一、单选题(共 25 道试题,共 100 分。)V
  1. Even though we had lost the _B of our family, everyone came on Christmas Day?making an effort to be cheerful.
A. bachelor
B. master
C. doctor
D. post doctor
满分:4 分

  2. I can't understand __D at that poor child.
A. you to laugh
B. you laugh
C. why laugh
D. your laughing
满分:4 分

  3. Do not express shock for what you hear __C matter how shocking it might seem.
A. not
B. never
C. no
D. none
满分:4 分

  4. As a visitor or guest in either a Chinese home or restaurant you will find that__B manners are important to the enjoyment of your meals and keep you in high spirits!
A. desk
B. table
C. chair
D. bench
满分:4 分

  5. His grandmother __D born in France.
A. has
B. been
C. is
D. was
满分:4 分

  6. __B a single mom made things even more difficult.
A. Be
B. Being
C. Is
D. Was
满分:4 分

  7. Her plane takes __B at 3 p.m.
A. up
B. off
C. on
D. in
满分:4 分

  8. My parents told me that my brother had been B__ with a rare disease.
A. realized
B. diagnosed
C. generalized
D. computerized
满分:4 分

  9. The portraits __A look like them, but I was still unsure of my painting techniques.
A. did
B. does
C. to do
D. doing
满分:4 分

  10. The invention of chopsticks __B the wisdom of Chinese ancient people.
A. deflects
B. reflects
C. conflicts
D. relicts
满分:4 分

  11. Daddy was in a B__ for several days.
A. drama
B. coma
C. soma
D. tome
满分:4 分

  12. It seemed as if all of a __A the animal had smelt danger in the air.
A. sudden
B. moment
C. minute
D. once
满分:4 分

  13. We expected about 20 girls but there were D__ people there.
A. another
B. others
C. some
D. more
满分:4 分

  14. The tradition of using chopsticks was introduced __D many other countries.
A. with
B. of
C. from
D. to
满分:4 分

  15. Regardless C_ his appearance, he is innocent.
A. to
B. in
C. of
D. for
满分:4 分

  16. The good service at the hotel A__ the poor food to some extent..
A. made up for
B. made up
C. made for
D. made out
满分:4 分

  17. I walked __C__ the Seventh Avenue to catch a bus.
A. until
B. as long as
C. as far as
D. till
满分:4 分

  18. Food alone is not the __A of energy.
A. source
B. resource
C. force
D. grocer
满分:4 分

  19. When hosts place dishes on the table, they will arrange the main course at the center with the other dishes A__ placed around them.
A. evenly
B. even
C. odd
D. oddly
满分:4 分

  20. __D it is from Bristol to Glasgow!
A. What long a way
B. What distance
C. How long way
D. How far
满分:4 分

  21. She hardly ever eats B_ potatoes.
A. bread not
B. bread or
C. neither bread or
D. neither bread nor
满分:4 分

  22. He sent __A from Canada.
A. her a card
B. to her a card
C. card to her
D. to her card
满分:4 分

  23. His long __D raised fears about his safety.
A. absent
B. absentee
C. absenting
D. absence
满分:4 分

  24. It was C that he couldn't finish it alone.
A. a so difficult work
B. a so difficult job
C. such a difficult job
D. such a difficult work
满分:4 分

  25. I have classes __B day: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
A. each other
B. every other
C. on one way or another
D. any other
满分:4 分
一、单选题(共 25 道试题,共 100 分。)V
  1. Today, many cultures divide music _B art music and music of the people.
A. from
B. into
C. over
D. beneath
满分:4 分

  2. Tom was sitting just __C Jack and Jerry.
A. except
B. among
C. beside
D. off
满分:4 分

  3. The cold and dry climate of Antarctica __D it one of the toughest places on Earth to live.
A. produces
B. manufactures
C. does
D. makes
满分:4 分

  4. My I have two D__ instead of beans, please?
A. corn's ear
B. corn ears
C. ear of corns
D. ears of corn
满分:4 分

  5. His face is B_ to me, but I can't remember where I've seen her.
A. similar
B. familiar
C. friendly
D. alike
满分:4 分

  6. Never __A , we'll see the film next week.
A. mind
B. to mind
C. mind you
D. in mind
满分:4 分

  7. Niu Lang C__ his lonely and poor life with an old cow, his only friend.
A. resided
B. inhabited
C. lived
D. dwelt
满分:4 分

  8. Throughout their history, Americans have been people __B the move.
A. in
B. on
C. to
D. with
满分:4 分

  9. What we think of as music depends _A where we live.
A. on
B. to
C. with
D. at
满分:4 分

  10. Would you A__the stamps on to the envelope for me, please?
A. stick
B. suck
C. pick
D. spit
满分:4 分

  11. The convenience of modern freeways, railways and airplanes makes travel in America as easy as A__ .
A. pie
B. bread
C. soup
D. wine
满分:4 分

  12. The music that Americans are used to __C to might sound strange to someone from another culture.
A. listen
B. be listened
C. listening
D. listened
满分:4 分

  13. She hasn't seen her family A__ three years ago.
A. since
B. from
C. for
D. before
满分:4 分

  14. The house __D beside the lake.
A. rested
B. reposed
C. sat
D. stood
满分:4 分

  15. The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the only Chinese festival devoted B__ love in the Lunar calendar.
A. at
B. to
C. in
D. on
满分:4 分

  16. When Americans take a break, they often head D_ their favorite vacation place.
A. into
B. onto
C. over
D. for
满分:4 分

  17. A few of __B are planning to drive to Beijing during the spring break.
A. we girls
B. us girls
C. girls we
D. girls
满分:4 分

  18. If you had taken the medicine yesterday, you D__ much better now.
A. must have felt
B. might have felt
C. would have felt
D. would feel
满分:4 分

  19. In the 1960s, there was a change in fashion in C_ of small cars.
A. fever
B. fovea
C. favor
D. fear
满分:4 分

  20. We're B_ to hand in our homework next week.
A. proposed
B. supposed
C. opposed
D. imposed
满分:4 分

  21. People say fish and chips is typical __A Britain.
A. of
B. from
C. to
D. with
满分:4 分

  22. You'll have to pay for the holiday in B__ , Sir.
A. front
B. advance
C. ahead
D. forward
满分:4 分

  23. There's no doubt that modern people have less and less personal space thanks A__ beepers, cell phones and e-mail.
A. to
B. into
C. off
D. of
满分:4 分

  24. Antarctica is the most __A continent on the planet.
A. isolated
B. generated
C. accelerated
D. congratulated
满分:4 分

  25. As the ocean water changes to ice, it keeps the temperature _D falling too far.
A. with
B. into
C. besides
D. from
满分:4 分
一、单选题(共 25 道试题,共 100 分。)V
  1. Mickey: You look a little pale. Are you OK? Nancy: C, I feel terrible.
A. To speak out
B. To begin with
C. To tell you the truth
D. To sum up
满分:4 分

  2. Adam: Mmm….. This is the best pudding I've ever had! Celia: __D I know you'd like it.
A. Didn't I tell you?
B. Did I say it right?
C. Is what I said right?
D. What did I say?
满分:4 分

  3. Speaker A: I'm so worried about this job interview. Speaker B: Don't worry. D .
A. Take a break
B. Just give up
C. Mind you
D. Just be yourself
满分:4 分

  4. ?A? ?It's Sunday.
A. What day is it today
B. What date is it today
C. What's the date
D. What's day
满分:4 分

  5. Speaker A: Want to come over Thursday for supper? Speaker B: C .
A. I really can't. You'll not mind, I think
B. Let's put it off till later
C. Thanks, but I have to work that evening
D. No, I don't want to
满分:4 分

  6. A: Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Brown, manager of the company. B: B
A. You must be mistaken. I don't know you at all.D
B. How do you do, Mr. Brown? Very happy to see you.
C. Hello, Brown! I haven't seen you for ages.
D. Hi, John! Welcome to Chin.
满分:4 分

  7. Jessica: I got home very late last night. I hope I didn't disturb you.Landlady:__D.
A. No. I heard a lot of noise
B. Yes, I didn't hear any noise
C. Yes. I didn't hear you
D. No. I didn't hear a thing
满分:4 分

  8. ?Shall I use your dictionary? ? B
A. Certain, you may.
B. Of course, you can.
C. Surely, you can't.
D. No, please get out.
满分:4 分

  9. There are other techniques that might help you A__ your studying.
A. with
B. at
C. into
D. over
满分:4 分

  10. Son: Mom, may I play my computer game for an hour or two? Mom: B
A. Your teacher tells me that you should study harder.
B. Sorry, Dad's using the computer now.
C. I've said before that the game takes too long.
D. Well, ah…. You're absolutely right to ask.
满分:4 分

  11. A: What a surprise! You changed your hair style. B: Yes, and another surprise. I'm going to get married next Saturday. A: A
A. Really? Congratulations!
B. Oh, sorry, I nearly forgot that.
C. How about another time? I'll be busy then.
D. That's OK. Saturday is the most suitable day for any marriage.
满分:4 分

  12. Dad: Could you run over to the store right away? We need a few things. Son: __B
A. Yes, I could.I want to play football.
B. All right. What do you want me to get?
C. For me, running is not a problem. I'd like to do exercises.
D. Yes, storing a few things away is quite necessary, right?
满分:4 分

  13. ?How's your brother these days? ?He hasn't been too well just recently. ?C. What's the matter? ?I think he's been overworking.
A. It'll be pleased to hear you ask after him
B. That's not too bad
C. I'm sorry to hear that
D. I'll tell him what you said
满分:4 分

  14. Guest: Oh, it's ten o'clock. I'd better go now. Host: __D
A. OK. Please walk slowly.
B. Why do you want to go now? Don't you want to stay?
C. Yeah, it's really late. Why not immediately?
D. Won't you stay for another cup of coffee?
满分:4 分

  15. Doctor: B Patient: I've caught a bad cold and got a sour throat.
A. Do you have anything to declare, sir?
B. What seems to be the problem?
C. Good morning. May I help you?
D. How have you been getting along recently?
满分:4 分

  16. Newman: I have an appointment with Mr. Brown. Receptionist: Mr. Brown is expecting you now. A
A. Come this way, please.
B. Go this road, please.
C. Follow this direction, please.
D. Move here, please.
满分:4 分

  17. ?It's very kind of you to help me with my English. ?B.
A. Never mind
B. Not at all
C. That's all right
D. You're so welcome
满分:4 分

  18. A:I've just heard that the tickets for Swan Lake have been sold out! B:Oh, no!__A
A. I was looking forward to it.
B. It doesn't matter.
C. It's not at all interesting.
D. I knew it already.
满分:4 分

  19. Marilyn: Don't you like to eat Korean food? Robbie: C.
A. No, Korean food is not real to my taste
B. No, because Korean food is very good
C. No, I prefer to have Chinese noodles
D. No, I like very much to eat Korean food
满分:4 分

  20. Salesman:A Customer:Yes. What size is that green T-shirt?
A. Anything I can do for you?
B. Do you want to buy anything?
C. Excuse me, what are you doing?
D. Are you just looking around?
满分:4 分

  21. Son: Mom, may I play my computer game for an hour or two? Mom: B
A. Your teacher tells me that you should study harder.
B. Sorry, Dad's using the computer now.
C. I've said before that the game takes too long.
D. Well, ah…. You're absolutely right to ask.
满分:4 分

  22. Desk Clerk:Good afternoon,Holiday Inn. Customer:Hello,I'd like to book a double room for the nights of 23rd and 24th please. Desk Clerk:B
A. What's the matter?
B. Just a minute, please.
C. What can I do for you?
D. Can I help you?
满分:4 分

  23. Operator: D, May I help you? Bill: I'd like to set up a telephone service, please.
A. Speaking
B. Hey
C. I'm John Smith
D. Pacific Bell
满分:4 分

  24. A:Can I do anything for you? B:__B
A. No. You can't do anything for me.
B. No,it's alright. I can manage myself.
C. Never mind
D. It's my pleasure.
满分:4 分

  25. Jackson: What's there to do at night? Clerk: There are clubs, concerts, plays, and so on.B!
A. You make it
B. You name it
C. You find it
D. You manage it
满分:4 分



   一、单选题(共 25 道试题,共 100 分。)V 1. Even though we had lost the _B of our family, everyone came on Christmas Day?making an effort to be cheerful. A. bachelor B. master C. doctor D. post doctor 满分:4 分 2. I can't understand __D at that poor child. A. you ...


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东财10秋学期《 大学英语2 》在线作业解题指导

   《国际金融》在线作业题目分析使用教材为: 国际金融》在线作业题目分析使用教材为: 教材 价格 主编 版本 大学英语 2 林治勋 2009年9月第1版 28 学校名称 课程名称 章 节 出版社 经济科学出版社 知识点 题型 难度 东北财经大学 大学英语2 1 1 ?我的曲奇饼在哪里?别告 诉我你都吃了。?是的,我 忍不住都吃了。 单选题 中 东北财经大学 大学英语2 1 1 打电话的场景,接电话者首 先要自报家门。 单选题 中 东北财经大学 大学英语2 1 1 A: 我很担心这个面试。B: 不 ...


   1.Parents and teachers are all very sorry that he never takes anything . A possibly B seriously C probably D completely 正确答案:B 单选题 2.The astronaut did many experiments in the spaceship, which are much help for knowing space. A of B for C in D to 正确 ...


   1. In considering people for jobs, we give to those with some experience. A conference B review C preference D apology 正确答案:C 单选题 2.They are preparing for war on a large . A bank B size C degree D scale 正确答案:D 单选题 3.There was nothing in the letter ...


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   高中英语单词表: away ad.在远处;离开;渐渐远去;一直,不停地 award vt.授予(奖品等) 给予 n.奖,奖品,奖学金 awake a.醒着的 vt.唤醒,使觉醒 vi.醒来,醒悟到 await vt.等候,期待;(事情等)降临于 avoid vt.防止,避免;逃避,避开 average n.平均,平均数 a.平均的;平常的,普通的 avenue n.林荫路,大街;(比喻)途径,渠道,方法 autumn n.秋,秋季;成熟期,渐衰期 author n.作者,作家,著作人;创始人, ...


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