1. 否定句型
  1) 部分否定。 其否定意义只局限于整体中的一部分。 其形式: 概括词 all, every 等+not+ “ 谓语动词” 。常用于该句型词:all, both, everybody, everywhere, always, altogether, entirely, wholly 等。 All is not gold that glitters. I do not wholly agree.
  2) 完全否定。其形式:no, none 等否定词+肯定式谓语。常用于该句型词:no, none, nobody, nothing, nowhere, never, neither, nowhere, nowise, 等。还有一种句型:all 等概括词+肯定式谓 语+否定意义的词。 No words can describe the scene. 任何言词均不能描绘那景色。 All his plan came to nothing.
  3)双重否定 a. 主语+cannot+ help/refrain/keep + from + v-ing He could not help showing his pleasure.他不由得喜形于色。 b. 主语+cannot+ but/choose but/ help but +do They can not choose but admit that they are wrong. c. (there be) not +主语+but+谓语 (There is )Nobody but has his faults. 人人都有缺点。
  2. 判断句型
  1) 强调判断句 a. 主语+be+ no/none +other than/but +表语(强调内容) The tall figure that I saw was none other than our commander. b. 主语+be+ nothing+(else)but/ else than/ less than+ 表语 Genius is nothing but labor and diligence.天才只不过是劳动加勤奋而已。 c. it is/was +强调部分+that/ who +从句 It is I who am to blame.
  2) 正反判断句 a. 主语+be +not+表语 a, but +表语 b What I admire in Columbus is not his discovered a world, but his having gone to search for it on the faith of an opinion. b. (it is) not… that(who) …, but…that (who) Not that we are afraid of them, but that they are afraid of us.
  3)比较判断句: a. 主语+be less+表语 a +than 表语 b / more+表语 b+表语 a Experience shows that success is due less to abilities than to zeal. b. 主语+be+表语 b+ rather than+表语 a He is an artist rather than a philosopher. c. 主语+be+ not so much +表语 a+ as+表语 b It is so much advice as approval that he seeks. 他寻求的与其说是忠告,不如说是忠告。
  3. 倍数表示句型: a. 主语+be+倍数+that of 被比较对象/ as +形容词+as+被比较对象
In this workshop the output is four times that of January. b. 主语+increase/rise/attain+(to) 倍数+compared with+被比较对象 Now the industry of the country has attained 6 times of last year. c. 主语+increase+(by)百分数+ (compared with) Many counties have increased their farm output by 100 percent in a short time.
  4. 比较句型
  1) 等比句型 a. 主语+谓语+as+ adj./adv. +as+ as+被比较对象 He is as tall as I am. b. 主语+谓语+no more/less+ adj./adv.+ than 被比较对象 She is no less diligent than her sister.
  2) 其他比较句型 我 would (had) rather… than/ ….rather than… …would sooner than… Sooner than do such work, I would starve.我你愿饿死,也不干这工作。
  5. 程度句型
  1) a. so… that…/ such…that The difference is such that all will perceive it. d. 主语+谓语+程度状语 so/such +adj./adv. +as + to do Your stupidity is cu as to fill me with despair.
  1) too… to It is too good to be true.
  6. 倒装让步句型 a. 表语+as +主语(代词)+联系动词,+主句 b. 表语+联系动词+主语(名词) ,+主句 c. 副词/动词原形+as +主语,+主句 Disabled as is Paul, he is trying his best to serve the people. Try as we might, we could not accomplish it.
  7. It 作形式主语的常艰句型 a. It is+ adj.+ that It is possible that the students come this afternoon. b. It 不及物动词+that It turns out that the price begins to go down. c. It be +名词+that… It was the case that everything was in a mess. d. It be +done + that It is said that a foreign teacher will come to our class.

New words adj. 在前[先]的, 前面的; 上述的 the preceding night 前一晚 in the preceding chapter 在前章 vt. (时间, 位置, 次序)在...之先[前], 领先于, 在...之上; 比...重要, 在...前加上; 为...加上引言(by, with)
The tourists were preceded by their guide. 向导走在游客的前面。 He preceded his speech with welcome to the guests. 他在正式讲演前, 先对来宾表示欢迎。 3 、 impromptu adv.,adj. 即 席 地 [ 的 ], 临 时 地 [ 的 ], 事 先 无 准 备 地 [ 的 ] a speech made impromptu 即席演说 made an impromptu speech 即席演讲
  4、humiliation humiliate 羞辱, 蒙耻 v. 羞辱, 使丢脸, 耻辱 humiliate oneself 丢脸, 出丑 The country was humiliated by defeat. 该国因战败而受辱。 n. 临时接受 acceptanc 接受; 验收 答应, 承认; 认可, 肯定 receive wide acceptance 得到广泛承认

  5、provisional acceptance
find acceptance with;gain acceptance with;win acceptance with;find acceptance in gain acceptance in ;win acceptance in 获得公认, 得到赞同 acceptance of persons 偏爱, 偏袒, 讲情面

  6、accept Acceptability 合意,适合;可接受性,可承诺性 Acceptable 合意的,可接受的,可承诺的,容忍的 Acceptance 接受,接纳;赞同;承认 Acceptant a. 接受的,易于接受的; n. 接受者,领受者 Acceptation = acceptance 承认;赞同 Accepted a. 公认的,认为恰当的;一般所向,新的 ~ly, adv. Accepter/ acceptor 领受者,接纳者 区别 accept/receive
  7、 ambitious 志向远大的; 有雄心壮志的; 豪迈的; 有野心的 热望的/矫饰的; 矜矫的/炫耀 自负的 ambition n. 野心, 雄心 ambitious for [power, social position, etc.] 极欲获得[权力, 社会地位等] be ambitious of success 渴望成功 be ambitious to serve the people 一心想为人民服务 8 、 promotion n. 促 进 , 发 扬 , 提 升 , 提 拔 , 晋 升 Promote vt. promote growth [prosperity, understanding] 促进增长[繁荣, 了解] be promoted (to be [to the rank of]) first mate 被提为 提为大副 提为 Several banks promoted the company. 好几家银行创办 创办了这个公司。 创办 The boy was promoted to the fourth grade. 这个男孩升到 升到四年级。 升到 The company are promoting their new products on television. 这家公司在电视上宣传 宣传他们的 宣传 新产品。
  9、 inevitably adj. 不可避免的; 无法避免的; 必然(发生)的/ 照例必有的; 惯常的 the inevitable course of history 历史的必由之路 Death is inevitable. 死是不可避免的。 Mary was wearing her inevitable large hat. 玛丽戴着她总是戴的那顶大帽子。
  10、 assume vt. 假定, 设想/担任; 承担; 接受/采取; 采用; 表现为, 呈(形式, 姿态, 位置) /装出, 假装/擅取, 侵占 assume this to be true 假定这是真的 assume office 就职 assume the reins of government 执政, 开始掌权 assume a leading position 担任领导职务 assume responsibility 负责, 承担责任 assume a new aspect 呈现新的面貌 assume airs of 摆...架子 assume great airs 神气活现, 装作要人的模样, 摆架子
The motion of matter always assumes certain forms. 物质的运动总是表现为一定的形式。 He's not such a fool as you assumed him to be. 他并非你所以为的那样愚蠢。
  11、fascinate vt. 迷住, 使神魂颠倒; 吸引; 使感兴趣蛊惑住 The changing vivid colours of the sunset fascinated the eye. 日落时变化多端的色彩使人看得入迷。 Writing ? ? ? ? ? ? Write a short essay describing a rite of passage in China. Think about: 1 what is the event, and where does it take place? 2 in what way can it be seen as a rite of passage? 3 who takes part in it? 4 what happens afterwards? 5 has the event changed at all in recent years?
HIT consists of > >
  1. School of Astronautics, >
  2. School of Mechanic and Electrical Engineering, >
  3. School of Material Science and Engineering, >
  4. School of Energy Science and Engineering, >
  5. School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, >
  6. School of Science, >
  7. School of Management, >
  8. School of Humanities and Social Sciences, >
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  10. School of Software, >
  11. School of Civil Engineering, >
  12. School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, >
  13. School of Architecture, >
  14. School of Science and Engineering on Communication, >
  15. School of Vehicle Engineering (Branch Campus at Weihai), >
  16. School of Food Science, >
  17. School of International Relations of Economics and Trade >
  18. School of Foreign Languages, >
  19. School of Law, >
  20. Dept. of Media Technology and Art. >



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   英语面试:个人技能篇 Competence 在面试时,个人技能主要指除了专业之外的、能对你的专业发展有帮助的一些技能。也 许你有很多技能,也不必一一列出,最好只说那些与应聘岗位相关的资格认证或者技能。最 突出的就是外语能力,比如英语水平和日语水平怎样,以及电脑知识,这些都可以被看作是 应聘者的技能。 WORD & EXPRESSION 基本词汇表达 proficiency 熟练程度;精通 fluently 流利地,通畅地 carry on 进行 qualification 资格 ce ...


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   由易到难,从简单到复杂) 四级单词高频 (由易到难,从简单到复杂) 英文 alter Burst 中文 v. 改变 v. 爆 裂 , 炸 破 ,, 爆 发 n. 突然破裂, 爆发, 脉冲 v. 处理, 处置, 部署 vt. 布置, 安排, 去除 vt. 爆炸, ,毁灭, 损害 n.、一阵(风), 一股(气流), vt. 消耗, 消费,大吃大喝 vi. 消灭, 毁灭 n. 同班同学 分析 后来 later, a 变更到 L 前 联想记忆 后来(later)改变了 改变了(alter)计划 后来 ...


   2009中考英语语法经典例题及答案详解(一) 初三毕业班的同学们即将进入2009年中考最后的复习冲刺阶段。现在,在英语方面最有效的复习内容是将初中所学的语法知识进行系统性巩固,同时查漏补缺,语法知识得到了复习巩固之后,再投入到综合性的复习中去。今天开始,我们于每周一邀请新华中学的周易老师按照英语语法的顺序(名词、代词、数词、冠词、介词、连词、形容词、副词、动词的种类、动词的时态与语态、动词不定式、主谓一致性、宾语从句(含表语从句)、状语从句、定语从句(含强调句)帮助同学们复习,每一道题都附详细 ...