大学英语六级词汇练习 大学英语六级词汇练习

  1. The people living in these apartments have free to that swimming pool. A) access B) excess C) excursion D) recreation The education for the coming year is about $4 billion, which is much more than what people expected. A) allowance B) reservation C) budget D) finance They had a fierce as to whether their company should restore the trade relationship which was broken years ago. A) debate B) clash C) disagreement D) contest They tossed your thoughts back and forth for over an hour, but still could not make of them. A) impression B) comprehension C) meaning D) sense During the nineteen years of his career, France Battiate has won the of a wide audience outside Italy. A) enjoyment B) appreciation C) evaluation D) reputation In American universities, classes are often arranged in more flexible and many jobs on campus are reserved for students. A) scales B) patterns C) grades D) ranks The insurance company paid him $10,000 in after his accident. A) compensation B) installment C) substitution D) commission The political future of the president is now hanging by a . A) thread B) cord C) string D) rope The statue would be perfect but for a few small in its base. A) mistakes B) weaknesses C) flaws D) errors Why should anyone want to read of books by great authors when the real pleasure comes from reading the originals? A) themes B) insights C) digests D) leaflets Parents have a legal to ensure that their children are provided with efficient education suitable to their age. A) impulse B) influence C) obligation D) sympathy











  12. Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a . A) scarcity B) minority C) minimum D) shortage
  13. Thank you for applying for a position with our firm. We do not have any openings at this time, but we shall keep your application on for two months. A) pile B) segment C) sequence D) file
  14. It will be safer to walk the streets because people will not need to carry large amounts of cash; virtually all financial will be conducted by computer. A) transactions B) transmissions C) transitions D) transformations
  15. The of a cultural phenomenon is usually a logical consequence of some physical aspect in the life style of the people. A) implementation B) manifestation C) demonstration D) expedition
  16. The new technological revolution in American newspapers has brought increase , a wider range of publications and an expansion of newspaper jobs. A) manipulation B) reproduction C) circulation D) penetration
  17. If you want this pain killer, you’ll have to ask the doctor for a . A) receipt B) recipe C) subscription D) prescription
  18. Some fish have a greater for acid water than others. A) tolerance B) resistance C) dependence D) persistence
  19. There was once a town in this country where all life seemed to live in with its surroundings. A) coincidence B) harmony C) uniform D) alliance
  20. The curt considers a financial to be an appropriate way of punishing him. A) payment B) obligation C) option D) penalty
  21. The government has devoted a larger slice of its national to agriculture than most other countries. A) resources B) potential C) budget D) economy
  22. In this poor country, survival is still the leading industry; all else is . A) luxury B) accommodation C) entertainment D) refreshment
  23. If a person talks about his weak points, his listener is expected to say something in the way of . A) persuasion B) remedy C) encouragement D) compromise

  24. Over the last fifteen years, running has become a popular for 30 million participants of all ages. A) fantasy B) pastime C) symposium D) penalty
  25. Many novels that attempt to the mirror the world are really of the reality that they represent. A) reflections B) demonstrations C) illuminations D) reproductions
  26. During their first teacher training year, the students often visited local schools for the of lessons. A) observation B) investigation C) inspection D) examination
  27. He attends to the of important business himself. A) transaction B) transition C) transmission D) transformation
  28. Do you have any about what living beings on other planets would be like? A) ideal B) comprehension C) notion D) intelligence
  29. We rarely perceive more than a minute of the sights and sounds that fall upon our sense organs; the great majority pass us by. A) fiction B) function C) fraction D) friction
  30. All the finished products are stored in a of the delivery port and shipping is available at any time. A) garage B) cabinet C) capsule D) warehouse
  31. When he tried to make a , he found that the hotel was completely filled because of a convention. A) reservation C) mess D) revision
  32. When he tried to make a , he found that the hotel that he wanted was completely filled because of a convention. A) complaint B) claim C) reservation D) decision
  33. If the world is to remain peaceful the utmost effort must be made by nations to limit local . A) collisions B) combats C) contradictions D) conflicts
  34. The court considers a financial to be an appropriate way of punishing him. A) option B) duty C) obligation D) penalty
  35. I think that I committed a in asking her because she seemed very upset by my question. A) blunder B) revenge C) reproach D) scandal

  36. They have always regarded a man of and fairness as a reliable friend. A) robustness B) temperament C) integrity D) compactness
  37. It is very strange but I had an that the plane would crash. A) inspiration B) intuition C) imagination D) incentive
  38. The changing image of the family on television provides into changing attitudes toward the family in society. A) insights B) presentations C) revelations D) specifications
  39. The town planning commission said that their financial outlook for the next year was optimistic. They expect increased tax . A) efficiency B) revenues C) privileges D) validity
  40. They stood gazing at the happy of children playing in the park. A) perspective B) view C) landscape D) scene
  41. Stop shouting! I can’t hear the football . A) judgment B) interpretation C) commentary D) explanation
  42. The cultures of China and Japan have shared many features, but each had used them according to its national . A) engagement B) destiny C) capacity D) temperament
  43. Every member of society has to make a to struggle for the freedom of the country. A) pledge B) indignation C) resolve D) guarantee
  44. I was deeply impressed by the hostess’ and enjoyed dinner party very much. A) hostility B) indignation C) hospitality D) humanity
  45. David tends to feel useless and unwanted in a society that gives so much to those who compete well. A) prestige B) regime C) superiority D) legislation
  46. As you have seen, the value of a nation’s currency is a of its economy. A) reaction B) reflection C) response D) revelation
  47. In the Spring Export Commodities Fair the of fine china attracted much attention of customers from all over the world. A) succession B) array C) string D) procession
  48. We should make a clear between the two scientific terms for the purpose of our discussion. A) separation B) discrimination













C) deviation D) distinction By signing the lease we made a to pay a rent of $150 a week. A) conception B) commission C) commitment D) confinement His was telling him that something was wrong. A) intuition B) hypothesis C) inspiration D) sentiment This book is about how these basic beliefs and values affect important of American life. A) fashions B) frontiers C) facets D) formats Parents often faced the between doing what they felt was good for the development of the child and what they could stand by way of undisciplined noise and destructiveness. A) paradox B) junction C) dilemma D) premise Clark felt that his in one of the most dramatic medical experiments of all time was worth the suffering he underwent. A) apprehension B) appreciation C) presentation D) participation As one of the youngest professors in the university, Miss King is certainly on the of a brilliant career. A) threshold B) edge C) porch D) course Sadly, the Giant Panda is one of the many species now in danger of . A) extinction B) migration C) destruction D) extraction The police were alerted that the escaped criminal might be in the . A) vain B) vicinity C) court D) jail Whether you live to eat or eat to live, food is a major in every family’s budget. A) nutrition B) expenditure C) routine D) provision Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from on earth rather than bacteria on Mars. A) configuration B) constitution C) condemnation D) contamination There is much I enjoy about the changing seasons, but my favorite time is the from fall to winter. A) transmission B) transformation C) transition D) transfer I think we need to see an investment before we make an expensive mistake. A) guide B) entrepreneur C) consultant D) assessor The on this apartment expires in a year’s time.













A) treaty B) lease C) engagement D) subsidy The elderly Russians find it hard to live on their state . A) pensions B) earnings C) salaries D) donations There is supposed to be a safety which makes it impossible for trains to collide. A) appliance B) accessory C) machine D) mechanism Starting with the that there is life on the planet Mars, the scientist went on to develop his argument. A) premise B) pretext C) foundation D) presentation After several nuclear disasters, a has raged over the safety of nuclear energy. A) quarrel B) suspicion C) verdict D) controversy Their diplomatic principles completely laid bare their for world conquest. A) admiration B) ambition C) administration D) orientation The director gave me his that he would double my pay if I did my job well. A) warrant B) obligation C) assurance D) certainty The Christmas tree was decorated with shining such as colored lights and glass balls. A) ornaments B) luxuries C) exhibits D) complements The two most important in making a cake are flour and sugar. A) elements B) components C) ingredients D) constituents Cultural indicates that human beings hand their languages down form one generation to another. A) translation B) transition C) transmission D) transaction We must look beyond and assumptions and try to discover what is missing. A) justifications B) illusions C) manifestations D) specifications The of the scientific attitude is that the human mind can succeed in understanding the universe. A) essence B) content C) texture D) threshold If you want this painkiller, you’ll have to ask the doctor for a . A) transaction B) permit C) settlement D) prescription The from childhood to adulthood is always a critical time for everybody. A) conversion B) transition













C) turnover D) transformation It is hard to tell whether we are going to have a boom in the economy or a . A) concession B) recession C) submission D) transmission His use of color, light and form quickly departed from the conventional style of his as he developed his own technique. A) descendants B) predecessors C) successors D) ancestors Failure in a required subject may result in the of a diploma. A) refusal B) betrayal C) denial D) burial To help students understand how we see, teachers often draw an between an eye and a camera. A) image B) analogy C) imitation D) axis Despite almost universal of the vital importance of women’s literacy, education remains a dream for far too many women in far too many countries of the world. A) identification B) compliment C) confession D) acknowledgement In today’s medical field, little agreement exists on the for defining mental illness. A) legislation B) requirement C) criteria D) measures The lady in this strange tale very obviously suffers from a serious mental illness. Her plot against a completely innocent old man is a clear sign of . A) impulse B) insanity C) inspiration D) disposition The Prime Minister was followed by five or six when he got off the plane. A) laymen B) servants C) directors D) attendants There is no doubt that the of these goods to the others is easy to see. A) prestige B) superiority C) priority D) publicity All the guests were invited to attend the wedding and had a very good time. A) feast B) congratulations C) festival D) recreation The price of the coal will vary according to how far it has to be transported and how expensive the freight are. A) payments B) charges C) funds D) prices The manager gave her his that her complaint would be investigated. A) assurance B) ass



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