1:2011 年统考大学英语(A)模拟试卷 大学英语(A)模拟试卷 Information for the Examinees: This examination consists of FOUR parts. They are: Section I: Reading Comprehension (30 points, 25 minutes) Section II: Vocabulary and Grammar (30 points, 25 minutes) Section III: Translation (20 points, 10 minutes) Section IV: Writing (20 points, 30 minutes) The total score for this examination is 1
  00. The time allowed for this examination is 90 minutes. Section I: Reading Comprehension [30 points]
Instructions: ? This section will take approximately 25 minutes. ? There are TWO sections in this part. Part 1: Questions 1-5 are based on this part. (15 points) Read the following passage and choose the best answer from A, B, C and D. Most young people enjoy some form of physical activity. It may be walking, cycling or swimming, or in winter, skating or skiing. It may be game of some kind, football, hockey, golf, or tennis. It may be mountaineering. Those who have a passion for climbing high and difficult mountains are often looked upon with astonishment. Why are men and women willing to suffer cold and hardship, and to take risks on high mountains? This astonishment is caused probably by the difference between mountaineering and other forms of activity to which men give their leisure. Mountaineering is a sport and not a game. There are no man-made rules, as there are for such games as golf and football. There are, of course, rules of a different kind which it would be dangerous to ignore, but it is this freedom from man-made rules that makes mountaineering attractive to many people. Those who climb mountains are free to use their own methods. If we compare mountaineering and other more familiar sports, we might think that one big difference is that mountaineering is not a 'team game'. We should be mistaken in this. There are, it is true, no 'matches' between 'teams' of climbers, but when climbers are on a rock face linked by a rope on which their lives may depend, there is obviously teamwork. The mountain climber knows that he may have to fight forces that are stronger and more powerful than man. He has to fight the forces of nature. His sport requires high mental and physical qualities. A mountain climber continues to improve in skill year after year. A skier is probably past his best by the age of thirty, and most international tennis champions are in their early twenties. But it is not unusual
for man of fifty or sixty to climb the highest mountains in Alps. They may take more time than younger men, but they probably climb with more skill and less waste of effort, and they certainly experience equal enjoyment.
  1. Mountaineering involves . A. cold B. hardship C. physical risk D. all of the above
  2. The difference between a sport and a game has to do with the kind of . A. activity B. rules C. uniform D. participants
  3. Mountaineering can be called a team sport because . A. it is an Olympic event B. teams compete against each other C. mountaineers depend on others while climbing D. there are 5 climbers on each team
  4. Mountaineers compete against . A. nature B. each other C. other teams D. international standards
  5. Which of the following is probably the best title for the passage? . A. Mountaineering is different from golf and football B. Mountaineering is more attractive than other sports C. Mountaineering D. Mountain climbers Part 2: Questions 6- 10 are based on this part. (15 points) Read the following passage and choose the best answer from A, B, C and D. Remember global warming? Back in December, the threat of climate change was thundering and the rich countries agreed to cut their carbon-dioxide and other green-house-related emissions. Since then, interest has cooled markedly, and many European countries are already running away from the promises they made so loudly a few months ago. But there has been much talk, and a bit of action, to encourage renewable energies such as wind, hydro, solar and all living organisms. These emit no greenhouse gases, but tend to cost more than coal, oil or gas. The better, simpler idea is to remember that the easiest way to reduce something is to tax it - in this case, by taxing the carbon content power. The dirtier the power, the more tax would be charged. So dirty coal would be more expensive than
clean energy, so coal would see its price rise in relation to oil, which would be more expensive compared with gas, which would lose some of its price advantage over renewables. Unless a carbon tax was so huge as to be economically crippling, it would not remove the price differential between all renewables and fossil fuels. But it would narrow that gap, by fixing the differing environmental costs into the price - a useful principle in itself. It would also give renewable producers a strong incentive to cut costs, and fossil-fuel suppliers the motivation to clean their products. Precedents suggest strongly that a carbon tax would be effective. But the disadvantage to carbon tax is political. After almost a decade of trying, the European Union gave up an attempt at a European carbon tax last year. Germany's ruling coalition is fighting against a proposed energy tax. In America, politicians believe that even mentioning the notion is certain death. But many of the political objections could be met if a carbon tax were made up for the loss elsewhere, for example by lowering payroll or sales taxes. There is always suspicion when governments come up with clever new ways to tax, and rightly so. The response to that suspicion should be to win the argument, not to abandon it.
  6. According to the passage, the easiest way to remove global warming is . A. to encourage people to use renewable energies B. to cut down the cost of wind, hydro, solar and all living organisms C. to force people to pay more tax for the carbon content of power D. to talk less but act more
  7. The standard of paying tax was . A. that the more carbon content of power it contained, the higher tax one would pay B. that oil would be more expensive than clean coal C. that renewables would be most expensive of all D. in the order that renewables are the most expensive while clean coal the cheapest
  8. We can infer from the passage that carbon tax . A. may not be as effective as people expect B. has encouraged renewable producers to cut costs C. has reduced consumption of the carbon content energy successfully D. couldn't be that effective if fossil fuels would not be forbidden
  9. The underlined word "crippling" (Para.
  3) most probably means . A. greatly increasing B. seriously weakening C. sharply declining D. abruptly halting
  10. The reason why many countries stopped introducing carbon tax eventually was mainly that . A. governments had tried to put it into effect for many years but with no obvious result B. if one country made up the loss by paying the carbon tax, other countries would follow it
C. governments were afraid of being suspected if they adopted the new tax D. governments had been discussing what to do with carbon tax for a long time, but they didn’t believe it themselves. Section II: Vocabulary and Grammar Instructions: ? This section will take 25 minutes. ? There are TWO parts in this section. Part 1: Questions 11- 20 are based on this section. (10 points) Read the following sentences and choose the best answer from A, B, C and D.
  11. The girl immediately shut the window to the rain. A. keep out B. keep down C. keep up D. keep back
  12. five hundred people are believed to have drowned. A. As many as B. As much as C. So many as D. So much as
  13. The child was by his bad grades and did not want to go to school. A. discouraged B. encouraged C. delighted D. disagreed
  14. Your ill treatment of disputes would put other people in a negative frame of . A. mind B. idea C. intention D. wish
  15. We all believe that it'd be hard for him to extra responsibilities now. A. take apart B. take up C. take on D. take back
  16. It is with her support he won the Nobel Prize. A. which B. that C. what [30 points]
D. when
  17. I wish you wouldn't spend so much time TV. A. to watch B. watch C. watched D. watching
  18. When the girl heard the news, she could do nothing but back home. A. going B. went C. to go D. go
  19. It is not uncommon for problems of communication between old and young. A. there to be B. there being C. there to being D. there be
  20. They thankful to have the opportunity to further their studies. A. would like to be B. ought to be C. would rather be D. had better be Part 2: Questions 21 - 30 are based on this section. (20 points) Read the following passage and fill in each blank by choosing the best answer from A, B, C and D. Years ago in Scotland, the Clark family had a dream. Clark and his wife worked and saved, __21__ plans for their nine children and themselves to move to the United States. It __22__them many years, but finally they saved enough money. They got passports and reservations on a new liner (游轮) to that country. The entire family was __23__ about their new life. __24__, a week before their departure, the youngest son was bitten by a dog. The doctor healed the boy; but in case of rabies (狂犬病), the boy had to be separated and observed for two weeks. The family's __25__ was dashed. They would not be able to make the trip to __26__ as they had planned. Standing on the dock to watch the ship leave, the father shed tears of disappointment and cursed both his son and God for their __27__. Five days later, the __28__ news spread throughout Scotland - the mighty Titanic had sunk. The unsinkable ship had sunk, taking hundreds of lives with it. When Mr. Clark heard the news, he hugged his son and thanked him __29__ saving the family. He also thanked God for saving their lives and turning __30__ he had felt was a tragedy into a blessing. Although we may not always understand, all things happen for a reason.
  21. A. making B. doing
C. D.
  22. A. B. C. D.
  23. A. B. C. D.
  24. A. B. C. D.
  25. A. B. C. D.
  26. A. B. C. D.
  27. A. B. C. D.
  28. A. B. C. D.
  29. A. B. C. D.
  30. A.
playing finding paid gave spend took excited worried nervous tired Because However Therefore Besides party dream business house Scotland Africa Australia America responsibility discomfort misfortune courage happy similar funny tragic to for with in that
B. which C. what D. who Section III: Translation [20 points] Instructions: ? This section will take 10 minutes. ? There are Four sentences in this part. Translate the following four sentences into English.
  31. 中国是一个人口众多的发展中国家。
  32. 由于他的大力支持,我们按时完成了任务。(Due to)
  33. 即使昨天我知道这件事, 我也不会告诉你的。
  34. 你们必须在两周内读完这些书。 Section IV: Writing [20 points] Instructions: ? This section will take 30 minutes. ? Your essay should be no less than 150 words.
  35. Instructions: Your essay should be no less than 150 words. You are to write an essay on the topic "Where to Shop". You should base your essay on the outline below:
  1. 现代社会人们经常购物的场所;
  2. 比较两种主要的购物场所的优势和缺点;
  3. 你经常去哪里购物,原因是什么。
大学英语(A)模拟试卷答案 Section I Reading Comprehension (30 points) Part 1: (15 points,3 points for each item)
  1. 答案: D
  2. 答案: B
  3. 答案: C
  4. 答案: A
  5. 答案: C Part 2: (15 points,3 points for each item)
  6. 答案: C
  7. 答案: A
  8. 答案: A
  9. 答案: B
  10. 答案: C Section II Vocabulary and Grammar (30 points)
Part 1: (10 points,1 points for each item)
  11. 答案: A
  12. 答案: A
  13. 答案: A
  14. 答案: A
  15. 答案: C
  16. 答案: B
  17. 答案: D
  18. 答案: D
  19. 答案: A
  20. 答案: B Part 2: (20 points,2 points for each item)
  21. 答案: A
  22. 答案: D
  23. 答案: A
  24. 答案: B
  25. 答案: B
  26. 答案: D
  27. 答案: C
  28. 答案: D
  29. 答案: B
  30. 答案: C Section III Translation (20 points, 10 minutes)
  31. 答案:China is a developing country with a large population.
  32. 答案:Due to his generous/full support, we finished the task/job on time.
  33. 答案:Even if I had known about it yesterday, I wouldn't have told you.
  34. 答案:You must finish reading these books in two weeks. Section IV Writing (20 points, 30 minutes)
  35. 答案:略
  2:大学英语(B)模拟试卷. 大学英语(B)模拟试卷 第一部分:交际用语(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 此部分共有 5 个未完成的对话, 针对每个对话中未完成的部分有 4 个选项, 请从 A.B.C.D 四个选项中选出正确选项。
  1. - The weather report says it will rain tomorrow. - . It hasn't rained for a long time. A. I hope so
B. I hope not C. That's wrong D. I believe not
  2. - Hello! May I speak to Jane, please? - . A. Speaking, please B. I'm Jane speaking C. This is Jane speaking to you D. I'm Jane
  3. - You know, I have three kids now. - A. Well, I've grown a mustache. B. That's terrific! C. Say, you've really changed your hair. D. Well, I gave up drinking.
  4. - How about going to dinner at the Mexican restaurant tonight? - A. Forget it. B. Sorry, I like Mexican food. C. That's great! D. Glad you like it.
  5. - Excuse me, how much is the jacket? - It's 499



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