unit 1
passage A
1 He has no longer written to his friends ever since he got a mobile phone.
2 Even though he is very busy, he spends at least two hours every day surfing the Internet in order to know about the latest developments in this field.
3 Professor Li gave a short speech at the commencement. His words were / What he said was strongly impressed upon my memory.
4 Talking of the final exams, the students were not nervous at all. There was full confidence on every one's face.
5 To write a short passage of about 100 words in 30 minutes would be a snap to most students in their class
passage B
1 I've found myself having great interest in spoken English.
2 Driving on the highway, I realized that enormous changes had taken place in China's highway system in recent years
3 I can hardly believe that he has learned how to work a computer so quickly / in such a short time.
4 Three years has passed, and the final moment has come. In less than two weeks, I will return home / go back to my country.
5 I know a lot of people who can't wait to go abroad, but I prefer to stay with my family in my own country.
unit 2
passage A
1 His life experiences have always been playing an big role in his academic career.
2 The restaurant has recently extended its opening hours / business hours.
3 I've just read an interesting book which has a new approach to Shakespeare.
4 With the wide use of email, the issue of spam has drawn much concern.
5 In traditional / conventional education there are more limitations on communication and interaction between teachers and students than there are in online education
passage B
1 Jim had no intention of arguing / to argue with him, since it's obvious who was right and who was wrong.
2 To my surprise, it was the chance meeting with Prof. Wilson that later on afforded me an opportunity to study at his university as an exchange student
3 Our university will extend the opening hours of the library and the classrooms to meet the students' needs at the highest possible level.
4 The development of information technology has begun to have profound effects on all aspects of social life.
5 We have no doubt that, with his high level of English, he will surely have an excellent performance in the university-wide English speech contest.
unit 3
passage A
1 Something is wrong with the piano, but I can't put my finger on what it is.
2 Apart from being too large, the trousers don't match my jacket, either.
3 I love pop music, for whatever reasons.
4 He has great interest in foreign cultures, often browsing through piles of books to look for any useful information.
5 Opinions on whether we should open up a new society vary a great deal.
passage B
1 You can't get to the island other than by boat.
2 Some students are crazy about pop music while others prefer classical music.
3 The media are playing an increasing role in leading clothing fashions.
4 I tried every means to get a copy of his newly issued album, but failed.
5 Without the encouragement and help of my friends, I would have quit school.
unit 5
passage A
1 The audience must have missed their musical performance, or they would have spoken highly of it.
2 Somehow she could sense her mother's deep concern though she was far away from home.
3 The operator had to spend two hours or so on her way from her home to the workplace every day.
4 He appreciated her sympathy and understanding, which meant a lot to him during that time.
5 She finally arrived at a telephone booth and put in the coins before dialing Paris.
passage B
1 The better you can use a computer, the more likely you are to find a job as a secretary.
2 He'd like to share information with his colleagues by email rather than by telephone.
3 For Americans, it's hard to imagine living in a place where there are no cars.
4 They came to the conclusion that it'll be cheaper in the long run to use real leather because it will last longer.
5 These days he has been involved in seeking out effective websites.
unit 7
passage A
1 The trade negotiation is a big success, so it can be uniquely beneficial to both parties.
2 Our classmates have been involved, one way or another, in the activities organized by the Student Union.
3 It's one of the most desirable jobs available to a man without higher education.
4 Doing research can spur undergraduate students' independent thinking and effective learning.
5 The cost of tuition continues to climb each year, which has constituted a heavy burden upon students from poverty-stricken backgrounds
passage B
1 The new era calls for creativity among the work force, rather than just loyalty to the employer.
2 The shipping company, starting with nothing in 1952, has bloomed into a leading enterprise in the shipping industry.
3 Haier's success lies in its management system that has been envied and emulated worldwide.
4 The joint venture has established a goal of increasing the total sales of this year by 50%
5 I've tried to stop smoking several times, but it's really difficult for me to quit smoking for good



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