大学体验英语第二册[第二版] 大学体验英语第二册[第二版]综合教程练习答案 - 大学体验英
Unit 1 Passage A
  3. 1 B 2 D 3B 4A 5A
  4. 1 elected 2 minimum 3 distinct 4 responsibility 5 pursue 6 expoit 7 restrict 8 equip 9 granted 10 awarded 5 1 at large 2 on the basis of 3 in support of 4 apply for 5 is aiming at 6 1 At the meeting, the scholars raised some challenging questions for the city government.
2 She had taken the money out of the joint account she had with her husband. 3 They will be given a range of topics to choose from. 4 To do this kind of experient needs specialized equipment. 5 Learning to drive was a whole new venture for me. 7 1 Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2 A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the start of each semester. 3 On the advice of my doctor, I decided t give up smoking. 4 The park is located right in the center of town. 5 The university provides all the materials and facilities we desire. 8 1 Lu Xun is one of the greatest writer in China and one of the world’s outstanding men of letters. 2 Most graduate students chose literature as their field of study, and the rest made linguistics their choice. 3 People buy what kind of houses to live in on the basis of their special fo needs and on the advice fo relevant experts. 4 These virtual teaching facilities enable overseas students from Asia realand Africa to learn a foreign language in a real-life situation for a minimum of three months. this 5 Students should check carefully that they are eligible to join this club before making their decision, as each of them is restricted to only one choice.
Passage B 11 1 Because a terrible tragedy took place in America on the morning of September 11th .
different 2 Because the students will get to know more people with different backgrounds, cultures or beliefs. 3 The university began to enrol students in 18
  91. 4 He urged the students to begin their journey with intellectual discovery. 5 Open. 12 1 B 2 D 3A 4A 5B 13 1 challenge 2 had transformed 3 engage 4 occurred 5 urged 6 cancel 7 prejudice 8 foundation 9 beliefs 10 constructive 14 1 rests with 2 in recognition of 3 in fact 4 provides for keep--5 keep up 15 1 He knew in his heart that they would never meet again.
to 2 He finally felt that he was on the road to success after they agreed to publish his first book. 3 He stopped to take a sip of water and then resumed speaking. 4 The big project engages us so much that we can’t manage to take a holiday this year. liquids, 5 Just as water is the most important of liquids, oxgen is the most important of gases. 17 1 return 2 reconsider 3 remain 4 be 5 were arebe 18 1 arebe waswere 2 waswere 3 C is--4 is be composes--5 composes compose
be write--19 1 be able to write--were--2 were--were--3 as if it were--4 indicate its subject
5 be no longer than one page.
Unit 2 Passage A
  3. CAAAC

  1.set5 up
  2.came across
  4.check out
  5.learnet of/learned of/learned of
  7. 1 The policeman are busy filling out forms about the accident.
  2.I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car. correct
  3.If you want to make a compliment, you’d better follow the correct procedure.
  4.We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help.
  5.After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat. wasn’t
  8. 1 He had just been promoted to vice president of the company and wasn’t expecting another promotion in six months. 2 Shortly after he graduated from school, he jumped to a satisfactory job. 3 Most colleges and universities have their homepages, enabling applicants to scan for the information available about university they they want to apply to.
4 With a click of her mouse, she submitted her assignment to the tutor and soon got the reply. 5 By accessing the website of the university she was going to study in, she saw color photos of the university, including a detailed map of the university campus. Passage B
  12. BDDCA
  13. 1 stressed 2 distinguished 3 invest 4 matured 5 covered 6 soured 7 concept 8 balance 9 discount 10 discipline
  14. 1 paid off 2 make ends meet 3 To this day 4 picked up 5 thanks to supposed
  1. I’m not supposed to let anyone in without an ID card, but I’ll make an exception in your case.
  2. He has learned his lessons from the failure and won’t repeat the mistakes.
  3. I have great faith in your ability I’m sure you’ll succeed. raining,
  4. Even though it was raining, we still went on with our match.
  5. I woke up to find myself lying on a hospital bed.
  1. At the University of Denver.
  2. In Colorado.
  3. Over the Rocky Mountains.
  4.Frome her window. 5 Next month when she gets home. and 6 Share all the happiness and sadness they are feeling. 7 She feels a little homesick. 8 In the afternoon on Tuesday, December 1st.
Keys to Unit 3 Ex.
  3. 1 A 2 B 3 B 4 C 5 D Ex.4 1 attractive 2 fascination 3 statement 4 despite 5 items belongings 6 define image 8 concerned 9 belongings 10 necessities Ex. 5 1 step back 2 identified…with 3 dressing up 4 turned to/looked to 5 feed off Ex. 6 1 fascination 2 victims 3 affect 4 means 5 consumption Ex.7 1 We need to cut down on our fuel consumption by having fewer cars on the road.
  2. The rise in power costs has added to our burden.
  3. You should judge by yourself, and not always follow your brother’ s lead.
  4. That hairstyle is in fashion this year, but I am afraid it will be out of fashion next year. from
  5. We are fated to suffer from many failures in our quest for truth. Ex. 8
  1. I’ve never stopped to question whether I’m fit to be what my parents want me to be though I’ve always been listening to my parents.
  2. All the things one has done are influenced by what his habits, his personality, or his way of life tell him he needs to do so.
  3. College is a place where you can work with professors and scholars, so you can learn to be an expert in whatever field you want to be exploring.

  4. Although I look to magazines for fashion, I am still affected by the traditional dressing style.
  5. Because human nature makes us want to look nice, we follow the lead fashion models give us. Ex. 10 People fall victim to advertising mainly for two reasons. First, human weakness. beings have their own weakness. People want to be popular, loved and fashionable. Therefore, they often turn to advertising to have a sense of security. Second, advertisers take advantage of human weakness. Through advertisements, they tell people what is new, what they should look look like, what is cool, and what is hot. They constantly stimulate people to want things and to follow fashion. Eventually, people become victims of advertising even without realizing it. Ex. 12 1 D 2 B 3 D 4 D 5 B measurable Ex. 13 1 economic 2 estimated 3 measurable 4 inspired 5 maximize 6 motivate 7 individual 8 distribute 9 concerning 10 abuses Ex. 14 1 by name 2 at a glance 3 to that end 4 speak for 5 take…action Ex. 15 1 I find it increasingly difficult to live within my incomes. 2 Modern politicians try to reach out to ordinary people in their TV speeches. 3 Pupils should be helped to adopt a positive attitude to life. 4 Everyone in class is expected to participate in these discussions. 5 If you commit a crime you must expect to be punished. Ex. 16 The non1 The Wall Advertising Council, // a private, non-profit organization, II// was founded to rally support // for World War II-related efforts. 2 The Ad Council’s mission // is to identify // a select number of
on significant public issues // and stimulate action on those issues // through communications programs // that make a measurable difference // in our society. 3 In 1995, // to maximize the impact of all of the campaigns, // The Ad Council’s Board of Directors // voted unanimously // to adopt a new. tenten-year initiative // to help Americans // who can’t speak for themselves? themselves?our children. 4 The Ad Council’s pledge // is to remain committed and vigilant // in establishing a foothold // for public service advertising // in a rapidly changing media landscape. 5 These new messages are designed // to inform, inspire and involve all Americans // to participate in activities // that will strengthen the nation // and help win the war on terrorism. Ex. 17 1 but 2 so 3 for 4 and 5 or Ex. 18 1 Teeth fascinate him, so Jack has decided to become a dentist. 2 He will rent a small apartment by himself, or he will get a large place with a friend. 3 Since the 1840s, American women had fought for the right to vote, yet they did not win that right until 19
  20. crowd 4 A curious crowd gathered on the sidewalk, and live models danced in the store window. 5 They are the best pool players on the block, but they can’t beat my cousin from Cleveland. Ex. 19 1 they are interesting, articulate people room 2 he sleeps with a light on in his room 3 I took the test and got an A ten4 I won’t wear the ten-gallon hat
5 we can stay later at the park Ex. 10 FOR SALE WellWell-Built Mountain Bicycle (Almost New) RMB 150 Add. Dorm Building 5, SCUT Tel: 85243659
Unit 4
Passage A Ex
  1. 1 -5 d c b b a
  8. beamed
  9. scatter
  10. destruction
  1. combed through
  2. in any case
  3. ended in
  4. bound for
  5. on board
  6. scheduled
  1. crew
  2. to embrace
  3. eared
  4. scheduled
  5. was graced
  1. She waited at the bus stop until the last bus came in.

  2. If there is any way we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  3. How many crew does he need to sail his yacht?
  4. I enjoyed her new book though it’s not quite as good as her last one.

  5. Never before have I met such a kind person.
Passage B
  12. 1 -5 T F F T F
Ex 13 .
  1. wandering
  2. unloading
  4. slighted
  5. appreciation
  6. giant
  7. steer
  8. knell
  9. leaped
  10. slammed
  1. as good as new
  2. in the nick of time/ in time
  3. at play
  4. head for / make for
  5. put away
  1. The bus slowed down and stopped to allow the passenger to get on board.
  2. Many vehicles rolled by, but no one offered us a ride.

  3. Please get off the grass.

  4. He made his way to the marketplace right after work, as his wife had asked him to do.

  5. Luckily, Steve didn’t break any bones when he fell off his bike.
Unit 5 Passage A Exercise 3: B A D C A
Exercise Exercise 4:
  1. was sinking
  2. specialty
  3. purely
  4. discourage
  5. unlikely
  6. dynamics
  7. actually
  8. reasonably
  9. have perceived
  10. extended
Excise 5:
  1. took a deep interest in
  2. fell into
  3. sign up
  4. try…out
  5. dropped out of
Exercise Exercise 6:
  1. capable

  2. claims
  3. guidance
  4. motivate
  5. standpoint
Exercise 7:
  1. We have to put aside out emotions and take it from a professional standpoint.
  2. The play was so wonderful that I soon lost myself in the excitement of it. hasn’t hobbies--
  3. She hasn’t got any hobbies unless you call watching TV a hobby. first?
  4. He said that he got the information first?hand from the mayor himself.
  5. Since you can’t answer the question, perhaps we'd better ask someone else.
Exercise 8: proper
  1. How can we find a proper way to steer disabled people toward success?
  2. It’s true that she did something terrible before, but she was already punished for that and she’s willing to make it up for that.
  3. In college there were periods when I was highly focused on reading detective detective stories, but for most of my college years I read a wide range of books on nature.
  4. The gym isn't the only place where you can exercise so as to keep energetic. success--
  5. Staying motivated in your study can lead to success unless your choice ends up a dead end for your career.
Exercise 12 B D B D A
Exercise 13
  1. bound
  2. sustain
  3. obstacle
  4. restored
  5. approval
  6. shift
  7. emphasize
  8. undergo
  9. invincible
  10. appearance
Exercise 14
  1. set out
  2. at a time
  3. in…shape stopped
  4. stopped short
  5. turned to
Exercise 15
  1. All the passengers pitched forward because the bus driver braked sharply.
  2. This agreement will break through the obstacles to free trade.
  3. The taxi arrived soon after I rang for it. waited
  4. My parents always waited up for me no matter what time I got home.
  5. Talks between the two countries completely broke down, because neither of them wanted to give in.
Exercise 16
  1. The paragraph is organized in time sequence. First of all accident Five months after the accident The next day By the fourth day After three months By the end of 1995
  2. The order of his recovery process is as follows: He asked to be taken off the respirator and managed just 10 feeble breaths. He took a few more breaths. breathe He was able to breathe seven minutes without assistance. He could sustain himself for 90 minutes at a time.
He was able to go home.
Exercise 17
  1. that/which I bought at Macy’s
  2. who own the Main Street realty office
  3. which has become an annual event
  4. which we will study today
  5. who / that was wearing a yellow shirt
Exercise 18
  1. who is standing at the door
  2. that is owned by the old lady
  3. which goes through the city
  4. that are on exhibition now
  5. who lives


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