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The statistics ( ) that living standards in the area have improved dramatically in recent years. (TEM 4?20
  06) A. proves B. is proving C. are proving D. prove statistics: 统计学单数 数据,统计结果复数
? Once a ( ) of lions lived in the forest. A. pride B. swarm C. troupe D. herd pride / group 特指狮子或孔雀等的一群,也可泛 指鸟群或兽群 Swarm指蜂群 Herd指家畜或大象群
? ? ? ? ?
  1. 人称代词
  2. 物主代词
  3. 反身代词
  4. 疑问代词
  5. 不定代词

? 人称代词主格与宾格 主格 I You He she 宾格 Me You Him her 主格 It We You they 宾格 it Us You them
? 单数
  3,1 (you, he and I),复数
  3: 单数2 I) 复数1 they) (we, you and they) ? 都是三人称,女后男在先(he and she); 都是三人称,女后男在先( she); ? 若是有过失,主动要承担; 若是有过失,主动要承担; ? 单数
  2(I, he and you),复数
  2,1 单数1 you),复数3 ),复数 we); (they, you and we); ? 晚辈与动物,我须放在前(I and my son; I and 晚辈与动物,我须放在前( dog) the dog) ? 人称排列好,你会用语言。 人称排列好,你会用语言。
? He and I both like swimming. ? You, she and I used to be classmates, you know. ? I and Larry are responsible for that. ? P28

  1) She / he 雌性 / 雄性动物 Eg. You may take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.

  2) heaven, sun, war ? 阳性 earth, moon, history, 国家,船只,车辆 ? 阴性 Titanic was a tragic ship, for she sank on her voyage. We thank earth for her bounty.

  3) 指代胎儿或婴儿用 it The nurse pick up the baby and give it to the mother.

  3.2 物主代词
形容词性 物主代词 my yours his her 名词性 物主代词 mine Yours His hers 形容词性 物主代词 its our your their 名词性 物主代词 its ours yours theirs
单数 myself yourself himself herself itself 复数 ourselves yourselves themselves themselves themselves
? P31 课下自学
? P32 beside oneself, (all) by oneself, for oneself among yourselves你们之间, among themselves他们之间 They are arguing themselves.他们互相争论。 between ourselves 咱么私下说说 Between ourselves, I think Mr. Green is about to resign.(just between you and me.)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? adapt oneself to 使自己适应或习惯 absent oneself from 缺席 avail oneself of 利用 avenge oneself on sb.报复某人 behave oneself 规范行为 bear oneself 举止,表现,为人处事 blame oneself 自责
? busy oneself about / in / with 忙于 ? conduct oneself well / poorly …表现好/ 不好 ? divorce oneself from 与某人离婚,抛开 divorce oneself from personal considerations 抛开个人考虑 ? depend on oneself ? enjoy oneself
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Kill oneself Make oneself at home pride oneself on 使得意 provide oneself with repeat oneself 不自觉地重复 hurt oneself Help oneself

  3.4 疑问代词
? Who, whom, what, which, whose ? 究竟,到底 on earth, in hell What in hell are you doing? What on earth are you doing?

? ? ? ? ? ? 定义:不指明代替特定名词或形容词的代词 some, something, somebody, someone any, anything, anybody, anyone no, nothing, nobody, no one, none every, everything, everybody, everyone each, much, many, little, a little, few, a few, other, another, all, one, both, either, neither
? Some, each, most, one, other, either any, all, such, many, the same, another, both, few, enough, neither
? every, no
? none, someone, anyone, everyone ? nobody, somebody, anybody, everybody ? nothing, something, anything, everything
Choose the best answer
? Children who stay away from school do for different reasons. (TEM 4?20
  05) A. them B. / C. it D. theirs 离开学校的学生都有各自不同的理由。 theirs 指代stay away from school
? Because fuel supplies are finite and many people are wasteful, we will have to install ( ) solar heating device in our home. A. some type of B. some types of a C. some type of a C. some types of some type of: 某种 some types of 某几种
? Above the trees are the hills ( ) magnificence the river faithfully reflects on the surface. A. where B. of whose C. whose D. which 群山位于树林的上面,一条小河的河面上清楚 地映出群山之雄伟壮丽。



   Pronouns 韩婧 E-mail: Revision The statistics ( ) that living standards in the area have improved dramatically in recent years. (TEM 4?2006) A. proves B. is proving C. are proving D. prove statistics: 统计学单数 数据,统计结果复数 " Onc ...

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   2010高考英语《语法》 专题复习系列课件 05《强调句》 1. 强调句的定义 强调是有效地进行思想交流的 重要手段之一。 重要手段之一。人们在交际过 程中, 程中,为了使自己的思想能为 听者或读者恰当的理解, 听者或读者恰当的理解,必须 突出重要的内容, 突出重要的内容,这就需要运 用强调的手段。 用强调的手段。 2. 强调的构成 在现代英语中, 在现代英语中,人们可以通过 语音手段、词汇手段、 语音手段、词汇手段、语法手 段来进行强调。 段来进行强调。 (1) 语音手段 在口语中, 在口 ...


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       本文由rainy891218贡献     细节题小结     一、做题步骤     1、根据问题中的关键词回原文定位。关键词包括1)一般为名词或名词词组2)优 先考虑的关键词:①专有名词,包括人名和带“”的词②数字、时间③形容词和副词 ④比较或因果语言现象     2仔细阅读包含关键词的句子,在本句、上下句寻找线索。     3、将包含线索的句子与选项进行比较,对线索句进行同义替换的为正确答案。 同义替换有三种方式:①关键词替换②正话反说③语言简化     二、按照顺序寻找答案:由于 ...

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