Lesson 8 An Offer(
(本课讲课 课时 练习 课时 本课讲课2课时 练习1课时 本课讲课 课时,练习 课时)
Dear Sir or Madam, Tin Foil Sheets We acknowledge receipt of your letter of May 15, 20-- and confirm having sent you a fax today in reply, as per the confirmation copy enclosed. You will know from our fax that we are in a position to offer you 50 long tons of the captioned goods at an attractive price of GBP135 per long ton CFR Kobe for delivery within one month after you place an order with us. Payment of the purchase is to be effected
by an irrevocable letter of credit in our favor, payable by draft at sight. This offer is firm subject to your reply reaching us not later than the end of this month. For your information, there is little likelihood of the goods remaining unsold once this particular offer has lapsed. Yours truly, Encl. As stated

  1. acknowledge: vi. 承认 We acknowledge receipt of your letter … 商业书信中常用acknowledge receipt of sth或 acknowledge sth,表示已收到…。如: We acknowledge your letter of … 商业书信中表示“收到…”的句型有很多: We have received … We have received … with thanks. Thank you for your … We are in receipt of your …(陈旧) We are in possession of your … (陈旧) We confirm (having received) your … 等等

  2. confirm: vt. 确认;证实 注意:不能接动词不定式,只能接名词、名词性 短语或从句
  1) 确认 We confirm (having received) your email of June
  30. ? 我们确认已收到你方6月30日电子邮件。 We confirm to have received your email of June
  30. We are writing to confirm your offer for CD-roms. 兹去函确认(或“接受”)你方CD光盘的报盘。 我们的客户已确认将参加本届广交会。 Our client has confirmed that they will attend this Canton Fair.

  2) 证实 A survey has confirmed the loss of the goods during transit. 调查已经证实货物在途中丢失。 警方证实了有五人在爆炸中死亡的新闻。 The police confirmed that five people had died in the bombing. confirmation: n. 确认;证实 a letter of confirmation 一封确认函 We will send you written confirmation of our offer shortly. 我们很快将把报盘的书面确认送交给你。

  3. in reply: 答复,常作状语 We have noted your request for advanced shipment. In reply, we regret to tell you that all the ships have been booked up. 你方要求提前装运,此事我们已经知晓。现答复,遗憾告 知所有船只均已订满。 函电中常用in reply to sth: In reply to your email of yesterday, I am pleased to offer the following goods. 兹复你昨日电子邮件,我很高兴向你报以下货物。 你来翻译: 现答复你关于我们服务的提问,建议你阅读一下我们的手 册。 In reply to your question about our service, we suggest that your read our brochure.

  4. as per: = according to 根据,按照 As per your request, I attach information about a number of our best selling goods. 根据你的要求,我随附我们最畅销的一些货物的 信息。 As per the news, 10000 people became homeless in the tsunami in this region. 根据新闻,本地区1万人在海啸中无家可归。 你来翻译: 根据指示,我们已要求工厂改进该产品的包装。 As per instruction, we have asked the factory to improve the packing of the products.

  5. be in a position to do sth: 有权力、资格、办法等 做某事,能够做某事 I am not in a position to reveal any information about this company. 我不能披露关于该公司的任何信息。 I am not in a position to offer an opinion on the food as we didn't even touch the menu. 我不能对食物作出评价,因为我们连菜谱都没有 碰过。 你来翻译: 新生产线提高了我们满足大批订单的能力。 The new production line has placed us in a better position to meet orders of large quantities.

  6. long ton: 长吨 (L/T) 比较:short ton: 短吨 (S/T); metric ton: 公吨 (M/T)
  7. the captioned goods: 标题货物 还可以说the subject goods
  8. GBP: Great Britain Pounds 英镑
  9. Kobe: 神户(日本港口)

  10. delivery: n. 交货;交付的货物 We are in need of two TEUs of wigs for Many delivery. TEU = twenty-foot equivalent unit 标准柜 我们需要两标准柜的假发,五月交货。 to make delivery (of sth): 交货 因季节临近,请抓紧交货。 As the selling season is drawing near, please make delivery as soon as possible. to take delivery (of sth): 提货 The buyers refuse to take delivery as 20 cartons have been found defective. 买方拒绝提货,因为20箱货发现有缺陷。
deliver: vt. 交货,交付 As a usual practice, we deliver the goods in one month after we receive the letters of credit. 我们通常在收到信用证后一个月内交货。 你来翻译: 下个月交货数量不得少于1000打。 1000 The quantity to be delivered next month must not be less than 1000 dozen. 我们在展览会上发了10000份宣传单。 We have delivered 10000 leaflets at the exhibition.

  11. place an order with sb for sth: 向某人订购某货 (参看Lesson
  4) order的其他常用搭配有: 接受订货 to accept an order to entertain an order 谢绝订货 to decline an order 拒绝订货 to reject an order 执行订单 to fulfill/execute/carry out an order 取消订单 to cancel an order 交付订货 to deliver an order
initial/first order: 首笔订单 trial order: 试订单 fresh/new order: 新订单 repeat order: 返单,续订单 duplicate order: 重复订单
  12. the purchase: 买的货 purchase指实物。类似用法还有: shipment: 船货;order: 订购的货; delivery: 交付的货;consignment: 交付的货
  13. effect: vt. 办理,进行,完成,实现 to effect payment/shipment/insurance 办理支付/装运/保险

  14. irrevocable letter of credit in our favor, payable by draft at sight: 以我方为受益人的不可撤销的信用证,凭 即期汇票付款
  15. firm: adj. 有效的 表示报盘的有效期的方法: This offer is firm/valid/open/effective/good for … (或until …) 卖方市场的时候通常给报盘加有效期。 另外firm offer是“实盘”的意思,也是卖方 市场的时候常用的。

  16. for your information:告诉你们一下,给你 们提供个信息 For your information, Indian dealers are offering the same item at a price about 5 per cent lower than yours. 现告知你方,印度交易商正以比你方低5% 的价格对同一产品报价。 现告知,你们要的货号已经断货。 For your information, the item you require has gone out of stock.
重要语言点 acknowledge confirm as per in a position to delivery effect 重要知识点 long ton GBP Kobe irrevocable letter of credit in our favor, payable by draft at sight firm
重要搭配 in reply the captioned goods at an attractive price place an order with sb for sth for your information
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