一. 词汇和语法
  1.Darwin did not mean to attack people's different religious . A)believes B)believs C)belief D)beliefs
  2.She was glad to see her child . A)to take care of B)taking care of C)take care of D)taken care of
  3.Mrs. Smith warned her daughter after drinking. A)never driving B)never drive C)to never driver D)never to drive
  4.Now we may be able to say between music and noise. A)what is the difference B)that what the difference C)the difference is what D)what the difference is
  5.Peter wishes that he law instead of literature when he was in college. A)studied B)would study C)could study D)had studied
  6. was unimportant. A)If he enjoyed our dinner B)B)Although he enjoyed our dinner C)No matter how he enjoyed our dinner D)Whether he enjoyed our dinner or not
  7.Cancer is second only heart disease as a cause of death. A)with B)from C)of D)to
  8.In case the house down, we'll get the insurance money. A)burn B)would burn C)burns D)will burn
  9.The teacher has his students a composition every other week. A)writing B)to write C)written D)write

  10.The little man was more than one meter fifty tall. A)almost B)hardly C)nearly D)quite

  11.He was surprised by having to pay for the accident. A)you B)yourself C)your D)yours
  12.I am very sorry for for so long.
A)having kept you waiting B)keep you waiting C)keep you wait D)waiting for you

  13. people are not allowed to drive a car according to the traffic rules. A)Drunk B)Drink C)Drunken D)Drank
  14.Could you these seeds from the fruit A)remind B)remember C)remain D)remove
  15.It is difficult to our anger. A)hold to B)hold on C)hold on to D)hold back
  16.She would rather have a room than sleep with her sister. A)on her own B)of herself C)by herself D)of her own
  17.The book proves the highest of the art. A)success B)progress C)improvement D)achievement
  18.Since I was free, I accepted the to attend his party. A)reply B)report C)resolve D)request
  19.We live Mary's parents in New York. A)due to B)exhausted C)thanks to D)next to
  20.Apple trees are considered when they begin bearing fruit. A)immature B)young C)old D)mature
  21.You can find European tourists in every part of China. A)mostly B)all most C)the most D)almost
  22.We looked at four cars today. The first two were far too expensive, but ones were reasonable priced. A)other B)others C)another D)the other
  23.The boy lost his when he stepped on the icy road. A)direction B)weight C)way D)balance
  24.But don't take it. People just say it out of politeness. A)truly B)really C)possibly D)seriously
  25.My old friend, Jake wasn't with what I said to him. A)pleasant B)present C)precious D)pleased

  26.We are trying our best and we hope to our services in the future. A)import B)impress C)imply D)improve
  27.Jesse trained hard and the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. A)took advantage of C) took the place of B)took care of D)took part in

  28.In Yellowstone National Park, all of the deer, sheep, birds and small animals are unafraid of people. A)much B)most C)more D)almost
  29.Their idea was to get us to the sports meet because of the rain. A)call up B)call at C)call back D)call off
  30.Yesterday I booked a room in the hotel, but now I want to my booking. A)connect B)concern C)cancel D)consume
  31.As for food, bring a lunch, because we will spend the whole day there. A)pasted B)packed C)paced D)passed
  32.Thousands of websites help people keep up with the news. A)latter B)latest C)last D)later
  33.Our industrial production increased by 20 per cent last year. A)as to B)as for C)as a whole D)as a rule
  34. hard she tried, she did not pass the exam. A)Whoever B)Whatever C)Whenever D)However
  35.After ten years, all these youngsters became. A)grown-up B)growns-ups C)growns-up D)grown-ups 二. 阅读理解。 Passage 1 One summer afternoon Jean and Lestar, an elderly couple, visited their daughter at her home in Lille, France. A few minutes before six o'clock,
they decided to leave. They walked to their car, and got in. They expected a quiet, peaceful ride home. Mr. Lestar was about to start the car when a gun-man jumped up from the back seat. "Drive me to Paris!" he demanded. "All right,"Mr. Lestar replied. "I'll drive you anywhere you want to go. But first let my wife out of the car." After Jean was safely out of the car, Mr. Lestar started the motor slowly, but his mind was racing. Unarmed and 81 years old, he knew he needed help. Where were the police "Just my luck,"he thought. "If I were speeding, there would be a police car on every corner." Then the car sped forward and Mr. Lestar began driving like a madman, running red lights, and driving the wrong way on one-way streets but not one police officer saw him. Obviously, Mr. Lestar's plan was not working. He got a new plan as he remembered that Lille Police Station was nearby. "All right," he thought. "If I can't bring the police to my car, I'll bring my car to the police." Then he drove his car crashing through the doors and stopped in the courtyard of the police station. Mr. Lestar yelled, "Help!" Officers from the police station came running and quickly held the man.
  1.When Mr. Lestar saw a man pointing a gun at him, his first response was that . A)he worried about his daughter B)he tried to drive the car to the police station C)he agreed to do whatever the man told him to D)he worried about his wife
  2.In order to , Mr. Lestar began driving like a madman. A)get to the police station as soon as possible B)get the police's attention C)distract the man with the gun D)run away from the man with the gun
  3.Mr. Lestar's first attempt to get the attention of the police failed because . A)he was starting and driving slowly B)the man with the gun knew his plan C)there was no police car in sight D)the man with the gun was very strong
  4.It seems that . A)Mr. Lestar was in Lille more than one time B)Mr. Lestart had been experienced in his policeman career. C)Mr. Lestar knew why the gun-man wanted to go to Paris D)Mr. Lestar was in Lille for the first time
  5.All the following are true EXCEPT . A)The police are most stupid of all
B)Mr. Lestar is lucky for escaping from the gun-man C)Mind is sometimes more powerful than muscle D)Mr. Lestar is cleverer than the man with the gun Passage 2 Started in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest of all the many colleges and universities in the United States. Yale, Princeton, Columbia and Dartmouth were opened soon after Harvard. In the early years, these schools were much alike. Only young men went to college. All the students studied the same subjects, and everyone learned Latin, Greek. Little was known about science then, and one kind of school could teach everything that was known about the world. When the students graduated, most of them became ministers or teachers. In 1782, Harvard started a medical school for young men who wanted to become doctors. Later, lawyers could receive their training in Harvard's law school. In 1825, besides Latin and Greek, Harvard began teaching modern languages, such as French and German. Soon it began teaching American history. As knowledge increased, Harvard and other colleges began to teach many new subjects. Students were allowed to choose the subjects that interested them. Today, there are many different kinds of colleges and universities. Most of them are made up of smaller schools that deal with special fields of learning. There's so much to learn that one kind of school can't offer it all.
  6.The oldest university in the US is . A)Harvard B)Columbia C)Princeton D)Yale
  7.From the second paragraph, we can see that in the early years, . A)people, young or old, might study in the colleges B)graduates became lawyers or teachers C)students studied only some languages and science D)colleges and universities were almost the same
  8.Modern languages the Harvard taught in 1825 were . A)Latin, Green, French and German B)Latin and Greek C)American history and German D)French and German
  9.As knowledge increased, colleges began to teach. A)law and something about medicine B)many new subjects C)the subjects that interested students D)everything that was known
  10.On the whole, the passage is about. A)how to start a university
B)what kind of lesson each college teaches C)how colleges have changed D)the world-famous colleges in America Passage 3 Charlie Chaplin (查理卓别林) has broken all records in making people laugh. No one else has so set a whole world laughing as the little man with the walking stick and the overlarge shoes. Much has been written about Chaplin's art and his career. Those who have called him a genius stress the timeless and common qualities in his work. It is an art filled with sad stories and deep human feeling that get people involved. It is for these reasons that the figure of Charlie has attracted generation after generation. Chaplin's life history writers agree that Charlie's unhappy early years in the poor area in London had a great influence on his development and on the type of films he made. Indeed, his suffering youth had a lasting influence on him. In 1918, he gave a humorous performance on war only a few weeks before the American soldiers came home from World War I. So perfectly was it done that even the returning soldiers found it impossible to hate it. They deeply appreciated his short and humorous performance. Chaplin gave lots of performances, satirizing (讽刺)the cruelty of the machine age and even making fun of Hitler(希特勒). Chaplin and his funny films continue to be popular years after his death.
  11.Which of the following is NOT true about Charlie Chaplin A)He had an unhappy early life. B)He made fun of Hitler in his films. C)He was born in the USA. D)He was a funny film actor.
  12.According to the author, Chaplin has been popular with generation after generation mainly because . A)he set the whole world laughing B)he attacked the cruelty of the machine age C)his works amused the returning American soldiers D)his performances with human feeling get people involved
  13.According to Charlie Chaplin's life history writers, had a strong influence on the type of films he made. A)his unhappy early years in the poor area in London B)those who deeply appreciated his performance C)the audience who praised and admired him D)World War I in 1918
  14.According to the passage, which of the following is true A)Chaplin's films are an art filled with timeless qualities and sad stories
B)Chaplin's performance is funny without any sad stories. C)Chaplin became popular years after his death. D)Chaplin didn't involve himself in political affairs.
  15.This passage is . A)written for Charlie Chaplin B)written for students to learn film-making C)written about Charlie Chaplin D)written by Charlie Chaplin Passage 4 The meaning of time is different in different parts of the world. Thus, misunderstandings arise between people from cultures that treat time differently. In the United States, it is unusual to telephone someone very early in the morning. If you telephone him early in the day, while he is shaving or having breakfast, the time of the call shows that the matter is very important and requires immediate attention. The same meaning is attached to (赋予)telephone calls made after 11:00 p.m.. If someone receives a call during sleeping hours, he assumes (认为) it's a matter of life and death. The time chosen for the call communicates its importance. In social life, time plays a very important role. In the U. S. A. guests tend to feel they are not highly regarded if the invitation to a dinner party is extended only three or four days before the party date. But this is not true in all countries. In other areas of the world it may be considered foolish to make an appointment too far in advance because plans which are made for a date more than a week away tend to be forgotten.
  16.The word"misunderstanding"can be explained as . A)standing in one's way B)standing on one's own two feet C)failing to understand correctly D)failing to attend a party
  17.If you telephone someone early in the day in the U.S., it means . A)you have a very important and urgent matter B)you are expected to explain why C)you want to show your concern for him D)you are not kind enough
  18.The expression"a matter of life and death"means . A)an issue of the greatest importance and emergency B)a strong desire to communicate C)a matter of whether someone should live or die D)a very important appointment
  19.In the U. S. A. guests will feel they are not highly regarded if the invitation to a dinner party . A)is given too far in advance
B)is given to many people C)is not given repeatedly D)is not given early enough
  20.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage A)In the U. S., time chosen for telephone call is important. B)In the U. S. it's usual to telephone someone very early or very late. C)In some countries, making an appointment too early in advance may be considered foolish. D)In American social life, time plays a very important role. Translation from English into Chinese 三. 翻译
  1. As everybody knows, a busy shopping center is usually also an ideal location for a restaurant. A



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