3~4 ~
Going places Unforgettable experiences
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
A small snail’s image is gradually enlarged until it has become an image of a huge ox, on which are written “advertisements”. What a sharp comparison! !
寓 意 理 解
Some people are taking advantage of advertisements to cheat customers. They use fake and unreal advertisements to overstate the quality of their products on purpose. However, lack of credibility will make them pay the price sooner or later. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇 词的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词的小短文? 词的小短文
Ⅰ.短语填空 短语填空
  1.I won’t be able to get away from the office before 7 o’clock.Shall . we meet at 8?
  2.The child held on to the back of the chair to stop himself from . falling.
  3.The cashiers were asked to . watch out for forged banknotes.

  4.Mr.Smith is not at his office.He has gone to the airport to . see his friend . off

  5.They would love to have kids,but on the other hand . , don’t want to give up their freedom.
pulled up
  6.The policeman the motorist and asked to see his license. . by air ,
  7.Now many people prefer traveling ,because it is much . quicker.
  8.The mountain climbers were caught in a thunderstorm and . couldn’t get back to their camping site.
Ⅱ.词组翻译 词组翻译 take exercise
  1.进行体育锻炼 .进行体育锻炼 go for a hike
  2.去远足 .去远足 protect sb.from the sun
  3.防晒 .防晒 say “hi” to sb.for sb.
  4.代向某人问候 .代向某人问候 work as
  5.担任,充当 .担任,充当 a big mass of
  6.一大片,一大块,大量的 .一大片,一大块,大量的 get on one’s feet
  7.站立起来 .站立起来 sweep away
  8.冲走,刮走 .冲走,刮走
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子 fun and exciting 很有趣且振奋人心
  1.Hiking is (很有趣且振奋人心 ,but you . 很有趣且振奋人心), shouldn’t forget safety.(excite) that you can use 可以用来
  2.A raft is a small boat (可以用来 paddle . 可以用来)to down rivers and streams.(use) sweeping down trees 推倒了树木
  3.A great wave came, (推倒了树木 before . 推倒了树木) , they reached the house.(sweep) interesting places 名胜景区
  4.We found some photos of (名胜景区 which . 名胜景区) were not too far away from Chengdu.(interest)
Ⅳ.短文填空 短文填空 Dolphins are wild creatures,so there are a few things you need , to keep in mind when you join them in the ocean.Swim slowly
and carefully and don’t try to catch up with the dolphins.You have to be careful not to disturb the dolphins when they are feeding or taking care of their young.If a dolphin comes near you,don’t reach ,
out and try to touch it.Dolphins living in the wild do not like to be touched by humans.You must never try to grab or hold a dolphin?it will frighten the dolphins.The best way to have a good swim with your new friends is to learn from them.Try to swim like the dolphins, without moving your arms too much,and pay , , attention to how the dolphins use body language to communicate.
复 现 辨 析 记 忆

  1.Our luggage was checked all the way through to our final. . A.competition . B.destination . C.deadline . ' D.situation . ? . 意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: destination [ desti'nei??n] n.目的地 。
  2.Fame is often a matter of being in the right place at the . right time. A.simply . B.easily . C.briefly . D.plainly . 仅仅; 仅仅 只不过; 意思是: 。 正确选项 A ;意思是: simply ['simpli] adv.仅仅;只不过; 简单地;完全; 简单地;完全;简直

  3.He works hard,simply to earn enough to satisfy the . , demands of the family. A.topic B.public C.basic D.classic . . . . 正确选项 C ;意思是:basic ['beisik] adj.基本的 意思是: 基本的 要素
  4.She’s very good at difficult customers. . A.handling B.managing C.dealing D.solving . . . . 意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: handle ['h?ndl] vt.操作;处理;对付 操作; 操作 处理; n.柄;把手 .
  5.She bears a striking to her mother.They look so alike. . A.personality B.similarity C.popularity D.curiosity . . . . 意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: similarity [ simi'l?r?ti] n.类似;类 .类似; 似处 ' n.基本; .基本;

  6.If your knowledge can be in some way with my . experience,we are sure to accomplish the task. , A.compared B.combined C.competed D.communicated . . . . 意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: combine [k?m'bain] vt.&vi.(使)联 使联 合;(使)结合 使 结合
  7.Getting hold of this information was no easy . . A.work B.job C.career D.task . . . . 正确选项 D ;意思是: task [t??sk] n.任务;作业 意思是: ? .任务;
  8.The city of Sydney,Australia,was the city for the . , , Olympic Games in the year 20
  00. A.native B.major C.host D.guest . . . . 正确选项 C ;意思是:host [h?ust] vt.主办;主持 意思是: 主办; 主办 n.主人 .

  9.This natural is believed to have caused heavy . economic losses in this district. A.disaster B.accident C.event D.affair . . . . 正确选项 A ;意思是: disaster [di'z??st?] n.灾难;灾祸 意思是: ? .灾难;
  10.The mountain climbers trapped in the storm were eventually . by helicopter. A.removed B.released C.recovered D.rescued . . . . rescue ['reskju?] n.&vt.援救;营救 援救; ? . 援救 意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:
  11.He the good chance to present his proposal to the . director,and at last,it was adopted. , , A.produced B.realized C.seized D.snatched . . . . 意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是:seize [si?z] vt.抓住;逮住;夺取 抓住; ? 抓住 逮住;

  12.He kept working hard,sweat down his cheeks. . , A.flying . 正确选项 B.flowing . C.floating . D.frying .
B ;意思是: flow [fl?u] vi.&n.流动 意思是: 流动

  13. your head from side to side means “No” in most . countries. A.Trembling . B.Nodding . C.Moving . D.Shaking . vt.
意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:shake [?eik] n.&vi.震动;颤抖 震动; ? . 震动 摇动; 摇动;摇

  14.I think we should at least give him the of explaining . what happened. A.opportunity B.possibility C.responsibility D.occasion . . . . 意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是:opportunity [ ?p?'tju?n?ti] n.机 ? . 会;时机
  15.Hospital staff burst into cheers after doctors completed a . 20-hour operation to have one-year-old twins at the head. A.deserted B.separated C.divided D.removed . . . . 正确选项 B ;意思是: 意思是: separate ['sep?r?t] adj.单独的;分开 单独的; 单独的 '
分开; 的 ['sep?reit] vt.分开;隔离 分开

  1.consider v. 考虑;认为 . 考虑; 句型 consider doing sth.考虑做某事 考虑做某事 consider sb./sth.(to be).../to have done...认为某人 事)……;认为某 认为某人(事 认为某人 ; 人做了某事 consider+it+?adj./n.?+to do...认为做某事 认为做某事…… ? ? 认为做某事 I’m considering applying for that job.我在考虑申请那份工作。 我在考虑申请那份工作。 我在考虑申请那份工作 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代 Who do you consider responsible for the accident?你认为谁对这 ? 个事故负有责任? [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 个事故负有责任? 牛津高阶 He is considered to have broken the window.有人认为是他打碎了 有人认为是他打碎了 窗子。 窗子。 I consider it a great honour to be invited.承蒙邀请倍感荣幸。 承蒙邀请倍感荣幸。 承蒙邀请倍感荣幸 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
拓展: 拓展:all things considered全面地考虑 全面地考虑 All things considered,I’m sure we made the right decision. , 从各方面考虑起来,我相信我们做的决定是正确的。 朗文当代 朗文当代] 从各方面考虑起来,我相信我们做的决定是正确的。[朗文当代 提示 all things considered是分词的独立主格结构,一般在句中作 是分词的独立主格结构, 是分词的独立主格结构 状语,用于概括或总结,相当于 状语,用于概括或总结,相当于considering everything/all things,taking everything/all things into consideration或everything/all 或 things taken into consideration。 。
Taking all things into consideration,his attempt is not likely to , turn out to be a success. 综观一切情形,他的尝试似乎不太可能成功。 综观一切情形,他的尝试似乎不太可能成功。 识记: 鉴于; 识记:considering鉴于;考虑到;顾及 鉴于 考虑到; Considering he’s only just started,he knows quite a lot about it. , 鉴于他才刚刚开始,他懂得的已经不少了。 鉴于他才刚刚开始,他懂得的已经不少了。 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶
  1】 Charles Babbage is generally considered the first 应用1 D telephone. A.inventing . C.to invent . B.having invented . D.to have invented .

  2.means n. 手段;方法;工具 . 手段;方法; Television is an effective means of communication.电视是一种有 电视是一种有 效的通讯手段。 效的通讯手段。 We had no means of transport except for two bicycles. 除了两辆自行车以外,我们没有其他交通工具了。 朗文当代 朗文当代] 除了两辆自行车以外,我们没有其他交通工具了。 [朗文当代 识记 by means of用;凭借;以……手段 用 凭借; 手段 by all means一定;务必;当然可以 一定; 一定 务必; by no means决不 决不 Testing is still the usual means by which students’ progress is measured. 考试仍然是衡量学生进步程度的惯常手段。 考试仍然是衡量学生进步程度的惯常手段。 “Do you mind if I have a look?”“ all means.” ?”“By “我看一眼行吗?”“当然可以。” 我看一眼行吗?”“当然可以。 我看一眼行吗 当然可以 阶] [牛津高 牛津高 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶

  3.protect v. 防御;保护 . 防御; 搭配: 保护……以使不受 以使不受……的损害 搭配:protect...from/against...保护 保护 以使不受 的损害 Try to protect your skin from the sun.尽量保护皮肤不受太阳 尽量保护皮肤不受太阳 晒。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
Troops have been sent to protect aid workers against attack. 已经派出部队保护援助工作人员免遭袭击。 已经派出部队保护援助工作人员免遭袭击。 protection n. 保护;防御 保护; A healthy diet should provide protection against disease.健康饮 健康饮 食能预防疾病。 食能预防疾病。 链接 defend...from/against...保卫 保卫……免于 免于…… 保卫 免于 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶
guard...from/against...保护 保护……免于 免于…… 保护 免于

  4.particular adj. 特别的;特殊的;特定的;讲究的;挑剔的 . 特别的;特殊的;特定的;讲究的; Is there any particular thing that’s worrying you?有什么特别让 ? 你烦恼的事吗? 你烦恼的事吗? 搭配: 搭配:be particular about对……很挑剔或很讲究 对 很挑剔或很讲究 She’s very particular about her clothes.她对衣着特别挑剔。 她对衣着特别挑剔。 她对衣着特别挑剔 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 She’s very particular about what she eats.她对饮食非常挑剔。 她对饮食非常挑剔。 她对饮食非常挑剔 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦 识记: 特别地; 识记:in particular特别地;特别是 特别地 Are you doing anything in particular at the moment.你眼下在做什 你眼下在做什 么特别的事情吗? 么特别的事情吗? at exactly 8 o’clock. A.special . B.especial . C.particular . D.extraordinary . [韦氏高阶 韦氏高阶] 韦氏高阶 【应用
  2】 Mr.Brown is very about having his breakfast 应用 】 C [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代

  5.strike v. 打;撞击;侵袭;打动;使突然想起;敲响;划燃 . 撞击;侵袭;打动;使突


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