Section A
  1. M: The Dean just announced that Dr. Holden’ going I’ miss you guys while I’ working s ll m here in the library. W:I knew it all along! He’s the obvious choice. All the other candidates are no match for him! Q: what do we learn about the two speakers?
  2.W: Hey, let me know how your summer’ going! I’ miss you guys while I’ working here s ll m in the library. M: I’ll be working, too! But I’ll send you an email or call you once in a while. When we all get back to school, we can have a party or something. Q:what do we learn about the two speakers?
  3.W: I know it’s the end of the season, but those peaches are such a bargain that I couldn’ t help buying them! Have one please! M: Thank you! Actually, they seem pass their prime. Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
  4. M:The assignment on physics is a real challenge. I don’t think I can finish it on time or by myself. W: Why don’t we join our feet together? It may be easier then. Q: What does the woman suggest?
  5.M: Jean really lost her temper in Dr.Brown’s class this morning. W: Oh? Did she? But I think her frankness is really something to be appreciated. Q: What does the woman mean?
  6.W: We heard that when you are a kid, you submitted a story to Reader’s Digest. M: Well, I don’t remember this story exactly, but my idea of a great time then was a pad of lined paper and a new blue pen. I thought myself as a Reader’s Digest member at the age of six. Q: What do we learn about the man from the conversation?
  7. M: Your son certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm on the tennis cournt. W: I only wish he’d show as much for his studies. Q: What does the woman imply about her son?
  8. W: We suppose to meet John here at the railway station. M: That’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Q: What does the man imply?
  9.M: Professor Stevenson, as an economist, how do you look upon the surging Chinese economy? Does it constitute a threat to the rest of the world? W: I believe China’ economic success should be seen more as an opportunity than a threat. s Those who looked upon it as a threat overlooked the benefit of china’s growth to the world’s
economy. They also lack the understanding of elementary economics. Q: What does Professor Stevenson think of China’s economy?
  10. W: Our school has just built some new apartment near campus, but one bedroom runs for 500 dollars a month. M: That’s a bit beyond the reach of most students! Q: What does the man mean?
Section B Passage One
I had flown from San Francisco to Virginia to attend a conference on multiculturalism. Hundreds of educators from across the country were meeting to discuss the need for greater cultural diversity in the school curriculum. I took a taxi to my hotel. On the way, my driver and I chatted about the whether and the tourists. The driver was a White man in forties. ‘How long have you been in this country?’ he asked. ‘All my life!’ I replied, ‘I was born in the United States.’ With strong southern accent, he remarked, ‘I was wondering because your English is excellent.’ Then I explained as I had done many times before, ‘My grandfather came here from China in the 1880s. My family has been here in America for ever a hundred years.’ He glanced at me in the mirror. Somehow, I didn’t look American to him. My appearance looked foreign. Questions liked the one my taxi driver asked make me feel uncomfortable. But I can understand
why he could not see me as an American. He had a narrow but widely shared sense of the past: a history that has viewed Americans as descendants of Europeans. Race has functioned as something necessary to the construction of American character and quality in the creation of our national identity?American has been defined as ‘white’. But American has been racially diverse since our very beginning on the Virginia shore, where the first group of Englishmen and Africans arrived in the 17th century. And this reality is increasingly become visible everywhere.

  11.What was the theme of the conference the speaker was to attend?
  12.Why did the taxi driver ask the speaker how long he has been in the US?
  13.What message did the speaker wish to convey?
Passage Two Laws have been written to govern the use of American National Flag, and to ensure proper respect for the flag. Custom has also governed the common practice in regard to its use. All the armed services have precise regulations on how to display
the national flag. This may vary somewhat from the general rules. The national flag should be raised and lowered by hand. Do not raise the flag while it is folded. Unfold the flag first, and then hoist it quickly to the top of the flagpole. Lower it slowly and with dignity. Place no objects on or over the flag. Do not use the flag as part of a costume or athletic uniform. Do not print it upon cushions, handkerchiefs, paper napkins or boxes. A federal law provides that the trademark cannot be registered if it comprises the flag, or badgers of the US, When the flag is used to unveil a statue or monument, it shouldn’t serve as a covering of the object to be unveiled. If it is displayed on such occasions, do not allow the flag to fall to the ground, but let it be carried high up in the air to form a feature of the ceremony. Take every precaution to prevent the flag from soiled. It should not be allowed to touch the ground or floor, nor to brush against objects.

  14.How do Americans ensure proper respect for the national flag?
  15.What is the regulation regarding the raising of the American National Flag?
  16. How should the American National Flag be displayed at
an unveiling ceremony?
  17.What do we learn about the use of the American National Flag?
Passage Three
In some large American city schools, as many as 20-40% of the students are absent each day. There are two major reasons for such absences: one is sickness, and the other is truancy. That is staying away from school without permission. Since school officials can’t do much about the illness, they are concentrating on reducing the number of truancy. One of the most promising schemes has been tried in Florida. The pupils there with good attendance have been given free hamburgers, toys and T-shirts. Classes are told if they show improved rates of attendance, they can win additional gifts. At the same time, teachers are encouraged to inspire their students to come to school regularly. When those teachers are successful, they are also rewarded. “we’ve been punishing truancy for years, but that hasn’t brought them back to school,” One school principal said. Now we are trying the positive approach. Not only do you learn by showing up every day, but you earn. In San Francisco,
the board of education has had a somewhat similar idea. Schools that show a decrease in deliberate destruction of property can receive the amount of money that would be spent on repairs and replacements. For example, 12,000 dollars had been set aside for a school’s property damages every year. Since repair expenses of damaged property required only 4,000 dollars, the remaining 8,000 dollars was turned over to the student activity fund. “Our democracy operates on hope and encouragement,” said the school board member. “Why not provide some positive goals for students and teachers to aim at?”
18 which reason for students’ absences is discussed in great detail? 19 who will benefit from the scheme being tried in Florida? 20 what measure has been taken in San Francisco to reduce the destruction of school property?



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