attribution adj.
n. attributing sth. to sb./sth.; that which is attributed
attribute v. (to)
Examples e.g. She attributes her success to hard-work and a hardbit of luck. luck.
benign adj. ? of no danger 良性的;无害的 良性的; Benignly adv. 良性地,无害地; benignity n. 良性;无 adv. 良性地,无害地; 良性; 害 Examples ? A benign tumor can usually be cured. cured. ? A benign climate 温和的气候. 温和的气候.
budget v. ? to make plans for the careful use of (money or time)in a way that will bring most advantage为…做预算 advantage为 n. 预算; adj. cheap低廉的;收费公道的 预算; adj. cheap低廉的 低廉的;
A budget motel 价格便宜的汽车 旅馆 Annual budget 年度预算
Examples (translate) ? 她计划攒足够的钱去度假。 她计划攒足够的钱去度假。 She budgeted for a holiday.
duplicate ?v. double n. 复制
Examples This research merely duplicates work already done elsewhere. Is this a duplicate or the original?
enforce v. ? make effective, carry out; compel obedience to实施; out; to实施 实施; 迫使服从 ? to make sth. happen, esp. by threats or force; to sth. esp. force; impose 强迫;迫使 强迫;
Examples ? Governments make laws and the police enforce them. them. ? Illness enforced him to remain idle. idle.
infringe v. ? to go against (a law, etc.) or take over the right of etc. another person破坏;侵犯;违反 person破坏 侵犯; 破坏;
Examples ? He thought an increased workload ( 工作量 ) had 工作量) infringed on his personal life. life.
knowingly adv. ? intentionally adj. knowing adj.
Examples ? It appears that what I said was untrue, but didn’t knowingly to you. you.
Witness v. ? to see or notice sth. by being present when it happens sth. 目击 n. 事故目击者 Examples ? We were witnessing the most important scientific development of the century. century. ? I was a witness to their quarrel. quarrel.

  1. end up e.g. If you continue to steal, you will end up in prison.
  2. give… a second thought e.g. Please give yourself a second thought before you make a decision.
  3. give… short shrift e.g. All this idle talk wasted our time and we should give it short shrift.
  4. infringe on e.g. The airport built near our residential area infringe on our right to a quiet environment.
  5. step up e.g. We must step up effective measures to stop it.
  6. trample on e.g. Don’t trample on the flowers when you play in the garden.
1 2 Related Information Lead-in Activities
--Lead-in Questions --Lead-in Lexical Chunks
Text Interpretation
--Skimming Task --Scanning Task -- Sentence Analysis --Reviewing Task
Exercise & Assignment
Passage A A Stateless Language…
What kinds of behaviors are considered as plagiarism?
Academic honesty is of prime importance and the most serious violation of this is plagiarism, a form of cheating. Plagiarism involves presenting someone else’s words, ideas, computer programs, or academic or creative work as if they were one’s own, without giving proper credit. It commonly takes one of three forms:
  1) including in one’s paper a passage taken directly from a book or any other source without using a quotation or a footnote;
  2) paraphrasing a passage from a book without using a footnote to indicate the source of the material; or,
plagiarism 英['ple?d??,r?z?m] n.
  2.剽窃物,抄袭物, 剽窃作品
What kinds of behaviors are considered as plagiarism?

  3) taking ideas from a source and incorporating them into one’s work as if they were the results of one’s own thinking. Sources must be footnoted and entered in a bibliography. The proper written or oral use of others’ ideas is explained in English classes as well as in other classes. Plagiarism will lead to serious disciplinary action and may include expulsion.
disciplinary 英['d?s?pl?,neri:] 美['d?s?pl?,n?ri] adj.有关纪律的;执行纪律的;惩戒性的 expulsion 英[?k’sp?l??n] 美[?k’sp?l??n]开除, 驱逐
LeadLead-in Activities ? Question
Directions: Answer the following questions
before reading Passage A.
Individual Task
Fighting Against Piracy What should we do about piracy?
Passage B Stateless Language…
LeadLead-in Activities ? Question answering
Reference Key:
Fighting against Piracy -all citizens to become educated about piracy issues - to follow copyright laws in their own lives -to encourage their colleagues and friends to do the same ….
Passage A A Stateless Language…
Scanning Tasks ? Answer the
Passage Reading
Individual Task
Directions: Read the text paragraph by paragraph and answer the True or False on Page
Passage A A Stateless Language…
Skimming Tasks ?
What is the main idea of this text? Fill in the Table within 4 mins.
Group Task
Passage A A Stateless Language…
Reading Analysis
Part one (Para.
  1) Part two (Para.2-
  6) Main idea Main idea details It is important to fully understand the. copyright laws The author analyses the reason why there are so many . copyright violations
some do it knowingly , only a small risk Reason one: but big payoff Reason two: others are unaware of seemingly kind reuse of it- violates...
Part three (Para.7-
Main idea
Some cases are used to show that copyright infringement is regarded as a serious crime and the financial penalties for it are high. Case one: a firm paid a seven-figure settlement for its Case two:
A temporary-employment agency recently paid a six-figure out of court fee for making illegal copies and sending copies...
Case three: Dilbert; ASCAP; BMI enforce their rights Part four (Para.11
  13) Main idea
There is a general lack of understanding about copyright laws among frequent presenters.
It’s getting more tempting to infringe on copyright when creating presentations, thanks to many new scanning presentations, and duplicating technologies as well as proliferating Web content. [Para.1]
由于许多新的扫描和复制技术的运用, 由于许多新的扫描和复制技术的运用,以 及网上内容的传播, 及网上内容的传播,人们在准备报告演示 受到诱惑越来越大,难免不侵犯版权。 时,受到诱惑越来越大,难免不侵犯版权。
They’re copying claim-jumpers?presenters who slip claim-jumpers? “Dilbert” cartoons, photographs scanned from magazines, magazines, graphics downloaded from the Web, Web, photocopies of trade-journal articles, audio files, video tradeclips or CD music into their presentations or handouts with little or no understanding of how they’re trampling on someone else’s copyright. [Para.2]
他们是版权剽窃者――假冒“Dilbert” 漫画,从杂志上扫描照片, 假冒“ 漫画,从杂志上扫描照片, 他们是版权剽窃者 假冒 从网上下载图片,从贸易期刊上复制文章,拷贝音频文件, 从网上下载图片,从贸易期刊上复制文章,拷贝音频文件,剪 辑影视片断或光盘音乐到他们的演示报告里或传单中, 辑影视片断或光盘音乐到他们的演示报告里或传单中,他们全 然不知此种行为已践踏了他人的版权。 然不知此种行为已践踏了他人的版权。
And sometimes that article you read last week in Forbes magazine or that photo you downloaded from the Web yesterday fits perfectly into the presentation you’re givinggiving-tomorrow. [Para.5]
有时,你上周在《福布斯》杂志上读过的一篇文章或昨天 有时,你上周在《福布斯》 你从网上下载的图片正适合你明天要做的报告。 你从网上下载的图片正适合你明天要做的报告。
Never once did I hear the word copyright spoken
This is an inverted sentence. The natural word-order of sentence. wordthe sentence is “I never heard the word copyright spoken. spoken.”
With similar violations occurring almost daily in corporate America, and with an increase in piracy on America, the World Wide Web, licensing organizations, performingperforming-right societies and other copyright cops have stepped up activity to enforce their rights. [Para.7]
在公司林立的美国,类似的侵权行为每天在发生, 在公司林立的美国,类似的侵权行为每天在发生,随着万 维网上盗版的增加使得颁发许可证组织, 维网上盗版的增加使得颁发许可证组织,维权团体和其他 的版权警察已加快行动保护版权所有者的权利。 的版权警察已加快行动保护版权所有者的权利。
ASCAP and BMI, two organizations that(定语从句) that(定语从句) license the right to play copyrighted music in public settings (including most business-presentation (including business分词作定语) scenarios (分词作定语)) have reportedly added large conference centers and hotels to the list of sites they 定语从句) patrol (定语从句) to ensure that those using even small selections of pre-recorded music in prepresentations (分词作定语)are properly licensed to 分词作定语) do so. [Para.9]
美国作曲家、 美国作曲家、作家与出版家协会和美国音乐作品保护机构规 在公共场所(包括大多数商业环境) 定:在公共场所(包括大多数商业环境)播放受版权保护音 乐必须得到他们的批准, 乐必须得到他们的批准,并声称将大型会议中心和旅馆列入 他们巡视的名单之中,以保证那些在公共场所播放的, 他们巡视的名单之中,以保证那些在公共场所播放的,即使 是很短的音乐片段,也必须获得许可证。 是很短的音乐片段,也必须获得许可证。
Although many cases of abuse undoubtedly are small or accidental ? busy presenters who in good faith give full attribution but don’t seek permission; others who are unaware of public performance rights or who stretch the fair-use doctrine to fairits limits ? interviews and research conducted for this article indicate a serious lack of knowledge about copyright law among frequent presenters.
虽然许多滥用版权的案例影响不大或偶尔为之, 一些忙碌 虽然许多滥用版权的案例影响不大或偶尔为之,―一些忙碌 的报告演示人虽然赞成版权法,但常常没有获得版权的许可; 的报告演示人虽然赞成版权法,但常常没有获得版权的许可; 另一些人对公开放映的版权不了解, 另一些人对公开放映的版权不了解,或把合理使用 条款延伸 到了极限――为撰写本文所做 采访和研究表明,那些经常进 到了极限 为撰写本文所做 采访和研究表明, 行报告演示的人严重缺乏版权知识。 行报告演示的人严重缺乏版权知识。
A two-month review of comments posted to Listervs frequented by twopresenters and trainers, for instance, suggests that many people trainers, routinely violate copyright law, and that there is a general lack of understanding about what constitutes legal use. [Para.11]
网站上公布的一个为期两个月的回顾评论吸引了报告 演示人和培训人员的光顾,表明许多人把违反版权法 演示人和培训人员的光顾,表明许多人把违反版权法 不当一回事,普遍缺乏版权合法使用的知识。 不当一回事,普遍缺乏版权合法使用的知识。
Reviewing Task ? Complete the summary
Directions: Review Passage A, and then complete the summary of the text with the words you have learnt from the passage.
Individual Task
Passage A A Stateless Language…
Summary of the Text The author discusses a very common committed in modern crime society?including copyrighted materials in presentations without the permission of the copyright owners He points out that some people . are doing this knowingly for the high-quality prefabricated content and the considerable time and money it saves, while some presenters unaware are of how their seemingly benign reuse of the existing materialviolates copyright laws. little In the past, attention was paid to copyright, perhaps because there seemed to be little chance of violations being discovered. However, the author warnspresenters be more stringent to violating copyright since their odds of being caught are improving every day, so are the chances of paying a fine. Moreover, the stiff copyright owners are becoming more , using new tactics aggressive enforce and technologies to their rights.
stringent 英['str?nd??nt] 美['str?nd??nt] 格的;严厉的
  2.(货币)紧缩的;短缺的 adj.
Ex. 17 Translate the following sentences into English. Ex. English.
  1. 他无需认真考虑就可轻易击败对手 。 ( giving a second 他无需认真考虑就可轻易击败对手。 thought) thought) giving a second thought
He can beat his opponent easily without giving a second thought. thought.
Ex. 17 Translate the following sentences into English. Ex. English.
  2. 在根本不懂得驾驶的情况下 , 他居然把车开上了公路 。 在根本不懂得驾驶的情况下, 他



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   The great ship, Titanic, sailed for New York from Southampton on April 10th, 1912. She was carrying 1,316 passengers and crew of 891. Even by modern standards, the 46,000 ton Titanic was a colossal ship. At the time, however, she was not only the l ...


   今人不见古时月,今月曾经照古人。 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 。-张先 似此星辰非昨夜,为谁风露立中宵。-黄景仁《绮怀诗二首其一》 似此星辰非昨夜,为谁风露立中宵。-黄景仁《绮怀诗二首其一》 。-黄景仁 直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂。-李商隐《无题六首其三》 直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂。-李商隐《无题六首其三》 。-李商隐 深知身在情长在,怅望江头江水声。-李商隐《暮秋独游曲江》 深知身在情长在,怅 ...


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