大学英语 B 统考复习资料??作文

  1(在大学毕业后个人描述,给同学的一封 E-mail)Dear Li Xiaoming, It has been 10 years since we graduated from high school. What did you do during these years? What’s your job? Are you married? Have you got a child?
I work for IBM company. /a factory. I got married on Jan 1st 20
  00. My wife/ husband is a doctor/teacher/engineer/lawyer/worker/manager. We have a lovely daughter/son. I live in Wukang, Huzhou. I’ll be very glad if you and your wife can come to visit my home. I look forward to receiving your E-mail. Yours,

  2.有关旅游(给朋友的 E-mail 询问他一些地方的情况,他要到那里去旅游)Dear Ding Yan, How are you doing these days? I’m very glad to receive your E-mail. I am going to Qingdao next week/month. I’ve never been to Qingdao. But I have heard of Mount Lao./West Lake./the Forbidden City. Could you tell me how to get there? How many places of historic interest and scenic beauty are there in Qingdao besides Mount Lao? I like swimming very much. Would you like to go swimming with me? Could you help me reserve a single room? Thank you very much. Looking forward to your E-mail. See you next week! Yours, Tom
  3.有关聚会(关于同学的聚会的一些情况)Dear How are you doing these days?Have you got a new job? We are going to hold a party on New Year’s day/Labor’s Day. We will invite all the classmates. I think we'll be very happy because we haven’t met each other for a long time. We will have a lot of activities in the party, such as,
singing songs, dancing and to join us?
playing games. We’ve reserved a meeting room in Hangzhou Hotel. Would you like
I’m looking forward to receiving your E-mail/letter. See you! Jim
  4.有关目前学习情况 Dear ,
I’m glad to receive your E-mail yesterday. How are you? Have you passed the final examination? Now I study at Deqing TV University. I major in accounting(会计)/business administration(工商管理)/primary education(小学教育)。 have passed 12 courses, but I’ I m afraid of my weak English. Though I like singing English songs, I find it difficult for me to study grammar by myself./but I find it difficult for me to remember so many new words. Could you tell me how to improve my English ? /Could you give me some advice to improve my English? /What shall I do?(? 示可以任选一句) /? 表
I look forward to your E-mail! See you! Yours, 2011 年 4 月大学英语 B 统考英语 B 电大英语 B 网考英语 B 计算机应用基础必考资料,通过率
  90.8%,考前押题 QQ 424329 耗时二个多月,唯一一份适用于 2011 年 4 月新版考试大纲的大学英语 B 题库 3 月 1 日正式发布详细描 述:Q:4243
  29。任何考试都有自身特点,考试前请大家一定彻底了解英语网络考试的基本情况:题型设 置、题量、考试时间以及考试形式等基本信息。做到这一点非常容易,想要帮助请加 Q 4243
  5.有关英语学习 1Dear ,
I’m very glad to receive your E-mail. How are you doing? I’m not bad, but I’ll take an English test next week. You know my English is very poor. I can’t remember the new words quickly. And it’s difficult for me to study grammar. You have passed CET-
  4. Could you give some advice to improve my English? By the way, could you help me to buy a grammar book? Thanks a lot! I’ll try my best to learn English. If it’s convenient for you, please come to my home at any time. I look forward to your E-mail. Yours, *** book? How many words shall I remember? What’re the most important language points? Oh, my god! I’m

  6.有关英语学习 2 Dear I received your E-mail yesterday. I’m fine, but I’m busy in learning English now. There is an English test next month. You know I’m weak in English. Could you give me some advice to improve my English? Shall I buy a vocabulary book and a grammar
worried about my test! Could you borrow me some English books? Or could you recommend a list of test books? Thank you very much! I look forward to receiving your E-mail. Yours, ***
  3.社交生活 Dear Bob, I’ll tell you something above my daily life in this email and hope you will find it interesting. I usually get up early and go to work at 8 o’clock. I have lunch in the office. And I come back home at six. As a secretary, I deal with phone calls, emails and faxes during work hours. I also do the paper work for the manager. After work, I like to do shopping with friends or watch TV at home. Sometimes, I also like to chat on the Internet. Best regards, Yours, Michelle
  8.有关个人的情况 1 童年的梦想
  3.对未来的希望 Dear Jennifer, Thank you for telling me about d like to let you know more about me too. As a child, I wanted to be a detective. I thought a yourself. I’ detective was really great because he could solve criminal cases to do justice. But my dream never came true. I’m now a librarian, dealing with books every day. The work is nothing thrilling, but I like it. Since there are more and more electronic materials, I hope that we will have an e-library built soon. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Best wishes, Ian
  3.事件的经过 One day last week, a girl parked her car outside a fashion house. As soon as she was inside, two men opened the car door, started the engine and drove away in just one minute. When the girl recovered from the shock, she called 1
  10. Luckily, there was a police patrol car nearby. So the girl got in the police car and they drove in the direction where the thieves escaped. Twenty minutes later, they found the car waiting at a busy crossroad for the traffic lights to turn green. Needless to say, the car thieves were caught red-handed. Part II. Use of English
  1.自主(autonomous )学习与远程教育
  2.自主学习与合作(collaborative )学习
  3.你自己的学习情况 Autonomous learning is an important learning style in distance education. It is an essential skill for distance learners because they study alone most of the time. They do not meet their tutors or classmates very often. However, distance learners can learn a lot from each other. So autonomous learning and collaborative learning go hand. I am a distance learner. I have to do most learning tasks by myself. Meanwhile we have group activities every two weeks to complete some learning tasks or share experiences. I have found both forms of learning very helpful.
  3.你的结论 Some people believe that
country life is better than country life. I don’ aspects.
t agree with this. Town life can be convenient to us in many
For example, you can move around easily, shopping can be more fun in a big shopping mall and you can enjoy a
more colorful nightlife. But there are also many disadvantages. It is much nosier than in the country. Air pollution is more serious. It is not easy to park your car. It costs more to live in town. To name but a few is enough. Therefore, I prefer country life.
  3.重申保持身体健康的意义 Nowadays, more and more people know the importance of keeping healthy. Without a healthy body, we can do nothing. For me, there are three main ways to keep healthy. First, it is necessary to keep a balanced diet, which is the basis of good health. It is better for us to have more fruit and vegetables everyday. Secondly, it is important to take regular exercises, such as swimming, jogging and so on. Last but not least, it is essential to keep in a good mood. Relaxation and entertainment are ways to renew our spirits and release our stress. When we make healthy habits a part of our everyday life, we are bound to keep healthy.
  13. 哪一种是你最喜欢的交通方式
  2. 阐述你的理由
  3. 作出结论 In a modern city, there are many means of transportation, such as subway, taxi, bus and so on. But my favorite means of transportation is by bike. First, riding a bike is good for keeping healthy. I spend one hour riding a bike to my office on my working day, and I think it is a good form of physical exercise. Secondly, it is money-saving. Recently, the private car drivers always complain the price of gas is higher and higher, but if you ride a bike, it will cost you nothing. Thirdly, it is beneficial for protecting the environment, so it is a “green ”form of transportation. Therefore, although it has some disadvantages, I like riding a bike best.
  1. 描述你家的位置
  2. 各个房间的功能
  3. 表达你对你们家居条件的态度 My home is a newly-built house in the north of the city. We have three rooms in addition to the kitchen and bathroom. The first room is the main room or living room. It is for having meals, relaxing, reading, watching television and so on. It is the busiest room in the house. The second room is my daughter’s bedroom. She sleeps and dresses there. The third room belongs to my wife and me. It seems quite spacious because we have little furniture. We sleep, prepare lessons and generally relax there. I think my home is cozy and I like my home.
  1. 你最喜欢的电视节目是什么
  2. 你喜欢它的理由
  3. 作出结论 CCTV today offers a great variety of programmes to meet different needs and tastes. For example, the weather forecast, serials, films, sports and so on. My favorite TV programme, however, is the news. There are several points that are worth mentioning. For one thing, it covers news about important events both at home and abroad. Besides, the news it provides is timely and reliable. Finally, it broadcasts in the evening during the so-called “golden time ”. It saves me much time reading through news-papers for current affairs. In short, watching the news on CCTV has become part of my daily life.
  1. 你理想的工作是什么
  2. 你的理由
  3. 如何实现你的理想 Everybody has his dream for his career in the future. He or she might want to be a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, a sportsperson and so on. To tell you the truth, my ideal job is in business. The idea came into being when I was a child. With the development of market economy, there are many prosperous opportunities in business. I like reading stories about some successful businessmen such as Bill Gates, Li Jiacheng, etc. I believe I will be a man like them some day. Now, I am majoring in Computering. I must study hard to get myself qualified for my future job.
(name and relationship)
  2)描述外貌, (describe his/her appearance and character)
  3)描述行为 ; 性格 ; (describe something that happened to him/her.) I’ 。 m going to write about my best friend, Zhou Fang, who I’ ve known since we were both kids. She is tall, slim and charming. I look up to her because she usually takes care of me and helps other people. I learned a lot from her such as singing, dancing and swimming. I’m like her because both of us are patient and dynamic. She likes climbing and reading, and me too. She doesn’t like shopping, and me neither. She’s ambitious and humorous. When we are together, I feel very relaxed. She enjoys learning new things, and she often says to me, “Studying English isn’t easy, but don’t quit.”
  1)假设你是 Mary Brown,你以老师的口吻给 Mr Smith 写一封 70-80 词的推荐信,说明一 位想从事会计工作的学生王玲想约见他。 Dear Mr Smith, I am writing to you to give you some information about Wang Ling. He would like to make an appointment to see you as soon as possible. He wants to be an accountant and I believe this is a good career for him because he likes working to deadlines and working alone. He has a good eye for detail and an excellent memory. He prefers taking responsibility. He is patient and dynamic. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Mary Brown
  19.假设你是 Betty Pull,你以老师的口吻给 Mr Blake 写一封 780 词的推荐信,说明一位想从事医生工作的 学生 Sally Carr 想约见他。
  2)该生各方面素质和 能力。 Dear Mr Blake, I am writing to you to give you some information about Sally Carr. She would like to make an appointment to see you as soon as possible. She wants to be a doctor and I believe this is a good career for her because she likes taking responsibility and meeting new people. She has a good eye for detail and an excellent memory. She prefers working on her own. She is intelligent, patient and hard-working. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Betty Pull
  1)假设你是 A. Banister, 你对正在你家进行的装修工程感到不满意,你向经理 Mr Townsend 写一封 70-80 词的投诉信,将你的问题和所作的决定告诉他。 (
  2)假设你是游客 Mary Brown, 你曾于元月
  14,15 日住在 Hotel Royal,你对那里的住宿感到不满意,你向经理(不知姓名和性



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