Unit Three
Teaching Objectives: By the end of this unit, the students will be expected to be able to
  1. get to know some information about the historic shipwreck of “Titanic,” and know how to think about the lessons from this disaster and how to get along with each other when a disaster is coming;
  2. use skillfully the 10 key words and 5 expressions learned in TEXT A in conversations and writings, and be familiar with the words and phrases learned in the text;
  3. learn something about “traditional Chinese painting,” the biggest and best beloved festival and holiday in Great Britain and learn as many language points as possible in TEXT B;
  4. consolidate the basic grammar on the present progressive tense;
  6. get to know how to write a notice. Teaching Methods: Lecture, Discussion, Role-play… Unit Duration: 8 class hours (45 minutes each) Teaching procedures: I. Preparatory
  1. Words Learned In Display announce: make known 宣布,宣告,发表,播出 luxurious: supplied with luxuries, very comfortable 豪华的,舒服的 imagine: think of (sth) as probable 相信 separate: not joined to or touching something else 分开的,不相连的 watertight: a watertight container, roof, door, etc. which does not allow water to get in or out 不 漏水的,不透水的 elegant: showing good taste; graceful; done with care, skill and taste 优雅的,精美的 enquiry: a close examination of a matter in a search for information or truth 事进行彻底的调查从而寻求信息或真相 arise: come into existence, come to notice 发生,出现,呈现 escape: get free, get away 逃走 introduce: bring in and establish in a new place or environment 引进,传入,引入并在新地方 或新环境得到承认
  2. Expressions Learned In Display
  1. at the bottom of
  4. was ready to
  2. make sure that
  5. at the top of
  3. in the center of 调查,审查,对某
II. Language in Context
  1. Information Related To The Text The British luxury liner Titanic (46,000 gross tons) of the White Star Line, on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City, stuck an iceberg about 153 km south of the Grand Banks of
Newfoundland just before midnight on April 14, 19
  12. Of more than 2,200 persons aboard, about 1,500 died. It is one of the worst maritime disasters in history. The sinking of the Titanic has been the subject of several books and films, but not until September 1985 was the actual wreck found resting under about 3,800 m (about 12,000 ft) of water. The area was photographed by a joint French-United States expedition through the use of robot submersibles equipped with television cameras. In July 1986, the U.S. researchers explored the Titanic in the three-person Alvin submersible; they took pictures of the interior, but recovered no artifacts. In the following year a controversial French salvage effort retrieved dishes, jewels, currency, and other artifacts, which were exhibited in Paris in September 19
  2. Introductory Remarks The text provides some basic information about the Titanic. In the text you will find features of this type of text-objective, direct, and informative that is indispensable for a text in such a style.
  3. Language Points
  1). The white Star Shipping Line was proud when they announced in 1912 that their “super ship”the Titanic was ready to make her first voyage across the Atlantic. announce v. make known 宣布,宣告,发表,播出
eg. The captain announced that the plane was going to land. 机长宣布飞机就要着陆了。 The government announced that they would build a new highway to the mountain. 政府宣布他们将修建一条通向山区的新公路。 be ready to do sth (常于 to +inf. 连用) mentally disposed, willing 愿意的
eg. He is always ready enough to help us. 他随时都准备来帮助我们。 I asked her if she was ready to go with her husband and she nodded. 我问她是否愿意和她丈夫一起走,她点点头。
  2). Each compartment was separate from the others. be separate from (
  1) not related to or not affected by something else 单独的,孤立的,各自的 eg. The children sleep in separate beds. 孩子们分别睡在各自的床上。 (
  2) not joined to or touching something else eg. The gym is separate from the sauna. 体育馆和桑拿室是分开的。
  3). Each compartment was watertight. compartment n. (
  1) a smaller enclosed space inside something larger 小隔间分开的室、段或容器 a storage compartment 一个仓库 (
  2) one of the separate areas into which a plane, ship, or train is divided
分割间,火车车厢里的小房间 a smoking compartment 吸烟室
  4) …the ship could still float and continue its voyage safely. float v. stay or move on the surface of a liquid without sinking 漂浮,飘浮 wood floats on water 木头漂浮在水上。 A feather floated down on the wind. 一根羽毛随风飘落。
  5) On her maiden voyage, the Titanic was going to sail across the Atlantic Ocean from England to New York in the USA. maiden adj. (
  1) first or earliest 首次的 the maiden flight of an aircraft 飞机的首航 (
  2) of , relating to, or be fitting a young unmarried woman 少女的,与少女有关的,适合于少 女的 a maiden blush 少女的羞涩

  6) There was an important enquiry into the cause of the disaster. enquiry n. (inquiry in BrE) a close examination of a matter in a search for information or truth 调查,审查,对某事进行彻底的调查从而寻求信息或真相 eg. file an inquiry about the lost shipment 把有关丢失货物的调查归档 make inquiries about sb or sth 调查某人或某事

  7) During the enquiry, a lot of doubts arose. arise v. come into existence, come to notice 发生,出现,呈现
That question did not arise. 那个问题没有出现。 A crisis has arisen in the Foreign Office. 外事办公室发生了危机。
  8) But, more importantly, after the enquiry, all of the shipping lines had to introduce new safety regulations for their passenger liners to make sure that a disaster like this could never happen again. introduce v. bring in and establish in a new place or environment 引进,传入,引入并在新 地方或新环境得到承认 exotic plants that had been introduced from the jungle 从丛林中引进的异国植物 regulation 态 the regulations of affairs 事物管理 (
  2) a principle, rule, or law designed to control or govern conduct 规章制度,为控制或管理行为而设计的原则制度或法律 n. (
  1) the act of regulating or the state of being regulated 管理,管理的动作,被管理的状
laws and regulations 法规 make sure find out if something is true or check that something has been done 弄清楚, 确 保 eg. Make sure he writes it down. 让他一定记下来。 III. Toward Productive Language
  1. Language Points
  1)…comes from the Old English word Cristes Maesse (derived from Latin) derive from (
  1) get something, especially an advantage or a pleasant feeling, from something 一源泉得到 derive knowledge from books 从书中获得知识 从事实推出结论 (
  2) arrive at by reasoning, deduce of infer 推理出,通过推理或推导得出,推导 derive a conclusion from facts 得到,从某

  2) Christmas is regarded as the ideal time to get away from the crazy hustle and bustle and to share some good times with family and friends. be regarded as 考 eg. I regard him as a fool. 我把他看作是一个傻瓜。 hustle and bustle busy and noisy activity 熙熙攘攘 look upon or consider in a particular way 以某种特殊的方式看待或思
eg. the hustle and bustle of the marketplace 市场里的熙熙攘攘 I was tired of the hustle and bustle of New York. share sth with sb 分配,分派 we shared the sweets. 我们分吃了糖果。
  3) Jesus is supposed to have been born in spring… be supposed to be sth 是… eg. The castle is supposed to be haunted. 人们相信着座城堡闹鬼。 This book is supposed to be one of the best course books. 人们认为这本书是最好的教科书之一。 be supposed to do sth
  1) used when saying what someone should or should not do, especially because of be believed to be something by many people 被相信是…, 被认为 divide and parcel out in shares, apportion 分配,以份额形式分开并
rules or what someone in authority has said You are not supposed to smoke here. 你不应该在这里抽烟。

  2) used when saying what should happen, especially when it failed to happen 应,本该(用于表示某事本应发生而没有发生) eg. The new laws are supposed to prevent crime. 这些新法令本应起到防止犯罪的作用。
  2. Comprehension Questions

  1) How have the celebrations and customs related to Christmas been modernized with the times? Christmas primarily celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. But the celebrations and customs related to Christmas have been modernized with the times. Nowadays, Christmas is perhaps the only festival that is celebrated by 3 million people with an equal amount of joy and gaiety all around the world. The day is regarded as the ideal time to get away from the crazy hustle and bustle and to share some good times with family and friends. (
  2) How did Santa Claus come into being? Santa Claus is most loving to kids. People expect Santa to bring gifts and come down through a chimney. The custom of waiting for Santa Claus is based on the life of Saint Nicholas, who was renowned for his generosity to the poor. He was a Roman Catholic bishop who lived in the 4th century in Asia Minor. As the story goes, Saint Nicholas once helped a man’s daughter with her dowry by anonymous dropping a bag of gold down the chimney. After helping the man’s second and third daughters in similar manner, he was caught in the act. In the recognition of his generosity, the practice of dropping gifts down the chimney was established. With the passing of time, St. Nicholas became Santa Claus. Santa signifies happiness and hope for people all around the world who firmly believe in him. IV. Homework:
  1. Dictation of the new words
  2. Translate the following sentences into English (
  1) 问题应该分开讨论。 (
  2) 这个篮子看起来没有预期的那样密不透水。 (
  3) 马铃薯最初是由南美洲传入欧洲的。 (
  4) 这架飞机明天首航。 (
  5) 你明天怎么去看篮球赛,乘专机还是乘普通客机? (
  6) 什么事情都逃不过他的眼睛。 (
  7) 傍晚时分刮起了一阵强风。 (
  8) 我想我是锁了门,但我还是回去看一下吧。


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