Unit 1 Personality Vocabulary (P
  1) self-conscious
  2) self-confidence
  3) self-esteem
  4) self-destructive
  5) self-worth
  6) self-concept
  7) Self-awareness
  8) self-assurance/self-confidence
  1) profound
  2) jealousy
  3) numerous
  4) overweight
  5) overcome
  6) eventually
  7) slim
  8) compliments
  9) diminish
  10) reassurance
  11) detrimental
  12) isolated
  13) self-esteem
  14) accented
  1) reflected
  2) concerned/worried
  3) profound effect/influence
  4) viewed/regarded
  6) respond/react
  8)overcome my fear
  9) concentrate on
  10) made no comment Translation (P
  1) You should spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing and exercising.
  2) In general children are healthier and better educated than ever before.
  3) When the right opportunity comes along, he*ll take it.
  4) Every day he sets aside some time to be with his family and enjoy life.
  5) I remember those dark streets and walking hand in hand with my father.
  6) He finally failed to live up to his parents* expectations.
  7) In contrast, our use of oil has increased enormously.
  8) He succeeded in his efforts to overcome his fatal weakness. Part Four Writing and Translation (P
  2. Translation Practice
  1) It is believed that pessimism often leads to hopelessness, sickness and failure.
  2) Optimism, by contrast, can make you happy, healthy and successful.
  3) When you fail in something, profit from the failure as a learning experience.
  4) Think about your strengths and build up self-confidence in front of problems or difficulties.
  5) Don*t let negative thoughts hold you back.
  6) Everyone has experienced failures and disappointments, so don*t blame yourself too much. Unit 2 Myths and Legends Vocabulary (P
  1) A. invitation B. invited C. inviting
  2) A. prepare B. prepared C. preparation D. preparatory/preparation
  3) A. discoveries B. discoverers C. discovered
  4) A. approval B. approve C. approved D. approving E. disapprove
  5) A. eloquent B. eloquence C. eloquently
  6) A. faithful B. unfaithful/faithless C. faith d. faithfully
  7) A. occasional B. occasionally C. occasion
  8) A. delivery B. delivering C. delivered
  9) A. troublesome B. troubled C. troubled D. troubling
  10) A. assurance B. assured C. assure

  1) got/ran into trouble
  2) no trouble
  3) asking for trouble
  4) have # trouble
  5) trouble with
  6) in serious/deep/big trouble
  7) get/getting # into trouble
  8) took the trouble
  1) with a pattern of roses
  2) prepared a wonderful/goof meal for us
  3) promised faithfully
  4) deliver this letter
  5) a selection of milk and plain chocolate
  6) keep out of mischief/behave themselves
  7) the sound of distant thunder
  8) received approval from the government
  9) in spite of the fact that he drank too much
  10) agree whether the drug is safe or not Part Three Further Development
  5. Complete the following Ancient Chinese story by translating the Chinese into English(P
  1) the true reason why there was no such animal in Guizhou
  2) they were of no use at all in this place
  3) when he saw the donkey all of a sudden, he thought it was a monster
  4) he hid himself in the trees while looking at the donkey
  5) what kind of animal is this and why does it look different from other animals that I* ve seen?
  6) But one day the donkey stretched its thin neck and cried
  7) the tiger discovered that the donkey didn*t have any other skills besides crying
  8) But he dared not rush to it and eat it just as he did to other animals
  9) This did irritate the donkey (made the donkey angry), who raised its hind leg and kicked the tiger
  10) This time he rushed to it without hesitation and bit its rhroat Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice(P
  96) ????ㄛ?????极ㄛ喃?髦????? 肮?跺湮?粥ㄛ攫嘉憩??粥 爵???匐ロ???ㄛ攫嘉酗??懂ㄛ坻?善??ㄛ衾?坻?れ????ㄛ??? 旯薯??羲?粥?ш 腔???腔窒煦? ?汔ㄛ曹?????濮腔?骰?腔?极?? ? ???ㄛ曹??湮??攫嘉桴???ㄛ??蕾????羲? ?藩??酗腔??煦 羲ㄛ攫嘉腔旯?珩??酗????匐ロ??ㄛ???ㄛ???ㄛ攫嘉砉???啃? 爵?腔???蕾む?ㄛ????珩???磁??れ? Unit 3 Social Problems Vocabulary (P1
  1) constantly
  2) impact
  3) burden
  4) Candidly
  5) fulfillment
  6) salaried
  7) resentment
  10) suppress
  1) successfully
  2) resentment
  4) necessity
  5) advisable
  6) access/accessibility
  7) athletic
  8) maturity
  9) emotional
  10) effectively Translation (P1
  1) Because of an emergency, the doctor will not be available for several hours.
  2) How will taxes affect people with low income?
  3) My mother always told me that in the long run I would be glad I didn*t give up practicing the piano.
  4) These books range in price form $10 to $
  5) It seems to me that you don*t have much choice.
  6) Given their inexperience, they have done quite a good job.

  7) For such a big house the price is fairly cheap/low, but you*ve got to take into consideration the money you will spend on repairs.
  8) Can we begin with discussing questions/problems arising from the last meeting? Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice (P1
  1) ???疑???こ ?跺??惆?氪湖懂? 跺??ㄛ惆豢?こ蝠眢?坻?勤蝠眢部??苤??腔翩 ?桶??藉?衄?跺? 掩楷???? ???こ?旮???ㄛ?部?楷?湮?掩?? ?腔??ん???①??都?詹ㄛ???蕾?腕善????
  2) ??腔?? Ш ?溢邈? ?? ?靡?? Ш ?溢????部?ㄛ羲 Л 湖夼?靡?舷??舷蚰???靡郫溢ㄛ? ?祥夔? ??靡??腔郫溢腔旯??湖??舷? ? ?腔?跺???? ?????? ??れ岈璃睿む??跺??腔郫溢?祥壅ㄛ?靡??掩蚰?ㄛ坻掩硌?わ???? ?? Ш ?? Unit 4 Career Planning Vocabulary (P1
  1) acceptable
  2) efficiency
  3) implications
  4) instability
  5) rationalize
  6) evaluation
  7) foreseeable
  8) invention
  9) hastily
  11) professional
  14) personality
  1) in case
  2) Every so often
  3) resort to
  4) talk over
  5) start over
  6) in reality
  7) at stake
  8) seized on
  9) leading to
  10) take stock of
  1) programs
  2) way
  3) technical
  4) both
  5) provided
  6) who
  7) such
  8) needed
  9) opportunities
  10) when
  11) to
  12) Completion
  13) holding
  14) early
  15) hire
  16) promote
  17) up
  18) educating Translation (P1
  1) He underwent a major heart surgery several years ago.
  2) We estimated that it would take a week to finish the work.
  3) I used to enjoy photography, but I now have no time to pursue any hobbies.
  4) You may love someone but not necessarily have to marry him.
  5) Terrorists resort to violence to achieve their political aims.
  6) He says he*ll stay in the office this afternoon in case you want to see him.
  7) Scientists have identified the gene that causes abnormal growth.
  8) These examples demonstrate how badly some students write their resumes. Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice (P1
  95) A = Applicant I = Interviewer A I: Do you have a boyfriend? A: Yes. I: Is he here, in this city? A: No, he is in another city. I: Sorry, we will not employ you?
A: Why not? I: You would not be keeping your mind on your work. What*s more, we do not want to see our telephone bill increase enormously because of you. B I: Do you have a girlfriend? A: No. Have you ever dated a girl? I: Yes, but she didn*t want to date me? A: Do you want to date girls after you have a job? I: I will set my mind on work first. I will not consider my marriage now. A: Sorry, we will not employ you. I: Why not? A: You are lacking in the ability of dealing with interpersonal relationships. Also, you lack self-confidence. C I: Do you have a girlfriend? A: Yes. I: Is she pretty? A: Not quite. I: Sorry, we will not employ you. A: Can it be that a plain girlfriend will affect your company*s image? I: It*s not that. But our company engages in works of art. Your aesthetic judgment does not satisfy our company*s need. D I: Do you have a girlfriend? A: Yes. I: Is she pretty? A: Very. I: Is she your first love? A: Yes. I: Sorry, we will not employ you, because you lack the initiative in pursuing the better unceasingly. E I: Do you have a girlfriend? A: Yes. I: Is she your first love? A: No, I have a couple of girlfriends before. I: Sorry, we will not employ you, because you would soon job-hop. F I: Do you have a boyfriend? A: Yes. I: Is he very rich? A: No. I: Sorry, we will not employ you, because your job is to work with money. I am afraid you cannot resist the temptation. G I: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: Yes. I: Is he very rich? A: Yes, he has his own company. I: Sorry, we will not employ you, because even your boyfriend*s company doesn *t employ you. A: but that*s because his company doesn*t have a position suitable for me. I: What*s your major then? A: Secretary. I: Sorry, we still cannot employ you. Pretty girls affect our manager*s work. A: But I am not pretty. I: That*s even worse. If you are not pretty, our manager will not be interested in you. Unit 5 Language Vocabulary (P2
  1. Section A
  1) A
  2) B
  3) A
  4) B
  5) C
  6) B
  7) C
  8) C
  9) A
  10) A Section B
  1) renewed
  2) apply
  3) persist
  4) succeeded
  5) drop
  6) revealed
  7) wonder
  8) keenly
  9) vainly
  10) impressed
  1) unconsciously
  2) expectant
  3) eventful
  4) immeasurable
  5) imitation/imitating
  6) continually
  7) tenderness
  8) impatient Translation (P2
  1) Seeing all the people walking to and fro outside the office, I became more worried.
  2) In time he will see who is his true friend.
  3) That scientist*s experiment gave birth to a new drug.
  4) He had been shut in by illness during much of the winter.
  5) They would practice spoken English at the first opportunity.
  6) Everything she valued might be swept away overnight.
  7) Towards the close of the term, all the students are busy preparing for the finals.
  8) It is a very cold winter and we long for it to be over. Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice (P2
  1) 坻 м ?票檄??ㄛ???竭?も?
  2) 惟瑞?厥哿?????憩?????爵摒ぢ蹊??
  3) ?? ?跺悝汜???桄ヶ????黍?妗桄??ㄛ?蚕衾坻汜???ㄛ?夔腕 善?砩腔???
  4) ?眭耋? ??蔚?跺疑??豢咂???腔ㄛ?????竭褫夔蔚坳豢咂?腔肮 悝?
  5) ?躇佴珂汜竭衄?悝?桄ㄛ坻蔚?景?睿???れ???
  6) ?菰??? 6 萸 30 煦懂??跺????都???湮橇?? Unit 6 Man and Animals Vocabulary (P2
  1) survive
  2) conflicts
  3) available
  4) likely
  5) injuring
  6) absorbed
  7) competition
  8) instinct
  9) hesitated
  10) similar
  1) ensure
  2) population
  3) characteristic
  4) exhibit
  5) defense
  6) familiar
  7) territory
  8) case
  9) minute
  10) aggressive Translation (P2

  1) She always behaves badly when her aunt comes to visit.
  2) If it hadn*t been for your help, we wouldn*t have been able to finish the task in time.
  3) I warned him off going to the east coast because it was full of tourists.
  4) The fact that something is cheap doesn*t necessarily mean it*s of low quality.
  5) Without anyone to turn to for help, making an appropriate choice can be difficult.
  7) Only if Peter goes to the evening party will she go.
  8) I can only compare the experience to a nightmare. Writing and Translation
  2. Translation practice (P2
  79) ?逄植? 1 ㄘ ?笱?蹦腔瞄??ㄩ??腔?噫肮??腔?夔?????睿??ㄛ??衄? ???腔?ㄛ珩??祥逋耋腔? 2 ㄘ?熄腔?ㄛ??腔???衄腕善砒茼? 3 ㄘ???眭ㄛ煎骨??窒煦?蚕衾???嗣?れ腔? 4 ㄘ??????善?跺??ヶ楷汜腔?偶?ㄛ??竭?? 腔岈? 5 ㄘ??????庋?????跺?????忒?? 梅逄植? 1 ㄘ坻砑?棒??湮模ㄛ樵隅?璃岈腔祥砦坻?跺? ㄛ?衄む坻?嗣? ? 2 ㄘ坻?砑猁??ㄛ?????衄????甜桶?堤????? 3 ㄘ??部?蹦?ㄛ??※??§腔??? ?ㄩ??腔????睿??耀?湮嗣? ? 蚕汜????樵隅腔? 4 ㄘ?瞳??嫖???憎?衾坻? 1609 ???跺?陔楷?腔??噩勤???ㄛ? 妗????? ???祥??? ?⑩??? Unit 7 They Joy of Travel Vocabulary (P2
  1) engagement
  2) separating
  3) influences
  4) arranged
  5) chosen
  6) In case
  7) processed
  8) changes
  9) benefited
  10) go on
  1) end
  2) booked
  3) trapped
  4) book
  5) ended
  6) appeal
  7) trap
  8) appeal
  9) samples
  10) structure
  11) value
  12) structured
  13) sampled
  14) process
  15) valued
  16) process
  1) A. emptied B. emptiness
  2) A. terrified B. terrifying
  3) A. entertaining B. entertainment
  4) A. introductory B. introduction
  5) A. employed B. employment
  6) A. transform B. transformation
  7) A. convinced B. convincing
  8) A. approval B. approve
  9) A. isolates B. isolation
  10.A. reinforcement B. reinforced Translation (P2
  1) I didn*t realize putting on/staging a play involved so much work.
  2) The most important thing is not what you say but what you do.
  3) This is the best result that ca



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