15~16 The necklace Scientists at work
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
A boy is trying hard to push forward the hour hand of the clock while an old man is making a great effort to push backward the minute hand of the same clock. Obviously, the boy wants time to speed up while the old man wishes that time could slow down.
寓 意 理 解
When people are young, they don’t realize how important time is. Only when they become old are they aware of the value of time. As the saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.” As young people, we should make the best of our present time to fulfill our dreams or we will regret it in the future. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇 词的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词的小短文? 词的小短文
  1.“ the shoes before you buy them,” her . , on mother emphasized.
  2.It would go against his principles to borrow money,as he . , thinks it wrong to be in debt.
  3.I the people of this country to work hard for . call on national unity.
  4.I think we should let her go on holiday alone.,she is . After all , fifteen;she’s not a child any more. ;

  5.We’ll fully make use of he fine weather to enjoy the sunshine . on the beach.
  6.Her room looks beautiful,with a lot of pictures fastened to the . , wall.
  7.The repairs to your car will cost ?
  35,I suppose. . , at most stop
  8.You can’t people saying what they think. . from
Ⅱ.词组翻译 词组翻译
  1.短暂的休息 .短暂的休息 a moment’s rest/a moment of rest
  2.日日夜夜 .日日夜夜 day and night pay back
  3.偿还 .偿还
  4.运气不好 .运气不好 without luck
  5.哭泣,掉泪 .哭泣,掉泪 (be) in tears
  6.以平局结束 .以平局结束 end in a tie
  7.用自己的话 .用自己的话 in your own words
  8.大量的 .大量的 a great deal of
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子
  1.We asked everyone there if they had found a necklace, . , (但运气不好 .(luck) 但运气不好). but without luck 但运气不好
  2.Some computer games are a bit like plays?you have . characters playing different roles (扮演不同角色 and 扮演不同角色) 扮演不同角色 acting out a story.(play)
  3.This ribbon, which must not get wet 一定不能弄湿 ,will . 一定不能弄湿), , protect you from electricity.(get)
  4.Animal testing has helped to develop medicines . against many diseases (治疗许多疾病 .(disease) 治疗许多疾病). 治疗许多疾病
Ⅳ.短文填空 短文填空 Have you ever dreamt of becoming an actor? Acting is different from other jobs,because many of the skills , needed (need)
cannot easily be learnt.The first thing an actor must have is the desire to become an actor and the belief that he or she can act well.There are basic skills every actor must learn, such as how to , use one’s voice and how to move on stage,but becoming a good , actor is often a matter of personal development.If you want to become an actor,you must build up your self-confidence and learn , to notice people around you.

  1.The police have been investigating for months but the wealthy . woman’s death remains a . A.secret B.fairy C.mystery D.confusion . . . . . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是: mystery ['mist?ri] n.谜;神秘的事物 .

  2.It was a really moment when the girl jumped off . the roof of the 12-storeyed building. A.scared B.scary C.fright D.frightened . . . . 引起惊慌的; ? 引起惊慌的 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: scary [‘sk??ri] adj.引起惊慌的; . 吓人的 .

  3.Your friendship is most to me.I’ll treasure it all my . life. A.expensive B.loyal C.fantastic D.precious . . . . 宝贵的; ? 宝贵的 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: precious ['pre??s] adj.宝贵的; . 贵重的; 贵重的;珍爱的.

  4.If you take a(n) attitude towards life you will live . happily and longer. A.sensitive B.positive C.responsible D.fashionable . . . . 肯定的; ? 肯定的 正确选项;意思是:positive ['p?z?tiv] adj.肯定的;积极的 . 正确选项 B ;意思是:
  5.He gave us a brief of his plan and then ordered us to . do as he instructed. A.surface B.design C.frame D.outline . . . . .轮廓;要点; 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: outline ['autlain] n.轮廓;要点; . 概要 .

  6.The detergent (洗涤剂 comes in powder or . 洗涤剂) 洗涤剂 form.Which do you prefer? A.liquid B.flowing C.steam D.flour . . . . .液体; 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: liquid ['likwid] n.液体;液态物
  7.The he has over his colleagues is that he has received . formal training concerning this project. A.effect B.advantage C.benefit D.honour . . . . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: advantage [?d'v??ntid?] n.有利条 . ? . 件;优点 . .

  8.The of new scientific discoveries to industrial . production methods usually makes jobs easier to do. A.operation . C.conservation . B.appreciation . D.application . '
? .应用; 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:application [ ?pli'kei?n] n.应用; . 实施;用途 . 实施;
  9.The survey last week is aimed at finding out how . many people prefer western food. A.committed B.performed C.produced D.conducted . . . . 实施; ? 实施 管理; 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是: conduct [k?n'd?kt] vt.实施;管理; . 指挥; 指挥;引导 ['k?nd?kt] n.行为;操行 ? ? .行为; .

  10.The house he now lives in is a(n) contrast to the . one where he lived six years ago. A.extreme B.bright C.fresh D.sharp . . . . ??? 锐利的; ?? 锐利的 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:sharp [???p] adj.锐利的;轮廓清. 晰的; 晰的;灵敏的 .

  11.Although I liked the appearance of the house,what really . , made me decide to buy it was the beautiful from the window. A.view B.look C.sight D.nature . . . . ? .观点; 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: view [vju?] n.观点;风景 .

  12.After a full discussion,we came to the that the . , sentence was incorrect. A.agreement . C.understanding . B.conclusion . D.statement .
? . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: conclusion [k?n'klu???n] n. . 结束; 结束;结论 .

  13.His victories in the war him the title of “The . Great”. . A.earned B.made C.accepted D.realized . . . . 赚得; ? 赚得 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: earn [??n] vt.赚得;挣得 .

  14.The news that their children were involved in the crime came as . a great to them. A.defeat B.trouble C.shock D.panic . . . . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是: shock [?? n.&vt.电击;打击; . ??k] . 电击; ?? 电击 打击; 震动 .

  15.When I miss my family,my friends are a great to me. . , A.comfort B.effort C.influence D.access . . . . 正确选项;意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: comfort ['k?mf?t] n.舒适;安慰 . ? .舒适; vt.安慰 安慰 .
核 心 词 汇 梳 理

  1.recognize v. 认出;确认;承认;认定 . . 认出;确认;承认; Saleha came home so thin and weak her own children hardly recognized her. 赛莉娅回家时又瘦又弱, 赛莉娅回家时又瘦又弱,连她自己的孩子都几乎认不出她来 了。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
They recognized the need to take the problem seriously. 他们承认需要严肃对待这个问题。 他们承认需要严肃对待这个问题。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶
句型 recognize sb./sth.as/to be... 认出……是……;承认 是 认出 ;承认……是…… 是 Lawrence’s novel was eventually recognized as a work of genius. 劳伦斯的小说最终被公认为天才之作。 劳伦斯的小说最终被公认为天才之作。 He is recognized to be their natural leader. 人们承认他是他们的当然领袖。 人们承认他是他们的当然领袖。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
承认……是…… 链接 accept...as...承认 承认 是 acknowledge...as...承认 承认……是…… 承认 是 admit...to be...承认 承认……是…… 承认 是 【应用
  1】 My uncle had changed so much over the years that I 应用 】 could hardly him at the airport. D A.understand B.realize C.know D.recognize . . . .

  2.attend vt. 到场;出席;参加 . 到场;出席; 识记 attend school去上学 去上学 attend church去做礼拜 去做礼拜 attend a meeting参加会议 参加会议 attend one’s class听课 听课 v. 看护;照顾 看护; The nurse was attending her patient. 护士正在护理病人。 韦氏高阶 韦氏高阶] 护士正在护理病人。[韦氏高阶 搭配: 处理; 搭配:attend to处理;照顾;接待 处理 照顾;
I have some urgent business to attend to. 我有一些急事要处理。 我有一些急事要处理。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶
The salespeople couldn’t attend to all the customers at once. 销售人员无法同时招呼所有的顾客。 销售人员无法同时招呼所有的顾客。 【应用
  2】 应用 】 C ?Would you like to my birthday party tomorrow? ?Sorry,but I have something important to . , A.attend;attend B.attend to;attend to . ; . ; C.attend;attend to D.attend to;attend . ; . ; [韦氏高阶 韦氏高阶] 韦氏高阶

  3.charge vt. 充电;装填;索要;要价;控诉;告发;指示 . 充电;装填;索要;要价;控诉;告发; 句型 charge sb.some money for sth.为某东西向某人索要多少钱 为某东西向某人索要多少钱 charge sb.with sth./doing sth.控告某人做了某事 控告某人做了某事 be charged with充满 充满…… 充满 The restaurant charged us £40 for the wine. 饭店收了我们40英镑的酒水钱。 饭店收了我们 英镑的酒水钱。 英镑的酒水钱 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
The man they arrested last night has been charged with murder. 昨晚他们逮捕的那人被控犯有谋杀罪。 昨晚他们逮捕的那人被控犯有谋杀罪。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
The air was charged with excitement. 空气中充满了兴奋的气息。 空气中充满了兴奋的气息。 n. 费用;索价;掌管;管理 费用;索价;掌管; 免费地(的 管理; 识记 free of charge免费地 的),in charge of管理;负责 免费地 管理 in the charge of sb./in one’s charge由某人管理 由某人管理 take charge of管理 管理 Your order will be delivered free of charge within a ten-mile limit. 在10英里范围之内,您的定货将免费送货上门。 [朗文当代 英里范围之内,您的定货将免费送货上门。 朗文当代] 英里范围之内 朗文当代 I’m leaving the school in your charge. 我这就把学校交给你掌管。 我这就把学校交给你掌管。 He took charge of the farm after his father’s death. 父亲去世后他掌管了农场。 父亲去世后他掌管了农场。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 [韦氏高阶 韦氏高阶] 韦氏高阶
  3】 A new director is appointed to take 应用3 D charge of this research center,which was in , charge of an old scientist. A.the;the B.不填;不填 C.the;不填 D.不填;the . ; .不填; . ; .不填;

  4.prove vt. 证明;证实 . 证明; 句型 prove sth.(to sb.)(向某人)证明 (向某人)证明…… prove sb.(to be)...证明某人是 证明某人是…… 证明某人是 Evidence has been found that proves his innocence. 证明他无罪的证据已经找到。 证明他无罪的证据已经找到。 Just give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you. 只要给我个机会,我会证明给你看。 只要给我个机会,我会证明给你看。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
It would give me great pleasure to prove Sam wrong. 证明萨姆错了我将感到非常高兴。 证明萨姆错了我将感到非常高兴。 [朗文


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