大学英语六级词汇综合 课程目标: 一 单词记忆要义 二 知识准备重点 三 实战题型攻略 汉译英 改错 完形填空
考点 1 语法考点- 语法考点- 虚拟语气 非谓语动词 倒装 基础语法问题
虚拟语气 建议句型 Sb. suggest that 建议句型- 建议句型-A Sb. suggest that one (should) do sth.
Suggest require, demand, desire, command, recommend, insist
建议句型-B It is + adj. /Ved+ that sb. . should do sth
V-ed required, recommended, preferred
- good: reasonable, rational, preferable, recommendable, wise, intellectual
-important: considerable, vital, crucial, critical, essential viv/vit survive, revive, vivid, vitality, vitamine survivor
2 Time 句型 It is …time that one did It is high time that It is just time that
3 对过去的虚拟 If one had done sth. , one should/could/would have done sth.
1 to do vs. to + doing Spend time/money in doing; have troubles in doing sth.
accuse sb. of doing sth. object to; contribute to; attribute to
prefer A to B; preferable to sth. prior to; posterior to; superior to, inferior to; junior to; senior to
adapt … to; adapt oneself to sth. entitle sb. to sth. ; access to sth.
doing vs. done -- 主动分词和被动分词
单数可数名词 必须有冠词或者复 数 冠词 a vs the There’s a Mary waiting for you outside. The Mary who is pretty is waiting for you outside.
Computer, compete, complete Combine common, comment Connect, content, consent, content
Put in input
Ambition ancient Imprison, innocent relief, grief, brief, believe, conceive, perceive
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句型固定搭配 Either … or…; Neither … nor… No sooner … than; Hardly… when Not only … but also…
Not that…, but that… The more …, the more… …rather than … … in case (that) …
Specialists in intercultural studies says that it is not easy to (适应不同文 适应不同文 化中的生活)。 化中的生活)。 adapt oneself to the life in different cultures.
The victim (本来有 本来有 机会活下来) 机会活下来)if he had been taken to hospital in time. could have a chance to survive/ could have survived
Some psychologists claim that people (出门在外时可能 出门在外时可能 会感到孤独) 会感到孤独). who are not home/ traveling out/ out of their hometown may feel lonely.
??????(为了挣钱供我上 ( 学),mother is working more than is good for her. In order to make money to send me to school/ finance my education
The nation’s population continues to rise (以每年 以每年1200万人的 以每年 万人的 速度) 速度). at the speed of 12 million per year.
The professor required that(我们交研究报 我们交研究报 告) by Wednesday. we hand in/ turn in/ submit a/the research report (s).
Not only(他 他 向我收费太高), 向我收费太高), but he didn’t do a good repair job either. did he charge me to much
Even number 10 - 11 odd number Were I you, …; Had he finished the job, …
总结: 总结:倒装 否定前置引起倒装; 否定前置引起倒装;表语前 置引起倒装; 置引起倒装 虚拟语气引起 倒装
The more you explain, (我愈糊涂). 我愈糊涂) 我愈糊涂 the more confused I am.
Since my childhood I have found that (没有什么 没有什么 比读书对我更有吸引力) 比读书对我更有吸引力). Nothing is ?er /more … than… nothing is more attractive to me than reading
Sing dance pay have dinner/a cup of tea His body is very healthy. He is physically/mentally healthy. He is no longer dangerous.
72 If you had ( 听从了我的忠 你就不会陷入麻烦) 告,你就不会陷入麻烦). followed my advice, you would not have been in trouble (put yourself into trouble)
73 With tears on her face, the lady(看着她 看着她 受伤的儿子被送进手术室) 受伤的儿子被送进手术室). watched her injured son being sent into the surgery
74 After the terrorist attack, tourists (被劝告暂时不 被劝告暂时不 要去该国旅游) 要去该国旅游). were/ have been suggested not to go to that country for now/ for the moment
It being Sunday, the library is closed. Knowing that he was sick, the teacher didn’t blame him for being late
75 I prefer to communicate with my customers (通过 通过 写电子邮件而不是打电话) 写电子邮件而不是打电话). via/through/with emails instead of / rather than phone calls
76 (直 直 到截止日期他才寄出) 到截止日期他才寄出) his application form. It was not until the deadline did he
第一类 必须掌握的 1 主谓一致 they ? do (are) it/he - does (is)
2 名词问题 A. 冠词和复数 B. a 和the C. 复数 D. 可数和不可数
错误类型 第一类 必须掌握的 3 代词一致 He hated failure, he has conquered it all his life, has risen above it, and despise it of the others. it; they 4 时态一致
错误类型 第二类 尽量改出来 5 固定搭配 More… than; one… another/the other No sooner …than; hardly … when; either or, neither nor
6 非谓语动词 doing vs. done; to do vs. doing
7 定语从句 what (the thing that), which, that
8 形容词和副词 形容词和名词的混淆; 形容词和名词的混淆;形容词 和副词混淆 原级、 原级、比较级和最高级混淆
9 平行结构 and/or 10 熟悉的词组 even- even though/if; asas though/if; used to do- be/get used to doing
11 反义词 no; left/right, right/wrong; direct/ indirect; successful/ unsuccessful 12 关联词
完形填空 语法考点: 语法考点: 定语从句 It is … that Prep. + ? …, ? What 从句 what = the thing that
Since;As ; While, although, though Until; Once ;
Even … more… than Nonetheless, nevertheless, whereas Therefore, besides, anyhow, somehow otherwise, unless
Serve, serve for room service observe, reserve, deserve, preserve Serve for; room service Observation, observatory
I want to reserve a table for five. I am calling to make a reservation. Being reserved Natural Conserve(强调节约) 强调节约) 强调节约 /Preserve (强调保持) 强调保持)
ensure, assure, insure effective, efficient; effect, affect, affection adapt, adopt
urgent, emergent; purpose, target; persist, insist; sign, signal; abolish, cancel, postpone decline, refuse, reject
considerable, considerate; continual, continuous; constant, consistent, incessant
transform, transmit, transact, transplant, transfer impress, express, compress, depress depression
abide, adhere; conform, comply; consist, compose, constitute rise, arise, raise, arouse, rouse
require, request; accident, incident; contribute, attribute anyhow, somehow
超纲词 大写专有名词 Himalayas;Alps; ; ; El Nino; Sri Lanka ; General Eisenhower; Churchill
mad cow disease; the South Pole; foot and mouth disease; bird flu
Native Americans; the Old Continent (continental, the Continent) the New World
Tsunami Big Bang BSE Bovine Spongiform; Encephalopathy
Taikonaut cosmonaut, astronaut astrology, astronomy cosmos, cosmic



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