大学英语六级考试作文( 大学英语六级考试作文(20
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预测作文( 预测作文(一)
Global Shortage of Fresh Water
  3.我们应该怎么办 【范文】 范文】 At present, many people take it for granted that fresh water will never be used up because we can find it not only from the rain, but also in the rivers, lakes and wells. Consequently, it is not necessary for us to worry about global shortage of fresh water. In fact, the situation has become so serious that everyone should be aware of it and take immediate actions. With the world population increasing rapidly year after year, water resources are being consumed at an appalling speed. What's more, with the development of science and technology, modern industry needs much more water than before. Thirdly, pollution is also a worrying problem?water in rivers and wells becomes undrinkable because of industrial wastes. We should take urgent measures to protect fresh water resources. The government should increase the efficiency of water usage by such methods as water recycling and purification of sea water. The people, on the other hand, should form the habit of cherishing every drop of water. Last but not least, pollution must be effectively controlled, if we ever want to improve the quality of life. 【点评】 点评】 本篇范文的最大特色是将批驳类与办法类结合,首段指出一些人的错误认识;第二段 从三方面进行批驳;第三段指出我们的做法. 范文首先指出,一些人认为淡水是取之不尽的,然后在第二段中进行批驳.首先,水 资源正在被以惊人的速度消费.其次,现代工业需要更多的水资源.另外,因为工业污染, 有些水已经不适宜饮用了.第三段阐述正确做法,即政府提高水资源的利用率,人人养成节 约用水的习惯以及有效地控制水污染. 第一段第一句中的 take it for granted 表示"想当然",be used up 表示"用完,耗尽". 第三段第一点中的 efficiency,recycling 和 purification 分别指"效率","再循环"和"净 化".
预测作文( 预测作文(二)

  2. Why Are There So Many Rural Laborers in Big Cities? 近年来越来越多的民工涌入大城市 产生这一社会现象的原因
【范文】 范文】
For a number of years, there has been a steady rise in the number of rural laborers who flood into big cities. Many men work on construction sites, while many women work as dishwashers in restaurants or babysittersfor city dwellers. Three reasons, in my mind, can account for this social phenomenon. First and foremost, the limited land can no longer produce enough crops for an ever-increasing rural population. In the second place, there are far more opportunities in big cities?rural laborers dream of earning money through hard work. Last but by no means least, many of them want to live permanentlyin big cities, because they admire the way of living there, and wish their children to receive good education. I firmly believe that if we try our best to create a healthy social atmosphere, rural laborers will make greater contribution to our nation. 【点评】 点评】 本题谈论的是一种社会现象.第一段首句引入某一现象,第二句举例说明,第三句 是个过渡句,引起下面解释原因段落的第二段;第三段是简洁的结束语,其中的宾语 从句嵌套一个状语从句. 范文首先指出大量农民工涌入大城市这一现象,并引出第二段所阐述的三个原因. 首先,农村有限的土地不能满足日益增长的人口消费.其次,大城市有更多的工作机 会.最后,农民工向往大城市的生活,想永远居住在大城市.末段总结指出,如果创 造一个健康的社会环境,农民工就可以为国家做出更大的贡献. 第一段第二句中的 construction site 表示"建筑工地", babysitter 表示"帮人看孩子 的人".第二段第一点中的 rural 指"农村的";第三点中的 permanently 和 admire 分 别指"永久地"和"羡慕",receive education 指"接受教育".
预测作文( 预测作文(三)
Silence Is Gold
  3.结论 【范文】 范文】 When we talk of the famous proverb "Silence is Gold", we should not simply label it asright or wrong, but explore it in depth. This proverb is especially true under several situations. First, if we have made a promisenot to let out a secret, we should always keep silent. Second, we should avoid talking over facts or statistics of which we are not sure. Third, whenever we are expressing our ideas, brevity is the soul of witand talking too much will always lead to faults and mistakes. Nevertheless, there are also some exceptions. If we find out a flaw in other's speaking or writing, we should not hesitate a moment to point it out. And to friends or acquaintances seeking advice, we should feel free to help them. In a word, we can draw the conclusion that in most cases "silence is gold", but in certain
circumstances, talking is the right choice. 【点评】 点评】 本文的特色在于其并未完全肯定或完全否定所提到的谚语,而是从正,反两个方 面去分析,即第二段指出其正确性,第三段谈例外情况;末段总结,呼应全文. 范文首先提出所要讨论的谚语"沉默是金".第二段分三个方面阐述其正确性, 即发誓保守秘密,对于不确定的事情要保持沉默,而在表达自己的思想时,力求简洁. 第三段指出例外,为别人指出错误或为朋友等提建议时,不要坚持"沉默是金".末 段总结,呼应第二,三段. 第一段中的 label...as...表示"将……看作……",而 explore... in depth 表示"深入 探究……". 第二段第一点中的 make a promise 表示"允诺", out a secret 表示"泄 let 露秘密",keep silent 表示"保持沉默";第三点中的 brevity is the soul of wit 也是个谚 语,表示"言贵简洁".第三段第二点中的 acquaintance 指"熟人".
预测作文( 预测作文(四)
A Letter of Application
  3.信中应包括自己的联系方式 【范文】 范文】 January , 2010 Dear Sirs, I am writing you this letter to show my keeninterest in the post of assistant manager which you advertised in yesterday's China Daily for, as is indicated in the enclosed resume, my major and experiences closely parallelyour requirement. I have always been a top student in my specialized area, biochemistry. I took several other courses in my spare time and excelledin all of them due to my hard work. I am sure such courses as British and American literature and culture, business management and statistics will lend me an edge in the fierce competition in the job market. Another point I want to draw your attention to is that I have been taking an active part in a variety ofcampus activities. In the due process teamwork spirit has been enhanced and my interpersonal skillsimproved. I would like to meet you at your earliest convenience and discuss the possibility of working with your company. Or, if you are too busy these days, you can contact me at 64543575 for further information. Thank you for your favorable consideration. Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Jenny Green 【点评】 点评】 这篇文章是一篇非常成功的求职信.首段表明了自己对经理助理这一职位的渴望, 其中包括了自己如何得知这一职位的,而后说明自己的条件符合要求,引起下段.次
段分五句,说明自己在专业上是个尖子生,并指出对于其他课程自己做得同样出色, 为将来的工作奠定了坚实的基础;后两句说明自己参加了各种学校活动,培养了多方 面的能力.第三段首句说明自己非常希望能早日获得面试的机会;次句说如果对方太 忙,可以打电话联系;末句对对方表示感谢,是一句客套话. 首段中的 keen 表示"热切的", parallel 这里做动词, 表示"与……相当, 比得上". 第二段首句中的 specialized area 表示"专业领域";第二句中的 excel 是不及物动词, 表示"突出,超常,胜过他人";第三句中的 edge 表示"优势";第四句中的 a variety of 等于 various,表示"多种多样的";第五句中的 teamwork spirit 表示"团队精神", interpersonal skills 表示"人际交往的能力".
预测作文( 预测作文(五)
People's Use of the Internet
  1.上图所示为2001年7月,2002年7月,2003年1月我国上网用户总人数,请描述其变 化;
  3.你认为目前用户在因特网使用中有什么困难或问题. 范文】 【范文】 From the chart we can see clearly that the number of Internet surfers in our country has increased from
  26.5 million in July 2001 to
  45.8 million in July 2002, and then to
  59.1 million in January 20
  03. In my mind, the reasons why the Internet surfers are on the rise are as follows. First, the Internet can help us accomplish many tasks, including both work and play?searching for information has become more convenient than ever, and safe online business is no longer a dream. Besides, surfing the Internet is becoming cheaper and cheaper?more and more people can afford it. The negative effects of the Internet are also clear. To begin with, sitting too long before the computers is harmful toour body, especially our eyes. Second, more and more people become indulged in playing video games or chatting online, which are time-consuming. All in all, I should say the advantages outweighthe disadvantages. The key lies in whether we can make good use of it to enhance both work and study. 点评】 【点评】 首段叙述从2001年至2003年我国上网用户总人数的变化趋势.第二段分两方面给出 其中的原因:首先是因特网方便快捷,作用巨大;其次是费用降低.第三段分两个方 面指出面临的困难和问题:首先是上网时间过长有害健康;其次是有些人上网玩游戏, 聊天,这都是不好的习惯.第四段做总结:第一句指出利大于弊;第二句说关键在于 好好利用因特网. 第二段首句中的 in my mind 意思是"依我看, 在我看来"; 第三段中的 be harmful to 意为"对……有伤害", become indulged in 意思是"沉迷于", time-consuming 是"浪 费时间"的意思;最后一段首句中的 outweigh 意为"比……重要".



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   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 预测一 预测一 1. 现在大学校园里,迟到、早退、旷课是常见的现象 2. 保证学生的出勤率对大学教育的重要性 3. 作为一个大学生应该怎样做 Attend Your Classes Regularly Nowadays it is a very common phenomenon that some university students are late for or even absent from classe ...


   (新东方)Almost no one in China can have failed to notice the fact that a number of students pay little attention to the study of Cheese nowadays. Taking a look around, one can find examples too many to list: some refuse to go to Chinese classes, some ...


   1.Volunteering spirit in China In recent years, the volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people, especially among youngsters. According to a survey, in 2008, there were about 1,700,000 volunteers who offered service for Olympic Games. A ...


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