大学英语较高 要求词汇 1081 个 absurd abundance accessory accommodate activate addict adhere adjacent adjoin administer adolescence adolescent adore adverse aerial aesthetic affiliate affirm afflict aggravate aggregate aisle alien alienate allege alleviate allocate alloy alternate ambiguous amend ammunition ample amplify analogy analytical angel anonymous apparatus appease appendix
appraisal apt arc arch arena armour / armor array arrogant artery articulate artillery ascend ascertain ascribe ashore assassination assault assimilate assurance astronomy atlas attendant authoritative authorize / authorise automation autonomous autonomy avail avert aviation awesome axis baffle bald ballet ballot barren batch batter beforehand belly bewilder bias
bibliography bingo biochemistry biography bishop bizarre blaze bleak bless blink blunder blunt blush booth botanical botany boycott brace bracket breach breakdown brew brink brisk brochure bronze brood browse bruise brutal buck bully bureaucracy bureaucratic burial bust buzz bypass cafeteria calcium calorie cannon canvas cape
capsule caption captive cardinal carve casualty catastrophe cater cathedral catholic caution cavity cemetery census certify champagne chant chapel cherish cholesterol chord chorus chronic chunk circulation circus clamp clan clarity clasp clearance climax cluster clutch coalition cocaine cocktail cognitive coherent coincide coincidence collaboration collide comet
commemorate commend commentary commodity commonplace commonwealth compartment competence compile complement complexion complication compliment comply composite compulsory conceive conception concise confer confidential configuration conform conscientious consecutive consequent conserve console consolidate conspicuous constituent constrain contemplate contempt contend contention contradict contrive convene converge conversion cooperative cordial cork
corporate corpse correlate corrode corrupt counterpart coupon courtesy coverage coward cozy / cosy cradle credible crisp criterion crumble cucumber culminate cumulative customary cylinder dart dazzle decimal decisive decree dedicate deduce deem default defendant defiance deficit definitive degenerate degrade denote denounce deport deprive descendant descent designate despise
destined. destiny detach detain deteriorate deviate differentiate diffuse diligent dilute diminish dioxide diplomat directory disable disastrous discern disclose discreet discrepancy discrete discriminate dismay dispatch despatch dispense disperse displace disposition disregard disrupt distil / distil distort disturbance diversion divert dividend divine dock doctrine dodge dole domain dome
donate doom doubtless drainage drastic drawback dread dreadful drought dual dub dubious duplicate dwell Easter eccentric eclipse ecology edible eject elapse electrician elevate elicit eligible elite eloquent embark embed embody empirical enclosure endeavour endeavor endow engagement ensue entail enthusiastic entity entrepreneur envisage epoch equator
erase erroneous erupt escort essence esteem esthetic evacuate evaporate evoke exceptional excerpt execution exempt exotic expedition expend expenditure expertise expire exposition exquisite extinct extract extravagant fabricate fabulous facet feast feat federation feeble fellowship feminine ferry fiery finite fitting fixture flank flap flare flatter flaw
flip flush flutter foam foil foreground foremost forerunner foresee formidable formulate fort forthcoming foster foul fracture fragile fragrance fragrant frantic friction fringe furious fury fuse fusion galaxy garment gasp gauge generalize generalise geology gigantic giggle glamor glamour gland glare gleam glide glitter gloom gorgeous
gossip gracious graphic graze grease grieve grill grim grin groan groove grope guardian hamper handicap harassment hardy hasty hatch haunt hawk heighten hemisphere henceforth herb heritage hierarchy hike hinge historian hitherto hoist homogeneous hop hose hospitality hostage hound hover howl huddle hug hum humidity
hurl hurricane hypothesis hysterical ideology idiot ignite illuminate imaginative imitation immerse impair impart imperative impetus inaugurate incentive incidentally inclusive incorporate incur indefinite indicative indignant indignation indulge inertia infectious inflict ingenious inhabit inhibit initiate inject inland inlet innovation innumerable installment / instalment instantaneous instrumental insulate integral
intellect intelligible intent intercourse interim intermittent intersection intervene intricate intrigue intrinsic intuition invalid invaluable invariably inventory invert irony irrespective irrigation Irritate isle ivory jeopardize jeopardise jerk jog judicial junction junk juvenile kidnap kidney knob lace lame lash latitude layman leaflet legend legitimate lever levy
lieutenant likelihood linear linen liner linger literal litter locality locomotive lofty longitude loom lounge lubricate luminous lunar lure magistrate magnify magnitude majesty mall maneuver manoeuvre manifest mansion manuscript marble masculine massacre masterpiece meadow mediate medieval melody memorize memorise menace mercury merge metallic metropolitan midst
migrant militant mingle miniature minibus minimal minimize / minimise mint misery misfortune missionary mistake mob mobilize / mobilise mock module momentum monetary monopoly mortal mortgage motel mourn muddy multitude municipal murmur muscular mute mutter naive necessitate negligible nickname nil nominal nominate nonetheless notable notation notorious notwithstanding
novelty numerical nurture nutrition oath obedient obscene obscure odor / ordour offset offspring olive oppress optimism optimum orient oriental orientation originate orthodox outbreak outfit outrage overflow overhear overlap overpass overt overthrow overturn overwhelming owl oxide ozone pact pamphlet paperback paradise paradox paralyze / paralyse parameter parasite participant
partition pastime pastry pasture patent pathetic patriot patriotic patrol patron peanut pearl pedal pedestrian peel peg pendulum penguin peninsula perfume periodic perish permeate permissible perpetual perplex persistent pest petition petty physiological pilgrim pirate plaster plateau plea plead plight poke polar ponder porch porridge portray
posture practicable preach precede precedent preclude predecessor predominant premature premier premise premium prescription preside prestige presume pretext prevalent preview prey privacy probability proceeding proficiency profitable profound prolong prone propaganda propagate propel prophet proposition prose prosecute prospective prototype provocative proximity prune psychiatrist pudding pumpkin purify
purity pursuit qualitative quantify quantitative quart quarterly quartz queer quench questionnaire quota racket radiant radiate radioactive radium radius random rap rape rash rating reassure rebellion recede recipe recipient reciprocal recite reckless reclaim reconciliation rectangular rectify recur redundant reel referee refrain refreshment refuge refund refute
regime regiment rehearsal reign rein rejoice relay reliance relish remainder remnant renaissance repay repel repertoire repression reproach resemblance reside residential resultant retention retort retrieve retrospect revelation revenge revive rigorous rim rinse rivalry robust romance rot rotary royalty rupture sacred safeguard salute salvation saturate savage
scar scent scorn scramble scrap scrub scrutiny sculpture seam segregate sensation sentiment sergeant serial setback shabby shaft shark shatter shepherd shipment shrewd shrub shutter shuttle sieve signify simulate simultaneous situated skeptical sceptical skip skull slack slash slaughter slit slot slum slump smuggle snack snatch
sneak sniff sober solicitor solidarity solo soluble sovereign spacious sparkle specialty / speciality specification spectacle spectator spectrum spice spiral sprinkle squad stab staircase stalk stall staple statesman stationary stereo stern stimulus stitch straightforward strand stray streamline strive stroll stubborn stumble stump stun sturdy subjective submarine
subordinate subscribe subsidiary subsidy successor sue suffice suite sulfur / sulphur summon superintendent superiority supersonic supplementary suppress surpass susceptible suspension suspicious swamp swap symmetry symphony symposium syndrome synthesis tablet tack tan tangle tanker tariff tease temperament tempo tempt tenant tentative terminate terrace terrain terrific terrify testify
testimony texture thanksgiving theft thereafter thermal thesis thigh thorn threshold throne tickle tile tilt timely timid tolerant tow toxic tract tragic transcend transient transistor transit transition traverse trench tribe tribute trigger triple trivial tub tug tuition tumble turbulent turnover ultraviolet unanimous underestimate underlying unfold
unify update upgrade uphold valve vegetation vein velocity velvet vent ventilate verbal Verdict verge versatile verse versus veto vicinity vicious virgin visualize visualise vocal vocational void vulgar vulnerable wardrobe warehouse warfare warrant watertight weary wedge whereby whirl wither withhold wrench wretched yacht zinc


大学英语课程教学要求 较高要求词汇1081个

   大学英语较高 要求词汇 1081 个 absurd abundance accessory accommodate activate addict adhere adjacent adjoin administer adolescence adolescent adore adverse aerial aesthetic affiliate affirm afflict aggravate aggregate aisle alien alienate allege alleviate all ...


   大学英语课程教学要求》(试行) 点击数: 2958 更新时间:2004-10-23 【字体:小 大】 《大学英语课程教学要求》(试行) 大学英语课程教学要求》(试行) 》(试行 为了适应我国高等教育新的发展形势,深化教学改革,提高教学质量,满足新时期国家和社会对人才培养的需要,特制定《大学英语课程教 学要求》(以下简称《课程要求》),作为各校组织非英语专业本科生英语教学的主要依据。 鉴于全国高校的教学资源、学生入学水平以及所面临的社会需求等都不尽相同,各校应参照《课程要求》,根据本校的实际情 ...


   《大学英语课程教学要求》 大学英语课程教学要求》 教学目标 培养学生的英语综合应用能力 特别是听说能力 特别是听说能力 大学英语新四级考试(2007) 大学英语新四级考试(2007) 大学英语四级网考 工 作 进 程 08.108.1-6 08.708.7-12 09.609.6-12 09.709.7-12 09.12 考试系统测评;跟读系统测评; 考试系统测评;跟读系统测评;四级 考试网考样题测评; 考试网考样题测评;命题点建设 53所院校参加四级考试网考试点 所院校参加四级考试网考试点 ...


   《大学英语课程教学要求》(试行) 大学英语课程教学要求》(试行) 》(试行 为了适应我国高等教育新的发展形势,深化教学改革,提高教学质量,满足新时期国家和社会 对人才培养的需要,特制定《大学英语课程教学要求》(以下简称《课程要求》),作为各校组织 非英语专业本科生英语教学的主要依据。 鉴于全国高校的教学资源、 学生入学水平以及所面临的社会需求等都不尽相同, 各校应参照 《课 程要求》,根据本校的实际情况,制定科学的、系统的、个性化的大学英语教学大纲,指导本校的 大学英语教学。 一、大学英语教 ...


   a ability able about above abroad absence absent absolute abuse accelerate accent accept acceptable acceptance access accident accidental accommodation accordingly account accountant accuracy accurate accuse ache achieve achievement acid across act ...


   江苏省普通高中英语课程标准教学要求 《普通高中英语课程标准(实验) 》对"课程目标"中语言技能,语言知识, 情感态度,学习策略和文化意识等五个方面分别提出了相应的具体内容和标准. 针对我省高中英语教学的实际情况, 《江苏省普通高中英语课程标准教学要求》 (以下简称《教学要求》 )就上述五个方面七级和八级的目标描述提出教学建议. 为便于教学, 《教学要求》将语言知识中语法部分的教学任务单独列表进行 目标描述. 每个语法项目均设有"学习内容", " ...


   初中英语要求掌握的各类词汇(10)_普特英语听力普特英语听力你好:亲爱的妮,欢迎登录 退出登录 网站地图 设为首页 听力 VOA BBC 视听 电影 音乐 教程 初级 中级 雅思四级 六级 托福专四 专八 BEC高考 考研 口语 阅读 写作 翻译 词汇 语法 方法 工具 专业 演讲 名著 老友记 金融 外贸 新概念 下载 电台 赖世雄 论坛 问吧 旧版 博客 家园 模仿 辞典 百科 播客 首页|资源下载|每日听力|网络电台|在线词典|听力论坛|有问必答|部落家园|在线背单词|口译训练|在线 ...


   《大学英语课程教学要求》辅导 大学英语课程教学要求》 一、教学性质和目标 二、教学要求 三、课程设置 四、教学模式 五、教学评估 六、教学管理 附: 基于计算机和课堂的英语(多媒体) 1. 基于计算机和课堂的英语(多媒体)教学模式 学生英语能力自评/ 2. 学生英语能力自评/互评表 3. 大学英语参考词汇表 一、教学性质和目标 对教学性质的界定为“大学英语是以外语教学理 对教学性质的界定为“大学英语是以外语教学理 论为指导, 以英语语言知识与应用技能、 论为指导, 以英语语言知识与应用技能、 ...


   教育部公布《大学英语课程教学要求》 教育部公布《大学英语课程教学要求》 中新网 9 月 26 日电 教育部网站 26 日公布 《大学英语课程教学要求》 (以 下简称“教学要求”) 。教学要求建议,大学英语课程要融入学校的学分制 体系,尽量保证在本科总学分中占 10%(16 学分左右)。 教学要求指出,大学阶段的英语教学要求分为三个层次,即一般要求、 较高要求和更高要求。大学英语课程的设计应充分考虑听说能力培养的要 求,并给予足够的学时和学分;应大量使用先进的信息技术,开发和建设各 种基于计算 ...


   大学英语课程教学要求 为适应我国高等教育发展的新形势,深化教学改革,提高教学质量,满足新时期国家和社会对人才培养的需要,特制订《大学英语课程教学要求》(以下简称《课程要求》),作为各高等学校组织非英语专业本科生英语教学的主要依据。 鉴于全国高等学校的教学资源、学生入学水平以及所面临的社会需求等不尽相同,各高等学校应参照《课程要求》,根据本校的实际情况,制订科学、系统、个性化的大学英语教学大纲,指导本校的大学英语教学。 一、教学性质和目标 大学英语教学是高等教育的一个有机组成部分,大学英语课 ...



   Filling station A petrol station, filling station, gas station, fueling station, service station, garage, gasbar, petrol pump or petrol bunk (India) is a facility which sells fuel and lubricants for motor vehicles. The most common fuels sold are pe ...


   [出处] [作者] 黄滨 [内容] 多年教英语的经验告诉我,学习英语首先要过好国际音标关。音标教学是英语教 学的重要组成部分和基础,决不可忽视。不少学生就是因为音标关过不了而放弃 英语这门课的。为此,我在音标教学中进行了以下改革,收到了较好的教学效果。 首先,在学习12个单元音时,我分了几个步骤来进行。 第一步把12个单元音按接近音编成6组,使学生记好其中〔i:〕、〔e〕、〔Λ〕、 〔u〕、〔C〕、〔〕、〔θ〕这6个主要音素即可。在教〔i:〕这个音素时,我 把 ...


   初中英语语法总结 1 一般现在时的用法 1) 经常性或习惯性的动作, 常与表示频度的时间状语连用. 时间状语: every…, sometimes, at…, on Sunday.例如: I leave home for school at 7 every morning. 每天早上我七点离开家. 2) 客观真理,客观存在,科学事实.例如: The earth moves around the sun. 地球绕太阳转 动. Shanghai lies in the east of China ...


   Grammar: Attributive clause 专题二 Form the correct message Elias has had some problems with his messages for his friends. Can you help him form sentences with the words and phrases on Page 37. where "The mines I worked were 9 km form my house. why "T ...


   制作 : 张骅 CHU SAN YING YU ZONG FU XI 复习策略 要点、考点聚焦 要点、 典型考题解析 课时训练 CHU SAN YING YU ZONG FU XI 熟记已学过的名词; 掌握常用名词的数的变化; 掌握名词所有格的构成及其变化; 掌握可数名词与不可数名词的区别及用法。  中考考查形式:选择题、单词拼写及选词填 空题、完成句子  CHU SAN YING YU ZONG FU XI 可数名词 名词的数 不可数名词 名词的所有格 名词的变化 找规律 flow ...