2010 年 10 月
Part I. Vocabulary and Structure
  2. She never lost her for teaching. A. enthusiasm B. enthusiastic C. engine D. theme
  3. By the time you arrive in London, we in Europe for two weeks. A. shall stay B. have stayed C. will have stayed D. have been staying
  4. She was the only child in the family, but they didn’t ___her. A. hurt B. damage C. spoil D. harm
  5. When I , the play started. A. was seated B. seated C. was seating D. was being seated
  6. The old woman next door is very keen__growing roses. A. at B. on C. with D. to
  7. “John isn’t here now.” “ left by the back door?” A. Must he have B. Might he have C. Had he D. Should he have
  8. The police are____the two missing children. A. looking out B. looking after C. looking for D. looking on
  9. It was a small country house but it was large urban standards. A. at B. for C. by D. from
  10. The web also provides an environment in which it is quick and easy to ___ideas with colleagues. A. change B. exchange C. trade D. know
  11. The criminal always paid cash so the police could not track him down. A. on B. by C. for D. in
  12. man can now create radioactive elements, there is nothing he can do to reduce their radioactivity. A. As B. Whether C. While D. Now that
  13. Tom was very happy when his parents told him that they__back to America soon. A. would come B. will come C. is coming D. are coming
  14. Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially containing as many different subcultures as the United States, is a complex task. A. one B. the one C. that D. such
  15. By the time we got to the railway station, the train A has already left B will have left already C was leaving already D had already left
  16. Of the two T-shirts, I chose . A. the less expensive B. the one least expensive C. the least expensive D. the least expensive of them
  17. A suitcase with a shirt, trousers and shoes stolen from the car. A. have been B. has C .was D. are
  18. You can’t be careful in making the decision as it was such a critical case. A. very B. quite C. too D. so
  19. The bicycle you referred to isn’t . It belongs to . A. me; you B. mine; hers C. hers; his D. his; her
  20. Exercise can affect our outlook on life, and it can also help us get rid of tension, anxiety and frustration. So we should take exercise A usually B normally C regularly D constantly
  21. Tom Mary can help me, for they are very busy. A. Both; and B. Either; or C. Whether; or D. Neither; nor
  22. I thought you were going to the mountains last week. I’d want to, but I was busy to leave. A. too much B. so much C. much more D. much too
  23. For a successful business, friendly and staff are essential. A. sufficient B. effective C. efficient D. respective
  24. His health is . A. as poor, if not poor than, his sister B. poor as his sister’s if not poor C. as poor as if not poorer than his sister’s D. as poor, if not poorer than sister’s
  25. He could always a reason for them to linger another month. A catch up with B come up with C put up with D keep up with
  26. The kite flew in the sky and everyone spoke of it.
A. high…high B. highly…highly C. high…highly D. highly…high
  27. He is concerned with the problems that poor people in their daily lives. A are subjected to B are subjected with C subject to D subject with
  28. That young man has made so much noise that he not have been allowed to attend the concert. A. need B. must C. would D. should
  29. do it myself than try to persuade such a silly fellow like him. A. I’d like B. I’d rather C. I’d better D. I’d like to
  30. He's determined to finish the job long it takes. A. no matter B. however C. wherever D. whatever
  31. Weighing seven hundred pounds, . A. she could not move the piano B. the piano should not be moved C. the piano was unable to move D. the piano was too heavy for her to move
  32. I don't know why she avoids her opinion on the subject. A. to give B. to be given C. giving D. being given
  33. He has made another wonderful discovery, of great importance to science and man. A. which I think is B. which I think it is C. of which I think it is D. I think which is
  34. I hadn’t seen him for years, but I his voice on the telephone. A. realized B. discovered C. recognized D. heard
  35. What are you going to study next year? I don’t know, but it’s time something. A. I decide B. I decided C. I’ll decide D. I’d decide
  36. Could I borrow your dictionary? I’d get it for you I could remember who last borrowed it. A. except that B. if only C. only if D. unless
  37. I tried to put a telephone call to him, but his line was always busy. A. over B. into C. away D. through
  38. The students didn’t manage to work out the problem their teacher had explained how. A. when B. until C. unless D. as
  39. Some people think about their rights than about their duties. A. too much B. as much C. much more D. many more
  40. I was just about to leave the room the doorbell rang. A when B while C but D however
  41. The showed us around the factory is equipped with modern machines. A. in that B. what C. in which D. which
  42. If more short journeys were made by bicycles, energy could be saved and pollution A reduced B decreased C declined D dropped
  43. She began to something but stopped when she heard the teacher . A. tell…saying B. speak…talking C. say…speaking D. talk…telling
  44. They built strong walls round the town as a against the enemy. A. defense B. defend C. defeat D. depend
  45. If you don’t want to get wet, then you had better this umbrella with you. A. take B. to take C. taken D. for taking
  46. It’s about 400 mm rain in this area a year . A. above all B. of all C. on average D. for average
  47. I'll try to get in touch with him, but he ever stays at home on the weekends. A rarely B almost C hardly D occasionally
  48. Little John caught a fish this morning. A. alive B. alone C. lonely D. living
  49. We develop trade with that company for our shared . A. honor B. benefit C. reward D. prize
  50. On in London, Smith went to see the House of Parliament. A. getting B. coming C. reaching D. arriving
  51. Who the workers to take up the struggle? A. called for B. called on C. called in D. called off
  52. Henry Ford’s introduction of the assembly line vastly reduced the time it took . A. to make a car B. making a car C. for making a car D. while making a car
  53. The Premier and the Foreign Minister present at the state banquet last night.
A. are B. was C. were D. had
  54. One of the reasons why forest size gets smaller is that many trees have to be to make paper every year. A cut down B cut back C cut off D cut out
  55. “Joe doesn’t seem like the same person.” “so much in the war has made him more thoughtful.” A. To have seen B. Having seen C. For him to see D. to go
  56. Our ancestors were used to eating the sort of food that a lot of fibre. A keeps B stores C contains D includes
  57. He had no choice but to see him. A. go B. went C. going D. to go 58 Reading can be very for every one. A rewarding B dwarfing C awarding D forwarding
  59. The music was so that the audience were to death. A. boring…bored B. bored…boring C. bored…bored D. boring…boring
  60. When he came back after an absence of 20 years, he found his hometown completely . A. changing B. to be changed C. to change D. changed
  61. Schools are open to all of race, colour or creed. A respective B irrespective C regard D regarding
  62. When visiting a foreign country, I sometimes found it difficult . A. to make myself understood B. to make others understand myself C. to make myself understand D. making others understand my
  63. She will always in mind what her parents told her when she left home. A. place B. keep C. control D. restrict
  64. Some of the experiments in the book are easy to perform. A. being described B. described C. to be described D. having been described
  65. The difference between an African elephant and an Asian one is that the former has ears. A. larger B. the large C. more larger D. the largest
  66. , he had asked three persons before he got there. A. Not knowing where was the bookstore B. Knowing not where the bookstore was C. Not knowing where the bookstore was D. Not to know where the bookstore was
  67. I really appreciate to help me, but I am sure that I can manage by myself. A. you to offer B. that you offer C. your offering D. that you are offering
  68. The event took place during A. First World War B. the First World War C. World War the one D. the World War One
  69. The riot is said by the government’s negligence of the people’s welfare. A. to have been caused B. being caused C. to be caused D. to caused
  70. Such the case, there were no grounds to justify your complaints. A. was B. had been C. would by D. being
  71. The furniture in his room is quite different in yours. A. from those B. from that C. from that one D. from those ones
  72. I took the medicine, but it didn’t have any on me. A. effect B. relation C. touch D. affect
  73. Electricity, like other forms of has greatly increase in price. A. strength B. force C. power D. energy
  74. The planets are so far away that it is impossible in miles. A. that we measure it B. to use to measure them C. for us to measure them D. measuring them
  75. Even after I washed the coat, it still had some marks on it. A. weak B. familiar C. faint D. regular Part II: Reading Comprehension(
An unusual cooperation between the local university and other education providers in East Anglia has seen the establishment of Norwich's new Learning Shop. At the city center shop, local people can look through booklets and leaflets to find out about learning opportunities ranging from evening classes to postgraduates (研究生) degrees. Skilled staffs are on hand to give accurate information about courses and training in the region. More than 11,000 people have visited the shop since it opened in 19
  97. The majority of inquiries have been about courses in further education, but 17 percent have related to higher education in general. Customer feedback (反馈) confirms how valuable the resource is. A woman's comment is typical: "It's a brilliant idea - less daunting than going to the different institutions." A seller told us: "This really gives you hope you can get back into something." Fellow institutions are welcome to set up exhibitions and events at the shop: to date, these have included poetry readings, a recorder concert and numerous exhibitions and displays. The shop is staffed by two advisers and other colleagues from the fellow institutions in the region. Speaking at the "Norwich as a Learning City" conference, Prof. Mike Campell at the local university, said the first barrier (障碍) to learning was lack of information. The Learning Shop aims to break down that barrier.
  1. For what purpose is the Learning Shop set up.'? C. Evening classes. D. Part-time courses. A. To help people know more about higher education.
  4. The events we can find in the Learning Shop include the B. To sell booklets and leaflets of the institutions. following EXCEPT . C. To provide educational opportunities to old people. A. recorder concerts D. To promote courses and training in the region. B. local conferences
  2. The word "daunting" (Line 2, Para.
  3) is close to C. poetry readings in meaning. D. displays and exhibitions A. disappointing
  5. Which of the following is TRUE according to Prof. Mike B. boring Campell? C. worrying A. The city authorities should run more learning shops. D. discouraging B. People have difficulties in finding out about learning
  3. What are the visitors to the Learning Shop mainly interested opportunities. in? C. The staff should provide customers with accurate A. Further education courses. information. B. University degree courses. D. Most people want to go back to college. (
  2) It was because of my letters (which Malcolm X wrote to people outside while he was in jail) that I happened to stumble upon starting to acquire some kind of a homemade education. I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote ... And every book I picked up had few sentences which didn't contain anywhere from one to nearly all the words that might as well have been in Chinese. When I skipped those words, of course, I really ended up with little idea of what the book said I saw that the best thing I could do was get hold of a dictionary -- to study, to learn some words. I requested a dictionary along with some notebooks and pencils from the Norfolk Prison Colony school. I spent two days just turning uncertainly the pages of a dictionary. I'd never realized so many words existed! I didn't know which words I needed to learn. Finally, just to start some kind of action, I began copying. In my slow, painstaking, ragged handwriting, I copied into my notebook everything printed on that first page, down to the punctuation marks. I believe it took me a day. Then, aloud, I read back to myself everything I'd written in the notebook. Over and over, aloud, to myself, I read my own handwr



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   Part I Writing (30 minutes) 注意:此部分试题在答题卡 1 上。 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Due Attention Should Be Given To Spelling. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given be ...


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   1 A Health Profile A health profile is a portrait of all of the factors that influence your health.To draw your health profile,you will need to know what diseases run in your family, what health hazards you may be exposed to at work, how your daily ...


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