Week One Houses
Houses around the world
Whilst you are listening and watching, think about which of these houses you would most like to live in and why. You will have 5 minutes afterwards to write down your answer
A 'Gel' house (South Gobi Desert, Mongolia)
A Mongolian transferable house. They move the house when their animals have eaten the grass in that area. The house is covered with white cloth filled with wool and hair of animals. In the centre, they place the stove and the ceiling can be opened to let out the smoke.
Most houses in spain are called villas. They are usually painted white because this colour reflects the sun and keeps the houses cooler.
Most people in England live in detatched houses or semisemidetatched houses. Quite in few live in terraced houses and only a few live in blocks of flats or apartments.
Houses on the Water (Sabah, Malaysia)
The fishermen in Sabah live on the water. They use the wood of the mangrove tree which has durability against the sea water to build the water house.
Wooden Frame Houses (Rheinland-Pfalz, (RheinlandGermany)
The wooden frame houses are very popular in Germany. They use bricks for the wall and paint over the bricks, which then become very strong and last for hundreds of years.
Ndebele Tribe Doorway (South Africa)
Ndebele women paint colourful patterns on the walls of their houses. The way to paint these beautiful patterns are handed down from a mother to a daughter.
Most people live in suburban houses. In the cities, some people live in apartments.
A few VERY strange houses…
The Spaceship House in Tennassee, USA
The Boeing 727 House in Mississippi, USA
The Upside-Down House, in UpsideSzymbark (Poland)
The Strawberry house, in Tokyo (Japan).
The Shoe House, South Africa
Designing your own house!
You can choose from the following locations: An empty warehouse in the centre of a big city, 100m by 100m. Huge windows, high ceilings. Many restaurants, cinemas and shops nearby. No garden or place to park a car.
  2. An empty field next to a river with trees all around. Beautiful and peaceful. Ten kilometres from the nearest village and one kilometre from the nearest road.

An uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. Lots of beaches, beautiful scenery and open land to build on. It takes six hours on a boat to get to the mainland and the boat only comes to the island once a week.
  4. A beautiful place surrounded by trees in a small, wealthy town. Convenient for shops and services, and with good schools nearby. Easy access to the motorway and a frequent train service to the city.
  5. A small village eight kilometres from the nearest city. There is sunshine all year. Includes a private beach, but the only place to build a house is covered with trees so you would need to cut these down to build your house.

What sort of style would you like?
For example, would you like…
Modern or traditional?
  2. Rural or urban?
  3. Large or small?

Features ? what special features would you like? You could have a…
Swimming pool Stable Gym Recording studio Security (CCTV, etc) Jacuzzi Fountain Library Games room Tennis courts Lake
You can think of more!!!
Once you've chosen your site and discussed the style and features you want, you can begin. Draw a plan of your house. Think about how many rooms you want, how many floors you want and what furniture you might need. Some people will present their plans to the class!



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