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2009-2010 学年第二学期 一. 选择正确答案填入相应的空格处: 选择正确答案填入相应的空格处: (70%) ( (20

  1.The forest guards often find campfires thet have not been completely. A.turned down B. put out C. put away D.turned over

  2..Of all the economically important plants, palms have been . A.the least studied C.study less and less B.study the least D.to study the less

  3.All is a continuous supply of fuel oil. A.the things needed C.that is needed B.what is needed D.for their need

  4. The survey indicates that each Chinese family averaged of daily television usage in 1994than in 19
  93. A.as many as 60 minutes C. 60 minutes B. 60 minutes more C. more 60 minutes

  5. All evidence the court has collected boils to the fact that he is a spy. A. down B. off C. up D. over

  6.their luggage, the group of tourists hurried to the airport.
D.Finished packing
  7.Jane was always nervous in city traffic. A.to driving driving
  8. I saw Alan skimming over the water and, finally, into it. A. plunged plunged
  9. Jane leaned an old tree when she was talking with her boy-friend. A. from B. against C. on D. toward B. plunging C plunge D.being B. driving C.with driving D.for

  10. The only thing is of importance is to gather all the money we have to lay a fund for the sick and the wounded. A. that B. which C. what D. as

  11. he is wealthy does not necessarily mean that he is greedy. A.For the reason Just because
  12. While waiting for Jane, I killed timereading posters on the notice board. A. by B. in C. with D. on B. The reason that C. That D.

  13. The size of the audience, we had expected, was well
over one thousand. A.whom B. who C. as D. that

  14. Science has brought many changes in our lives. A. out B. into C. about D. forward

  15. The basketball match was televised from the Worker’s Stadium. A. alive B. life C. live D. lively

  16. Experiments in the photography of moving objects in both the United States and Europe well before 19
  00. A. have been conducting C. had been conducting B. were conducting D. being conducted

  17. We him with a detached house but he specifically asked for a small flat. A. must have provided provided C. might provide D.ought to provide B.could have

  18. She had just been to the hospital to see her husband and had returned home rather by her experience. A. had been distressed B.to be distressed C. distressed D. being distressed
  19. Many people are unware that prairies once existed is now the state of Michigan.
A. in that where
B. in that place
C. in which

  20. To what extent will future scientific discoveries the lengthening of the human life ? A.be made possible C. make possible possible
  21. As it turned out to be a small party , we so formally. A. needn’t dress up have dressed up C. did not need dress up dressed up
  22. I apologize if I you, but I assure you it was unintentional. A. offend B. had offended C.should have offended D. needn’t have B. did not need B. make it possible D. be made it
D.might have offended
  23.Greater efforts to increase agricultural production must be made if food shortage avoided. A. is to be been
  24. I’ve kept up a friendship with a girl whom I was at school twenty years ago.
B. can be
C. will be
D. has
A. about
C. till
D. with

  25. A statue, a monument, a building, or a park may be dedicated a distinguished individual. A. in order to honor D. for honoring
  26. It was such a newspaper of a new type, had never before existed in the history of the labor movement. A. such as it
  27. The woman, who works in a joint venture, is married to a man who is in charge of the financial affairs in the company. A. Russian young brilliant Russian B. brilliant young Russian young
  28. X-rays are able to pass through objects and thus make details that are otherwise impossible. A. it visible visible
  29. The invention of the contact lens literally opened a new view for people who wear glasses. A. neither could or would
B. to honoring
C.to honor
B. when it
C. that
D. which
B. young brilliant
D. brilliant Russian
B. them visible
B.either could not nor
would not C. neither could not nor would not D. either could not or would not
  30.The supervisor said the school board was considering not the students’ proposal for fewer tests. A. to accept accepting
  31. Because they standardized usually receive the same is score on B. accept C. accepted D.
disagreementwho is the better pupil, Tom or Jane. A. as for B. as of C. as with D. as uopn

  32. No students are able to pursue nuclear science without having of mathematics. A. profound grasp C. a profound grasp B. the profound grasp D. profound grasps

  33. There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened a sudden loud voice. A. being there B. should there be C. there being D.
there having been
  34. No matter how frequently, the works of Beethoven always attract large audiences.
A. performed
B. performing
C. to be performed
D.being performed
  35. earth scientists understand how and why earthquakes happen, forecasts are usually inaccurate. A. As B. While C. For D. Since

  36. I don’t think you’ve heard of him before,? A. don’t I B. haven’t you C. do I D. have you

  37. The speeding car had missed the turn and now lay on its back, wheels in the car. A. having spun spinning
  38.There before her, filling every corner of the huge room, furniture of all shapes, sizes and uses. A. there was were
  39.What have I done you should be so angry with me? A. that case
  40.The only way the ancient people can preserve their history is to recount it as legends. A.that B. which C. by which D. as B. hence C. so D. in B. was C. are D.there B.spun C. were spun D.

  41.The interviewer should take notes at the moment the
person answers questions. A. to be interviewed C.being interviewed B. interviewing D. interviewed

  42. did she expect that her way or dressing would make her feel totally out of place at the party. A. Scarecely Only
  43.The boss gave John when he was working during the spring festival. A. the double usual pay C. double the usual pay B. the usual double pay D. usual the double pay B.Hardly C. Little D.

  44. There was telling how much work we had done by the time you came that morning. A. not B. no C. hardly D. not any

  45. I would have paid for my car if the salesman had insisted, because I really wanted it. A. as much twice C. much twice B. twice as much D. as twice much

  46. I felt and depressed when he failed to come to the party. A. let down loose
  47. The father, his son, is going to the concert.
B. let out
C. let off
D. let
A. as well as well
B. together with
C. and
D. as

  48. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good of each other. A. sum quantity
  49. The children had been of the danger, but had taken no notice. A. warned shown
  50.The traffic was very heavy, I would have been here half an hour sooner. A. however therefore
  51. The quality of teaching should be measured by the degree the student’s potentiality is developed. A. to which in which
  52. It is reported that the new type of bathtub easily. A. have cleaned cleans
  53. Human beings are superior to animals they can use
B. deal
C. amount
B. explained
C. prevented
B. otherwise
C. anyway
B. of which
C. with which
B. is to clean
C. be cleaned
language as a tool to communicate. A. for which in that
  54. To know one is capable, both mentally and physically, is to know the scope of one’s freedom. A.of which D.what
  55. Since she is angry, we A. had better leaving her alone C. can leave her alone her alone
  56. Come what, we’re not going to make any concessions to his unreasonable demands A. must D.can
  57. He was away ill. He the meeting here. A. must not have attended able to attend C. can’t have attended D. mustn’t attend B. could not be B. may C. should B. must leave her alone D.might as well leave B. of what C. which B. in which C. for that D.

  58. The committee divided in opinion as to whether the matter should de dealt with at once. A. were B. was
C. has
D. had

  59. My wife, more than her two brothers, there again. A. is anxious to go C. is anxious to going B. are anxious to go D. are anxious to going

  60. Every man, woman, and child asked to contribute. A. are B. is C. have D. are being

  61. There nothing he could do and little he could say. A. were B.are C.has D was.

  62. It is as the one we did last month. A. as dangerous a job job C. so dangerous a job job
  63. friends usually speak highly of him. A. His some Some his
  64. The Browns go to church every Sunday morning. A. a B. an C, the D. / B. His many C. Many his D. D. such dangerous a B. as a dangerous

  65. We’ll take our holiday in August, I think. A.some time some times
  66. She wished she had stood. A. firmly B. in frimness
B. sometime
C. firm
with frimness
  67.You must have seen the play last week,? A. mustn’t don’t you
  68. All but going to the party. A. he and I am D. he and I are
  69. --Is this beautiful? --Yes, it is. . B. Rarely I have seen B. him and me am C. he and me are you B. haven’t you C. didn’t you D.
A. Rarely before have I seen this this before C. Rarely have I seen before this this before
D. Rarely have I seen

  70.They’ve us $150,000 for the house. Shall we take it ? A. provided B. supplied C.shown D. offered
二:翻译下列句子: 翻译下列句子:
  71.Not a single student absented himself from the lecture.
  72.Higher and higher flew the white balloon till it vanished in the clouds.
  73.Standing between the two steam engines is a big boiler which has been used for more than ten years.
  74.He is the only one of the foreign visitors who is able to speak
  75.He is anything but diligent.
  76.I’m afraid I’m none the wiser for your explanation.
  77.Her mistakes in composition are no fewer than yours.
  78.A home without love is no more a home than a body without a soul is a man.
  79.That matter was out of my hand.
  80.She was too young to be assigned such work.
  85.奇怪的是他居然不告而别。 。



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