10 秋学期《大学英语(四) 课程第一次网上作业答案 秋学期《大学英语( 》 》课程第一次网上作业答案

  1. ? Must we hand in our homework now? ?
(C) A. Yes, you will. B. Yes, you mustn’t . C. No, you needn’t.
No, you mustn’t.

  2. ? Do you think I could borrow these magazines? ?
(D) A. No, you can’t. B. You could borrow other magazines. C. The magazines aren’t here now. D. I’m sorry, but the magazines you want are out.
  3. ? Is there anything serious, doctor? ?
(C) A. I’m going to have another check-up. B. The results of the blood test are wrong. C. No. Just stay in bed and drink more water. D. Yes. You can go home tomorrow. ? How do you like your first term here at the university? ?

(A) A. To tell the truth, I don’t like it at all. B. I don’t know. C. How about you?
D. I don’t want to talk about it.
  5. ? ? I’m suffering from a stomachache.
(D) A. Are you feeling better? B. What’s trouble with you? C. Is there wrong with you? D. What’s the matter with you?
  6. ? What do you find difficult in learning English? ?
(A) A. Listening and speaking. B. Don’t be afraid of difficulties. C. Learning English is useful. D. Don’t be disappointed.
  7. ? What symptoms do you have? ?
(A) A. My eyes have been red for the past few days. B. I have red eyes for a few days. C. I have a cold. D. I’ve never had any trouble with my health.
  8. ? I couldn’t find that book in the stacks. Would you help me to find it? ?
(C) A. Be careful. You can find it. B. Depend on yourself. C. I’m afraid it’s taken. D. You must mistake it.

  9. ? Hello, may I have an appointment with the doctor? ?
(A) A. Sorry, he is busy at the moment. B. Why didn’t you call earlier? C. Certainly. May I know your name? D. Sorry, he doesn’t want to see you.
  10. ? I heard Tom failed in the exam. How about Mary? ?
(C) A. Sorry to hear that. B. Bad luck! C. She came top. D. She’s very strict.
  11. ?Didn’t they come to the party last week? ?Yes. They didn’t want to come with us at first, but then we persuade them.
(C) A. would B. could C. were able to D. had to
  12. Mr. Liu, at university in Changchun, works at Changhou Company now.
(A) A. whose wife I met B. I met whose wife C. I met his wife D. his wife I met
  13. We’re using technology to our levels of service.
(A) A. enhance B. extend C. expand D. amplify
  14. It happened Lisa wasn’t there at that time.
(C) A. whether B. if C. that D. why
  15. If you me, I shall be very grateful to you.
(B) A. must help B. will help C. may help D. need help
  16. Could you be more about what you’re looking for?
(D) A. particular B. peculiar C. special D. specific
  17. Do you are told; otherwise you will be punished.
(B) A. that B. what C. which D. whom
  18. The old lady is Tom’s grandmother.
(D) A. you talked B. who you talked to her C. whom you talked D. to whom you talked
  19. I wonder how many years ago .
(B) A. did you father retire B. your father retired C. has your father retired D. your father has retired
  20. It , for the ground is wet.
(C) A. must rain B. ought to rain C. must have rained D. should have rained
  21. She knew that society would her for abandoning her children.
(D) A. discuss B. blame C. say D. condemn
  22. It was a good concert ? I enjoyed the last song particular.
(A) A. B. C. D. in for on with

  23. All glitter is not gold.
(B) A. which B. that C. who D. what
  24. I doubt he will lend you the book.
(A) A. whether B. when C. that D. which
  25. I want to open a(n) in that bank tomorrow.
(B) A. file B. account C. check D. document
  26. The doctor didn’t the truth to him.
(C) A. open B. expose C. reveal D. discover
  27. You read the article if you don’t want to.
(B) A. B. C. D. can’t needn’t mustn’t shouldn’t

  28. We consider the instrument be adjusted each time it is used.
(B) A. B. C. D.
  29. I will that it necessary it necessary that necessary that necessary of it that never forget the days I spent with my friends in Beijing.
(A) A. when B. that C. in which D. on that
  30. He always did well at school having to do part-time jobs every now and then.
(A) A. in spite of B. regardless of C. on account of D. in case of
  31. Peter will as managing director when Bill retires.
(B) A. take up B. take over C. take on D. take in
  32. In China, children school at seven.
(C) A. has to start B. must to start C. have to start
D. can start
  33. Smoking, is harmful for people’s health, is nevertheless popular nowadays.
(D) A. though B. that C. although D. which
  34. Peter, whom everyone suspected, to be innocent.
(A) A. turned out B. turned off C. turned up D. turned over
  35. Unemployment is not the ? the real problem is the decline in public morality.
(C) A. trouble B. matter C. issue D. thing
  36. The truck ran out of control and hit a house.
(B) A. 卡车跑出了控制范围,撞上了一栋房子。 B. 卡车失控之后撞上了一栋房子。 C. 卡车跑出去撞上了一栋房子。 D. 卡车跑出路道撞上了一栋房子。
  37. After Mr. Smith retired, his son took over his company.
(A) A. 史密斯先生退休后,他的儿子接管了他的公司。 B. 在史密斯先生退休前,他的儿子接管了他的公司。 C. 史密斯先生退休是因为他的儿子接管了他的公司。 D. 史密斯先生一退休他的儿子就接管了他的公司。
  38. Regardless of how hard she tried, Jennie couldn’t figure out what her boyfriend thought.
(D) A. 珍妮努力的想都想不出她的男朋友在想什么。 B. 珍妮想的多么努力啊,但是还是揣摩不透她的男朋友是如何想的。 C. 尽管珍妮很努力,但是还是不明白她的男朋友在想什么。 D. 不管珍妮如何努力,都揣摩不透她的男朋友是如何想的。
  39. Sending the child abroad alone would mean putting him at risk.
(C) A. 让孩子一个人去国外有危险。 B. 送孩子去国外就等于冒险。 C. 把孩子单独送到国外就意味着让他去冒风险。 D. 把孩子单独送到国外意味着把他放在风险中。
  40. We only moved house last week and we haven’t settled in yet.
(B) A. 我们上星期只搬了家,还没有安定下来。 B. 我们上星期才搬的家,还没有安顿下来呢。 C. 我们上星期搬家了,但是还没有决定搬到什么地方。
D. 我们上星期仅仅是搬家,还不需要安定下来。



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       本文由fish9305贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     训练大学英语六级听力的完整方法     许多考生经历六级考试尤其是听力部分的失败由一回到 N 回不等。 真题也做了 很多遍, 规律 和方法也掌握的差不多, 为何还会出现听不懂, 听得模糊, 太快,  不能边听边看等等问题呢? 日常规律和科学的训练将大大解决这些问题。 第一部分 : 第一部分:六级题目训练的完整步骤 材料来源:为了更好地突破四、六级考试, ...


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