21 世纪大学英语教程课后答案第二册 第一单元 Text Comprehension II.
  1. It was a military campaign in which many soldiers died. The effects on Churchill were () he lost his political position and he was overwhelmed with grief.
  2. He felt so inspired to paint that he was distracted from his personal problems.
  3. His sister-in-law’s painting inspired him to try his hand at it; his wife rushed out to buy all the materials he would need; and the wife of Sir John Lavery helped him overcome his fear of the blank canvas.
  4. The blank whiteness of the canvas made him feel he didn’t know where to begin. This nervousness was not typical of Churchill, who was known publicly as a brave and strong-willed person.
  5. Churchill was comparing the canvas to an opponent in a fight, and he could now see that he need not fear his “adversary”.
  6. He meant that Churchill would have been a great painter, just as he was a great politician.
  7. It was his great comfort when the death of his mother was followed quickly by the death of his daughter.
  8. Because the judges suspected that it was not painted by an amateur; they were later surprised and delighted because Churchill was not just a famous political figure but also a talented untrained artist.
  9. No, she considers that decade an artistically fruitful one.
  10. He meant that painting was like a friend who never betrayed or abandoned him. This seems to suggest that he often felt lonely, misunderstood and/or disappointed in his relationship with other people. Vocabulary III.
  6.camgp ain
  12. disastrous IV.
  1. delighted with
  2. bore fruit
  3. kept Clementine company
  4. rely on
  5. take refuge
  6. awaken people to
  7. pay the price
  8. chanced upon; dated from
  9. tried his hand at
  10. fell upon; came to her rescue Word Building V.
  1. broadens the mind
  2. weakened
  3. sweeten Diet Coke
  5. strengthen
  6. deepen your understanding of the course materiall
  7. sharpen the kitchen knives
  8. reddened
  9. brighten; quickens

  10. lightened VI.
  1. lucky
  2. wealthy
  3. tasty
  4. icy
  5. wavy
  6. smelly
  7. sleepy
  8. noisy (smelly is also plausible)
  9. healthy
  10. sunny Structure VII.
  1. Amazed at the great changes that are taking place in shanghai, many foreign visitors leave China with a completely new view of our country.
  2. Unpleasantly startled by the appearance of a mouse, we promptly decided to clean our apartment.
  3. Tired of their own cooking, they’ve decided to go to a restaurant for a change.
  4. Frightened by the horror film, the little girl was alert to every sound in the house that night.
  5. Deeply disappointed with the actress’s performance, tom soon switched to another channel.
  6. Embarrassed about still being in bed at 10 a.m., when my friends came I pretended to be sick with a terrible headache. VIII.
  1. So I did
  2. So did my brother
  3. So she was
  4. So they do; so do his classmates
  5. So am I Cloze IX lonely; overcame; refuge; finally; however; where; delighted; contemplated; entry; campaign; distract; plunged into; Within a month; rescue; when; overwhelming Translation X. “‘在画画呢!’她大声说道。‘多么有趣。可你还在等什么呢? 把画笔给我--大的那支。’她猛地用笔蘸起颜料,还没等我缓过神来,她已经挥笔泼墨在惊恐 不已的画布上画下了有力的几道蓝色。谁都看得出画布无法回击。我不再迟疑。 我抓起那支最大的画笔,迅猛异常地向我可怜的牺牲品扑了过去。自那以后,我 再也不曾害怕过画布。” XI
  1. When his wife died of a stroke in her sixties, the 72-year-old retired professor was overwhelmed by grief. Life would be too difficult for him without anybody to rely on.
  2. Last month two amateur painters held an exhibition of their pictures in London. Many people went to see it, including a few celebrated professors.
  3. When seven astronauts died in the Challenger disaster in the mid-1980s, it plunged the whole world into shock and grief.
  4. After completing her second prime ministry, she remained actively involved in political affairs. She came to the rescue several times when
the government was in difficulty.
  5. After his failure in the election campaign, Dr. Smith retired to a small village, where he tried his hand at farming.
  6. As long as you keep working hard all your life, you will recall your past with a glow of satisfaction.
  7. We must awaken people to the importance of environmental protection now, or it will soon be too late.
  8. That official was removed from office for being involved in a political scandal. Had he known this would happen, he might have acted differently. Reading Analysis XII. Major Event: Life and love and hope slowly revived. How did the change happen? (
  1)Churchill bought a new house. (
  2) Another child was born to Churchill. Structured Writing XIII. One example, for reference My sister Stephanie began her love affair with television in the second grade amid highly emotional circumstances. She had had a quarrel with her best friend, and found herself alone and lonely every day after school with nothing to do. That’s when the miracle of television came toText 第二单元 Comprehension II. a 1F 2T 3F 4F 5T 6 F 7T b. 1I 2I 3 I 4N 5I 6N 7I 8N Vocabulary III.
  12. recommendations IV. NB. these are not the only possible synoms/definitions/translations.
  1. carried out; conducted, performed
  2. led to; resulted in, caused
  3. springs from; arises from, comes from
  4. get ahead; make progress in life, achieve more, etc.
  5. showed up; appeared, arrived
  6. make up; constitute, comprise
  7. owes it to; 归功于
  8. cope with; find a way of dealing with, manage
  9. divided the cake into; 把蛋糕分成……
  10. excluded from; 被剥夺了

  11. committed to; devoted to, dedicated to
  12. make it to; arrive at or on after much effort V.
  1. sense of guilt
  2. finally
  3. imbued her with
  5. horrified, motivated me
  6. recommendations, To start with
  7. naive
  8. by contrast Word Building VI.
  1. misplaced
  2. mismatched
  3. misusing
  4. mislead
  5. misprinted
  6. misinformed
  7. misspelled
  8. misunderstood Structure VII.
  1. After the earthquake the government spent millions of dollars to help the victims rebuild their houses.
  2. ill you reconsider your decision? No one wants you to leave.
  3. Some of Lu Xun’s writings were lost for decades, but they were rediscovered in the mid-80s.
  4. I see no need to restate the policy on late homework.
  5. The library’s been rearranged, and I can’t find any of the books I need.
  6. I hope this dictionary will be reprinted soon?I’d like to buy one.
  7. Stevie Wonder’s earliest albums have been unavailable for several years, but they’re being re-released next month.
  8. I didn’t care much for the book the first time, but I enjoyed it when I reread it.
  9. John Harding is best known for reinterpreting Shakespeare’s plays.
  10. You’ve misunderstood me?let me rephrase what I said. VIII. A. gardener calculator receiver container commander remainder hike inspector steamer processor supervise builder contributor consumer paint teenager B.
  2. inspector
  3. remainder
  4. processor
  5. gardener
  6. calculator
  7. commander
  8. container
  9. hiking
  10. teenagers Structure IX
  1. It was for the benefit of the old people in the neighborhood that we organized this volunteer group.
  2. It is only when we look back that we realize how far we have come.
  3. It is his secretary who does all the work.
  4. It is through the act of giving that we experience our fullest strength and power.
  5. It was gold that led them to undertake the long and risky journey to California.

  6. As I recall, it was you who suggested this idea in the first place.
  7. It wasn’t until last week that they finished their report on the project.
  8. It’s her beautiful eyes that I can’t forget. X.
  1. The elephant weighs about 3,600 kg, whereas the blue whale weighs up to 130, 000 kg.
  2.The word ‘youngster’ has a cheerful connotation, whereas ‘offspring’ sounds rather clinical.
  3. Confucianism emphasizes family ties, whereas Protestantism teaches individual responsibility.
  4.The earliest mammals appeared on the earth hundred millions years ago, whereas the first evidence of humans dates from only about one million year ago.
  5. The aim of the natural science is to predict and control natural process, whereas the aim of the social science is to understand human behavior.
  6. He must be about sixty, whereas his wife looks about thirty. Translation XI. 儒教也为亚洲人的成功提供了另一个要素。在孔夫子的哲学中,家庭起着最重要 的作用这种定向引导人们为家庭的荣誉而学习工作, 而不仅仅是为了他们自 己。一个人永远无法报答他的父母,而且在亚洲人中间还有一种责任感、乃至负 罪感,这是一种如同新教哲学在西方一样的强大力量。 XII.
  9. Female students constitute the majority of our class. By contrast, their class is made up of males only.
  10. American children can usually watch TV three hours a day, whereas their Chinese counterparts have to work on their homework during most their after-school time.
  11. His development of a series of new research methods led to his huge success. He said he owed all this to his parents’ encouragement.
  12. He resented being excluded from discussions that directly concerned his future.
  13. The fact that these problems are continually showing up suggests that this new device has to be readjusted.
  14. As one of the many Asian students who have surged into the best American universities in recent years, Zhang Hua says that many of his ideas are based on traditional Chinese philosophy.
  15. To start with, it is not merely money that makes Mr. Young work so hard. He is committed to educating the young and tires to motivate them to get ahead in life.
  16. As time was running out, we drove even faster in the hope that we could make it to the airport in time. Cloze
  1. immigrant
  2. than
  3. obligation
  4. motivated
  5. widespread
  6. however
  7. although
  8. discrimination
  9. but/although
  10. One day
  11. guilty
  12. horrified
  13. repay
  14. owe Reading Analysis XII. Stevenson offered three recommendations: To start with, we need higher standards for our kids second, American parents need to become more committed to their children’s education. And third, our school could be reorganized in simple but effective ways. Structured Writing XIII. One example, for reference Students at our university admire their English teachers for three main reasons. To start with, the teachers’ hard work and dedication are highly inspiring to us. Second, the wonderfully creative lessons they prepare strongly motivate us to study as hard as we should. And third, our teachers’ warmly human characters create bonds of friendship that will last forever. 第三单元 Text comprehension II.
  1. The author is talking about cultural differences: different ways of doing things in different cultures; different attitudes, traditions, beliefs, etc. she or he says neither side can understand because people are not usually conscious of their deepest cultural attitudes.
  2. The American company George worked for started a joint venture with a Japanese firm, and they needed someone to train the Japanese engineers. George was the most highly qualified employee for the position, and he accepted a two-year contract for temporary transfer to Japan.
  3. The Japanese liked George’s nonassertive nature, his expertise and his willingness to help; it’s also implied that they liked his efforts to learn Japanese, and that the secretaries liked the fact that he was single. These qualities contributed to his becoming a cultural translator by making the Japanese trust him, feel comfortable with him, and grow accustomed to asking him for all kinds of advice.
  4. He had to ‘reinvent’ himself because his expertise as an engineer was no longer needed, but he didn’t want to leave Japan. The company accepted his ‘reinvention’ because they had heard lots of horror stories about cultural conflicts and recognized the value of having someone like George around.
  5. The author means that the misunderstandings were not always merely linguistic.
  6. The examples imply that there is a strong group orientation in Japanese business, that sentiment can be as important as profit and efficiency,
and that employees may be valued for something other than their material contribution to the company. The fact that these examples mystified the US side implies that in American business relations, profit and efficiency are considered more important than sentiment, and that Americans expect logical explanations for decisions, expenditures, etc.
  7. Because the words and actions of the American visitors could be misinterpreted by the Japanese: things that could seem crazy or rude to the Japanese are normal to Americans.
  8. Because the author believes that language problems are not a serious barrier, compared with cultural differences. Vocabulary III.
  1. surpassed
  2. approved
  3. ensure
  4. thriving
  6. qualified
  7. represent
  8. apparent
  9. justify
  10. conflicts IV.
  1. go along with
  2. from the farmers’ viewpoint
  3. multitudes of
  4. run



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