1. 那是个正规宴会,我照妈妈对我讲的那样穿着礼服去了。 (formal) As it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as mother told me to.
  2. 他的女友劝他趁抽烟的坏习惯尚未根深蒂固之前把它改掉(take hold) His girlfriend advised him to get rid of his bad habit of smoking before it took hold.
  3. 他们预料到下几个月电的需求量很大,决定增加生产.(anticipate) Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided to increase its production.
  4. 据说比尔一再违反公司的安全规章而被解雇。(violate) It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rule.
  5. 据报道地方政府已采取适当措施避免严重缺水(water shortage)的可能性。(avoid,severe) The local government is reported to have taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. U2:
  1. 半个小时过去了,但末班车还没有来。我们只好走回家。 (go by) Half an hour went by before the last bus came ,so we had to walk home . Half an hour had gone by, but the last bus hadn’t come yet. We had to walk home .
  2. 玛丽看上去对汉语考试很担心,因为她还没有背熟课文。 (learn…by heart) Mary looks as if she is worried about the Chinese exam because she hasn’t learned the text by heart.
  3. 既然篮球赛已被推迟,我们不妨去参观博物馆。 (postpone) Since the basketball match has been postponed, we might as well visit the museum.
  4. 整个二次世界大战期间他一直和父母住在澳大利亚。(all the way) He stayed in Australia with his parents all the way through World War Two.
  5. 自 1985 年从南京大学毕业至今,可以说我与我的大学同学失去了联系。(kind of, lose touch) Since I graduated from Nanjing University in 1985, I have kind of lost touch with my classmates.
  1. 正如科学家所预言的那样,全球污染成了人类面临的最严重的问题之一。(global) As is predicted by scientists, global pollution has become one of the most serious problems humans are faced with.

  2. 谋求这些职位的竞争很激烈??今年的求职者(applicant)是去年的五倍。(competition) Competition for these jobs is very toughwe have 5 times as many applicants this year as we did last year.
  3. 正如事实表明的那样,教育大纲应当符合国家的经济发展计划。 (fit into) As the facts show, educational programs need to fit into the national plan for economic development.
  4. 这辆汽车太费油(burn too much gas),而且价钱几乎是我想付的两倍。 (moreover) The car burns too much gas, and moreover, the price is almost twice as much as I intend to pay .
  5. 要了解一起重大的国际事件,我们首先需要考虑其历史与政治背景。 (background) To understand a great international event, we, first of all, need to consider the historical and political background to it.
  1. 据报道, 联合国凯旋者 (mediators) 制定出了他们希望双方都能接受的方案。 (work out) It is reported that UN mediators have worked out a plan which they hope will be acceptable to both sides.
  2. 多丽丝小心翼翼的在森林里行走,害怕遭到大蛇攻击。 (giant) Doris walked in the forest cautiously, afraid of being attacked by giant snakes.
  3. 地震, 台风和其他自然灾害 (disaster) 无法防止, 但可采取行动保护生命财产。 (property) Earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters cannot be prevented, but action can be taken to protect life and property.
  4. 我买了一期新的我最喜欢的体育杂志就赶紧回家,急着想读之自娱。 (amuse) I bought a new issue of my favorite sports magazine and hurried home, anxious to amuse myself reading it
  5. 海伦缺乏信心。我从未遇到过像她那样没有自信的(unsure of oneself)人。 (confidence) Helen lacks confidence. I’ve never known anyone so unsure of herself.
  1. 我不太清楚哪儿你能找到个好木匠(carpenter)??你最好四处打听打听。 (ask around) I’m not sure where you can find a good carpenteryou’d better ask around.

  2. 他感到有点尴尬,赶紧清了清喉咙,抬头看着墙上的画。 (embarrass) Feeling a little embarrassed, he quickly cleared his throat and looked up at the painting on the wall.
  3. 迈克尔去世了,留下三个儿子,两个女儿和妻子伊丽沙白。 (survive) Michael was survived by three sons ,two daughters and his wife Elizabeth.
  4. 作为金融专家,威廉建议我们投资股票市场。 (stock) As a financial expert William advised us to invest our money in the stock market.
  5. 我们这些小零售商(retailer)无法和超市在价格和销售等方面竞争。 (compete) We small retailers can’t compete with supermarkets in pricing and sales.
  1. 我上大学之前,祖父对我说的那几句充满智慧的话给我留下深刻的印象。 (wisdom) Before I went off to university, my grandmother gave me a few words of wisdom which impressed me deeply.
  2. 千万别把我的伤势告诉我父母,我会很感激你的。 (be grateful to sb. for sth.) Never tell my parents about my injuries and I’ll be very grateful to you( for it ).
  3. 我们有几个同事在会上提出了改进工作环境的合理建议。 (sensible) At the meeting some of our colleagues put forward sensible suggestions about improving our working environment.
  4. 迫于工会压力,资方(management)同意给工人增加 10%的工资。 response to) (in The management has agreed to grant the workers a 10% pay rise in respond to union pressure.
  5. 女主人考虑得很周到,在我们到来之前把房子打扫的干干净净。 (thoughtful) It was very thoughtful of the hostess to give the house a through cleaning before we arrived.
  1. He became a millionaire overnight. Many people envied him for his good luck.
  2. You suggestions went far towards solving our present housing problem.
  3. There is no evidence that the authorities will give in to the kidnapper’s demand.
  4. The local government has to abandon the plan for a new chemical plant because it is not in the public interest.
  5. I can’t figure out why he quit his well-paid job to undertake such tedious work.



   1.1 以英语为母语的人交谈是非常有益的体验,从中我们学到许多东西。 We can reap a lot from the rewarding experience of communicating with native speakers of English. 1.2 在市长(mayor)的帮助下,我们最终获准接触这起交谈事故的受害着。 With the mayor’s help, we were at last allowed access to those people who su ...

全新版大学英语综合教程第一册 课后翻译答案

   U1 Susan lost her legs because of/ in a car accident. For a time, she didn’t know how to face up to the fact that she would never (be able to) walk again. One day, while scanning (through) books, a true story caught her eye/ she was attracted by a ...


   1) 史密斯太太对我抱怨说,她经常发现与自己十六岁的女儿简直无法沟通。 Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found it simply impossible to communicate with her 16-year-old daughter. 2) 我坚信,阅读简写的 (simplified) 英文小说是扩大我们词汇量的一种轻松愉快的方法。 I firmly believe that reading simplified Engli ...


   21世纪大学英语读写教程(第一册)课后翻译答案 Unit 1 l 汤姆是个非常好奇的男孩,他不仅对“是什么”感兴趣,而且也对“为什么”和“怎么会”感兴趣。 As a very curious boy, Tom is interested not only in whats but also in whys and hows. 2 据史密斯教授说,幸福就是你能充分利用你所有的一切。 Happiness, according to Prof. Smith, is the ability ...


   p13 1.I'm tired,I should not have gone to bed so late last night. 2.I don't/didn't know Bob very well,but we go/went out for an occasional drink together. 3.We are supposed to meet her at the train station. 4.You could clearly see people drowning,b ...


   Unit 1 Translation VIII. 1. Not only can students choose when and where to learn for an online course, but they can also take time to think through answers before making a reply. 2. She is excited by the idea of online learning while be considers it ...


   Lesson One Half a Day Answers 1. Oral Work 1) What did his father say to give him courage? How did the boy feel when he arrived at the school gate with his father? 2) What did the boy learn in school? Can you name some of the things he learned? 2.V ...


   Unit1(P17) 1) You should spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing and exercising. 你应该适当花一点时间休息和锻炼。 2) In general children are healthier and better educated than ever before. 总的来说,孩子们比过去任何时候都更健康,受到了更好的教育。 3) When the right opportunity comes along, ...


   Unit1 1) You should spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing and exercising. 你应该适当花一点时间休息和锻炼。 2) In general children are healthier and better educated than ever before. 总的来说,孩子们比过去任何时候都更健 康,受到了更好的教育。 3) When the right opportunity comes along, he’ ...


   Unit2 1. Most people with low iron reserves don't know they have an iron deficiency. 2. It is not sufficient only to check levels of the blood protein that transports oxygen. 3. Men are not safe, especially those who eat little meat and have a high ...



   大学英语语法系列 4-倒装句 倒装是一种语法手段,用于表示一定的句子结构或强调某一句子成分。倒装 句有两种:完全倒装和部分倒装。 1. 完全倒装 1) 完全倒装即把整个谓语放到主语之前(是整个谓语动词,而非助动词)。 例如:In came the teacher and the class began. (老师走了进来,然后开 始上课。) 2) there 引出的完全倒装句:除了最常见的 there be 句型以外,there 还可以 接 appear, exist, lie, remain ...


   英文作文套用句型 I. 用于文章主题句 1. 不用说… It goes without saying that 子句 = (It is) needless to say (that)子句 = It is obvious that 子句 = Obviously, S. + V. 例∶不用说早睡早起是值得的. It goes without saying that it pays to keep early hours. 2. …是不可能的; 无法… There is no Ving = The ...


   (二)动词的固定搭配 动词+介词形式 第二十一组 account for 说明(原因等) aim at 瞄准,针对 allow for 考虑到 appeal to 呼吁,要求 arrive at 达成,得出 ask after 询问,问候 ask for 请求,要求 attach to 附属于,隶属于 begin with 从开始 break into 闯入 break off 断绝,结束 break through 突破 break up 中止,结束;打碎,折断 bring about 带 ...

牛津英语1B Unit 2 Small animals

   Unit 2 Small animals bee bird butterfly frog rabbit bird butterfly bee rabbit frog Guess b bird butterfly Guess butterfly r rubber rabbit rubber I am a rabbit I am a butterfly I am a bird I am a frog I am a bee ...