1.随着职务的提升,他担负的责任也更大了。 With his promotion,he has taken on greater responsibilities.
  2.他感到他没有必要再一次对约翰承担这样的责任了。 He felt he did not have to make such a commitment to John any more.
  3.闲暇时玛丽喜欢外出购物,与她相反,露西却喜欢呆在家里看书。 Mary likes to go shopping in her spare time, as opposed to Lucy,who prefers to stay at home reading.
  4.说好听一点,可以说他有抱负,用最糟糕的话来说,他是一个没有良心或没有资格的权力 追求者。 At best he’s ambitious,and at worst a power-seeker without conscience or qualifications.
  5.我们已经尽全力想说服他,但是却毫无进展。 We have striven to the full to convince him ,but we have made no headway. 2
  1.要是他适合当校长,那么哪个学生都可以当。 He is no more fit to be a headmaster than any schoolboy would be.
  2.至于她的父亲,她不敢肯定他是否会接收她和她的小孩。 As for her father ,she is not sure whether he will accept her and her baby.
  3.晚睡会损害健康而早睡早起有益于健康。 Staying up late will undermine one’s health while going to bed early and getting up early will benefit it.
  4.大使亲自向总理转达了总统的问候。 The ambassador personally conveyed the president’s message to the premier.
  5.这个女孩决定敞开心扉,把她看到的一切都告诉警方。 The girl decided to open up and told the police what she had seen. 3
  1.理个发他就要收 500 元,简直不可思议。 It is simply incredible for him to charge $500 for a haircut.
  2.人民赋予你权力,你就应该全心全意为人民服务。 You are granted the privilege by people,so you should serve the people wholeheartedly.
  3.天气预报很重要,依据它我们才能决定什么时候出航。 The weather forecast is important so that we can decide when to launch out.
  4.炮声打破了往常周日早晨的宁静,人们强烈预感到战争就要来临。 The sound of guns violated the usual calmness of Sunday morning, so people had a strong feeling that the war was coming.
  5.即使你没分钟看 3 页,到本周末你无论如何也看不完这本书。 Even though you read three pages per minute ,you will by no means finish the book by the end of this weekend. 4

  1.我爷爷虽然 70 岁了,但他的爱好广泛,从下国际象棋到爬山,多种多样。 My grandfather’s interests range from playing chess to climbing mountains although he is 70 years old.
  2.真奇怪,汤姆的奶奶都 80 岁了还玩玩具娃娃。 Surprisingly,Tom’s grandmother plays with dolls at the age of
  3.他大公无私的精神和天赋是他适合担当大多数学生梦想得到的那项工作。 His selflessness and talent qualify him for the job most students dream to get.
  4.你如何解释他的那个怪梦? What interpretation would you put on his odd/strange dream?
  5.我们老板刚买的新轿车一小时能行驶 200 公里。 The brand-new car our boss has just brought is capable of making 200 kilometers an hour. 5 1 他们乘坐的飞机起飞后立刻就消失了。 The airplane they boarded soared out of sight right after it took off.
  2.在会上,双方展开了激烈的争论。改革派提出许多改革措施,而保守派则反对提出的改革 建议。 At the meeting , the two sides had a hot debate . The reformers put forward many reforming measures, but the conservatives were in opposition to the proposed changes.
  3.从长远看,我们必须学习更多的科技知识,除了掌握主修的专业之外,懂得计算机、英语 和驾驶是我们工作中必不可少的。 In the long run , we should learn more about science and technology. Besides our major subjects, knowledge of computers ,English and driving is necessary for our work.
  4.为练成完美的体形,她每周做四次健身操。 She dose gymnastic exercises four times a week in the quest to achieve the perfect body.
  5.每天早晨,一些老人在公园里一边锻炼身体一边聊天。 Every morning in the park , some old people are doing physical exercises there , chatting with each other at the same time . 6
  1.她将她的少年时代描绘成一个幻想和发现的时代。 She portrayed her childhood as a time of wonder and discovery.
  2.试验表明,不抽烟的人比抽烟的人在工作中犯的错误要少。 Experiments showed that nonsmokers committed fewer errors than smokers.
  3.球迷经常受到人们的重视, 不是因为他们自身的成功, 而是因为他们支持的球队获得了胜 利。 Ball game fans are often highly regarded not for their own achievement , but through their connection to a tean that wins.
  4.尽管演员的演技高超,这部长达 3 小时的电影还是未能吸引住我们。 Despite the actors’ wonderful acting , the three-hour movie could not hold our
  5.王教授是我唯一指望能救我儿子的大夫。 Professor Wang is the only doctor whom I can rely on to save my son. 7
  1.虽然他说他为此事做了很多努力,但他的成功至少部分是由于他运气好。 Although he said he had done a lot for the case , his success was at least in part due to luck.
  2.叫要讨论的议题非常关键,因为它将决定很多人的未来。 The issue to be discussed is critical , because it will determine the future of many people.
  3.我将尽量避免将我的观点强加于别人。 I’ll try my best to avoid imposing my ideas on others.
  4.在那种情况下,很少有人能够正视自己性格上的缺点。 Rarely can people face up to the defects in their own characters in that case.
  5.大学生活被称为人的一生中最美丽的阶段。 College life is referred to as the most beautiful period of one’s life.
Passage B unite1 1 因特网的普及给人们提供了迅速,方便的获取信息的机会。 The popularity of Internet provides people with quick and convenient access to information.
  2. 既然他不同意这个计划,再考虑此事就没有多大意义。 Since he doesn’t agree to this plan, there is not much point in thinking about it any more.
  3.我本人没有看过这部电影,不过它应该是一部很好的片子。 I haven't seen it myself, but it is supposed to be a very good film.
  4. 如果你不努力,终将一事无成。 If you don't work hard, you'll end up nowhere.
  5.美国有义务首先采取行动禁止核武器。 It's up to the United States to take the initiative in banning nuclear weapons. Unite2
  1.过量的运动对身体健康弊多利少,所以我们必须控制运动量。 Excessive exercises does more harm than good to one’s health. Therefore we must control the amount of exercise we do.
  2. 他几次试图加入他们的谈话,但都由于胆小而放弃了。 He made a few attempts to join in their conversation, but he gave up out of timidness.
  3.就方便快捷而言,火车无法与飞机竞争。 Trains cannot compete with planes in terms of convenience and speed.
  4.就中美文化作一比较会有助于你尽快明白和适应在美国的学习环境。 Making a comparison between Chinese and American cultures will help you to better understand and adapt to your study environment in the USA.

  5. 在公共车上年轻人给老弱病残让座是中国人的传统美德。 It is a traditional Chinese virtue for the young on buses to yield their seats to the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled. Unite3
  1.他无须认真考虑就可轻易击败对手。 He can beat his opponent easily without giving a second thought.
  2. 在根本不懂驾驶的情况下,他居然把车开上了公路。 With little or no knowledge of driving, he drove the car onto the road.
  3.对这座桥梁的施工未经许可进行更改是违法的。 It is illegal to make an unauthorized change in the construction of the bridge.
  4.我会平静的地接受这个事实,因为我知道如果我完不成任务,全队就有可能面临失败。 I could accept this fact calmly because I knew if I were not able to finish the mission, chances were that the team would be defeated.
  5. 偏远山区里的孩子们严重缺乏科学文化知识。 Children in remote mountain areas are lacking in scientific and cultural knowledge. Unite4
  1. 在董事会议上他建议把这项轻松的工作留给身体不好的玛丽来做。 He suggested at the board meeting that the easy task should be left to Mary whose health is poor.
  2.目前正在香港的布朗先生很有教学经验,他将在春天来我校给学生上课。 Mr Brown, who is in Hong Kong now, has a lot of teaching experience and will come to teach our students in the spring.
  3. 这家旅馆是我市最好的旅馆,吃得东西很好,服务质量也不错。 This is the best hotel in our city: the food is good and the same is true of the service.
  4. 为了吸引更多的乘客坐船,船长向所有乘客保证乘船旅行十分安全。 In order to attract more passengers, the caption assured all the passengers of the safety of traveling by ship.
  5. 他花了 15 万元买的那辆新车在一次事故中被严重损坏,已经无法修理了。 His new car, for which he had paid ¥150 000, was seriously damaged in an accident and was beyond repair. Unite5
  1. 难道我们采取措施改变现在的局面不更好吗? Won’t it be better if we take measures to change the present situation?
  2.我没有想到你有这样的本领。 I didn’t give him credit for such a skill. (I didn’t give credit to him for such a skill.)
  3. 虽然年纪老了,他们到现在都还一直在学英语。 They have been learning English up to now, though in their advanced age.
  4.他因为生病已有 7 天没有去学校了。 He has not been to school for seven days because of illness.

  5. 孩子们又唱又跳地冲出教师。 The children ran out of the classroom, jumping and singing. Unite6
  1. 我们认为你的建议不恰当,应该放弃。 We don’t think your proposal is quite in place, so you should give it up.
  2. 他到家时,发现家里只有一些破烂的家具。 When he arrived home, he found nothing but some broken furniture there.
  3. 就这台发动机的状况而言,它能发动也是奇迹了。 Given the condition of the engine, it is a wonder that it even starts.
  4.从就业来说,酒店业是这个国家的第二大产业。 In terms of employment, the hotel industry is the second largest industry in this country.
  5.在这个国家里,不管肤色如何,每一个人都有权住在他想住的地方。 Everyone in this country had the right to live where he wants to, regardless of the color of his skin. Unite7
  1. 总的来讲,他是个很有学问的人,尤其是在数学领域。但当涉及到政治时他就什么也不 知道了。 Generally speaking he is quite learned, especially in the field of mathematics. However, when it comes to politics, he knows nothing.
  2. 从他们对 1000 名没有机会上大学的工人进行的调查结果来看, 高考失利对他们的生活有 着深远的影响。 According to the survey they made of the 1000 workers who missed out on the chance to go to university, their failure in the college entrance examinations had a profound effect on their later life.
  3.由于成本的提高,雇主们拒绝为雇员支付退休金。另一方面,雇员们也不愿意一辈子呆在 一家公司。 Owing to cost rise, employers refuse to pay the retirement pension for their employees. On the flip side, employees are unwilling to stay in the same company for their whole lives.
  4. 既然你已经告诉我谁应该对此事负责,我就不再作进一步追查了。 Since you’ve told me who should take responsibility for the matter, I will not pursue it any further.
  5.即使是在最忙的季节,我也要尽量每天腾出半小时时间锻炼身体。 I will try to set aside half an hour each day to do some exercise even in the busiest season.



   1A 1 任何年满 18 岁的人都有资格投票(vote)。(be eligible to) Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2.每学期开学前, 这些奖学金的申请表格就会由学校发给每一个学生。 (apply for, scholarship) A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the star ...


   1 1.随着职务的提升,他担负的责任也更大了。 With his promotion,he has taken on greater responsibilities. 2.他感到他没有必要再一次对约翰承担这样的责任了。 He felt he did not have to make such a commitment to John any more. 3.闲暇时玛丽喜欢外出购物,与她相反,露西却喜欢呆在家里看书。 Mary likes to go shopping in her spar ...


   Unit one 1. 这个村子离边境很近,村民们一直担心会受到敌人的攻击。(in fear of) 1. The village is so close to the border that the villagers live in constant fear of attacks from the enemy. 2. 这个国家仅用了 20 年的时间就发展成了一个先进的工业强国。(transform) 2. In only twenty years the country was tra ...

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

   Unit1 1. The friendship grounded on common interest does not break up easily. 2. Children must learn to distinguish between violence and bravery in computer games. 3. There spring up so many new things every day in the world that it is no longer se ...


   Unit 1 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 在我们的孪生女儿出生后的第一次“约会”时,我和丈夫一起去看了一部名为《玩具故 事》的电影。我们很喜欢这部片子,但随后我丈夫问道: “父亲在哪儿呢?”起初我还认为 因为一个小小的失误而批评一部很吸引人的家庭影片似乎是太偏狭了。 可后来越想越觉得这 一疏忽太严重了。父亲不仅没有出现,他甚至没有被提到?? 尽管家中有婴儿,说明他不 可能离开太长时间。影片给人的感觉是,父亲出现与否似乎是个极次要的细节,甚至不需要 做任何解释。 新闻媒体倾向于把父亲的边缘 ...


   Appendix I Key to Exercises (Units 1-8) Unit 1 Part I Pre-Reading Task Script for the recording: The song you are about to hear is based on a true story. It tells the tale of the sinking of a ship called The Edmund Fitzgerald that was caught in a s ...


   Unit1 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 在我们的孪生女儿出生后的第一次"约会”时, 我和丈夫一起去看了一部名为 《玩具故事》的电影。我们很喜欢这部片子,但随后我丈夫问道:"父亲在哪儿 呢?”起初我还认为因为一个小小的失误而批评一部很吸引人的家庭影片似乎是 太偏狭了。可后来越想越觉得这一疏忽太严重了。父亲不仅没有出现,他甚至没 有被提到?? 尽管家中有婴儿,说明他不可能离开太长时间。影片给人的感觉 是,父亲出现与否似乎是个极次要的细节,甚 ...


   Unit1 1. 自从有了移动电话后,他再也没有给朋友写信了.(no longer) He has no longer written to his friends ever since he got a mobile phone. 2. 尽管很忙,他每天至少花两小时上网(surf the Internet),了解这个领域的最新动态. (even though) Even though he is very busy, he spends at least two hours every d ...


   全新版大学英语综合 教程2课文翻译 Appendix Ⅱ Chinese Translations of Texts B (Units 1-8) 参考译文 第一单元 与自然力量抗争 课文A 人道是骄兵必败。就拿拿破仑和希特勒两人来说吧,他们所向披靡,便以为自己战 无不胜,不可阻挡。但俄罗斯的冰雪卫士证明他们错了。 冰雪卫士 奈拉?B?斯密斯 1812年,法国皇帝拿破仑?波拿巴率大军入侵俄罗斯。他准备好俄罗斯人民会为保卫祖 国而奋勇抵抗。 他准备好在俄罗斯广袤的国土上要经过长途跋涉才能进军首都 ...


   Appendix Ⅱ Chinese Translations of Texts B (Units 1-8) 参考译文 第一单元 与自然力量抗争 课文A 人道是骄兵必败。就拿拿破仑和希特勒两人来说吧,他们所向披靡,便以为自己战 无不胜,不可阻挡。但俄罗斯的冰雪卫士证明他们错了。 冰雪卫士 奈拉?B?斯密斯 1812年,法国皇帝拿破仑?波拿巴率大军入侵俄罗斯。他准备好俄罗斯人民会为保卫祖 国而奋勇抵抗。 他准备好在俄罗斯广袤的国土上要经过长途跋涉才能进军首都莫斯科。 但他 没有料到在莫斯科他会 ...



   天津市第七届新世纪杯教育 教学论文评奖活动参评论文 多元智能理论在高中英语课中的实践 多元智能理论在高中英语课中的实践 申报人单位:天津一中 申报人: 许雄武 申报学科: 外语 1 多元智能理论在高中英语课中的实践 多元智能理论在高中英语课中的实践 能理 内容提要:按照多元智能理论的观点,教育的宗旨应该是尽可能 敏锐地、全面地理解和认识学生的能力和兴趣,并且开发学生的 多种潜能。而英语新教材的内容新颖,为这一理论的实施提供了 一个广阔的空间。 本文着重论述了多元智能理论在英语课中的实 践,以 ...


   届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习 专题 17 【考纲解读】 考纲解读】 高考研究名词是中学英语的主要词汇之一, 也是历年高考的重要考点。 结合近几年高考 对名词的考查,可以发现在单项选择题中,每年都出现 2~3 道题。 名词的用法很多,尤其是名词的单复数,是中学生容易忽略的一点,所以高考的短文改错 题中经常出现名词单复数和主谓一致的改错。随着高考题的演变,对名词的单纯考查有所减 少,试题多变为在完形填空或短文改错中进行的隐性考查。 研究近年来高考题我们不难看 ...


   Module 8 Unit 3 第一卷 一、单项填空(共 25 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 25 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.Lianzhan said that people in Taiwan and Mainland must try hard to understand each other, and misunderstanding. A. do away B. do up C. clear away D. clear up 2.He ...


   中国校园学业 学业素质能力竞赛全国组委会 ACTS 中国校园 学业 素质能力竞赛全国组委会 文 件 全组委字〔2011〕005 号 2011 中国校园 校园学业素质能力竞赛 关于开展 2011 赛季 ACTS 中国校园学业素质能力竞赛 大学英语口语竞赛的通知 大学英语口语竞赛的通知 英语口语 各赛区组委会及相关单位: 2011 赛季 ACTS 中国校园学业素质能力竞赛大学英语口语竞赛(以下 简称 ACTS 大学英语口语竞赛) ,是依据党中央国务院提出的人才兴国、建 立人力资源强国的战略精神, ...


   牛津英语模块一 Unit 3 词语透视 第一部分 Weclome, Reading & Word Power 1. work out 锻炼;消耗完(精力) You can keep fit by working out regularly. 你可以通过有规律的锻炼来保持健康。 【拓展】work out 还可表示“演算出”“制定出” 、 。如: It was so difficult a problem that no one could work it out. 这个题目如此难,没有 ...