Lesson 1
Sellers Asking to Establish Trade Relations (本课共
  1.5课时) 本课共
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Dear Sirs, Messrs. Your company has been kindly introduced to us by Messrs. Freeman & Co. Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria, as prospective buyers of Chinese cotton piece goods. As this item falls within the scope goods. of our business activities, we shall be pleased to enter into direct business relations with you at an early date. date. To give you a general idea of the various kinds of cotton piece goods now available for export, we enclose a brochure export, and a price list. Quotations and sample books will be airmailed to you upon receipt of your specific inquiry. inquiry. We look forward to your favorable reply. Yours faithfully,
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  1. establish: v. 建立 to establish trade/business relations with 与…建立贸易/业务关系 建立贸易/ to enter into trade/business relations with 与…建立贸易/业务关系 建立贸易/ establishment: n. 建立 establishment of trade relations with 与…建立贸易关系 我们愿借这个机会与贵公司建立业务关系。 We’d like to take this opportunity to establish business relations with your company.
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  2. company: n.公司 n.公司 a trading company 一家贸易公司 an import and export company一家进出口公司 company一家进出口公司 可用于公司名称中,如: Ford Motor Company福特汽车公司 Company福特汽车公司 比较:corporation 比较:corporation n. 公司 corporation指的是大公司,仅用于名称当中; corporation指的是大公司,仅用于名称当中; company可指任何规模的公司,不仅用于名称中,还 company可指任何规模的公司,不仅用于名称中,还 可泛指 Chrysler Corporation克莱斯勒公司 Corporation克莱斯勒公司 公司名称该用company还是corporation? 公司名称该用company还是corporation? 公司自己说了算。
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  2. company: n.公司(续) n.公司(续) 名称中的“公司”常用缩写: Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. 三洋电气公司 Motorola Inc. 摩托罗拉公司 China National Machinery Imp/Exp Corp. 中国机 械进出口公司
Co. Ltd. (英) = limited company Inc. (美) = incorporated = limited company Corp. = corporation
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  3. introduce: v. 介绍 to introduce sb. to sb. Allow me to introduce Mr. Peterson, CEO of our company to you. 请允许我向大家介绍我公司的首席执行官Peterson 请允许我向大家介绍我公司的首席执行官Peterson 先生。 Introduction: n. 介绍 to make/give sb an introduction to sth The General Manager gave the audience a brief introduction to his company at the press release. 总经理在新闻发布会上对他公司做了简短的介绍。
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  4. Messrs. 法语“先生”的意思,用于以老板的姓为 名称的公司、商行前面
  5. prospective: adj. 潜在的 prospective buyers 潜在的买主
  6. cotton piece goods 棉布
  7. item: n. 项目;货(指说明书、目录、表格 中所列的项目或系列产品) We are interested in the following items in your catalogue. 我们对你们目录里的一下产品感兴趣。
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国

  8. scope: n. 范围 scope of business (business scope)经营范围 scope)经营范围 我们的经营范围包括…… 我们的经营范围包括…… Our business scope covers …… 我们的经营范围包括各类电器和电子产品。 Our business scope covers various electric and electronic goods. to fall/come into/within one’s business scope 属于某人的经营范围 Garments do not come within our business scope. 服装不属于我们的经营范围。 你们想要的货物正好属于我们的业务范围。 The items you need happen to fall into our business scope.
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  9. at an early date: 早日
  10. general idea: 概况,大概的介绍
  11. available: adj.可用(得、买、找)到的 adj.可用(得、买、找) Our Sony headsets are currently available. 我们的索尼耳麦目前有货。 available to(某人) for(某目的) from (某处) 难民(refugees)没有食物。 难民(refugees)没有食物。 Food is not available to the refugees. 我们现在有各类草制品(straw-ware)供出售。 我们现在有各类草制品(straw-ware)供出售。 We have a variety of straw-ware available for sale strawnow. 红茶现在没有存货(stock)。 红茶现在没有存货(stock)。 Black tea is currently not available from stock.
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  12. enclose: v. 随附;封入 We enclose a copy of our pricelist. 随函寄去我方价目表一份。 A copy of our pricelist is enclosed. enclosed. 随函寄去我方价目表一份。 Enclosed is a copy of our pricelist. 随函寄去我方价目表一份。 Enclosed please find a copy of our pricelist. 随函寄去我方价目表一份,请查收。 Please find enclosed a copy of our pricelist. 随函寄去我方价目表一份,请查收。 We thank you for your letter of July 18 enclosing a sample cutting of woolen material. 谢谢你方七月十八日内附毛料剪样的来信。 enclosure n. 附件
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
现随函附寄我们最新的手册(brochure)一份。 现随函附寄我们最新的手册(brochure)一份。 We enclose/Enclosed is/Enclosed please find/Please find … enclosed 你方16日随附一张支票(check)的来信已收 你方16日随附一张支票(check)的来信已收 到。 … enclosing …
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  13. brochure: n. 小册子,手册 下面的price 下面的price list (或pricelist): 价格单 (或 sample books: 样品本(第二课详细讲解)
  14. quotations: n. 报价(第五课详细讲解)
  15. airmail: v. 空寄(第二课详细讲解)
  16. upon/on receipt of: 收到…以后(书面用语) 收到… We lost no time in contacting the supplier upon receipt of your order. 收到你们的订单以后我们立即联系了供货商。 收到样品以后我们将立即安排生产。 Upon receipt of the samples we will arrange production immediately. 另:receipt: 另:receipt: n. 收据
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  17. specific inquiry: 具体询盘 关于inquiry一词,以后再讲。 关于inquiry一词,以后再讲。
  18. look forward to: 盼望…,期待收到… 盼望…,期待收到… to是介词,后接名词或名词性短语 to是介词,后接名词或名词性短语 We are looking forward to your early reply. 我们期待你们早日答复。 我期待与你见面。 I am looking forward to meeting you. 期待收到你们的确认(confirmation)。 期待收到你们的确认(confirmation)。 We are looking forward to (receiving) your confirmation.
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重要语言点: introduce item available enclose look forward to 重要知识点: company cotton piece goods brochure price list quotations sample book
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
重要搭配: prospective buyers fall/come within/into one’s business scope establish/enter into business relations with at an early date general idea available for export upon receipt of specific inquiry favorable reply
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