] n.步;速度;步调 .

  4.Mr.Jones has 2,000 dollars in the bank.If he draws 1,600 . dollars,the will be 4
  00. , A.total B.balance C.sum D.credit . . . . 平衡; 平衡 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: balance ['b?l?ns] vt.&vi.&n.平衡;. 余额 .

  5.Use your ,and I am sure you will find a way out. . , A.thoughts B.hearts C.minds D.brains . . . . . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: brain [brein] n.脑;头脑 .

  6.We listened to the news with a(n) of surprise and horror. A.mixture B.link C.union D.organization . . . . ? .混合; 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: mixture ['mikst??] n.混合;混合物 .
  7.The lion is considered the king of the forest as it is a(n) . of courage and power. A.example B.sign C.signal D.symbol . . . . .象征;符号; 正确选项;意思是:symbol ['simbl] n.象征;符号;记号 . 正确选项 D ;意思是:

  8.In dealing with public relations,we should make every . , effort to prevent the in personality. A.conflict B.contrast C.connection D.contact . . . . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: conflict ['k?nflikt] n.斗争; ? .斗争; 战斗; 战斗;冲突 . .

  9.After some heated ,a decision was finally taken. . , A.conference B.conversation C.argument D.collision . . . . ? ? .争论; 正确选项;意思是: . 正确选项 C ;意思是:argument ['???ju?m?nt] n.争论; 辩论 .

  10.It is estimated that public is in favour of . economic reform. A.idea . B.view . C.thought . D.opinion . .意见; 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:opinion [?'pinj?n] n.意见;看法 .
  11.English was his in the college and he teaches . English now. A.mayor B.minor C.major D.miner . . . . 重大的; 重大的 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是:major ['meid??] adj.重大的;主要. 的 n.主修课程;专业课 . .主修课程;

  12.A grand party was held in of the old couple’s . fiftieth wedding anniversary. A.congratulation . C.admiration . B.celebration . D.respect . ' .
? . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: celebration [ seli'brei??n] n. 庆祝;庆典 庆祝; .

  13.I saw Bob play the piano at John’s party and on that . he was simply brilliant. A.scene B.circumstance C.occasion D.situation . . . . .场合;时机; . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是:occasion [?'kei??n] n.场合;时机; 机会 .

  14.The car speed as it went down the hill. . A.obtained . B.acquired . C.gained . D.added . .
增加; ? 增加 正确选项; 意思是: 正确选项 C ; 意思是: gain [?ein] vt.增加;获得

  15.She has always been honest with me,and I her for . , that. A.regard B.respect C.respond D.restore . . . . 尊敬; 尊敬 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: respect [ris'pekt] vt.尊敬;尊重 .
核 心 词 汇 梳 理

  1.diet n. 日常饮食;食物 . 日常饮食; It is important to have a balanced,healthy diet. , 均衡、健康的日常饮食很重要。 均衡、健康的日常饮食很重要。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
Children today are brought up on a diet of television cartoons and soap operas. 如今的孩子是伴随电视上的动画片和肥皂剧长大的。 如今的孩子是伴随电视上的动画片和肥皂剧长大的。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 搭配 be on a diet在节食 在节食 go on a diet节食 节食
I mustn’t have chocolate?I’m on a diet. 我不吃巧克力,我正在节食。 我不吃巧克力,我正在节食。 I can’t fasten my jeans?I’ll have to go on a diet. 我的牛仔裤都系不上了,我得节食了。[麦克米伦 我的牛仔裤都系不上了,我得节食了。 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦 都可作“ 辨析 diet和food都可作“食物”解。但diet指的是习惯吃的食 和 都可作 食物” 指的是习惯吃的食 物或规定的食物,特指维持健康的定量或定质的食物, 物或规定的食物,特指维持健康的定量或定质的食物,如病人 的疗养饮食等。 是一般用法, 的疗养饮食等。food是一般用法,凡能吃喝的具有营养的东西 是一般用法 都称food。 。 都称
A proper diet and exercise are both important to health. 适当的饮食和锻炼对健康很重要。 适当的饮食和锻炼对健康很重要。 The sick man must not go without food,but he must have a diet , without sugar. 这个病人不可不吃东西,但要吃不含糖的食物。 这个病人不可不吃东西,但要吃不含糖的食物。
是可数名词, 连用; 是不可数名词, 提示 diet是可数名词,常与不定冠词 连用;food是不可数名词, 是可数名词 常与不定冠词a连用 是不可数名词 但在表示食品的种类时,可以用复数。 但在表示食品的种类时,可以用复数。 The doctor put him on a diet after operation. 手术之后,医生规定了他的饮食。 手术之后,医生规定了他的饮食。 Too many sweet foods will make you fat.太多的甜食会使你发胖。 太多的甜食会使你发胖。 太多的甜食会使你发胖 【应用
  1】 She had stomach trouble and had to follow . 应用 】 D A.strict food B.a strict food C.strict diet D.a strict diet . . . .

  2.fit adj. 健康的;适合的 健康的; 识记 keep/stay/remain fit保持健康 保持健康 feel fit感觉健康良好 感觉健康良好 keep sb.fit使某人保持健康 使某人保持健康 v. 适合;适合于;吻合 适合;适合于; The jacket fitted me pretty well but the trousers were too small. 我穿这件上衣很合身,但裤子太小了。 朗文当代 朗文当代] 我穿这件上衣很合身,但裤子太小了。[朗文当代 The key doesn’t fit the lock.这把钥匙打不开这把锁。[牛津高阶 这把钥匙打不开这把锁。 牛津高阶] 这把钥匙打不开这把锁 牛津高阶 一般指衣服、鞋子等的大小、尺寸合体, suit则指衣 辨析 一般指衣服、鞋子等的大小、尺寸合体,而suit则指衣 服、鞋子等的样式、花色、设计等适合某人。 鞋子等的样式、花色、设计等适合某人。
I like the suit,but the jacket doesn’t fit me. , 我喜欢这套衣服,但上衣不合身。 我喜欢这套衣服,但上衣不合身。 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦
The color blue suits you very well.蓝颜色非常适合你。[韦氏高阶 蓝颜色非常适合你。 韦氏高阶] 蓝颜色非常适合你 韦氏高阶 识记: 合得来; 识记:fit in(与……)合得来;适应 与 合得来 At first I felt awkward,but I soon learned to fit in. , 开头我感到不自在,但很快就学会适应了。 开头我感到不自在,但很快就学会适应了。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
He’s never done this type of work before;I’m not sure how he’ll fit ; in with the other people. 他过去从未干过这种工作,很难说他是否会与其他人配合得好。 他过去从未干过这种工作,很难说他是否会与其他人配合得好。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶
  2】 Mother,I don’t think this blouse me 应用 】 , A well.It’s a bit too tight. A.fits . B.suits . C.matches . D.adapts .

  3.honour n. 尊敬;荣誉;荣幸;带来荣誉的人或事 . 尊敬;荣誉;荣幸; For the French team,winning tomorrow’s game is a matter , of national honour. 对法国队来说,在明天的比赛中获胜事关国家荣誉。[朗文当代 对法国队来说,在明天的比赛中获胜事关国家荣誉。 朗文当代] 朗文当代 搭配 do sb.the honour of doing sth.做某事使某人感到特别荣幸 做某事使某人感到特别荣幸 have the honour of doing sth.很荣幸能够做某事 很荣幸能够做某事 Will you do me the honour of accompanying me to the ball? ? 你肯赏光陪我去参加舞会吗? 你肯赏光陪我去参加舞会吗? [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦
I had the honour of presenting the awards at the ceremony. 能在这个典礼上颁奖我感到十分荣幸。 能在这个典礼上颁奖我感到十分荣幸。 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦
识记:in honour of为纪念 识记: 为纪念……;为了向……表示敬意 ;为了向 表示敬意 为纪念 In honour of the occasion,Mozart was to write a short piece of , music. 莫扎特要为这一盛会作一首短曲。 莫扎特要为这一盛会作一首短曲。 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦
提示: 提示:honour作“带来荣誉的人或事”解时是可数名词。 作 带来荣誉的人或事”解时是可数名词。 It’s a great honour to be here with you tonight.今晚能跟你一起站 今晚能跟你一起站 在这里我深感荣幸。 在这里我深感荣幸。 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦
vt. 尊敬,给以荣誉 尊敬, Will you honour me with your presence tonight? ? 今


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