Lesson 2
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Dear Sirs, You were recommended to us by the Chamber of Commerce of Copenhagen. We wish to buy quality tea and coffee cups and saucers of different shapes, fully decorated with flowers or other designs. If you can supply this type of merchandise, kindly airmail us a merchandise, sample cup. Also, please enclose your price list and all suitable illustrations. Please note that we are able to buy large quantities if your prices are favorable. favorable. We await your early reply. Yours faithfully,
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  1. recommend: v. 推荐 recommend sb/sth to sb You have been recommended by the CCPIT as a potential buyer of Chinese chinaware. 中国国际贸易促进委员会向我们推荐说你们是中国瓷器的潜在 买主。 CCPIT: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade v. 建议 recommend (that): We strongly recommend acceptance as our stocks are running low. 由于我方存货减少,我们力荐接受(报价)。 I recommend that you buy a more powerful computer. recommend doing something: We recommend booking early, as this is a popular item. 建议你们早订货, 建议你们早订货,因为该商品很受欢迎。 recommend someone to do something: Students are recommended to read the following books. 学生们被建议阅读以下书籍。
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
本课起首句是You 本课起首句是You were recommended to us by the Chamber of Commerce of Copenhagen. 还记得第一课起首句是Your 还记得第一课起首句是Your company has been kindly introduced to us by Messrs. Freeman & Co. Ltd. 写建交信的时候必须说明对方的信息来源! 写建交信的时候必须说明对方的信息来源! 常用句型: 常用句型: We obtained your name and address from … We owe your name and address to … We are pleased to have learned your name and address from … I believe you still remember our meeting at the Canton Fair.
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
获取信息的来源通常有: 获取信息的来源通常有: 贸易促进机构, 贸易促进机构,如: ICC)
  1. 国际商会(International Chamber of Commerce, ICC) 国际商会(
  2. 中国国际贸易促进委员会 (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: CCPIT) CCPIT)
  3. 政府机构如大使馆的经济商务参赞处(the Economic and 政府机构如大使馆的经济商务参赞处( Commercial Counselor's Office of … embassy to … )
  4. 权威媒体,如报纸、网站等 权威媒体,
  5. 交易会、博览会(trade fairs, expositions) 交易会、博览会(trade expositions)
  6. 贸易伙伴的介绍 等等
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国

  2. Chamber of Commerce: 商会 International Chamber of Commerce:ICC 国际商会 Commerce:
  3. quality: n. 质量 Our products are famous for their superior quality. 我们的产品以其优良的品质闻名。 adj. 高质量的,上等的 There is a good market for quality jeans. 优质的牛仔裤很有市场。 高档车市场持续强劲。 The market for quality cars remains strong.
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国

  4. … of different shapes 不同形状的… 不同形状的… of 表示具有某种特征、属性、材料等的意 思。 plates of gold and silver 用金银做的盘子 genuine leather of high quality 高质量的真皮 cotton piece goods of Chinese origin 中国产的棉布 shirts of various sizes and materials 各种尺寸、料子的衬衣
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
你来翻译 一个很重要的话题 A subject of great importance 一个很有价值的建议 A suggestion of great value 一个很有意义的问题(issue) 一个很有意义的问题(issue) An issue of great significance 我们的产品质优价廉。 Our products are of good quality and favorable prices.
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  5. supply: v. 供应 to supply sb with sth We believe we can supply you with all kinds of leather shoes. 我们相信能够提供给你们各式各样的皮鞋。 to supply sth to sb 有两家工厂向我们供应原材料。 Two factories supply raw materials to us. n. 供应,货源 supply and demand 供求 be in short supply 供应短缺 We can guarantee regular supply of grey sheeting. 我们可以稳定地供应坯布。 supplier: n. 供货商
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  6. merchandise: n. 商品,货物(不可数) 泛指,一般不用于特指。意思和goods相同, 泛指,一般不用于特指。意思和goods相同, 但goods是可数名词。 goods是可数名词。 China exported $968 billion in merchandise /goods in 20
  06. 2006年中国商品出口额达9680亿美元。 2006年中国商品出口额达9680亿美元。 goods既可用作统称,也可特指。作统称时 goods既可用作统称,也可特指。作统称时 用得最多。 these goods ? this merchandise consumer goods 消费品 electric goods 电器
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
另一个常用的指“货物”的词是product 另一个常用的指“货物”的词是product product: n. 产品(强调的是生产出来的东西) dairy/pharmaceutical/oil products 奶制品/医药制品/ 奶制品/医药制品/石油制品 primary product 初级产品 end/final/finished product 最终产品 semisemi-finished product 半成品 by-product 副产品 by第一课讲到的item以及今后见到的article指的 第一课讲到的item以及今后见到的article指的 是印刷品上列出的某项产品。
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  7. kindly: adv. 表示请求,= please 表示请求,= 用在正式书面场合。也可说Please 用在正式书面场合。也可说Please kindly … To avoid delay, kindly address your reply to the buyer directly. 为避免耽误时间,请直接函复买方。 You are kindly requested to leave the building. 请立开这座楼。 你来翻译:请告知能否供应该项商品。 Kindly let us know whether you can supply this item.
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国

  8. airmail: v. 航空邮寄 Please airmail your latest samples. 请空寄最新样品。 n. 航空邮寄 send sth by airmail As we missed the ship, we had to send the parcel by airmail. 因为我们错过了船,我们只好空寄包裹。
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  9. sample: n. 样品 sample book 样品本 counter sample 回样 confirming sample 确认样品 sample cutting 剪样 除sample外,常用的商品说明材料还有: sample外,常用的商品说明材料还有: catalogue 目录 illustrated catalogue 有插图的目录 pricelist 价格单 brochure/pamphlet/booklet小册子 brochure/pamphlet/booklet小册子 leaflet 宣传单(单张的) sales literature销售说明书 literature销售说明书
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国

  10. note: v. 注意 They noted a growing demand for electronic dictionaries. 他们注意到对电子字典的需求在增长。 Please note that we will be closed on Saturday. 请注意我们星期六停业。
  11. favorable: adj. 优惠的;有利的 favorable prices优惠的价格 prices优惠的价格 favorable market situation有利的行市 situation有利的行市
  12. await: vt. = wait for,正式用语 for,正式用语
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重要语言点: recommend quality of supply kindly airmail note 重要知识点: Chamber of Commerce merchandise goods product sample brochure pamphlet booklet
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
课堂练习:课后Exercises 课堂练习:课后Exercises I, II, III. 课后作业:课后Exercise 课后作业:课后Exercise IV. 下一课:Lesson 下一课:Lesson 3 Thank you ?
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