1. bare
  2. empty
  3. empty
  4. bare
  5. empty
  6.empty 二)
  1. shortly
  2.track down
  5.at the sight of
  6.feel like
  8.rang out
  10.made for
  12.emerged 三)
  1. host
  2. sprang up/rang out
  3. impulse
  4. came to
  5. track down
  6. unexpected
  7. outgrow
  8. widened
  9. shortly

  10. emerge / spring up
  11. at the sight of
  12. made for
  13. crisis
  14. colonial 四)
  1. Jimmy has outgrown the shirts his aunt made for him a few years ago.
  2. Does the doctor think the elderly lady is likely to survive the operation / it is likely that the elderly lady will survive the operation?
  3. The other day your cousin paid us an unexpected visit.
  4. Don't you see the nurse motioning us to be silent?
  5. Her face lit up with joy at his return.
  6. The sound of her footsteps grew fainter as she walked farther away. 五)
  1. Additional Anxious Courageous Dangerous Emotional Industrial Medical Musical National Personal
  2. Heated pigtailed bearded colored gifted pointed advantageous conditional curious educational famous intentional mountionous mysterious occasional practical
experienced aged skilled 六)
  1.The people questioned gave very different opinions on the issue.
  2. Can you see the man climbing on that rock?
  3. Several days passed before they came up with a satisfactory solution to the problems discussed.
  4. We were woken early by the sound of the birds singing. diseased

  5. The chairman made it clear that those objecting should explain their reasons.
  6. After a day’s work, I felt I had little energy left.
  7. I knew of some of the athletes taking part.
  8. The success obtained surprised those who had given up the project as impossible. 七)
  1. During the time that
  2. As long as
  3. Although
  4. as long as
  5. whereas
  6. Although
  7. whereas
  8. Although

  1. They frightened the child into telling the truth.
  2. He tricked her into marrying him by pretending that he was the son of a millionaire.
  3. My tactless words forced the old gentleman into buying something he could not possibly afford.
  4. He finally talked me into accepting his terms.
  5. The girl persuaded her father into giving up smoking.
  6. Their severe criticism shocked her into realizing her selfishness.

  1. Guests are to be back in the hotel by twelve o’clock.
  2. An investigation is to be made next week.
  3. I am to meet them at the airport.
  4. You are to finish your homework before you watch TV.
  5. The medicine is to be taken three times a day after meals.
  6. Bob and Susan are to get married in October


  1.do the cooking

  3.hardly thought so
  3.settled down
  4.half expected
  6.boiled over
  7.why things were so quiet
  10.battlefield 十)
  1.她砰地关上门,一声不吭地走了,他们之间那场争执就此结束。 Their argument ended when she slammed the door and left without a word.
  2. 出席晚宴的客人对那个美国人威严的语气感到有点意外。 The guests at the dinner party were slightly surprised at the commanding tone of the American.
  3. 约翰尼已长大成熟,不再害怕独自呆在家里了。 Johnny has outgrown the fear of staying at home alone.
  4. 当全部乘客都向出口处 (exit) 走去时,他却独自留在座位上,好像不愿意离开这架飞机 似的。 While all the other passengers made for the exit, he alone remained in his seat as if unwilling to leave the plane.
  5. 这封信必须交给威尔逊博士本人。 The letter is to be handed to Dr. Wilson himself.
  6. 南希虽然很想参加辩论,但腼腆得不敢开口。 While she felt like joining in the argument, Nancy was too shy to open her mouth.
  7. 你觉得什么时候最有可能在家里找到他? What do you think is the likeliest time to find him at home?
  8. 猎人一看见有只狐狸从树丛中出现并向他设下 (lay) 的陷阱 (trap) 方向跑去,脸上顿时 闪出了兴奋的表情。 The hunter’s face lit up with excitement as soon as he saw a fox emerge from among the bushes and run in the direction of / make for the trap he had laid.

  1)Besides Except Besides
  2)Have received Accepted Received Accept
  3)Discovered Was invented Discovered Invented

  1) alike
  2) asleep
  3) alive
  4) awake
  5) alone
  6) astir

  1) conflict with
  2) superior to
  3) resented
  4) left behind/left (my car keys) behind
  5) error
  6) rejected
  7) created
  8) obtained
  9) above all
  10) perpetual

  3)in existence
  5)owes to
  6) Acting on
  7) leaving to
  8) went out of her way
  9) has been appointed
  10) judgments
  11) influence

  12) humble

  1) Many authors use a false name when they publish their books.
  2) The origin of human life on earth is now believed to have been in Africa.
  3) The book was translated from Chinese into English under the personal supervision of the author.
  4) In spite of the personal participation of the President, the conference failed to produce agreement.
  5) Many Americans prefer to travel by car over any other means of transportation.
  6) Watches made in your factory are far superior in quality to those turned out in theirs.

  1) a wait-and-see attitude
  2) a life-and-death struggle
  3) a down-to-earth spirit
  4) an out-and-out lie
  5) an out-of-the-way mountain village
  6) a face-to-face talk
  7) a divide-and-rule policy
  8) up-to-date machines
  9) word-for-word translation
  10) a never-to-be-forgotten night

  1) self-conscious
  2) self-sufficient
  3) self-educated
  4) self-respecting
  5) self-supporting
  6) self-made

  1) frightened
  2) be heightened
  3) strengthen
  4) lengthening/
  5) to be lengthened
  6) hastened heartened

  1) In his youth
  2) A 17-year-old youth
  3) The youth of our country have
  4) Some youths
  5) Youth is
  6) The youth of the 21st century have

  1) Although advanced in years, Thomas Edison remained as active and creative as many young people.
  2) While still at college, Miss Leacock had her first novel published.
  3) A tiger cannot be tamed unless caught very young.
  4) The old lady carrying a basketful of eggs was run down by a taxi when crossing the street.
  5) I am sure Mr. White's latest play, once staged, will prove to be a great success.
  6) Ben is fully aware that if not properly managed, his shirt factory will have to close down in less than a year.

  1) Paul could not dance, nor could he sing.
  2) I was not satisfied with her explanation, nor were my classmates.
  3) My brother Joe never learned to swim, nor does he intend to start now.
  4) They didn't invite me, nor did they invite my parents.
  5) Cathy had hardly said a word since supper, nor had her husband.
  6) Mr. Owen didn't know then what had happened, nor did he ever find out.

  1) It was Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  2) It is with genuine feeling that the author praises all that is progressive.
  3) It was on the beach that Miss White found the child lying dead.
  4) It was because the water had risen that we could not cross the river.
  5) It was Jim, a heartless fellow, who was heard shouting at his mother in the dead of night.
  6) It was not until I told her that Mrs. Williams knew anything about it.

  1) Paul considered himself fortunate to have been admitted to Harvard University.
  2) Don't you think it good for us to remember Jefferson's emphasis upon knowledge as a basis for action?
  3) Today people find it impossible for one person to learn what needs to be known about all subjects.
  4) His duty fulfilled, Henry felt a great weight taken off his mind.

  5) Alice considered herself lucky that she was not injured in the accident.
  6) The Chinese working class made its strength felt by playing the main role in the May 4th Movement.

  1) action
  2) obtain
  3) humble
  4) origins
  5) go out of one's way
  6) conflict
  7) acted on
  8) owe much to
  9) left behind

  1) before
  2) aged
  3) following
  4) Now
  5) lying
  6) for
  7) that
  8) as
  9) in
  10) that
  11) might
  12) life
  13) away
  14) saved
  15) was
  16) given
  17) does
  18) the
  19) done
  20) more
  21) in
  22) and

  1) guided
  2) In fact
  3) a second term
  4) shape
  5) independence
  6) served as
  7) Constitution
  8) honored
  9) The nation's capital
  10) celebrated 翻译
  1) 会上有人建议任命一个十一人委员会来制定新章程。 It was suggested at the meeting that a committee of eleven be appointed to make a new constitution.
  2) 这些青年科学家通过现场观察,获得了研究工作所需的第一手资料。 By making on-the-spot observations, the young scientists obtained first-hand information they needed in their research work.
  3) 他很可能会因视力不好而被拒收入伍。 It is very likely that he will be rejected by the army because of his bad eyesight.
  4) 委员会成员在新机场最佳选址 (location) 这一问题上持有不同意见。 The committee members have conflicting opinions as to the best location of the new airport.
  5) 亨利创作的艺术品在许多方面比他兄弟的要好。 Henry's works of art are superior in many respects to those of his brother's.
  6) 我们产品质量的稳步提高在很大程度上是由于设备有所改进。 The steady rise in the quality of our products owes much to the improvement of our equipment.
  7) 吉姆本想按照自己的判断行事,但他没有这样做,因为作为军人他得服从命令。 Jim would have preferred to act on his own judgment, but he didn't because as a soldier he had to obey the order.
  8) 如果让我来决定我们是要一个没有自行车的城市呢,还是要一个没有汽车的城市,我会 毫不犹豫地选择后者。 Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a city without bikes or one without cars, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

  1)were short of
  2)attached any importance to
  3)have applied for
  4)consists of
  7)Judging by

  1) salary
  2) prospect
  3) in turn
  4) smelled of
  5) depressed
  6) suburb
  7) stale
  8) protested
  9) incompetent
  10) interview
  11) Having little in common
  12) disapproval
  13) advertise
  14) plus

  1) A résumé generally consists of personal information, work experience and educational background.
  2) In today's job market, importance is attached to practical experience as well as formal education.
  3) The pay for this type of work ranges from ten to fifteen dollars per hour.

  4) The thought of having to take the exam again depressed me./ I was depressed at the thought of having to take the exam again.
  5) Tony and his brother have little in common except that they share the same interest in cricket./ Tony and his brother have little in common except their shared interest in cricket.
  6) England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland constitute the United Kingdom.

  1) unlock
  2) unpacked
  3) undo
  4) unfolded
  5) unsay
  6) undressed

  1) a blue-eyed girl
  2) a kind-hearted woman
  3) a simple-minded young man
  4) a double-faced guy/a double-faced fellow
  5) a long-haired rabbit
  6) a white-haired girl
  7) a left-handed person
  8) a red-tailed bird
  9) a narrow-minded man
  10) a short-sighted woman

  1) smells lovely/smells sweet
  2) could smell cigarettes
  3) Smell the milk
  4) smells stale
  5) smells of wine
  6) can smell something burning
  7) was smelling a ball of wool
  8) smell of fish/smelt of fish/smelled of fish

  1) surprising/surprise
  2) surprised
  3) excited interested

  4) frightened
  5) bored closing
  6) closed
  7) frightening
  8) winning
  9) amusing thinking
  10) lost

  1) The rumour proved (to be) true.
  2) The experiment proved (to be) a success in the end.
  3) The student proved (to be) much brighter than he had first appeared.
  4) His experiences on the farm proved (to be) a turning point in his writing career.

  1) I could say "Thank you"
  2) I had time to look over my answers
  3) most of the students understood the first problem
  4) I could stop him

  1) the letter must have been written by a small child
  2) they are probably Japanese
  3) he might have failed in his English exam
  4) the performance must be a great success

  1) advertised
  2) local
  3) slim
  4) apply
  5) disapproval
  6) consisted of
  7) attached importance
  8) Obviously
  9) in common
  10) salary
  11) prospect

  1) Out
  2) apply
  3) others
  4) know
  5) preferred/chose/select
  6) single
  7) a
  8) at
  9) behind
  10) careful
  11) to
  12) considerate/thoughtful
  13) when
  14) questions
  15) polite
  16) rest/others
  17) floor
  18) placed
  19) turn
  20) When
  21) noticed
  22) brushed
  23) nails
  24) excellent
  25) more

  1) hiring
  2) link
  3) college graduate
  4) somewhere
  5) find out
  6) checked with his university
  7) he'd be right for the job
  8) eagerness
  9) left me with only one other question

  10) call on
  1. She got a post as a cashier at a local bank. But she was soon fired because she proved to be incompetent. 她在当地一家银行找到一份出纳员的工作,但不久因不称职而被解雇了。
  2. It is obviously/clearly his young assistant who is running the book store. 很明显是他的年轻助手在经营这家书店。
  3. No sooner had the proposal been announced at the meeting than she got to her feet to protest. 这项建议在会上一宣布,她就站起来提出异议。
  4. Bill has applied to Harvard University fo



   大学英语精读第三版第三册课后习题答案 Unit1 1) accent 2) turn against 3) a couple of 4) takes his time 5) fate 6) confirmed 7) witness 8) subsequent 9) stands a chance 10) trial 1) belief 2) brilliant 3) employment 4) has saved up 5) stood a chance 6) were awarded 7 ...


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   今人不见古时月,今月曾经照古人。 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网, 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有 千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 。-张先 31、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退,没有返 、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退, 回! 32、虽然有时候我会心痛,但是我却拥有别人 、虽然有时候我会心痛, 会心痛 不曾拥有的幸福,所以我知足了! 不曾拥有的幸福,所以我知足了! 33、在爱与被爱的选择里,我选择了被爱,错、 、在爱与被爱的选择里,我选择了被爱, 又能如何? 又能如何? 34 ...


   新概念英语第二册课后习题答案详解 Lesson 1 1. b 选 b 最为正确。因为 a. d.都与课文内容不符合,也不合乎逻辑;c.的 意思是“他们没有注意他” ,而作者的意图并不是 想让他们注意他,而是想让他们停止谈话。 所以选 b. 最能表达作者当时心里的感受。 2.c 其余 3 个答案都与原句意思不符合。 3.b 因为 a. to 不对,可以是 He went to the theatre;c. into 也不对,可以是 He went into the theatre;d. on ...


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大学英语 精读 第四册 课后习题答案 4

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   泰 祺 教 育 http://beijing.tqedu.net/ Final Guide to 2010 MBA Test Part I Writing Package (15%) Type I Debatable Topic 日前,南京正式通过媒体将醉酒驾车者向社会曝光,首批公布的名单上共有106人,都是在7月份被 警方查获并实施拘留的。交管部门介绍,曝光(exposure)还将不定期进行。被曝光者表示“很震惊”,认为 曝光会给个人生活带来影响。于是有人提出,醉驾者拘留后还要被曝光是不是 ...


   编写说明 为帮助参加中考的广大初中学生复习,巩固所学英语 词汇,我们根据现行初中牛津英语课本(Fun With English), 结合当前初中英语教学的实际,编写了这本 《新编初中英语 词汇手册》 . 本手册由六部分组成. 第一, 二部分分别按 26 个字母 顺序列出了现行初中英语课本 7A-9B(第二单元)全部单 词,词组和习惯用语.每个单词注有国际音标,词性和词 义. 凡带 * 号的单词只要求理解,不要求拼写;凡标注△的 单词不要求记住,不带任何符号的单词均为要求掌握的单 词. 课本中 ...