Lesson 6 An Enquiry (
(本课讲课2课时,练习1课时) 本课讲课2课时,练习1课时)
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Dear Mr. Cliff, We have a large inquiry for the supply of approximately 20,000 meters of cotton piece goods. We enclose our buying samples, which will show you the samples, shade and quality required. Please send us by airmail your samples corresponding to our buying samples with the best price CIF Genoa for pure cotton goods that you can supply within two months after receiving the order. Regarding payment, we would like to pay by an irrevocable sight letter of credit. We shall be obliged if you will give us your immediate and careful attention. attention. Yours faithfully, R. Baggio
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  1. inquiry: n. 询盘(参考第一课“询问”) inquiry: 询盘(参考第一课“询问” 另一拼法是enquiry。 另一拼法是enquiry。 基本用法是make sth或 基本用法是make sb an inquiry for sth或 make an inquiry to sb for sth We are making you an inquiry for Sunflower seeds. 现向你方询盘葵花籽。 现向你方询盘葵花籽。 你来翻译: 你来翻译: 现向你寻购铁矿石。 现向你寻购铁矿石。 We are making you an enquiry for iron ore.
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
enquire: v. 询盘;打听 询盘; 基本用法是enquire 基本用法是enquire for/about sth We are writing to inquire for recovered paper and paper board. 我们现询购回收纸和回收纸板。 我们现询购回收纸和回收纸板。 The goods you inquire for are out of stock at present. 你们所询购的货物现已售完。 你们所询购的货物现已售完。 你来翻译: 你来翻译: 贵方五月八日询盘山地自行车函收悉, 贵方五月八日询盘山地自行车函收悉,谢谢 。 答案: 答案:Thank you for your letter of May 8 inquiring about Mountain Bicycles.
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  2. 20,000 meters of: of: 量词和名词之间一般有of: 量词和名词之间一般有of: 50台机器: 50 sets of machines 50台机器 台机器: 30吨羊毛: 30 tons of wool 30吨羊毛 吨羊毛: 200公斤冻猪肉 200公斤冻猪肉: 200 kilograms of frozen pork 公斤冻猪肉: 2000码细布 2000码细布: 2000 yards of shirting 码细布: 具体数量的时候不能接 但有些词在具体数量的时候不能接of,即 但有些词在具体数量的时候不能接of,即dozen, score, ream等: ream等 dozen: five dozen eggs 但在表示约数的时候有of: 但在表示约数的时候有of: dozens of complaints数十条投诉 complaints数十条投诉 你知道这是为什么吗? 你知道这是为什么吗?
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  3. by airmail: 用航空邮寄 by用来指寄送的方式。再如: by用来指寄送的方式 再如: 用来指寄送的方式。 by mail/post 用邮寄的方式 by air/plane 通过航空 by sea/boat 通过轮船 by rail/train 通过火车 by courier或by express mail 通过快递 courier或 by EMS 用特快专递 by DHL 用敦豪快递 EMS = Express Mail Service 特快专递 DHL = Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn 敦豪快递
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  4. correspond to: 与…一致,对应 一致, The shipment is not corresponding to the specifications required. 到货与所需规格不符。 到货与所需规格不符。 The American FBI corresponds to the British MI
  5. 美国的联邦调查局相当于英国的军情五局。 美国的联邦调查局相当于英国的军情五局。
FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation联邦调查局 Investigation联邦调查局 MI5 = Directorate of Military Intelligence, Section 5
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  5. regarding: prep. 关于 Regarding our financial status, you can refer to Bank of America. 关于我们的资信状况, 关于我们的资信状况,你们可以查问美国 银行。 银行。 函电中常用的“关于”意思的词还有: 函电中常用的“关于”意思的词还有: in/with regard to as regards (注意:没有介词to) (注意 没有介词to) 注意: referring to with reference to
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There is no problem as regards the payment terms. 关于支付条件,没有什么问题。 关于支付条件,没有什么问题。 We are writing to you in/with regard to your enquiry of last week. 我们致函是关于上周你方询盘一事。 我们致函是关于上周你方询盘一事。 With reference to walnut meat, we are sorry to say that your price is too high. 关于核桃仁,我们很遗憾你方价格太高。 关于核桃仁,我们很遗憾你方价格太高。
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  6. pay by an irrevocable sight letter of credit: 用不可撤销的即期信用证付款
  7. be obliged: = be grateful, be thankful感激 thankful感激 We shall be obliged if you will give us your immediate and careful attention. 贵方若能迅速而仔细地处理此事,我将不胜感激。 贵方若能迅速而仔细地处理此事,我将不胜感激。 We should be grateful if you could let us know whether you consider this firm creditcreditworthy. 如能告知该公司是否可靠,则不胜感激。 如能告知该公司是否可靠,则不胜感激。 We should be thankful if you could arrange for immediate shipment. 如能立即安排装船,则不胜感激。 如能立即安排装船,则不胜感激。 经常用来表示请求。 经常用来表示请求。
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  8. attention: n. 关注;引申为“处理” 关注;引申为“处理” This letter is for attention of Mr. Jones. 这封信是由Jones先生处理的 先生处理的。 这封信是由Jones先生处理的。 Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. 谢谢你把这个问题向我们提出来。 谢谢你把这个问题向我们提出来。 All your future inquiries will receive our prompt attention. 你方今后的一切询盘都会得到我方迅速办理。 你方今后的一切询盘都会得到我方迅速办理。 上句英语可以改为: 上句英语可以改为: We will give all your future inquiries our prompt attention.
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重要语言点: 重要语言点: enquiry/enquire nquiry/enquire 量词之后的of 量词之后的of by表示寄送的方式 by表示寄送的方式 regarding in/with regard to as regards referring to with reference to be obliged attention
重要知识点: 重要知识点: buying samples pay by an irrevocable sight letter of credit
山东外贸职业学院 陈祥国
重要搭配 by airmail correspond to the best price within two months after … give sth immediate attention
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课堂练习: 课堂练习: P85~87练习 P85~87练习I, II, III。 练习I, III。 作业: 作业: P87练习 。 P87练习IV。 练习IV 下一课: 下一课:Lesson 7
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