change the way we live now . A?Hello,I am the reporter of the Student Union .I am doing a survey of change the way we live now .Can I ask you some question? B,C,D,E,F?Of course,please. A?how do you think of our country's standard of living of the people B?er…As a general rule of thumb, we have it pretty good. COf course ,there are plenty of people in our country who are suffering in dreadful poverty. DI thinkon the large scale, we are all a lot better off than the average citizen .We live in adequate housing--some of it lavish, we eat huge meals by any standards, enjoy the best health care in the world, a peaceful, stable country and political and personal freedoms that are the envy of most of the world. EYes,We've got it good. AMaybe We don't have that much to worry about, however, that this general good life that we're living is leading to a slowly-creeping malaise that threatens to engulf us in lard and air pollution. Do you have some views about it? BMaybe we should face it: we're living a life of leisure and excess. C Think more about it. We eat too much, and most of it is full of fat and calories; we don't exercise and study enough, and instead spend our hours glued to the chair, watching the previously-mentioned TV shows, movies overnight or playing computer games. DHehe,you are not pointing fingers here; I think we do all of this, all the time. And we love it. BAnd,I think in the daily life,we waste so much,resource,food and so on. E Yes, we have awarded of this problem, but never rarely thought of going to change. But it might be time for a change. A.What can we do now to fend off this problem and keep our live healthy? Do you have some views about it. CAt first,we should change the negetive life and become a Positive student . DI think we have a solong time to live in a life of leisure and excess. We should have a gole for the life. E The goal of life is the driving force,I can’t agree more. Ben,we should work hard to pass the exam In normal times instead of in the end .And learn more extra-curricular knowledge as we can. Ayeah,And then it is the waste questiom. Do you have some views about it. CFor that There are so many things we can do in our daily life.Maybe those are all Minor things. Dwe can save resource by making full use of the papers!! E turn off the lights when you're not in a room and turn down the heat at night or during the day when you're away from dormitory or classroom. B Energy-saving way to travel such as Riding a bike or walk instead of driving. CAs far as possible, do not have to do the laundry washing machine D Don’t buy things such as clothes unnecessary . EI think the most important is the rational use of computer. AThat’s the all? B,C,D,E sorry,we can’t recall so many immediately,and it is time for us to go to the classroom . AOh,I am sorry to forget the time.Thanks for your Warm answers,bye-bye. B,C,D,EBye.
--A: --B: --C: --D: --C: --E; --A: --B; --C; --D --E --A: --B .--C --D: --E: --A --B: --C: --D; --E --A: --B: --C --D: --E --A: --B: --C: --D: --E: --A: --B: --C: --D: --E: --A: --B: --C D
民权英雄 期都会 个个 个 个个个 Hollo,everyone .Today's topics is Civil rights heros.we all know the civil rights movement more or less.Some people play important roles in it. They devoted their whole life to the revolution for the liberation of us offspring. But they are Americans,we are Chinese! I think the word "offspring" isn't suitable. oh,we are all on the Earth.We have connection more or less.And because of them people all live in an almost equal society Today, Even if it is. it’s not difficult to find many civil-rights heroes. Do you know some Civil rights heros? Yes,Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil rights movement. In the USA, Parkes is respected by black and white, because she fought for the rights of the black in the movement and at the same time she shaped the spirit of social justice and fairness, She fighted for an equal, tolerant environment for all Americans. 50 years ago,Parkes was arrested because she refused to offer her seat to a white on a bus. That cause lighted a most significant social movement in the history of the USA -- Alabama Bus Boycott. more than 50,000 black people participated in the movement that is long up to 381 day-long Let me add that. It was also a large-scale anti-apartheid( 种 隔 ) movement And the movement was led by Dr. Martin Luther King. yeah,they both great patriot(爱 爱 ). and King became the leader of civil rights movement after he organizated Alabama Bus Boycott. He was most famous for his speech I Have a Dream. In the speech, audience could feel the soul of this great lecturer. 念)that all men are created equal( 等) and He gave black people a firm conviction (坚 therefore they should fight for equal rights. and King is the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end segregation and racial discrimination and an important thing is that he succeed it through civil disobedience and other non-violent means. But his glorious life ended in one of his speechs .He was gunned down. his death made peaple all the world so sad . In order to remember King the USA set the third Monday in January each year as Memorial Day in memory of King. yeah,though King has died people will remenber him forever. Do you know Jesse Jackson? A charismatic( ) black civil rights leader and speaker after Martin Luther King, He believes that African Americans should get more political power. He fought for that power by runing for President. yeah,he was the first African-American to be a contender in a presidential election. They contribute to the rights of the black in the history. But today there exists unfair treatment for the bleak in some aspects. yeah.for instence,the income of the bleak is much lower than the white,as is the level of education. And the unfairness is also in job-hunting. As to unfairness there are unfairness all over the world.Like China,farmers always bear a lot of unfair affairs. yeah, So we are still fighting for greater equality and rights. But how? oh,I think it's a question.Er,it's time for lunch.Can we talk it next time? OK,Food Is Heaven. Let’s go. E: OK.
The human touch A long time ago, In a beautiful kingdom, there lived a young king and queen, the people loved them so much; the queen died while giving birth to a girl, her name was Snow White, She was a beautiful princess. Year passed, the king got married again, The people didn’t love the new queen, because she was cruel. One day, In the king’s palace: 家风: My name is S.w , I am a beautiful princess, I miss my mother so much, Where is my mother? Where is my mother? P; 阿娇: I am a queen, I’m very beautiful,I have a magic Mirror .i can know everything I want to know with it.Where is Mirror? Mirror Mirror, tell me who is the world's most beautiful people? Mirror: telling the truth? Lie? 阿娇:To tell the ture. M: snow whilt is the most beautiful in the world . You are very beautiful, but you are not a hero. her skin whiter than you,her eyes bigger than yours…. Q 阿娇: Hunter, Hunter .I sent you to go to kill S.w. . I want to make her disappear from the Earth forever P/H: Yes, my queen 家风: Help me ,help me, please, please A: what’s the matter with you? 家风: The hunter…hunter… somebody want to kill me, A: Wo ,follow me quickly. I can hide you at my hourse. 家风:thank you very much . 家风: oh, this is a little house , I am tried and hungry, A: welcome to our house!Jia feng: can I eat a little? A:You can ate my food drank my water - then lie down. What a beautiful girl!A:\Would you like to live here? 家风: My pleasure, thank you very much! A: ok I should go out for work, bye-bye, S.W 阿娇: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful? M: S.w is still much more beautiful than you! Q 阿娇: What? S.w is not dead? Hahaha, I got a good idea! Q 阿娇: Apple ,apple, beautiful apple, 家风: Hello, Good morning grandma! Q 阿娇: pretty girl ,would you like a bite? 家风: Oh, yes ,thank you grandma! Q 阿娇: The girl is dead! Hahaha… P:wake up, wake up… What A beautiful girl! She shall be my queen! Princess, you have to hold on ! We meet
just now,we have not had time to understand each other
家风: Thank you for your help!
P: My pleasure, would you marry me? I love you so much!, we go to my castle and i will protect you forever!
Jia feng :so surprise! I am very grateful for my stepmother, without she , I will
not have this success today
安全 Three young people wanted to save their mother who was very sick. Their mother needed an operation, and it
would cost a lot of money. Because they had no money, they decided to rob a bank. Scene I: In the hospital (In a room, the doctor talks to David.) David: (Nervous) Is my mother OK?
Doctor: (Serious) Your mother is very sick.
David: How to cure her?
Doctor: Your mother needs an operation, and it will cost a lot of money to cure her.
David: (Grabs the doctor) How much will it cost?
Doctor: It should be at least one million dollars. (Then the doctor goes out.)
David: That is not a small fortune. How will I come up with the money in a short time? Scene II: David get home Sue: Is Mom OK? David: The doctor said that it should cost a big fortune. The doctor said we need at least one million dollars to save mother. Sue: But we do not have much money. Look at our home. It is so poor. (Effervescing voice) David: Do not be sad! Let’s discuss an idea. Andy: How about robbing a bank. We should earn a lot of money in a short time. This way is quick. Sue: What? Rob a bank? Your brother-in-law has gone to prison several times for robbing banks. I don’t agree! (Angry) Andy: But we don’t have a choice! David: If we don’t have enough money, our mother will die. Sue: OK...this is the only thing we can do. David and Andy: Let’s go! Sue: No, we need to make a plan first. Andy: we shoud need some weapons. Sue: OK. I will get some (Sue takes a lot of weapons back.) Sue: Choose one weapon you are good at. (Brothers choose the weapons.) Andy: Remember to wear your mask. All: Let’s go Then they went to the bank,But their plan was defective,all of them were brought to the police. Scene III: In the police office
Police officer: Why did you try to rob the bank? Do you know it is illegal to rob the bank?
David: Because our Mom is sick, we need money to save her. Andy: We don't have enough money, so we decided to rob the bank. Sue: We know it is wrong to rob the bank, but we didn’t have any choice.
Police officer: I understand why you need the money but robbing a bank is against the law. It destroyed the social security (Mom enters in the police office.)
David, Andy, and Sue: Mom, we were wrong! Mom: I know you robbed the bank for me, but it's wrong! It will affect your future.
Police officer: We should be good to our parents, but we can't do something against the law. We should do our best to protect our social security.
(All the three young people repent their follies.Everyone expect our social security,so,we must do well fiestly.
5 Scenein the college dormitory DaLi 2A412 Feng Jiao Will Cai Lei FFeng JJiao WWill CCai LLei Aside:Tomorrow will be Christmas. Although China is no such holiday,. More and more Chinese young people Aside enthusiastic about Christmas. We are no exception… Will is playing a computer game on his
语 剧 :How to celebrate Christmas
laptop. Cai is reading.And they are talking about something. Feng and Jiao came back from a morning jogging. Lei is sleeping in her dorm. Feng : Hi girls! what's going on? Will : You come at just the right time! Cai : We are talking about how to have a happy Christmas. Feng : Oh,it can't be better, I would like to ask you! I’m just discussing this with Jiao. Jiao :Yeah,and have you ever talk about what it out? Will、 Will、Cai :nothing! (表情沮丧) Jiao :I remenber Lei Yi said we could not left her when we celebrate Christmas . Feng :Oh, I almost forget she. She seems still sleeping.You call her to come. (Jiao call Lei Yi) Lei : Wu````Hello,this is Lei.What’s wrong ? Give me twenty minutes more ,please. Jiao :Hi , Lei ,get up,and come to our dorm quickly, Otherwise you may miss a wonderful Christmas plan. Lei : Christmas plan?Oh Oh,OK, Give me two minutes.NO,five minutes. (five minutes later , Lei come in ) Lei :Hi,dear.I come.Eh,what plan do we have for “a happy Christmas”? Feng :What about going to KTV to sing. Lei :Good,we not to sing for a long time.I am in favor of. sing Cai :But just to sing songs? Will :If only the singing would be too monotonous.Shall we do some Christmas Shopping after sing? Cai :Very good. Jiao :I like that ! And then we can have a big dinner to service ourselves. Cai :Great!!! Nothing could be a better. better. Feng :I want to give a surprise to my boy friend,to buy a warm jack for him,You know weather started to get very cold after the winter solstice. And also buy one sweater to myself. two rubber bands 皮筋) needed. Cai :Uh,I manna to buy two more earrings, I have only two. And some rubber bands(皮筋) are needed. And no others for the time being. Will :Yeah ,Yeah..I wanna to bring some new posters of my honey Willber Pan back to post on the wall.I love him s



   On money What’s you attitude money? If you were a millionaire,how would you spend it? Money is not everything(钱不是万能的 钱不是万能的) 钱不是万能的 My View on Money Directions: You are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My View on Money. You sh ...


   2、 A:你好。 你好。 B:你好。好久不见, B:你好。好久不见,你还好吗 你好 A:好 谢谢。你呢? A:好,谢谢。你呢? B:我也挺好的,谢谢。 买彩票中奖了,你知道吗? B:我也挺好的,谢谢。听说 C 买彩票中奖了,你知道吗? 我也挺好的 A:昨天刚听说。不过听说他虽然中奖了,但是他并不感到幸福, A:昨天刚听说。不过听说他虽然中奖了,但是他并不感到幸福, 昨天刚听说 真是令人费解。 真是令人费解。 B:我想是他中奖后, 而且还要担心有人打 B:我想是他中奖后, 我想是他中奖后 不知 ...


   Name: Student ID: Professional: 吸 血 鬼 传 说 Does the world really have the vampire? The Vampire' Prototype(原型) Countess(伯爵夫人)wanted to remain forever young by drinking the blood of young women . Erzsébet Báthory 巴托里伯爵夫人 The father of the legendary va ...


   一、评分标准 CET-SET 主考在评分时使用以下标准: a. 准确性 指考生的语音、语调以及所使用的语法和词汇的准确程度 b. 语言范围 指考生使用的词汇和语法结构的复杂程度和范围 c. 话语的长短 指考生对整个考试中的交际所作的贡献、讲话的多少 d. 连贯性 指考生有能力进行较长时间的、语言连贯的发言 e. 灵活性 指考生应付不同情景和话题的能力 f. 适切性 指考生根据不同场合选用适当确切的语言的能力 二、语言功能 CET-SET 考试要求考生参与不同形式的口头交际,其语言能力将根据其 ...


   大学英语口语 为进一步推动我国大学英语教学, 适应国家改革开放的需要, 使大学生更加重视英语口 语学习,获得更强的英语口语交际能力 国家教育部高等教育司为检验与认定高校非英 语专业在校生对英语口语掌握的程度, 全国大学英语四六级考试委员会在 1999 年 11 月开始 施行的大学英语四六级口语测试。全称叫大学英语四、六级口语考试(CET Spoken English Test)简称大学英语口语考试(CET-SET) 。 申请参加口语考试的考生必须是已经获得 大学英语四、 六级考试证书的在校生 ...


   The importantance of environment protection Some people think that the urgent task is to develop economy on a large scale. First, they hold that many people are living in poverty and can’t afford the basic schooling for their children, who often ha ...


   职场英语口语考试 ??吴兴超整理 ??吴兴超整理 吴兴超 一. Job interview I: Please come in and sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Y: Thank you. I: May I ask why you are interested in this job? Y: When I saw the position your company advertised in China Daily, I decided to ...


   Is science mainly a monster or an angel? A: Hi! How are you doing? B: Moody Monday, ah. We have two classes in science and technology today. A: Why? feel sleepy and dreary ? B: Oh…God. Don’t u think science is mainly a monster? A: Of course not! I ...


   Directions: You're supposed to discuss with your partner about one of the following situations. You have five minutes to prepare for the conversation and then discuss with each other for 5 minutes. If your conversation is less than 5 minutes, some ...


   北航大学英语四级口语考试大纲 一、语言功能(测量范围) 考试要求考生参与不同形式的口头交际,其语言能力将根据其在考试中的表现予以测 量。考生需要掌握的语言功能和意念主要参照《大学英语课程教学要求》中列出的口语表达 能力较高要求:能用英语就一般性话题进行比较流利的会话,能基本表达个人意见、情感、 观点等,能基本陈述事实、理由和描述事件,表达清楚,语音、语调基本正确。 二、考试形式 第一部分是考生与主考进行面对面的交谈,采用问答的形式,约 2 分钟; 第二部分是看图说话,而且要求同组考生听并提问 ...



   初三英语语法专练(情态动词被动语态)及答案 语法专题:情态动词 1. We for her because she never came. A. needn't wait C. mustn't wait B. shouldn't have waited D. mustn't have waited 2. Where is my pen? I it. A. might lose C. should have lost B. would have lost D. must have lost 3 ...

2011年高考一轮复习(新人教版英语)知识点梳理课件:选修8 Unit 5

   Unit 5 Meeting your ancestors 基础落实 Ⅰ.高频单词思忆 Ⅰ.高频单词思忆 1.The discovery of oil is of great 意义) significance (意义) to the country’s economy. 不知怎么地)the 2. Somehow (不知怎么地)the thieves had managed to get in through a tiny bathroom window. 称赞) 3.The mayor ap ...


   北京市中考英语单项选择题命题规律大揭秘?你也可 以来命题了! 通过对 2005 年--2009 年北京中考试卷的分析, 我们觉得 2010 年北京 中考英语的难度将会稳中有增。对知识的考查会更加灵活,注重知识 与语境的结合,整个试卷不是孤立地考查某些知识点,而是通过一定 的语境来实现对基础知识的考查,基础知识立足于课本,源于课本, 但又不拘泥于课本,强调运用,贴近生活,选材丰富多样,此种命题 趋势在 2010 年的中考英语中会得到近一步的加强。就单项选择题这 种语法题而言,只要掌握了命题规律 ...


   大学英语四级词汇表 abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对地 absorb vt.吸收;使专心 abstract a.抽象的 n.摘要 abundant a.丰富的;大量的 abuse ...

2010年江苏省连云港市中考真题??英语 中考资源网 年江苏省连云港市中考英语试题图片 英语试题图片有答案 2010 年江苏省连云港市中考英语试题图片有答案 中考资源网期待您的投稿! 中考资源网 中考资源网期待您的投稿! 中考资源网 中考资源网期待您的投稿! 中考资源网 中考资源网期待您的投稿! 中考资 ...