大学英语课程教学要求(试行) 大学英语课程教学要求(试行)积极词汇表 ( total 2355 ) abandon ability able abound abroad absent absolute absorb accept acceptable access accommodate accord according to account accountable accuse achieve acid acknowledge across act action active adapt add addicted addition admire admit adopt advance advent adventure advertise advice affair affect afflict afford afterwards again against age ago agree agreement ahead air alert alike alive allocate allow almost alone already also alter alternative always amass ambiguous ambition among(st) amount amuse amusement analysis analyze(se) ancient anger annoy annual another answer anxious anywhere apart apologize(ise) appeal appear appetite applause appreciate appreciation approach appropriate approximate approximately arbitrary argue around arouse arrange arrest article artificial as ashamed asleep aspect aspiration aspire assign assist associate association astonish attach attack attain attention attitude attract attractive available average avoid awake awkward back background backward(s) balance ban band bank barely bargain barrier base bath bathe battle bear because become before beg behalf behave behavior behind belong below bend beneath besides betray better between big bill bind bit blame bleed bless blind board boast boil bold boom boost border bored borrow both bound boundary
about abstract accompany accumulate acquaint activity adequate advanced advise afraid agenda aid all along although ambitious amusing angle anticipate apology apply approval argument arrival aside assemble assume attempt attribute aware bad bar basic beat begin belief benefit beyond bite block bond boring bow
above accelerate accomplish accurate acquire actual adjust advantage advocate after aggravate aim alleviate aloud altogether amend analogy angry anxiety apparent appoint approve arise arrive ask assess assure attend authority away bake bare basis beautiful beginning believe beside bias bitter blow book born branch
brave brief broken burn buy can careful category center/-tre champion chase chemical circular classic close collapse come commerce common comparison competition complex compound conceal conclude confidence confront conscious consideration construct contemporary contract control conversation cool correspond cough couple crash credit critical cruel cure cushion
break bright brush burst by cancel careless cater central chance cheap cherish circumstance clean clumsy colleague comfort commission commonplace compatible compile complicate comprehend conceive conclusion confident confuse consent considering consult contend contradict controversial converse cooperate correspondence could courage crazy creep criticism cruelty curiosity custom
breath bring build bury calculate capable carry cause certain change cheat chief cite clear coarse collect comfortable commit communicate compel complain complicated comprehensive concentrate condition confine congratulate consequence consist consume content contrary controversy convert coordinate corrode count course create crime criticize/-ise crush curious cut
breathe brink bunch business call capacity case caution certainly channel check/cheque choice civil clever coherent collide command commitment community compensate complaint comply comprise concept conduct confirm connect consequent constant contact context contrast convenient convey copy corrupt counter court creation cripple cross cry curl cycle
breed broad bundle busy calm capital cash cease chain character cheer choose claim climb coincide combination commence committee company compete complement component compromise concern confer conflict conquer consider constitute contain continue contribute convention convince corporate corruption country cover creative crisis crowd cultivate current daily
bribe broadcast burden but campaign care catch celebrate challenge charge cheerful circle clarify cling cold combine comment commodity compare competent complete compose compute concerning confess conform conscience considerable constrain contemplate continuous contribution conventional cook correct cost countryside crack creature critic crucial curb curse damage
dance date decade declare deduce define delicate denote depth deserve destroy determine devotion difficult dip disagree disastrous discovery disgusting dispose distinguish diverse domain download dream drug during eager edge efficient election embark emotional emulate end engineer enough entertainment environment equivalent establishment even evident examine
danger dead decay decline deem definite delicious deny derive design destruction develop die difficulty direct disappear discard discriminate disillusion dispute distort divert domestic dozen dress dry duty earlyearn edit effort electric embarrass emphasis enable endeavo(u)r enhance enrich enthusiastic envy escape estate eventually evil example
dangerous deaf deceit decorate deep degree delight depend descend desirable destructive development differ diffuse direction disappoint disclose discuss dismiss disregard distribute divide dominate drag drink due dwarf ease educate either electricity embrace emphasize/-ise enclose energetic enjoy enrol(l) entire equal especially estimate ever evolve exceed
dare deal deceive decoration defeat delay deliver dependent describe desire detail deviate difference dig dirty disappointed discount discussion displace distance district division double drain drive dull dwell easy education elastic electronic emerge employ encounter energy enjoyable ensure entitle equality essence ethnic every exact excel
dark debate decide decrease defend deliberate demand depress description despair detect device different dimension disabled disappointing discourage disease display distant disturb divorce doubt draw drop dump dynamic eat effect elder eliminate emergency employment encourage enforce enlist enter entrance equip essential evade everywhere exaggerate excellent
data debt decision dedicate defence/-ense deliberately demonstrate deprive desert despite determination devote differentiate diminish disadvantage disaster discover disgust disposal distinct dive do down drawback drown duration each economic effective elect else emotion empty encouragement engage enormous entertain envelope equipment establish evaluate evidence exam(ination) except
excess exercise expectation explanation explosive extend facilitate fairly familiar fashion fault feature fever file find fix flow fond foresee formulate foster frequent frown function future general get glue govern grant greet growth guideline happen harm have height hide historical honest hopeless however hungry ideal
exchange exhibit expense explicit export extra fade faith famous fashionable favo(u)r federation few fill fine flash fluctuate fool forget forth foundation fresh fry fundamental gain generally give go grace grasp grief guarantee guilty happy harmful heal help high hit honesty horizon human hunt identical
excite exist expensive explode expose extract fail faithful fan fast favo(u)rable feed field final finish flat fly for forgive forthcoming framework friendly fuel funny gamble generate glad goal graceful grateful grind guard habit hard harness health helpful highlight hobby hon(u)r horizontal humble hurry identify
exciting existence experience exploit exposure extraordinary failure fall fancy fasten favo(u)rite feel fierce finally finite flexible focus forbid form fortunate free frighten fulfil(l) furnish gap generation glass golden gradual great ground guess hand harden harvest healthy hence hinder hold hook host humo(u)r hurt idle
exclude expand expert explore express extreme faint false far fat fear feeling fight finance fire float fold force formal fortune freedom from full further gather generous global good graduate greed group guidance handle hardly hate hear here hint hollow hope hot humorous ice if
excuse expect explain explosion expression face fair fame fare fate feast female figure financial fit flood follow foreign former forward freeze front fun furthermore gear gentle glory goods grand greedy grow guide hang hardship hatred heavy hesitate hire holy hopeful how hunger idea ignorance
ignorant illustrate immediate impart importance impressive incline independent indoor infectious inherent injure inquiry/enquiry inspect instinct insurance intelligent interesting interrupt introduction invitation issue journal justice kill know lag latter lead left let light limit load logical lose lower magic male manufacture married mature meanwhile meet
ignore image immediately impede important improve include index induce infer inherit injury insect inspiration institute insure intend interfere interval invent invite jealous joy justification kind knowledge land laugh lean legal level like link loan lonely loss loyal mail manage many marry may measure melt
ill imaginary immense impetus impose improvement incorporate indicate industrial influence inhibit innocent insert inspire institution integral intense intermediate intervene invention involve job judg(e)ment justify kindness label large launch learn lend liberty likelihood list local long lot loyalty main manifest march mass maybe mechanic memorize/-ise
illegal imagination immune implement impossible in increase indication inevitable influential initial innovation inside instance instruct integrate intention internal into invest inward join judge keen kiss labo(u)r last law least length lie likely listen locate look loud luck maintain manipulate margin master mean media memory
illness imagine impact implicit impress incentive indeed indispensable infect inform initiate input insight instant instruction integrity interact international intrinsic investigate irrespective joint jump keep kneel lack late lay leave less life likewise little lock loom love lucky majority manner mark match means mediate mend
illusion imitate impair imply impression incident independence individual infection information initiative inquire/enquire insist instead insult intelligence interest interpret introduce investment isolate joke just kick knock ladder lately lazy lecture lesson lift limb live logic loose low mad make manual marriage matter meantime medical mental
mention method mind mirror mode modify moral mount must nasty nearly neglect news none notice nurture obligation obvious of official once opponent or origin outdoor over overtake painful paralyze/-yse particular passive pattern peculiar perfect permission personally pick pity plastic plenty political portion possibility pound
mercy middle minimize/-ise miserable model moment more move mutual national neat neither newspaper nonetheless notion obedient observation occasion off offset only opportunity order other outdoors overall owe paint parcel partly past pause pendulum perform permit perspective picture place play plus ponder pose possible pour
mere might minimum miss moderate money moreover much mysterious native necessary nervous next nor nowhere obey observe occupy offend often open oppose ordinary otherwise outlet overcome own pair pardon partner paste pay people performance persist persuade piece plague pleasant point pool position possibly poverty
merry migrate minor mistake modern monitor most multiply mystery natural necessity never nice norm nuclear object obsession occur offensive old operate opposite organ ought outline overlap pace pale park party patience payment per perhaps persistent phase pile plain please policy poor positive post power
message mild minute mix modernize/-ise monthly motion multitude naked nature need nevertheless noble normal number objection obstacle odd offer omit operation option organize/-ise out output overlook pack paper part pass patient peace perceive period person phenomenon pin plan pleased polish popular possess postpone powerful
metal military miracle mixture modest mood motivate murder narrow near negative new noise note numerous objective obtain odds office on opinion optional orient outcome outstanding overseas pain parallel participate passage patriotic peaceful percentage permanent personal physical pinch plant pleasure polite population possession potential practical
practice precious preoccupy press prevail primary priority proceed profession promise proof prospect prove publish purchase put question radical rare reach really recent record refine refusal regret rejoice relax religious remedy repair representative research resign respond restrain reveal rich ripe rob round rude sad sale
practise/-ice precise preparation pressure prevalent prime private process professional promising proper protect provide pull pure puzzle quick raise rarely react reason recently recover reflect refuse regular relate release reluctant remember repeat reproduce resemblance resist response restrict reverse rid rise role route ruin safe same
praise predict prepare prestige prevent principal prize produce profit promote property protection provision pump purpose qualify quiet random rate read reasonable recognition recruit reform regard regulate related relevant rely remind replace reputation resemble resistance responsibility result review ride risk roll row rule safeguard sample
pray prefer presence presume previous principle probable product progress prompt proportion protective public punctual pursue quality quit range rather ready recall recognize/-ise reduce refrain regarding regulation relation relief remain r



   教育部要求大学英语占总学分 10% 听说能力成重点 2007-09-27 08:21:57 来源: 中国新闻网(北京) 网友评论 0 条 点击查看 中新网 9 月 26 日电 教育部网站 26 日公布《大学英语课程教学要求》(以下简称“教 学要求”)。教学要求建议,大学英语课程要融入学校的学分制体系,尽量保证在本科总学 分中占 10%(16 学分左右)。 教学要求指出,大学阶段的英语教学要求分为三个层次,即一般要求、较高要求和更高 要求。大学英语课程的设计应充分考虑听说能力培养的要求,并给予 ...


   大学英语课程教学要求 教育部网站 26 日公布 《大学英语课程教学要求》 (以下简称“教学要求”) 。 教学要求建议, 大学英语课程要融入学校的学分制体系,尽量保证在本科总学分中占 10%(16 学分左右)。 教学要求指出,大学阶段的英语教学要求分为三个层次,即一般要求、较高要求和更高 要求。大学英语课程的设计应充分考虑听说能力培养的要求,并给予足够的学时和学分;应 大量使用先进的信息技术, 开发和建设各种基于计算机和网络的课程, 为学生提供良好的语 言学习环境与条件。 教学要求提出, 高校 ...


   大学英语课程教学要求(试 42. adequate 43. adjust 行)积极词汇表 44. admire 1. abandon 45. admit 2. ability 46. adopt 3. able 47. advance 4. abound 48. advanced 5. about 49. advantage 6. above 50. advent 7. abroad 51. adventure 8. absence 52. advertise 9. absent 53. a ...


   2004 - 2005 《新编实用英语》课程/系列辅导材料 2004 级 C3 & C1 & C6 教学班 高职高专教育英语课程教学基本要求 (教育部高教司 2000 年 10 月颁布/试行) 一、适用对象 本教学基本要求适用于高职高专教育 (即普通高等专科教育、 高等职业教育和成人高等专科教育) 非英语专业的学生。学生入学时一般应掌握基本的英语语音和语法知识,认知英语单词 1000 个(较 低要求)-1600 个(标准要求),在听、说、读、写、译等方面受过初步的训练。 二、 ...


   第二编 英语课程教学准备的问题 课程改革的理论和实践表明, 课程教学的成功与否, 在很大程度上取决于课程教学的前 期准备。英语课程教学亦然。伴随课程改革的不断深入,广大第一线教师面临的新问题逐渐 地增加。故本编试图从教材分析与二次开发、学生知识与经验准备、资源整合与综合利用等 几个方面, 为广大第一线教师释疑解惑, 并全方位地为大家提供课程教学准备的具体做法和 实施中需要注意的问题。 第 4 章 教材分析与二次开发 在初中英语教学的实践中, 考虑到我们的实际的教学对象和教学环境, 需要做进一 ...


   目 录 ......................................................... 《英语口语》教学大纲 ......................................................... 1 英语口语》 口语 ......................................................... 《英语精读》教学大纲 ..................................... ...


   《商务英语》课程教学大纲 商务英语》 (2006 年制订,2006 年修订) 课程编 课程编号: 100206/100207 英 文 名: Business English 课程类别: 课程类别:专业主干课 前 置 课: 基础英语、英语听力、口语等 后 置 课:国际贸易实务、跨文化交际、外贸函电等 学 课 分: 6 学分 时:108 课时 主讲教师: 主讲教师:杨智华、沈文霄 选定教材: 选定教材:David Cotton, David Falvey and Simon Kent. Mark ...


   外贸英语课程教学标准 课程代码:03113 课程名称: 外贸英语实务 课程类型: 专业必修课 总 学 时:94 学 分:5 讲课学时:54 实验(训)学时:40 先修课程:国际贸易实务(中文版)、大学英语 第一部分 前言 一、课程性质与地位 外贸英语实务课程为我院国际贸易专业学生必修的一门专业课。由于学生的英语水平起点普遍 不高,而且个体差异较大,英语教学存在较大难度。因此,我们在进行课程定位时应秉着高职高专 英语服务于为专业人才培养目标的原则, 紧密围绕我院国际贸易专业目标岗位群对英语的实 ...


   小学英语课堂游戏集锦 Game 1: 上车 目的:用"Hi\\Hello.I\'m..."向别人问好,并介绍自己。 方法:将学生分散在教室的各个角落,及车站站点,等待上车。老师做司机,到各 个站点接学生上车。 学生上车前必须向司机问好。 还可再加一个学生当固定售票员) ( 知识点: Bus stop! Hello! I\'m David. T: S1: Hi! I\'m Li Lei. Conductor: Hi, Li Lei, here\'s your ticket. ...


   小学英语 课程基本要求 (试行) 课程目的 课程目的: 根据小学生的生理和心理特点以及发展需求, 小学阶段英语课程的目的是激发学生学习英语的 兴趣,培养他们英语学习的积极态度,使他们建 立初步的学习英语的自信心;培养学生一定的语 感和良好的语音、语调基础;使他们形成初步用 英语进行简单日常交流的能力,为进一步学习打 下基础。 组别 目标总体描述 一级 对英语有好奇心,喜欢听他人说英语。能根据教 师的简单指令做游戏、做动作、做事情(如涂颜 色、连线)。能做简单的角色扮演。能唱简单的 英文歌曲, ...



   五年级上册复习 四会句子 1、 年轻的 和蔼的 先生 积极的 是谁 她是 2、 星期一 星期五 有;吃 读书 3、 茄子 土豆 我们 新鲜的 葡萄 4、 做饭 使用 洗碗碟 铺床 5、 窗帘 床头柜 客厅 在…旁边 6、 河流 花 草 湖泊 1 滑稽可笑的 年老的 像;喜欢 安静的 是什么 高的 矮的 严格的 很;非常 他是 强壮的 瘦的 聪明的 但是 星期二 星期六 在…时候 也;太 星期三 星期日 做作业 天;日子 星期四 …….怎么样? 看电视 鱼 西红柿 甜的 咸的 他们是 青豆 为 ...


   大学英语阅读与赏析 4(外研社) 答案 (2010-05-03 22:44:44) 转载 标签: 大学英语 外研社 答案 教育 Unit 1 Passage One 1. N 2.M 3.L 4.J 5.E 6. O 7. A 8. I 9.C 10.D Passage Two 1. C 2.D 3.D 4.D 5.D Passage Three 1. B 2.D 3.C 4. A 5. D Passage Four S1. “Nuclear family” consists of only ...


   浅谈小学英语课堂教学的艺术性 作者:佚名 文章来源:别处引用 点击数: 9 更新时间:2007-9-25 教学是一门艺术,英语教学是科学与艺术的结合。所谓的教学艺术就是教师有意识地通过声音、图片、形象、表演和活动等一 系列能使学生感受到美和体会到满足的教学手段去设计教学的全过程,去诱发学生学习英语的兴趣。教学艺术是一门较复杂、难 于把握的综合艺术。与其他形式的艺术相比,它注重于对艺术创造性这一本质特征的理解和把握,因此英语教师除了要具有扎实 的专业知识外,还必须懂得艺术,必须具有一定的艺术修 ...


   新概念英语青少版 1A(Unit 1 - 10)试卷 ( ) Name 1、按要求做题:(每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 、按要求做题:(每小题 :( Mark 1)Mrs. Jenkins is Robert’s mother. (变成一般疑问句并作否定简略回答) 2)William is the man with the black hair. (变成一般疑问句并作肯定简略回答) 3)The new pyjamas are pure white. (变成一般疑问句并作否定简略回答) 4) ...


   英语名人名言 All for one, one for all. 人人为我,我为人人。?? [法] Dumas pére 大仲马 Other men live to eat, while I eat to live. 别人为食而生存,我为生存而食。?? Socrates 苏格拉底 Easy come, easy go. 易得者亦易失。 ?? Hazlitt 赫斯特 Love rules his kingdom without a sword. 爱,统治了他的王国,不用一枝利剑。?? Herb ...