Unit 6 The last Leaf
Language Focus
Filling gaps Replacing
Vocabulary: Structure
Rewriting Completing
Comprehensive Exercises Translation
Language Focus: acute backward bare cling dreary fancy fierce flutter joint mingle mock nonsense masterpiece merry persistence scarcely sin stream stalk subtract victim
be / get wet through cling to hear of in tune look the part sit up to excess wear away
call to for the rest here and there in a whisper pull up stand out turn loose
  1. Fill in the gaps with words or phrases chosen from the box. Change the form where necessary.
  1). On bright spring days, you can see lovely flutter / fluttering birds among the bushes.
  2). As a direct result of the economic crisis, unemployment is becoming more acute in this country.

  3) If a sheet of glass is lowered into the water cling to and withdrawn, some water will it but the rest will be pulled back into the main body of water.
  4). Amid roars of applause, she concluded her speech and returned to her seat, leaving many of us with eyes . streaming
  5). The writer is best known for his bold fancy mixture of fact and in his novel.

  6). True, this football team is comparatively mock weak. But it is absolutely wrong to at their attempt to qualify for the World War Cup Finals.
  7). Much of the old Berlin was destroyed during World War II by bombing and by fierce house-to-house fighting at the end of the war.
  8). No matter how great he is, no artist could masterpiece be expected to complete a every day or even every year.

  9). I didn’t really like the book. Many of the nonsense tales told in it were pure or too wild to be believable.
  10). Birds use nests for sleeping only during the breeding season. For the rest of the year, birds sleep in bushes, on the branches, in bare holes in trees, and even on the ground.
  11). It is said the corporation has already subtracted a number of expenditures from the total cost; yet it still runs as high as 300 million dollars.

  12). Playing tricks on others on the first day of April is a custom among European peoples. victim In English-speaking countries the of such jokes is called an April Fool.
  13). He had a favorite song he used to sing to us in the old days “It’s a to Tell a sin Lie” and I shall always associate it with him.

  14). I do prefer to wear smart clothes for work; it is still not easy for women in business to be look the part taken seriously I like to .
  15). Make sure that the project is completed on time; , I am not much for the rest concerned.

  2. Use the verbs in brackets to form an appropriate phrasal verb you have learned and replaced with it the italicized part in each of the following sentences:
  1)The Minister reluctantly stopped ) defending himself and resigned. (give) gave in / gave up
  2)He is trying to discover the cause of ) why the camera wasn’t working. (figure) figure out

  3)The guide dog looked at the traffic ) and decided to lead his master across the road. (size) sized up
  4)Small-pox killed the entire population ) of some Native Indian tribes. (wipe) wiped out
  5) The typhoon destroyed everything on ) its way, knocking down houses and tearing up trees. (pull) pulling up

  6)The waterproof coating will become ) thin and eventually disappear very quickly or after many years depending on use and care. (wear) wear away
  7)After a few minutes, my blood ) pressure became normal and I was allowed to change my position in bed from lying to sitting upright again. (sit) sit up
我们(做 的主要目的是… 我们 做)….的主要目的是 的主要目的是
  8)Our main aim in producing the ) magazine is to give readers inspiration and ideas for their homes and it’s heart-warming to learn about the success we’ve had. (hear) hear of / about

  3. Rewrite each sentence with words or phrases in brackets, keeping the same meaning. The first part has been done for you.
  1). When people recall their childhood, the memory if illness usually comes up first. Illnesses usually stand out in childhood . (stand out) memories

  2). According to the bulletin, a bachelor’s degree program in environmental studies is now cooffered by Albright College and Duke University. According to the bulletin, Albright College now a joint bachelor’s degree program in environmental studies together with offers Duke University . (joint)

  3). The new government is less oppressive, but the country still faces a lot of violence. The New government is less oppressive, but still stalks the country violence. (stalk)

  4). One can hardly find any surface water in the desert. There is. scarcely any surface water in .(scarcely) the desert
  5). There is such a strong and continuing demand for change in the election law that both houses have promised to consider it. The demand for change in the election law is so persistent that both houses have .(persistent) promised to consider it

  4. Complete the following sentences, using the words or phrases in brackets. Make additions or changes where necessary.

  1)It was lying in the tent with ) dreary nothing to read, so we built a camp fire. Soon the smell of steaks, bread and coffee that of fresh grass and earth. mingled with Other campers seemed to be doing the same. people were Here and there drinking, eating and dancing to their hearts’ a merry content, if. What not to excess night! (merry, might, dreary, to excess, here and there)

  2)Miss Florence, our music teacher, ) to stop singing. I didn’t called to us in a whisper realize why Sally told me : “You were not the group!” in tune with (in tune, in a whisper, call to)

  3)The angry wife poured a bucket of ) water on her drunken husband, who wet through immediately and was stumbled :” You can’t do backward won’t hear of without drinks? I any excuses. You certainly don’t need it to!” (hear of, turn loose your tongue turn loose, be wet through, backward)
II. Words with Multiple Meanings: Now write sentences of your own, using “go” and the words, and making additions and changes where necessary.
  1. last month, he, Paris, business He went to Paris on business last month .
  2. Brussels, train, to, 2:25 pm The train to Brussels goes at 2:25 p.m.

  3. as soon as, they, arrive, the meadow, sheep, shepherd, let As soon as they arrived at the meadow, the shepherd let the sheep go.
  4. together, in the mountains, we, explore We went exploring together in the mountains. Or: We will go exploring together in the mountains.

  5. have a drink, bar, let’s Let’s go and have a drink in the bar.
  6. close up, store, soon The store is going to close up soon.
  7. crazy, South Koreans, when, beat, Spanish team, soccer players, in the quarter-finals South Koreans went crazy when their soccer players beat the Spanish team in the quarterfinals.

  8. out of, house, when, Mother, come find, children, she When Mother came out of the house, she found her children gone.
III. Usage Now translate the following Chinese phrases into English:
  1. 一幢白色的小木屋 a little white wooden house
  2. 长长的红色卷发 long, curly red hair
  3. 一张大的旧圆桌 a large old round table
  4. 一家价格便宜的印度餐馆 a cheap Indian restaurant

  5. 一大份冰凉的巧克力冰淇凌 a huge cool chocolate ice-cream
  6. 迅猛的技术进步 rapid technological advance
  7. 一位英俊的美籍华裔青年 a handsome young Chinese American
  1.Complete the following . conversations after the model, using “smell / taste of” and the given words:
  1) Something’s got burning! You’re right. . (kitchen, burnt rubber) The kitchen smells of burnt rubber.

  2). Would you like to try this? What is it? . (it, rose) It smells of rose.

  3). What do you think of this dish? What is it made of? . (it, fish) It tastes of fish.

  4). Waiter! Do you call this thing coffee? . (it, gasoline) It tastes of gasoline. smell / taste of smell / taste / look / sound / feel / touch + adj. look / sound like + N. / NP

  2. Rewrite the following sentences after the model, using “by doing sth.”:
  1). I hit the spider and killer it. I killed the spider by hitting it.
  2). The little girl sold matches to support herself. The little girl supported herself by selling matches.

  3). You can unlock the door if you turn the key to the right. You can unlock the door by turning the key to the right.
  4). She screamed in order to get help. She tried to get help buy screaming.
Comprehensive Exercises: I. Cloze: (A) Complete the following passage with words chosen from the Words and Phrases to Drill box. Change the form where necessary.
I had only known Johnsy a few months when she fell (
  1) to the disease. We victim had met in May and, finding ourselves so much (
  2), had set up home together. in tune Scarcely Then in November, she became ill. (
  3) able to speak __ a whisper (
  4), she in _ cling to seemed unable to __ (
  5) life. It was such a change. Before she had always been so set __ merry lively and (
  6). Now she just up (
  7) in bed, staring out of the window. She had this strange belief that once
the last leaf on the vine outside fell, she would die. I told her it was all nonsense (
  8), but to no effect. It was our downstairs neighbor, Mr. Behrman, who came to her rescue. When he heard of Johnsy’s strange (
  9) he flew into a fancy fierce (
  10) temper, regarding it as a (
  11) sin that one so young should give up life so easily. Thanks to Behrman, the last leaf never did fall. Late at night he had climbed up and painted the leaf on the wall. It was his longpromised masterpiece (
(B) Fill in the gaps with any words you think fit: Five years ago a female immate(犯人)at Ricker’s Island told Jane Paley that she As smelled wonderful. __ (
  1) president of Friendly Vistors, a 50-year-old organization (
  2) mission is “acts of loving whose that kindness(
  3) don’t involve large sums of money __(
  4) hours of work,” Paley frequently or went to the New York City (
  5). That day, jail though, a spray of perfume (香水) went off in her head.
  6) group had long donated moneyso (
  7) Her __ that the 100 women in the jail could (
  8) buy food and treats. Why (
  9) give them fancy not toiletries (化妆用品) too? figured Paley and her crew of 35 women (
  10) out the perfect way to get the goods: They asked friends to (
  11) hotel soaps, collect shampoos and lotions (
  12) they travel. when Volunteers bundle them (
  13) goody into deliver bags and (
  14) them to Ricker’s several times a year, (
  15) including Christmas and Mother’s Day.
“These mini-donations make the women (
  16) beautiful,” says Paley. “You can feel see them turn themselves around a little bit.” So, Paley continues, “If you’re lucky enough to afford a vacation, (
  17) the take soap and shampoos. (
  18) them to Bring homeless shelters, bettered women in shelters or any organization __ (
  19) need. small It’s a (
  20) act that may mean a great deal.”
II. Translation: bare cling to fancy here and there in tune look the part masterpiece persistent to excess stand out
我们到处能看到“抢眼”的青年艺术家。 我们到处能看到“抢眼”的青年艺术家。 他们要么一年四季穿着破旧的牛仔裤; 他们要么一年四季穿着破旧的牛仔裤;要么 大冬天也打赤脚;要么饮酒过度; 大冬天也打赤脚;要么饮酒过度;要么就抱 着创作一部杰作的幻想, 着创作一部杰作的幻想,实际上并不做任何 创作的事。其实,他们中的很多人只不过是 创作的事。其实, 为了看上去像一名艺术家, 为了看上去像一名艺术家,或为了同其他艺 术家“保持一致”才这么做的。他们忘了, 术家“保持一致”才这么做的。他们忘了, 只有通过不懈的努力才能获得成功。 只有通过不懈的努力才能获得成功。
Here and there
stand out
我们到处能看到“抢眼” 到处能看到
  1. 我们到处能看到“抢眼”的青年艺术 家。 Here and there we see young artists who stand out from other people.

  2.他们要么一年四季穿着破旧的牛仔裤;要么 他们要么一年四季穿着破旧的牛仔裤 大冬天也打赤脚;要么饮酒过度 要么就抱着 饮酒过度; 大冬天也打赤脚;要么饮酒过度;要么就抱着 创作一部杰作的幻想, 创作一部杰作的幻想,实际上并不做任何创作 的事。 的事。 They may be in worn-out jeans all year round, or



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