Unit Eight
This Generation Means Business
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Quite a few people would rather start up their own business than work as top executives in a big company.which would you prefer? Why or why not?
achievement family life income busy freedom pressure
Do you know what the young Americans are dreaming of?Starting up their own business.Joe Lampson was one of those who have achieved great success.
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  2) paragraph 3 paragraph 4 paragraph 5 paragraph 6 paragraph 7 paragraph (8-
  9) paragraph 10
Gregory Lampson couldn’t believe it.His 21-year-old son Joe,six months from graduation ,had just announced that he was dropping out of Stanford University to launch his own software company. “Can’t you wait a few months?”his father pleaded.
“No,”Joe said quietly. “In software
being first is everything.”
The younger Lampson knew that software companies were already helping big business save millions by streamlining some office work,such as shipping and receiving.Yet buying and selling--the lifeblood of business-was still being done by instinct.For instance, the average hospital could choose among many bandage suppliers.But there was no easy way to calculate which supplier offered the best price while meeting all the customer’s needs.Lampson was sure that he and his four partners could develop a computer program that would solve his problem.
In spite of Lampson’s confidence,no one would finance his start-up company,called Trilogy Development Group.Banks told him to get lost. Venture capitalists explained that new enterprises needed experienced managers and technicians; Joe Lampson had neither.
So he turned to the great investment bank of his generation:plastic.Lampson used 35 credit cards to finance the business and living expenses for him and his partners.Two years later he was half a million dollars in debt. 译文
Meanwhile he persuaded engineers at Hewlett-Packard-who had tried to develop a similar program ?to test the Trilogy software. To Hewlett-Packard’s surprise, it worked.The company offered Trilogy $3 million for the right to use the program.Since then,orders from other Fortune 500 companies have flooded in.
Today the Trilogy Development Group ,based in Austin,Texas,has close to 400 employees. The company’s 1996 incomes have been estimated at more than $120 million.
Lampson, who just celebrated his 29th birthday,is one of a huge number of under35 entrepreneurs. According to a study, nearly ten percent of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are actively involved in trying to start their own business?at least three times the rate of any other age group. Why the increased interest in entrepreneurship?
According to a survey,twice as many young people would rather own their own businesses than be top executives in large companies,and five times as many would rather own their own businesses than hold important positions in politics or government.When they were children,they taught themselves how to program computers and navigate the Internet. Today’s young adults “had to grow up fast,”says a researcher, “They were like explorers hacking their way through a jungle?they had to be prepared to handle anything.A decade later it turns out that these survival traits are excellent skills for entrepreneurs.
dream of sth. /doing sth. 梦想某事或做某事 He dreamed of becoming a famous writer. He dreamed of a car.
drop out (of)
  1)退学,辍学 He had to drop out at the age of 14 when his father was dead. He got a scholarship to Cambridge ,but he dropped out a year later.
  2)(从活动,竞赛等中)退出 He had to drop out of the race because of a knee injury. Since his defeat he has dropped out of politics.
announce v.宣布,宣告,通知 They announced their engagement to the family. The prime minister announced that he would resign. n. announcement
Launch 开办,使开始 The company will launch new products next month. 发射 ~ a satellite, a missile
Plead 祈求,请求 ~ with sb. for sth. ~ with sb. to do sth.
? John pleaded with his son to listen to his advice. She pleaded with him not to leave him alone. He pleaded with his parents for more understanding.
Streamline 使简化
The new manager soon streamlined the finance department. ~ the decision?making process
adj. 流线型的 modern ~ cars
instinct 本能,直觉 Birds learn to fly by instinct. My first instinct was to refuse,but later I reconsidered. ? instinct for sth./to do sth. ? have an ~ for survival ? Birds have the ~ to learn to fly.
average --adj.平均的,一般的,普通的
? What’s the ~ temperature of July ? ? There was nothing special about the film?it was just average. ? --n.平均数 ? The ~ of 4, 5, and 9 is
  6. ? --v.平均为 ? The rainfall averages 36 inches a year.
in spite of 不顾(某人/某事),不管,尽管
? 尽管下着大雨,他们还是出去 了
? They went out in spite of the heavy rain.
? 他已竭尽全力,但仍然失败了
? In spite of all his efforts he failed.
get lost : go away 滚开
? Venture (指有风险的)商业,企业,工作 项目或事业 ? We are seeking possibilities of forming a joint venture with your company. ? venture capital 风险资本,创业基金 ? nothing venture, nothing gain ? 不入虎穴,焉得虎子
? enterprise ? The number of foreign funded enterprises has doubled in the past five years. ? enterprising 有事业心的,有进取心的 ? an ~ young man
capitalist 资本家 capital--资本,资金 --首都,省会,大写字母 capitalism--资本主义
turn to sb./sth. 向某人/某事寻求 帮助,指教等 ? They always turn to me when they were in trouble. ? He sometimes turns to drink when his unhappy.
expense:花费,代价,开销 He hired a plane,regardless of expense. Most children in Britain are educated at public expense.
meanwhile 同时 ? Mother were cooking the dinner and meanwhile Mary was cleaning her bedroom. ? They will be here in ten minutes; meanwhile we’ll have some coffee.
to one’s + n. ~ surprise/delight/happiness/ disappointment / satisfaction
To his delight, he passed the exam. flood in 大量涌入 People were flooding in from the surrounding countryside. Application letters flooded in.
Close to :nearly 将近,接近 It is close to 5:
  00. He is close to sixty.
? estimate v.估计 ? They estimated the value of my painting at $1,0
  00. ? I estimated that the trip would take about two hours. ? estimation n.
Celebrate v. I celebrated my birthday with friends in a restaurant. ? Celebration n. ? be celebrated for sth. 因…闻名 The small town is celebrated for fine wine.
be/get involved in : take part in an activity or event;cause to become connected or concerned
? If I were you, I would not get involved in t heir problems. He was involved in a heated argument. He was involved in a car accident.
involve sb. in sth .使某人参与活动,陷入某 情况 involve him in a lot of troubles 给他招惹许多麻烦 Don’t involve other people in your mad schemes.
? The survey shows that the majority of the people are in favor of the government’s new foreign policy. ? According to a recent ~ , notebook has an enormous market in China.
would rather….than… 宁愿,宁可,更喜欢
我宁愿走路而不愿意坐公共汽车 I would rather walk than take a bus. 她宁可死也不愿意失去孩子们 She’d rather die than lose the children. ? I would rather have tea than coffee. ? ? ? ?
hack one’s way across/out of /through 从某物中劈出一条路 We hacked our way through the undergrowth. 我们披荆斩棘在矮树丛中前进
be prepared to do sth./for sth.
? I have to be prepared for the coming examination. ? I think you must be prepared to take risks in this kind of job. ? Preparation n.
Survival n.存活,幸存,生存
? Thirty young adventurers took part in last week’s survival competition. ? They are trying to find the ~ in the air crash. ? the survival of the fittest 适者生存 v. Survive Of the ten people in the plane that crashed, only one survived. n. Survivor 幸存者,生还者
trait 人的个性,显著的特点,特征 ? Hospitality is her most pleasing trait. ? She is an intelligent girl but certain personal traits have made her unpopular.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? 创办自己的企业 ? 退学 创办自己的软件公司 ? ? 简化办公室工作 ? 商务活动的血液 ? 凭直觉 ? 满足顾客的需要 ? 尽管满怀信心 有经验的管理人员和技? 术人员 ? 投资银行 ? 信用卡 ? 生活费 ? 负债 ? 与此同时 ? 年轻一代
start up one’s business drop out launch one’s own software company streamline office work the lifeblood of business by instinct meet customers’ needs in spite of one’s confidence experienced managers and technicians investment bank credit card living expenses in debt meanwhile younger generation
滚开 令某人吃惊的是 为…的使用权出资3百万美元 纷至沓来 接近 据调查 年龄在25岁到34岁的美国人 中 ? 积极准备 ? 在政界或政府部门中任要职 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 编制计算机程序 在互联网上遨游 在丛林中开辟道路 准备应付一切情况 十年以后 求生存的本领 创业者最优秀的本领 高层管理人员
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
get lost to one’s surprise offer $3 million for the right to use flood in close to according to a survey Americans between the ages of 25 and 34
? be actively involved in doing ? hold important positions in politics or government ? program computers ? navigate the Internet,surf the net ? hack one’s way through the jungle ? be prepared to handle anything ? a decade later ? survival trait ? excellent skills for entrepreneurs ? top executive
你知道什么是美国年轻人 的梦想吗???创办自己的企 业。他们当中有些人已经取得 巨大的成功。乔.兰普森就是其 中的一位。
格雷戈里.兰普森 简直不敢 相信他21岁的儿子乔,还有六 个月就要毕业了,却突然宣布 他要从斯坦福大学退学去创办 自己的软件公司。“你就不能 再等几个月吗?”他的父亲恳 求道。 “不行,”乔静静地说, “搞软件这一行,时间就是一 切。”
小兰普森知道,一些软件公司通 过简化办公室工作,如装运和接收, 已经为一些大企业节约了数百万美元。 然而,购买和销售过程??商务活动 的血液,却还是凭直觉进行的。例如, 一般医院买绷带时要对许多供货商进 行挑选。但医院很难计算出哪家供货 商提供的货物价格最便宜又能满足顾 客的需要。兰普森相信,他和他的四 个伙伴一定能开发出解决这个问题的 计算机软件。
尽管兰普森满怀信心,却 还没有人愿意资助他这个刚创 办的三部曲开发集团公司。银 行纷纷让他走人,投资商解释 说新企业需要有经验的管理人 员和技术人员,而乔.兰普森什 么也没有!
于是他转而求助他这一代 人的大投资银行??信用卡。 兰普森用了35张信用卡为企业 提供资金,解决他和他的伙伴 的生活费。两年后,他已负债 50万美元。
与此同时,他说服了惠善 电子公司的工程师为三部曲公 司的软件进行测试,他们也曾 试图开发一种类似的软件。令 该公司吃惊的是这个软件成功 了。这家公司出价三百万美元 购买该软件的使用权。从那时 起,来自《财富》杂志排名前 500位的大公司的定单纷至沓来。
现在,位于得克萨斯州首 府奥斯丁的三部曲开发集团已 有近400名员工。据估计,该公 司1996年的收入已超过1亿2千 万美元。
刚刚庆祝完29岁生日的兰 普森是众多年龄在35岁以下的 企业家中的一员。一份研究报 告表明,年龄在25岁到34岁之 间的美国人中,近10%的人在 积极准备创建自己的企业?? 这一比例至少是其他年龄组的 三倍。 为什么人们对创业越来越感 兴趣?
据一项调查,愿意拥有自己企业 的年轻人是愿意做大公司高级主管的 年轻人的两倍,有5倍的年轻人宁愿拥 有自己的企业也不愿意在政界或在政 府部门任要职。从孩提时代起,这些 年轻人就学会了如何编制计算机程序, 如何在互联网上遨游。现在的年轻人 “不得不快快长大”,一位研究者说, “他们就像在丛林中开辟道路的探险 家一样??要随时准备应付一切情况。 结果十年以后,这些求生存的特性成 了创业者最优秀的本领。”



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