词汇与结构专项 专项练习 大学英语 B 词汇与结构专项练习
Test 1
  1. He served in the army for only before he was sent back. A. one and a half year C. a year and a half A. never to drive C. never driving A. understand C. understanding
  4. It's really kind . A. of you to say so C. of you saying so A. outline A. concise A. slight A. confused A. concealed A. adjust B. general B. precise B. simple B. cost B. for you to say so D. for you saying so C. edge C. real C. slender C. paid D. outlook D. metal D. single D. consumed D. reflected B. one year and a half D. a year and half B. to never drive D. never drive B. to understand D. understood

  2. Mrs. Smith warned her daughter after drinking.

  3. Because of my poor English I'm afraid I can't make myself .

  5. She could only see the of the trees.
  6. There are benefits in the new system.
  7. I can't tell the difference between the twin sisters.
  8. He soon his fortune.
  9. I felt soon by your dirty words. B. preserved B. adopt C. discouraged D. admit
  10. She decided not to her husband's name when she got married. C. address Test 2
  1. , we decided to leave at once, as we didn't want to risk missing the bus. A. As it being pretty late C. It was being pretty late A. What A. am B. That B. is C. are B. It being pretty late D. Being pretty late C. Which D. will D. As

  2. was once regarded as impossible has now become a reality.
  3. Mr. Smith, together with his wife and children, going to the party this weekend.
  4. Would you mind the computer game in your room?
A. him playing C. him to play A. has worked C. works A. read B. reads
B. his playing D. him play B. has been working D. will have worked C. reading D. to read

  5. By next year he in New York for five years.

  6. Henry is often seen English aloud every morning in the classroom.
  7. Without heat and sunlight, plants on the earth well. A. would not grow C. had not grown A. something has done C. has something been done A. to discuss C. to be discussed A. must rain C. must have rained B. will not grow D. would not be grown B. has something done D. something has been done

  8. Only recently to deal with the environmental problems.

  9. The question at the meeting tomorrow is very important. B. being discussed D. will be discussed B. was raining D. may rain Test 3
  1. The mother didn't know to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. A. who B. when C. how D. what
  2. I believe that every crime, the circumstance, should be severely punished. A. in spite of C. instead of A. to make A. dialogue A. a small room C. great deal room A. I will study C. I had studied B. because of D. on account of B. with making B. idea C. tale C. being making D. account D. making

  10.Since this road is wet and slippery this morning, it last night.

  3. The workers are busy models for the exhibition.
  4. Yesterday Mr. Smith gave a vivid of his recent visit to China.
  5. The definition leaves for disagreement. B. much room D. not so big a room B. I will have been studied D. I will have been studying

  6. By the time you arrive this evening, for two hours.

  7. I would have joined him in a picnic, but I his company.
A. will not like C. had not liked A. played football C. play football A. Busy was as he C. Busy as he was A. to understand C. to be understood
B. don't like D. might not like B. will play football D. are playing football B. Busy as was he D. As was he busy B. understanding D. understood Test 4

  8. Let's finish our homework in a few seconds; it's time we .

  9. at Harvard, he began again to write his essay.

  10. Pierre often makes himself by gesturing with his hands.

  1. The bridge was named the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people. A. after B. for C. because of D. before D. promoting D. appointed D. criticized D. company
  2. There was a large crowd in the square against the war. A. protecting A. arranged A. accused A. practice A. on B. in B. protesting B. approached B. charged B. place C. of B. don't we C. preventing C. applied C. blamed C. advance D. from C. didn't we D. shouldn't you
  3. We have to the government for a home improvement loan.
  4. Tom the shopkeeper with overcharging him for the articles he had bought.
  5. The idea sounds very good but will it work in ?
  6. He got a job so that he could be independent his parents.
  7. We had to wait a long time to get our passports, ? A. won't we
  8. Do you feel like today? A. having something eaten C. to have something eaten A. is B. be C. must be B. having something to eat D. to have something to eat D. can be

  9. It's vital that enough money collected to get the project started.
  10. We consider the instrument be adjusted each time it is used. A. that it necessary C. necessary that B. it necessary that D. necessary of it that Test 5
  1. Jean did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was busy for her
examination. A. to prepare C. preparing A. can have gone C. must have gone life. A. how A. seating B. who B. seated C. what D. that D, to seat
  4. The concert usually takes place at the People's Square, with the audience on the ground. C. be seating
  5. If the whole program beforehand, a great deal of time and money would have been lost. A. was not planned C. would not be planned A. began A. which A. when she A. carry on A. tried Test1 Test3 Test5 B. begin B. that B. were not planned D. had not been planned C. should begin C. all what D. have begun B. to be prepared D. being prepared B. should have gone D. ought to have gone

  2. The computer doesn't work well, so something wrong.

  3. Although Mary is satisfied with her success, she wonders will happen to her private

  6. Isn't it about time you to do morning exercises?
  7. I am very grateful to you for what you've given me and you have done for me. D. all that D. she D. get through D. endeavored BABBDDACCC ABCBACCBBB
  8. It was not until she had arrived home remembered her appointment with the doctor. B. that she B. account for B. succeeded BADAACADCB AADDBDBACD CCCBDADBAC C. and she C. bring up C. managed Test2 Test4
  9. Determined to as if everything were normal, he responded with a kind of indifference.
  10. He to arrange a loan through a finance company. 词汇与结构专项练习答案



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