Lesson 7 The Greatest Invention
By Salomé & Flora
Lord Dunsany (July 24, 1878?October 25, 19
  57) was an Irish writer and dramatist. His full name was Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron Dunsany.
Lord Dunsany was educated at Eton College and Sandhurst. He served as an officer during the Boer War and World War I. He was a keen huntsman, and sportsman, and was at one time the chess and pistol champion of Ireland. His fame arose, however, from his prolific writings of short stories, novels, plays and poetry, reportedly mostly written with a quill pen.
His writings
The work of Lord Dunsany must be the foundation of any good library of fantasy and science fiction. His most notable fantasy short stories include:The Gods of Pegana, The Book of Wonder, The Man Who Ate the Phoenix etc. His significance within the genre of fantasy writing is considerable.
At the Edge of the World The Book of Wonder The Fourth Book of Jorkens
This is a story about a scientist who refused to give up his wonderful research project just to please the government and help the government develop a deadly weapon(germ) for world domination. The moral of the story is meant to be the conflict between true scientific spirit and the abuse of scientific power by government.
Fantasies typically involve situations which are impossible (such as the existence of magic powers) or highly unlikely (such as world peace). In literature fantasy is a form of fiction, usually novels or short stories.
As a genre, fantasy is both associated and contrasted with science fiction and horror fiction. “Fantasy” seems reserved for fiction that features magic, brave knights, damsels in distress, mythical beasts, and quests.
Modern Fable
A fable is a short story or folk tale with a moral at the end. It often, but not necessarily, makes metaphorical use of an animal as its central character. In some cases usage of the term has been extended to include stories with mythical or legendary elements. An author of fables is a fabulist. Features: fabled characters of more modern archetypes. Using familiar characters in an unfamiliar setting. Introduce people’s characters in modern life. Updated message with contemporary circumstance and plot line.
The Caribbean
The Caribbean or the West Indies is a group of islands in the Sea. Caribbean Sea. These islands curve southward from the bottom tip of Florida to the Northwest of Venezuela in South America. America. There are at least 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and region. twentycaves in the region. They are organized into twenty-five territories including sovereign states, overseas departments dependencies. and dependencies. The name “West Indies” originates from Christopher Columbus’ idea that he had landed in India when he had in Americas. fact reached the Americas. The Caribbean consists of the America. Antilles and the Bahamas and is part of North America.
Germ Warfare
Germ is an informal term for a disease causing organism, particularly bacteria. Biological warfare, also known as germ warfare, is the use of any organism (bacteria, virus or other disease-causing organism) or toxin found in nature, as a weapon of war. It is meant to incapacitate or kill an adversary. Biological warfare is a cause for concern because a successful attack could conceivably result in thousands, possibly even millions, of deaths and could cause severe disruptions to societies and economies. However the consensus among military analysts is that except in the context of bioterrorism, biological warfare is militarily of little use.
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   Lesson 7 The Greatest Invention By Salomé & Flora Author Lord Dunsany (July 24, 1878?October 25, 1957) was an Irish writer and dramatist. His full name was Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron Dunsany. Lord Dunsany was educated at Eton ...


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