Unit 4

  2. Understanding Specific Information

  1) T
  8) T

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  3) F

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  9) T
  10) F

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  12) F
Key to Vocabulary

  1) acceptable
  2) efficiency
  3) implications
  4) instability
  5) rationalize
  6) evaluation
  7) unforeseeable
  8) invention
  9) hastily
  10) probability
  11) professional
  12) challenging
  13) defensive
  14) personality
  1) in case
  2) Every so often
  3) resort to
  4) talk over
  5) start over
  6) in reality
  7) at stake
  8) seized on
  9) leading to
  10) take stock of
  1) programs
  2) way
  3) technical
  4) both
  5) provided
  6) who
  7) such
  8) needed
  9) opportunities
  10) when
  11) to
  12) Completion
  13) holding
  14) early
  15) hire
  16) promote
  17) up
  18) educating

  1. He underwent major heart surgery several years ago.
  2. We estimated that it would take a week to finish the work.
  3. Many a woman finds it difficult to combine pursuing a career and having a child.
  4. You may love someone but it does not necessarily mean that you should marry him.
  5. It might be raining. Take an umbrella just in case.
  6. Britain has requested a summit to take stock of the fundamental changes in the world order.
  7. She is very religious, so death holds no fear for her.
  8. These examples demonstrate how badly some students write their résumé.

  1. Each of us places weight on different factors……(LL.1-
  2) weight: importance e.g. -- The scientists involved put different weight on the conclusions of different models. -- After he was voted out of power few people attached much weight to what he said.

  2. of course, complacency is appropriate for any decision in which nothing much is at stake, but that does not describe career decisions. (LL.19-
  21) at stake: in a situation where something might be lost e.g. -- The tension was naturally high with so much at stake. stake: risk money on a race or competition e.g. -- Jack staked all his money on the horse racing. (risk losing sth. valuable or important) -- The recent poll indicates that Bush is staking his presidency on waging war against Iraq unilaterally.

  3. When confronted with/faced with a decision and unable to believe they can find an acceptable solution, some people remain calm by resorting to wishful thinking or daydreaming. (LL.23-
  27) resort to: turn to … for help
e.g. -- The government resorted to censorship of the press when things
got out of control. …政府以新闻审查制度为手段 -- I‘m sorry you have resorted to deception. -- No country should resort to war as settlements for disputes.
-- Jimmy Carter, the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner, states that all border conflicts can be solved peacefully, while not resorting to war hastily.
as a last resort(作为最后的手段,最后的凭借) summer resort(避暑胜地)
e.g. -- Nuclear weapons should be used only as a last resort.

  4.…Under these conditions, students can conduct an effective search for alternative careers, carefully evaluate each alternative, and work out contingency plans in case one or another risk appears. (LL.41-
in case if (conj.) e.g. -- Take the raincoat in case it rains/(should) rain.
-- Take a hat with you in case the sun is/(should) be very hot. -- You had better carry some money in case (adv.).
cf: in case of e.g. -- Take the raincoat in case of raining.
-- Take a hat with you in case of the hot sun.
-- In any case, do your best. -- In no case should you give up.

  5. Every so often, take stock of your situation… (LL.58-
  59) e.g. -- After two years spent teaching abroad, she returned home for a month to take stock of her life. -- Britain has requested a summit to take stock of the fundamental changes in the world order. 英国要求召开最高级会议来审视世界秩序 中发生的根本变化。

  6. the changes that you undergo and the changes…(L.
  61) undergo: experience; endure e.g. -- She underwent an operation on a tumor in her left lung last year. -- Cinemas in Britain are undergoing a revival of popularity. -- He underwent a major heart operation several years ago.

  7. Often their new occupation is one that they overlooked when they were young or that they did not have an opportunity to pursue at that time for financial or other reasons. (LL.67-
  69) e.g. -- Nowadays, many Chinese students pursue their study abroad after they graduate from universities. -- The hunters spend many hours pursuing their prey. -- Many women find it difficult to combine pursuing a career and having children.
in pursuit of e.g. -- People are having to move to other areas in
pursuit of work.
Enriching your word power

  1) A
  2) B
  3) C
  4) C
  5) C
  6) A
  7) C
  8) B
  9) B
  10) C


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