5~6 The silver screen manners
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
Two cups are smiling, regardless of how much water either of them has. One cup is almost full while the other is not.
寓 意 理 解
People should always be optimistic, no matter what they have. Whether rich or poor, we should be happy to do something for society. Giving is the source of happiness. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇 词的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词的小短文? 词的小短文
Ⅰ.短语填空 Ⅰ.短语填空
  1.Jerome always . and a cigarette.
  2.Her singing career really after her TV appearance. . took off
  3.You . left out an “m” in the spelling of the word starts the day a cup of coffee with
“accommodation”. .
  4.Well,I warned you,so don’t come running to me when it all . , , goes wrong !

  5.Mr.Haynes can’t meet you at the moment.He . customer.
  6.Helen probably . to owed
is busy with a
her rapid recovery her husband’s devoted care.

  7.I’m so pleased to meet you;you know,my wife has always . ; , thought highly of you! running after a rabbit.

  8.The boy was amazed to see his .
Ⅱ.词组翻译 Ⅱ.词组翻译 win sb.a job as a director
  1.使某人得到一导演的工作 .使某人得到一导演的工作 cut...into pieces
  2.把……剁碎 把 剁碎 剁碎
  3.总共 .总共 in all appear live on the air
  4.现场直播 现场直播 现场直播 apologise to sb.for...
  5.为……向某人道歉 . 向某人道歉 向某人道歉 make a good impression
  6.留下好印象 留下好印象 留下好印象
  7.为某人的健康干杯 .为某人的健康干杯 drink to one’s health serve sb.with a meal
  8.招待某人吃饭 招待某人吃饭 招待某人吃饭
Ⅲ.完成句子 Ⅲ.完成句子
  1.In 1959 Spielberg won a prize for a short film . (因拍了一部电 因拍了一部电
影短片得了奖) 影短片得了奖 which he made when he was thirteen years old.(win)
  2.She gets the job because there is nobody else in the village . (可以胜任了 .(who) 可以胜任了). who can take it 可以胜任了
  3.After the starter you will get a bowl of soup?but only one bowl . ask for a second serving 要求再添 of soup and never (要求再添 汤).(serve) .
  4. (祝酒习俗 in some parts of China is to . The custom of toasting 祝酒习俗 祝酒习俗) finish the drink at once,but Westerners usually take only a , sip.(custom)
Ⅳ.短文填空 Ⅳ.短文填空 Having good manners is seen by many people as a sign of
cultural understanding and good taste.Knowing about the good manners of different countries is interesting and very useful.Good manners are not only about the way other things we do when we talk,but also about all ,
we communicate with other people.When to look
visiting the house of Americans or Europeans it is polite
at their books,paintings and small objects in the living room.It is , also thought to be a sign of good taste to say something nice about those things. However ,in the Middle East,you should never do , that. Saying that you like a painting or other things in their house will give your Arab host the feeling that they must give it to you.

  1.Gettysburg was the of the most important battle in the . American Civil War. A.point . B.view . C.scene . D.sight . 意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是: scene [si?n] n.场面;情景;布景 ? .场面;情景;
  2.Mr.Victor had an unusual:he was first an office . : clerk,then a sailor,and ended up as a school teacher. , , A.occupation . B.position . C.profession . D.career . 意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:career [k?'ri?] n.事业;生涯 .事业;
  3.The National Teacher of the Year is given annually to a . teacher who shows excellence in teaching. A.Reward . B.Prize . C.Award . D.Honour . 正确选项 C ;意思是: award [?'w??d] n.奖;奖品 意思是: ? .

  4.Nicholas was sent to boarding school at the age of seven. . A.tender . B.slim . C.fragile . D.mild . 意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: tender ['tend?] adj.嫩的;温柔的;软 嫩的; 嫩的 温柔的; 弱的
  5.As we know,most pop music is influenced,to a certain . , , ,by the blues. , A.degree . 度;程度
  6.In those days,our concern was to provide people who . , were stopped by the snowstorm with food and health care. A.normal . B.primary . C.constant . D.original . 意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是: primary ['praim?ri] adj.主要的;基本 主要的; 主要的 的;最早的;首要的;初等教育的 最早的;首要的; B.level . C.stage . D.grade . 正确选项 A ;意思是: degree [di'?ri?] n.学位;度数; 意思是: ? ? .学位;度数;

  7.The proverb goes “ speak louder than words.” . A.Activities B.Performances C.Behaviours D.Actions . . . . 意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:action ['?k??n] n.动作;情节;作 ? .动作;情节; 用;举动;行为 举动;
  8.The first lecturestudents to the main topics of the course. . A.offers . 进;提出
  9.A student who listens attentively and takes notes in class will . surely make a good on his or her teachers. A.influence . B.image . C.impression . D.comment . ? .印象; 意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是:impression [im'pre??n] n.印象;感想 B.introduces . C.presents . ' D.impresses .
意思是: 正确选项 B ;意思是:introduce [ intr?'dju?s] vt.介绍;引 介绍; ? 介绍

  10.The plane went off its to keep away from the hurricane. . A.road . B.course . C.flight . D.direction .
意思是: 确选项 B ;意思是: course [k??s] n.一道菜;过程;课程; ? .一道菜;过程;课程; 航线
  11.Usually clothes out of are sold at special prices. . A.model . B.pattern . C.fashion . D.style .
意思是: 正确选项 C ;意思是: fashion ['f???n] n.流行;时尚;方式 ? .流行;时尚;
  12.She has a very manner,which seems unfriendly. . , A.moral . B.standard . C.normal . D.formal .
意思是: 正确选项 D ;意思是:formal ['f??ml] adj.正式的;正规的 正式的; ? 正式的

  13.It is snowing heavily.Take care on the way to school . this morning. A.extra . 特大的
  14.“Have you any to make on the recent developments?” . ? the reporter asked the foreign minister. A.comments . B.spirits C.attitudes D.impressions . . . 意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: comment ['k?ment] n.&vi.评论; 评论; ? . 评论 注释; 注释;意见
  15.If you yourself,I’ll let you stay up to watch the movie. . , A.perform . B.force C.dress D.behave . . . 正确选项 D ;意思是:behave [bi'heiv] vt.&vi.举动;举止; 意思是: 举动; 举动 举止; 行为表现 B.spare . C.even . D.pretty . 意思是: 正确选项 A ;意思是: extra ['ekstr?] adj.额外的;外加的; 额外的;外加的; 额外的

  1.choice n. 选择;选择权;所选之人或物 . 选择;选择权; 搭配: 搭配:make/take a choice作出选择 作出选择 The choices you make now will affect you for many years. 你现在作出的选择将会影响你今后许多年。 朗文当代 朗文当代] 你现在作出的选择将会影响你今后许多年。[朗文当代 We aim to help students make more informed career choices. 我们旨在帮助学生依据更多的信息作出职业抉择。 牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 我们旨在帮助学生依据更多的信息作出职业抉择。[牛津高阶 句型: 句型:have no/little choice but/other than to do sth.只好去做某 只好去做某 事;不得不做某事 He had no choice but to leave.除了离去,他别无选择。[牛津高阶 除了离去, 牛津高阶] 除了离去 他别无选择。 牛津高阶 I had no choice other than to accept what he said.我除了接受他所 我除了接受他所 说的之外别无选择。 麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 说的之外别无选择。[麦克米伦
链接 can do nothing but do sth.只好做某事 只好做某事 cannot but do sth.只好做某事 只好做某事 cannot choose but do sth.不得不做某事 不得不做某事 【应用
  1】 You have to a choice.Are you going to leave the 应用 】 B job or stay? A.decide . B.make . C.get . D.do .

  2.owe v. 欠(债等 ;应向某人表示感激或道歉等;受某人的恩惠; . 债等); 债等 应向某人表示感激或道歉等;受某人的恩惠; 把……归功于 归功于 One of the neighbours owes me a favor.I’m sure they’ll take care of the cat. 邻居中有一家曾让我帮过忙,我肯定他们会帮我照料这只猫。 邻居中有一家曾让我帮过忙,我肯定他们会帮我照料这只猫。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代 “I owe you an apology,Margaret,” he said sheepishly. , , “我得向你道歉,玛格丽特。”他腼腆地说道。[朗文当代 我得向你道歉,玛格丽特。 他腼腆地说道。 朗文当代 朗文当代] 我得向你道歉 搭配: 归功于……;把……归因于 归因于…… 搭配:owe...to...把……归功于 把 归功于 ; 归因于 She owes her good health to her regular life.她把健康归功于生活 她把健康归功于生活 有规律。 有规律。 Their success owes more to good luck than to careful management. 他们的成功更多凭借的是好运气,而不是苦心经营。 朗文当代 朗文当代] 他们的成功更多凭借的是好运气,而不是苦心经营。[朗文当代
句型: 句型:owe it to sb.to do sth.应该为了某人做某事 应该为了某人做某事 They owe it to their children to try to save the marriage. 他们应该为了孩子们而挽救婚姻。 他们应该为了孩子们而挽救婚姻。 识记: 由于, 识记:owing to由于,因为 由于 Owing to a lack of funds,the project will not continue next year. , 由于缺乏资金,该项目明年将中止。 由于缺乏资金,该项目明年将中止。 链接 due to因为,由于 因为, 因为 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代 [麦克米伦 麦克米伦] 麦克米伦
thanks to幸亏,因为 幸亏, 幸亏 as a result of因为 因为
because of因为 因为 on account of因为 因为
  2】 Some of the most important concepts in physics 应用2 D their success to these mathematical systems. A.apply . B.contribute . C.provide . D.owe. .

  3.accept vt. 接受;接纳;认可;相信 . 接受;接纳;认可; He is charged with accepting bribes from local companies. 他被指控接受当地公司的贿赂。 他被指控接受当地公司的贿赂。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
It is generally accepted that people are motivated by success.普遍 普遍 认为,成功催人奋进。 认为,成功催人奋进。 搭配 accept...as...认为 认为……是…… 认为 是 [牛津高阶 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶
accept...into...接纳 接纳……进入 进入…… 接纳 进入 Did you accept his statement as true?你认为他说的是实话吗? ?你认为他说的是实话吗? It often takes years for immigrants to be accepted into the host community. 移民经常需要多年的时间才会被当地社区所接纳。 移民经常需要多年的时间才会被当地社区所接纳。 [朗文当代 朗文当代] 朗文当代
She had never been accepted into what was essentially a man’s world. 她从未被这个基本上属于男人的世界所接受。[牛津高阶 她从未被这个基本上属于男人的世界所接受。 牛津高阶] 牛津高阶 辨析: 意为“ 辨析:accept意为“接受”,指乐意或感谢地接受;而receive意为 意为 接受” 指乐意或感谢地接受; receive意为 “收到”,也指“受到”。 收到” 也指“受到” I received a letter from an old friend of mine yesterday.昨天我收到一 昨天我收到一 位老朋友的来信。 位老朋友的来信。 She received a warm welcome in London.她在伦敦受到热烈的欢迎。 她在伦敦受到热烈的欢迎。 她在伦敦受到热烈的欢迎 【应用
  3】 I an invitation to the conference,but I didn’t 应用3 , C it because I was too busy to go there. C A.received;receive . ; C.received;accept . ; B.accepted;accept . ; D.accepted;receive . ;

  4.live adj. 实况转播的;活的;


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