一、语音知识。请找出下面四个单词中划线部分读音不同的 语音知识。

  30. A C D B A B B A B A B B C A C D B C C A C A B C D C B A D C A. professor A. pride A. surround A. already A. key A. laugh A. driver A. laugh A. punish A. though A. captain A. young A. command A. bear A. secure A. young A. nature A. breath A. front A. shoulder A. bristle A. physics A. return A. medicine A. early A. debt A. longed A. moves A. chemistry A. unite B. storm B. decide B. difficult B. steal B. knock B. night B. prefer B. delightful B. business B. trouble B. whistle B. shoulder B. answer B. heard B. pure B. enough B. candle B. length B. accompany B. account B. castle B. recycle B. Saturday B. bicycle B. research B. climb B. defended B. manages B. stomach B. union C. ordinary C. police C. succeed C. dead C. knee C. enough C. proper C. frighten C. running C. enough C. little C. trouble C. practical C. early C. failure C. country C. danger C. smooth C. solid C. trousers C. firstly C. bye C. surface C. medical C. heard C. cabin C. stressed C. changes C. headache C. unfair D. short D. describe D. funny D. peasant D. knife D. rough D. dinner D. daughter D. brush D. cousin D. television D. encourage D. father D. search D. cure D. proud D. stranger D. thousand D. comfort D. count D. whistle D. hydrogen D. murder D. certain D. disappear D. dumbfound D. finished D. rises D. chest D. universe
选出可以填入空白处的正确答案. 二.词汇与语法,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中 选出可以填入空白处的正确答案 词汇与语法, 、 、 、 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的正确答案

  1. I found my daughter sitting in the kitchen crying . [B] bitterly
  2. This bird’s large wings it to fly very fast. [D] enable

  3. I should like to rent a house, modern, comfortable and in a quiet neighborhood.[B] above all
  4. I can some noise while I'm studying, but I can’t stand loud noises. [C] . put up with
  5. He’s watching TV? He’s to be cleaning his room. [B] supposed
  6. The newest satellite can a thousand telephone conversations and a color TV program at the same time.[B] extend
  7. He remained for several hours after the accident. [D] unconscious
  8. If you happen to my lost papers while you're looking for your book,please let me know at once by telephone. [B] come across
  9. Except on official such as formal receptions, American society has a certain amount of informality. [D] occasions
  10. Every society has its own peculiar customs and of acting. [A]ways
  11. Children who are overprotected by their parents may become .[C] spoiled
  12. The traffic police were searching for evidence to prove the accused man’s [B] guilt__, but in vain.

  13. We should always keep in mind that decision often lead to bitter regrets. [B] hasty
  14. I am of your stupid conversation. [A] A. annoyed

  15. There were many people present and he appeared only for a few seconds, so I only took a at him.[A]A. glance
  16. Some areas, their severe weather conditions, are hardly populated.[A]A. due to
  17. We must that the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible.[C]C. ensure
  18. The rain was heavy and the land was flooded.[A]A. consequently
  19. If you do not fasten your safety belt, your chances of being will be greater.[B] B. hurt
  20. Without the friction (摩擦力) between their feet and the ground, people would be able to walk. [C]C. in no way
  21. She ought to stop work; she has a headache because she too long. [A]A. has been reading
  22. Niagara Falls is a great tourist, drawing millions of visitors every year. [B] B. attraction
  23. I don’t mind the decision as long as it is not too late. [B]our delaying making
  24. The hopes, goals, fears and desires widely between men and women, between the rich and the poor. [D] D. vary
  25. Corn originated in the New World and thus was not known in Europe until Columbus found it in Cuba. [A]A. being cultivated
  26. The sale usually takes place outside the house, with the audience __ on benches, chairs or boxes. [C]. seated
  27. This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen comfortably. [B] wears
  28. Some diseases are by certain water animals. [D] transmitted
  29. Wouldn’t you rather your child to bed early? [B]. went
  30. Although Anne is happy with her success she wonders __ will happen to her private life.[B] what
三.阅读理解。 阅读理解。 (一)A green house

  1. “Greenhouse effect” means . [B] a natural course which is to some degree helpful to us
  2. If there were no greenhouse effect, .[D] all of the above answers are correct
  3. Which of the following is not true? [D] The temperature in a greenhouse is as high as that in the atmosphere.
  4. Suppose the earth's temperature rose by 3 degrees .[A] great harm would be done to mankind
  5. This passage mainly deals with . [C] the concept and change of greenhouse effect (二)Our plan was to drive into Cambridge, CABAD
  1. Why was Joan separated from her sister and brother-in-law when they arrived in London? [C] They planned to do different things until lunchtime.
  2. What did the writer plan to do in the afternoon? [A] Go to a concert.
  3. Why didn’t they all meet for lunch? [B] They forgot to make the necessary arrangement.
  4. Why did the writer and his wife decide to go to the concert hall by underground rail way? [A]There was no other way.
  5. It is clear that for Joan the trip to London had been . [D]very enjoyable (三)The advantages and disadvantages AABCD

  1. According to the passage, slowly rising birthrate perhaps is good for .[A] a developed nation
  2. A small population may mean .[A] higher productivity and a higher average income.
  3. In a developed country, people will perhaps go out of work if the birthrate .[B] goes down
  4. It is no easy job to carry out a general plan for birth control throughout the world because .[C] different governments have different views of the question
  5. According to the passage, a large population will provide a chance for developing .[D] transport system (四)Suppose we built a robot BCADA

  1. The author uses the example of the robot in space exploration to tell us . [B] B. the reason why men need to sleep
  2. Evolution has programmed man to sleep at night chiefly to help him . [C] C. avoid danger and inefficient labor
  3. According to the author, we cannot sleep well when we . [A] A. are worrying about our safety
  4. Cats sleep much more than horses do partly because cats . [D] D. spend less time eating to get enough energy

  5. Which of the following is the main idea of the passage? [A] A. Evolution has equipped all creatures with a regular pattern of sleeping and waking. (五)In 1826,
  1. The first photograph was taken with . [C] C. a very simple camera
  2. The story of photography . [B] B. began in France
  3. Matthew Brady was well known for . [C] C. taking portraits of famous people
  4. The new inventions in photography made it possible for . [B] B. anyone to be a photographer
  5. Photography can also be an art form because artists can . [C] C. show ideas and feelings in pictures (六)One of the most interesting paradoxes
  1. The issues in the debates on Harvard's goals are whether the universities should remain independent of society and its problems, and whether they should . [C] C. take an active part in solving society's problems
  2. In regard to their goals and purposes in life, the author believes that Harvard men are becoming .{B} B. less sure about them
  3. A “paradox” is . [D] D. a self-contradiction
  4. In the author's judgment, the argument going on at Harvard . [D] D. will influence future life in America
  5. As used in the passage, the expression "is bound to" means . [A] A. is certain to (七)If you have recently started collecting stamps, 七
  1. Which of the following has the closest meaning to the underlined word “positive”? [A] A. certain
  2. Which of the following is true? [D] D. Collecting used stamps can save your money.
  3. The writer suggests that you should . [D] D. get used stamps from all kinds of people you know
  4. To soak used stamps in water is the best way to . [C] C. get stamps off paper

  5. If you are a member of a stamp club, you can . [D] D. exchange stamps with the other members (八)The basic flag of the United States is
  1. The basic flag of the United States is . [B] B. one of the world's oldest flags
  2. Before the War of Independence the flags of various European nations flown over the land were symbols of . [B] B. occupation
  3. The 13 red and white stripes and 13 white stars represent . [B] B. the colonies that had declared independence
  4. The fact that the flag was officially changed for 26 times shows . [ B] B. the growth and independence of the United States
  5. Which of the following is TRUE? [D] D. The United States has a number of government flags. (九)Taste is such a subjective matter that
  1. According to the passage the preference test was conducted in order to [A]find out the role
  2. The statistics recorded in the preference tests show .[B]. there is not much Pepsi
  3. It is implied in the first paragraph that .[C] the competition between
  4. The word "burnout" in Line Four, Paragraph Five, refers to the state of . [D] being unable
  5. The author's purpose in writing this passage is to . [A] show that taste
四、完型填空。 完型填空。
1 2 3
Some psychologists ACBCA Parents and teenagers In Switzerland, six miles 1 ACBDA
D. west ADBB
五 .英 译汉

  1.As it is an uphill work,we have to discuss it beforehand.[B] B) 因为这件事办起来很困难,所以我们得事先商量一下。
  2.They have lived in this country for 10 years,but have never really integrated. B)虽然他们在这个国家已经住了10年,但从未真正融入这个社会。
  3.I feel I must qualify my earlier remarks in case they are misunderstood.[D] D) 我觉得我得阐明一下我先前所说的,以免产生误解。

  4.As a university graduate,I am seeking a job as a tourist guide.[A] A.作为一名大学毕业生,我正在谋求一份导游工作。
  5.I enjoy working with people,tackling challenges and accepting responsibilities.[C] C. 我喜欢与人共事,迎接挑战,承担责任。
  6.I hope your success。which is an inspiration to me, will continue.[B] B) 我希望你继续取得成功,它对我也是一种鼓舞。
  7.Hardly had she arrived at the station when it began to rain.[D] D) 她刚到车站就开始下雨了。
  8.A student should understand the relation of basic research to applied research,and the connection between technological developments and human affairs.[A] A) 学生应该了解基础研究与应用研究的关系,以及科技发展与人际事务的联系。
  9.If you desire an interview,I shall be most happy to call in person,on any day and at any time you may appoint.[C] C) 如贵公司有意面试,本人一定遵照所约定之时日,前往拜访。
  10.The problem of how human speech began is one which men will never cease to explore.[D] D) 人类语言是如何起源的,是一个人们永远也不会停止探索的问题。
  11.Our common aim is to maintain the territory’s stability and prosperity.[B] B) 我们的共同目标就是维护这一地区的稳定和繁荣。
  12.Nowadays consumers have come to realize that they need to be organized to protect their own rights.[B] B)现在消费者已经开始认识到他们需要组织起来以保护自己的权利。
  13. If the workers could view their firm as a system.it would be less likely that their actions conflict with each other.[C] C)如果工人能视自己的企业为一个系统,那么他们工作中的冲突就可能减少。

  14.Under no circumstances will we be the first to use nuclear weapons.[C] C) 我们在任何情况下都决不会首先使用核武器。
  15.He spoke hopefully of the success of the movement.[C] C)他满怀希望地谈到运动将取得成功。 ”



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   大学英语四级考试短文听力的训练办法 一般说来,短文听力备考训练必须抓住竖听和横听两点结合来进行。 所谓竖听,是指一套题目从头听到尾,从第一题听到最后一题。所谓 横听,是指把相同题材和体裁的文章放在一块对照比较着听,从而迅 速抓住同类型文章的规律,真正做到以不变应万变。例如,有关人物 传记的文章在近几年的考题中共出现过两篇, 1999 年 1 月的 passage1 和 1996 年 1 月的 passage1,把这两篇文章放在一起听,可以发现这 类型文章都以介绍式写法开头,将记叙人物的姓名、 ...


   《菜鸟学英语》是在以前的帖子基础上整理写成的,这里不光有 baobab 的个人经验,旺友 提出问题也让 baobab 发现了很多问题,与旺友在交流中 baobab 也在不断调整学习方法。可 以说,没有旺旺,没有旺友,就没有《菜鸟学英语》 。 欢迎旺友提出具体问题。但由于本贴跟贴较多,为了方便大家看贴,仅表示赞同与感谢的, 就不必跟贴了。 目前 baobab 已经回到对外经济贸易大学,校园网上旺旺速度很慢,尤其是短消息,基本都 打不开,非常抱歉不能回复。由于功课紧张,以后可能不太能及时回复旺友 ...


   菜鸟学英语 梁绛 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书。 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶 尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么样; 其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就。这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书。这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只 给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法。应该说,他的宏观指导都 ...


   Baobab 的学英语经历 菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书. 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶 尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么 样;其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就.这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书.这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只 给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法. ...


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   Baobab 的学英语经历 菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书。 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指 点他人如何自学,偶尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英 语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么样;其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就。这 样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书。这位老师英文非常好,遗 憾的是,在他书中只给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法 ...


   Baobab 的学英语经历 菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书。 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自 学,偶尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英 语不怎么样;其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就。这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么 人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书。这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他 书中只给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法 ...


英语 词类和句子成分

   词类和句子成分 一、词类 能够自由运用的最小语言单位叫词。 根据词的形式、 意义及其在句中的作用所作的分类 叫词类(parts of speech)。 英语的词通常分为十大类,即名词、冠词、代词、数词、形容词、副词、动词、介词、 连词和感叹词。现分别叙述如下: (一)名词 名词(noun)是表示人、事物、地点或抽象概念的名称。例如: foreigner 外国人 law 法律 soap 肥皂 Newton 牛顿 peace 和平 freedom 自由 英语名词可分为两大类: 1。普通名词(co ...


   大学英语四六级考试常见动词词组归类 大学英语四六级考试常见动词词组归类 声明: 本材料是以历十年公共英语四级真题、 恩波模拟题测试卷、 声明: 本材料是以历十年公共英语四级真题、 恩波模拟题测试卷、 高频词汇书三份材料作出的归纳总结和扩展。 。 希望以此来减轻同学们 高频词汇书三份材料作出的归纳总结 的负担,提升学习的效率。 的负担,提升学习的效率。 1、 bring ①bring about 引起、完成; ②bring back 使…复原、归还; ③bring down 降低(价钱); ④ ...


   www.yidijiajiao.com 北大清华状元、一线名师 真人在线互动家教平台 2010 年全国普通高等学校招生统一考试 上海 英语试卷 后二位 号码 考生注意: 考生注意: 校验码 本试卷分为第Ⅰ 和第Ⅱ 两部分。 1. 本试卷分为第Ⅰ卷(第 1-12 页)和第Ⅱ卷(第 13 页)两部分。全卷共 13 页。满分 150 分钟。 分。考试时间 120 分钟。 卷前,考生务必在答题卡上用钢笔或圆珠笔清楚填写学校、班级、 2. 答第 I 卷前,考生务必在答题卡上用钢笔或圆珠笔清楚填写学校、 ...


   中学英语常用的动词短语 1. up (1) 向上 lift up climb up come up get up stand up pick up grow up put up rise up look up take up build up set up 举起 爬上 上升 起床 站起来 检起 长大 举起 ;张贴 升起 抬起头 拿起 树立 建立 light up make up take up shut up block up cover up hold up keep up 2. down ...


   大庆市人力资源和社会保障局关于做好 2011 年度 全国专业技术人员职称外语等级统一考试考务工作 有关问题的通知 各县(区)人力资源和社会保障局(人事局) ,开发区组织 人事劳动局,市属企、事业单位人事(干部)部门,中省 直单位人事(干部)部门,市直机关各有关部门: 根据《黑龙江省人力资源和社会保障厅关于做好 2011 年度 全国专业技术人员职称外语等级统一考试考务工作有关问题的 通知》(黑人保函[2010]571 号)要求,结合我市实际情况,现 将我市 2011 年度全国专业技术人员职称外 ...