1.Eggs were on sale,and the shoppersthe bargain. A. snatched up B .snapped up C smashed up D . summoned up.
  2.He soon made afor himself on the stage . A.popularity. B. fame . C.reputation D.respec t
  3.Violence in the local prison has two li ves. A.removed B.taken C. cost D.slaughtered
  4.The unpleasent taste in his mouth for ho urs . A. ligered B. prolonged C.rested D.vanishe d
  5.His book will deal with industrial relatio ns. A.eventual B.actual C.forthcoming D.prompt
  6.I just managed to a quick breath before I was sucked under the water by the passing bo at. A. gain B. possess C. grab D.snath
  7.The water skier over the water . A.skimmed B, floated C. drifted D. swam
  8.Have you seen my son latest to his stamp collection. A. accumulation B. acquisition C.exhibit D.e dition
  9.The noisy was so that only those with ex cellect hearing were awere of it. A.dim B.gentle C.faint D.definite
  10.A change in policy is needed if realation s are ever to improve. A.severe B. violent C.drastic D.srrict
  11.When you choose a piece of clothes , the m ost important thing that you should pay attenti on is its A. style B .texture C.testible D. content
  12.My mother came here only for a stay. S he should fly to Los Angeles the next day. A. shortened B.prolonged. C.premature D.tra nsient
  13.She cast her eyes round the room in of a chair to sit.in.
A. question B,quest C. demand D. requiremen t
  14.You must be very careful . The work pr ecision. A.retails B. repels C.retains D.entails
  15.She know a lot of young man, but it is not e asy to choose a/an one who is both rich a nd attractive. A. diligent B. qualified C. eligible D. elegant
  16.He was about the spring outing , but he came back quite depressed and said he should not have joined in it. A. enthusiastic B . fantastic C. courageous D. discouraged.
  17. the chance and the money , I would c ome and see you in New York in the foreseeab le future. A.With regard to B Considering C.Given D. A ssuming
  18.She is fond of , sodo not approach her and tell her what trouble you. She will make it known to all. A.comment B. gossip C. speech D. apprasial
  19.The old man was kind and enough to h elp the children cross the street. A.gracious B. graceful C. timid D. lively
  20.The rising of pieces will off demands f or pay increase . A.trail B. switch C. trigger D. nudge .
  21.The wind the clouds and the sun was aga in visible . A. dispersed B distributed C. displaceed D d isplayed
  22.She admired the director to such an extent that she tookhis words asoracles A divine. B. rebellious C. faithful D. unbear able
  23.The wreckage of the explooded car th e traffic A. interfered B. interpreted C. disrupted D.c orrupted
  24.It was a close boxing game ,but the boxer i n blue was tobe the winner by there of the f our referees
A destined B. deemed C. doomed D. adapte d
  25.I am acting as while the manager is aw ay on business. A agency B. policy C. deputy; D.colleague
  26.His personality provides good material f or critics. A. mature B. considered C. literate D. dual
  27.The end the means . This saying implies even a wrong or unfair method may be allow ed if the result or purpose of the action is good. A.modifies B. justifies C. purifies D. testif ies
  28.The of Confucius built the temple in m emory of their ancestor A. descendents B. predecessors C. correspon dents D. opponents
  29.The chancellor the fact that he was the centre of criticism and stuck to his reforms A discharged B. disregarded C.disguised D disposed
  30.It was courageous enough for Galileo the falling object theory developed by Aristotle,th e authoritative Greek scient. A.advance B. defy C justify D translate 词汇练习 2
  1. The Space Age in October 1957 when the first artificial satellite was launched by the Soviet Union. A) initiated C) embarked B) originated D) commenced
  2. John said that he didn't quite and asked me to repeat what I had said. A) snatch up C) catch on B) summon up D) watch out
  3. When he tried to make a , he found that the hotel that he wanted was completely filled because of a convention. A) complaint C) reservation B) claim D) decision
  4. A budget of five dollars a day is totally for a trip round Europe.
A) inadequate C) incompatible B) incapable D) invalid
  5.In our highly technological society, the number of jobs for unskilled workers is . A) shrinking C) altering B) obscuring D) constraining
  6. The fire has caused great losses, but the factory tried to the consequences by saying that the damage was not as serious as reported. A) decrease C) minimize B) subtract D) degrade
  1.If the world is to remain peaceful the utmost effort must be made by nations to limit local . (A)collisions (C)contradictions (B)combats (D)conflicts
  2.Satellite communication are so up-to-date that even when in the middle of the Pacific, businessmen can contact their offices as if they were next door (A)gliding (C)piloting (B)cruising (D)patrolling
  3.In the past ten years skyscrapers have developed in Chicago and New York City. (A)homogeneously (C)spontaneously (B)simultaneously (D)harmoniously
  4.The court considers a financial to be an appropriate way of punishing him. (A)option (C)obligation (B)duty (D)penalty
  5.I think that I committed a in asking her because she seemed very upset by my question. (A)blunder (B)revenge (C)reproach (D)scandal
  6.Even when textbooks are through a school system, methods of teaching may
vary greatly. (A)commonplace (B)standardized (C)competitive (D)generalized
  7.They have always regarded a man of and fairness as a reliable friend. (A)robustness (B)temperament (C)integrity (D)compactness
  8. All individuals are required to to the laws made by their governments. (A)obey (B)conform (C)concede (D)observe
  9.The basic causes are unknown , although certain conditions that may lead to cancer have been (A)identified (B)guaranteed (C)notified (D)conveyed
  10. It is very strange but I had an that the plane would crash. (A)inspiration (B)intuition (C)imagination (D)incentive
  11.The changing image of the family on television provides into changing attitudes toward the family in society. (A)insights (B)presentations (C)revelations (D)specifications
  12.The town planning commission said that their financial outlook for the next year was optimistic. They expect increased tax . (A)efficiency (B)revenues
(C)privileges (D)validity
  13. Bill is an example of a severely disabled person who has become at many survival skills. (A)proficient (B)persistent (C)consistent (D)sufficient
  14. The ties that bind us together in common activity are so that they can disappear at any moment. (A)trivial (B)fatal (C)tentative (D)feeble
  15. During the construction of skyscrapers, cranes are used to building materials to the upper floors. (A)toss (B)tow (C)hoist (D)hurl
  16. Diamonds have little value and their price depends almost entirely on their scarcity. (A)extinct (B)permanent (C)surplus (D)intrinsic
  17. The kitchen was small and so that the disabled could reach everything without difficulty. (A)conventional (B)compact (C)compatible (D)concise
  18. He will resign in view of the complete failure of the research project. (A)doubtfully (B)adequately (C)presumably (D)reasonably

  1.The goal is to make higher education available to everyone who is willing and capable his financial situation. A) with respect to C)regardless of B) in accord with D) in terms of
  2.The original elections were declared by the former military ruler. A) void C) surplus B) vulgar D) extravagant
  3.. They stood gazing at the happy of children playing in the park. A) perspective C) landscape B) view D) scene
  4. An obvious change of attitude at the top towards women's status in society will through the current law system in Japan. A) permeate C) violate B) probe D) grope
  5. When he realized he had been to sign the contract by intrigue, he threatened to start legal proceedings to cancel the agreement. A) elicited B) excited C) deduced D) induced
  6. These areas rely on agriculture almost , having few mineral resources and a minimum of industrial development. A) respectively B) extraordinarily C) incredibly D)exclusively
  7.The directions were so that it was impossible to complete the assignment. A) ingenious B) ambitious C) notorious D) ambiguous
  8.Because a degree from a good university is the means to a better job, education is one of the most areas in Japanese life. A)sophisticated B)competitive
C)considerate D)superficial
  9. If a person talks about his weak points, his listener is expected to say something in the way of . A)persuasion B)remedy C)encouragement D)compromise
  10.Many novels that attempt to mirror the world are really of the reality that they represent. A)reflections B)demonstrations C)illuminations D)reproductions
  11.It is through learning that the individual many habitual ways of reacting to situations. A)retains B)gains C)achieves D)acquires
  12. Generally ,it is only when animals are trapped that they to violence in order to escape A)proceed B)appeal C)resort D)incline
  13. Mary once with another musician to compose a piece of pop music. A)merged B)collaborated C)coincided D)constituted
  14. During their first teacher training year, the students often visited local schools for of the lessons. A)observation B)investigation C)inspection D)examination
  15. .He attends to the of important business himself. A)transaction B)transition C)transmission D)transformation
  16. Out of revenge ,he did his worst to blacken her character and ruin her reputation A)perfect B)total C)sheer D)integral
  1.A most argument about who should go and fetch the bread from the kitchen was going on when I came in. A)trivial B)delicate C)minor D)miniature
  2.The children cheered up when they saw
hundreds of colorful balloons slowly into the sky. A)floating B)raising C)heaving D)ascending
  3.Do you have any about what living beings on other planets would be like? .A)ideal B)comprehension C)notion D)intelligence
  4.We rarely perceive more than a minute of the sights and sounds that fail upon our sense organs; the great majority pass us by. A)fiction B)function C)fraction D)friction
  5.For many patients, institutional care is the most and beneficial form of care A)persistent B)appropriate C)thoughtful D)sufficient
  6.It's a pleasure for him to his energy and even his life to research work A) dedicate B)dictate C)decorate D)direct
  7.They are well with each other since they once studied in the same university A) identified B) recognized C)acknowledged D)acquainted
  8.There is a difference in meaning between the words surroundings and environment A) gentle B)subtle C)feeble D)humble
  9.All the finished products are stored in of the delivery port and shipping is available at any time. A)garage B)cabinet C)capsule D)warehouse
  10.When he tried to make a, he found that the hotel was completely filled because of a convention. A) reservation B)claim C)mess D)revision
  11.Parents take a great interest in the questions raised by their children. A)nasty B)naive C)obscure D)offensive
  12.Although it was his first experience as chairman, he over the meeting with great skill. A)presided B)administered C)mastered D)executed

  13.Both parties promised to the contract to be signed the following day. A)keep with C)adhere to B)tangle with D)devote to
  14.His career was not noticeably by the fact that he had never been to college. A) prevented C)hindered B)restrained D)refrained
  15.When trapped in drifting sands, do not struggle, or you will be in deeper. A)absorbed C)heaved B)pushed D)sucked
  16.To__ for his unpleasant experiences he drank a little more than was good for him. A)commence C)compensate B)compromise D)compliment
  17.All visitors are requested to with the regulations. A)comply C)assist B)agree D)consent
  18.The captain the horizon approaching ships. A)scanned C)explored B)scrutinized D)swept
  19.The vast majority of people in any given culture will to the established standards of that culture. A)confine C)confront B)conform D)confirm
  20.Although he was on a diet ,the food him enormously. A)inspired C)overcame B)tempted D)encouraged
  21.His argument does not suggest that mankind can to be wasteful in the utilization of their resources. A)resort C)afford B)grant D)entitle
  1.If you want this pain killer, you have to ask the doctor for a A)receipt C)subscription B)recipe D)prescription
  2.Some fish have a greater for acid
water than others. A)tolerance C)dependence B)resistance D)persistence
  3.There was once a town in this country where all life seemed to live in with its surroundings. A)coincidence C)uniform B)harmony D)alliance
  4. The court considers a financial to be an appropriate way of punishing him. A)payment C)option B)ob1igation D)penalty
  5.It is true that a wild plant into a major food crop such as wheat requires much research time. A)multiplying C)magnifying B)breeding D)generating
  6.The government has devoted a larger slice of its national__



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   大学英语四级词汇?短语( 大学英语四级词汇?短语(一) be able to 能,会 on business 因事,因公 have sth. to do with 和… 有关;和…打交道 do wrong 做错;作恶,犯罪 next door 隔壁的;在隔壁 out of doors 在户外 double back 把…对折;往 回跑 double up 弯着身子;把… 对折 no doubt 无疑地,必定;很 可能 throw doubt upon 使人对… 产生怀疑 without do ...


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   大学英语四级词汇?短语( 大学英语四级词汇?短语(一)、 (二) be able to 能,会 abound in 盛产,富于,充满 be about to 即将(做) above all 首先,首要,尤其是 be absorbed in 专心致力于… be abundant in …富于,…丰富 by accident 偶然 in accordance with 与…一致;按照, 根据 according as 根据…而… according to 根据…所说;按照 account for ...


   A a art.一(个);每一(个) abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 able a.有能力的;出色的 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 about prep.关于;在…周围 above prep.在…上面;高于 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对 ...


   大学英语四级词汇表 abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对地 absorb vt.吸收;使专心 abstract a.抽象的 n.摘要 abundant a.丰富的;大量的 abuse ...

大学英语四级词汇 l

   大学英语四级词汇 l lab (=laboratory) n.实验室 label n.标签 vt.在…上贴标签;把…称为 labor n.劳动;工人 v.劳动;费力地前进 laboratory n.实验室 labour n.劳动;劳动力;辛劳 vi.劳动,苦干 lack n.&v.缺乏,缺少,短缺 lad n.男孩,少年,小伙子 ladder n.梯子,阶梯 lady n.夫人,女士;(pl.)女盥洗室 lag n.落后,滞后 vi.落后,走得慢 lake n.湖,湖泊 lamb n. ...


   英语词汇 词汇(2010 年) 词汇 abbreviation abide abolish absent absorption abstract absurd abundance accessory accord acknowledge acquaint action adhere adjacent adjoin adjustable administration admiration adoption adore advantageous advertise advocate aerial ...


   右脑王英语学习机 http://www.tianci.info/ (201 英语六级词汇(2011 年) (2011 ) abbreviation abide abolish absent absorption abstract absurd abundance accessory accord acknowledge acquaint action adhere adjacent adjoin adjustable administration admiration adoption ad ...



   Whose real name: Xu Song English name: Vae Gender: Male Place of Birth: Bnhui, Hefei Birthday: May 14, 1986 Height: 180cm Weight: 60kg Bstrological Sign: Taurus Blood Type: BB Education: bachelor's degree, Bnhui Medical University Bwards: 2008 Top ...


   常见公共标志和说明英语表达 100 例 1、Business Hours 营业时间 2、Office Hours 办公时间 3、Entrance 入口 4、Exit 出口 5、Push 推 6、Pull 拉 7、Shut 此路不通 8、On 打开 ( 放) 9、Off 关 10、Open 营业(注:多用于商店等营业场所) 11、Pause 暂停 12、Stop 关闭 13、Closed 下班、打烊(注:同 10) 14、Menu 菜单 15、Fragile 易碎 16、This Side U ...

八年级英语上册unit 9课件1

   Deng Yaping is a famous and outstanding athlete. She won lots of gold medals for China. talented beautiful loving outstanding kind unusual famous creative I’m a teacher. I was born in 1977. Who’s that? That’s Deng Yaping. She is a great ping pong p ...


   Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation? Section A 【目标呈现】 目标呈现】 呈现 知识目标: 知识目标: 目标 词汇:babysit, camp, plan, hiking, Tibet, HongKong, away, postcard, send 词汇 th 短语: 短语 how long, get back, go hiking, babysit her sister, go camping, relax at home, on the ...


   Mature, dynamic and honest.思想成熟,精明能干,为人诚实. Excellent ability of systematical management.有极强的系统管理能力. Ability to work independent1y, mature and resourceful. 能够独立工作,思想成熟,应变能 力强. A person with ability plus flexibility should apply. 需要有能力及适应力强的人. A stab ...